Twelve, anniversary dinner and a training summary from last week!

Saturday morning started off with breakfast with Brooke (I bet you can guess what we had…) and then we took her to spend some time with her dad (we switch off between me taking Brooke to California and him flying here).  Andrew then was off to the hospital so I went out to run.  The training plan that I am loosely following said to go for 10-12 miles and 12 sounded like a great idea because everyone was gone so why not run?!  I have this weird heart where it hurts no matter how long or short the kids leave for but running always makes it feel better.  It was nice to go on a run and not have anything to be back for quickly.

Haven’t seen 12 miles on my garmin in quite some time.   Beretta was happy I came home to her:)

IMG 6792

Then I went out to get some errands done and came across this. I think Brooke and I need to get matching tops of this saying because it describes us perfectly:

IMG 6793

I worked the afternoon while Andrew was up at the hospital for school.  Knox was going to be coming home in the afternoon but was with his cousins until later so we went to Sundance to celebrate our 6 months anniversary (with a gift card from our wedding… boom).

Just a little bit of snow at Sundance right now.

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Aren’t those icicles amazing?

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We had a bit of a wait before getting seated so we shared a hot chocolate and walked around.

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And then we knew exactly what we wanted for an appetizer… their fried Brussels sprouts are everything you could ever wish for.

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We both got the burger which was incredibly good.

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We ran into my really good friend Jordan up there.  She grabbed the camera to take a picture… she must know I like to blog or something;)

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The drive back was pretty gorgeous:


Then we went to grab Coldstone (on another gift card… we were lucky last night).  We were pretty stuffed so the other part of this is waiting for me today.

IMG 6841

Then we watched a little bit of Jim before Knox came home.  This guy makes me laugh so hard!

IMG 6843

In other news, Brooke touched a snake while she was out with her dad.  I don’t think I could even build up the courage to do such a thing.  She loves all animals, reptiles, everything.

IMG 7467

PS  Beretta getting her belly scratched might be her favorite thing in the world (I bet she would tell me that if she could talk).  She will stay like this for as long as Andrew will scratch her belly.

IMG 6773

Monday:  9 miles easy (I don’t know the pace because I didn’t wear a garmin but knew the distance of the route I took).

Tuesday: 1 mile w/u, 6 tempo miles @ 6:49 average pace and 2 miles c/d.

Wednesday:  8 miles @ 8:30 average pace.

Thursday:  3.8 mile run with my brother.

Friday:  10 miles total—>  1 mile w/u, 7 x 1 mile at 6:34 average followed by 60 seconds rest (aka just standing there), 2 mile c/d.  SUCH a hard workout for me but it built my confidence up a bit.

Saturday:  12 mile solo long run @ 8:14 average pace… church talks + music for those 12 miles.

Sunday: OFF!

Also, according to my brother, our run together on Thursday was a race and he beat me so that was fun.

IMG 6715

51.8 miles for the weak.  It always takes me a few months to get back into training mode and motivation to do speed again but I am SO happy it is finally back:)


How was your running last week?  Best run, worst run?

What animal(s) are you most afraid of?  

Any other Jim Gaffigan fans?

What’s the best part about your Sunday?

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ahh my favorite cold stone chocolate dipped waffle bowl! and I love fried brussels sprouts – perfect weekend if you ask me!


What a beautiful evening y’all had! Which reminds me…I need more Coldstone in my life…

I *think* that I’ve got a couple more weeks until I can run. I’ve had some pretty yucky foot issues (PT and boot time have happened!), which have kept me on the bench for a little over three months now. Prayers, please.:)

I don’t think I’m really afraid of any animals. Insects, though…Squeal City…


Tiffany…. I am SO so sorry about your foot problems. I am glad the PT and boot have helped but injuries are the worst. Prayers coming your way that you are back running healthy and strong ASAP!!! Go get Coldstone soon… I bet it will help heal your foot!


Probably mostly afraid of all and any spiders. And if they are hairy, the scare factor escalates by the trillions. Best part of my Sunday will be going out for a steak dinner with family if we get to go (expecting an ice storm). Otherwise it was just getting my workout in while everyone else is still sleeping. It’s my favorite ‘me’ time and I love having it done and out of the way.


Best run last week: 3.1 miles on the treadmill yesterday.

