Tuesday Tangents!!!

HAPPY TUESDAY!!! I got a tempo run (mainly because I like to call it Tempo Tuesday) in this morning and we will talk about that tomorrow morning.  Post tempo run endorphins are even higher for me than normal run endorphins.  For now, I just have a million tangents to share with you this Tuesday afternoon!

*Another fun shot from Old Navy that I thought would be fun.  Comfortable clothes> everything else on the planet.

*My sister and I got the same thing for my niece on her birthday—>  hint of lime Tostitos might be her favorite thing ever.


*And somebody gave her a bell paper with a small hole in the bottom where they stuffed money inside.  Pretty creative.


*Have you ever had a Chick-fil-a cookie?  If you haven’t, please try one.  Andrew strangely doesn’t like them but my mom and I REALLY love them.

IMG 6376

*Oh and Brooke wanted me to tell you that she prefers the ice cream cone with sprinkles over the cookie.

IMG 6346

*Brooke is really into packing her own snacks (ps yes the pink top has been her favorite top and I have a hard time getting her to wear anything different) and for church she found my secret stash of Milky Ways.  She brought in her packed goldfish and Milky Ways.  The goldfish were the only things that made it to church.

IMG 6402

*At what age do kids no longer want you to carry them?  I’m hoping it is no earlier than 8.

IMG 6354

*I get this same look on my face when I know I am about to go outside:

IMG 6448

*Brooke’s favorite activity.

IMG 6337

*Also included, jumping from couch to couch.  Sometimes just watching her do all of her jumping around makes me tired.

IMG 6334

*The other day I went through every piece of clothing I have ever had and donated what I don’t wear and organized the rest.  I sometimes just want to hang out in my closet now because it feels so much better.

IMG 6355

*Over the weekend Andrew was gone at the hospital both Saturday and Sunday and Brooke kept calling it the girl’s weekend.  Brooke + Me + Beretta +594 of Brooke’s dolls = all girls.

IMG 6384

*Don’t you worry, waffles are still making quite the appearance.

IMG 6393

*Just rocking our pajamas of all black and all gray.  Looking stylish, I know.

IMG 6230

*My proud face for getting up extremely early one day to meet my sister at the gym to do a leg workout.  It was 7 degrees outside.  I was pretty proud of myself.

IMG 6244

*Quest Bars… what are your thoughts?  I never jumped on these but it seemed like for a little while EVERYONE was eating these on social media.  Are they still a thing?

IMG 6483 2

*Andrew sent this to me… I am guessing it doesn’t apply to me though;)

IMG 6516

*Not that we know any men in our lives that ever get a ‘man cold’ hahaha but we had to laugh about this;)

IMG 6540

*This also doesn’t happen in our marriage either;)

IMG 6350


Ever been into Quest Bars?  What is your favorite flavor?  

Chick-fil-a lovers… what is your goto order there?

What type of run did you have this morning?

Please share a tangent!!!

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I think I may be the only one out there, but I do NOT like Quest bars! Blech! They taste chalky to me.


some of the Quest bars have sucralose in them and I can taste fake sugar a mile away. (It doesn’t sit well with me either). so I’m a nay. I got to try GoMacro Organic Thrive bars and I’m in love. lemon ginger, apricot almond, coconut caramel. so darned good.

today was spin and Pilates, I am going to try to do a few minutes of yoga later to ease my legs.

Tangent : I write blogs for a few different companies. One of the ones I recently wrote was on keeping your gym bag free from bacteria. It was eye opening and I’m pretty grossed out now. (I know gyms are petri dishes for germs but still).


I don’t mind Quest Bars but they are expensive. $2 for a bar that will keep me full for 1-2 hours isn’t really worth it IMO. They aren’t bad but I would rather spend money elsewhere LOL.

The Old Navy Campaign photos are great. You look so casual and fun. I like the fit of Old Navy pants a lot…I might need to get some more. They have some fun patterns out.


I have never tried Quest Bars actually. I’ve wanted to, but never got to it.

Ooohhhhh now I want Chick-fil-A. Usually I get the chicken nuggets with fries. I am obsessed with their fries.

I am trying to get my running fitness back up after a weird plateau (I commented about it one time and you gave me amazing advice). So instead of trying to do it on my own where I can potentially push myself too hard for my current level or get bored, I’ve started doing the Couch to 5k thing. I’ll probably get half way through and stop with that and then continue on my own :) so thank you.

Ummm let’s see for the tangent…. Oh! You inspired me to start a blog. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up, but after thinking about it for a while I finally did it. I love reading your blog, and I’m hoping to make friends through the blogging world like you and many others have done. So thank you for that as well.


I had a 5 mile easy treadmill run. It was in the teens this morning and I had an easy run on the schedule so rather than risk the ice/snow in the pitch black in the cold weather, I opted for some Last Man Standing on Netflix and my awesome treadmill :)

Hilarious about the man-cold. They are such wimps ;)

I read the book Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up this past summer. It had a profound impact on me. I got rid of EVERYTHING that does not bring me utmost joy. You go through each item in the closet and decide how you feel about it and if it doesn’t make you happy then donate/toss etc. I feel the same way as you now – it is just so nice to only have things around that I want and need.


Loving your Old Navy campaign. So cute! And I LOVE ON anyway so the pairing couldn’t be any more perfect!

Those husband/wife memes are hilarious. All so very true!

Happy Tuesday!!


Oh thank you so so much Sara! Isn’t that meme kind of funny (ehhhh true for me haha)! I hope your Tuesday is a fabulous one!


I’ve never had a Quest bar. I’d rather have real food than bars.

Slowish 7 miler with 600′ of climbing this morning. Got home about 30 minutes before the rain.

And now I really need to clean out my closets!


Had quite a love affair with quest bars for about a year. Then suddenly