I have one question, were Tuesday’s and Thursday’s run the same type, a tempo run? I don’t quite understand the difference between the two entries. I’m not getting any faster with my trotting and just wonder how to go faster. I do sprints (I use that term loosely lol) on the treadmill, but I get so out of breathe I call it quits…


Hey Kristin! I definitely did not make that clear enough… my bad! So for Tuesday my workout was a tempo… no stops/breaks/recoveries… 6 miles @ 6:49 average pace. For the 7 x 1 workout, I would do 1 mile @ 6:34 followed by a 60 second recovery of no running and then repeated that 7 times. So my second workout for the week had breaks in it. I get crazy out of breath too but slowly and surely you will build up that speed endurance! Maybe speed work outside would be more doable? Is the weather good enough for that right now where you are?


Thank you for explaining! The weather where I am probably is conducive to outside running by your standards (I’m in NE Ohio), but by mine…I’m a wimp lol thanks again!


I am scared of most animals when they are out in their natural habitat. I especially dislike spiders.

I’m on vacation right now so that is the best part about today! I’m in Florida and the weather is perfect :)


I love that you celebrated your 6 month anniversary!! My husband and I are celebrating 6 months this weekend, too!!! Just finished a great 8 miler. Have a great rest of the weekend with your family, Janae!!!


Oh yay Emily!! Happy 6 months and have a blast this weekend:) Way to go on your awesome 8 miler today! Enjoy your day too!!


Cold stone cake batter is one of my favorite treats. I haven’t had it a while though so I might need to go there sometime soon. Glad you had a good run…I’m still trying to fathom cold weather but it’s tough right now LOL.


I don’t think 51.8 miles is for the weak!!


No running for me yet, just walking while I heal this foot. If all goes well this week and I remain pain-free, I can try running on Friday. It’s suppose to be in the 50s that day and I.Cannot.Wait to give it a try!

I wouldn’t mind touching a snake if it was being held by someone else, but running into one on a trail in the wild always scares me.

The best part about my Sunday is pajamas! We are in the middle of an ice storm. Not going anywhere today so it’s a wear PJs and hair bun day all day!


I’m doing 2 week training blocks right now – week 1 = 3 runs/2 bike rides, week 2 = 2 runs/3 rides, so my running miles were low last week. I did manage a 10 mile run on Friday so I was happy about that. A little over 60 miles total for the week in spite of a ton of rain.

I do not like snakes!


WAY TO GO KATHY!!! That is awesome and way to get it all done even though there was so much rain!


The snow and ice are so pretty. I wish I liked the cold and winter–but I just don’t!

Great workout week. What are you training for? It always feels good to get back into beast mode ;)


Hey Dynise! I am going to do a half marathon at the end of February, I can’t wait to get back out there! Yeah, it really is so pretty out during the winter but it always makes me realize how much I LOVE SPRING SUMMER AND FALL:) I hope your Sunday is an amazing one Dynise!


I had a baby Thursday morning! He wouldn’t sleep Friday night and wanted to practice ALL the nursing so I spent most of the night watching all the Jim Gaffigan Netflix had to offer. Other than being awake all. night. long. It was a pretty wonderful experience ?


Congratulations on your new addition!


Oh LISA!! Congratulations! OH i am so beyond happy for you and I hope that sleep comes ASAP… glad you could be entertained by Jim on your all-nighters:) So excited for you!


I have held a few snakes and as long as they’re not poisonous I am not afraid. Poisonous creatures are a no for me.

My hamstring was sore on Thursday so that run wasn’t too fun. It felt better halfway through the run. My rolling hills workout was much more fun.

The weather is beautiful today so we’re going to go out and enjoy it for a bit. It’ not too cold out and the sky is a brilliant blue.


Best run last week lasted a little over an hour and included 4 long hill (or so it seems ha). I even found 1$ on the ground while running uphill! Hard work is paying off haha Wow this ice cream looks good… even though it’s about 0 degrees here right now!


To answer both the first and last question my mom and I did a 5k today. It’s part of a race series and the last one was not long after I spent the night in the ER. I felt so much stronger physically and emotionally today; I’m proud of how far I’ve come in 6 weeks.
I’m terrified of snakes! I had to scroll past that pic as fast as I could lol I lingered on the ice cream pic though and think ColdStone might now be in my future today ;)


Today was a terrible day for me. I didn’t sleep well and I was sick with the fever! Needless to say, I didn’t workout and I feel really tired and weak and nauseous. :(


So when Brooks dad comes to Utah to get Brooke where do they stay? Does he have family there.


Ahh that snow is so pretty!!! I get fried brussel sprouts anytime they are on the menu!!! I would not go near that snake… Brooke is such a brave little girl!!

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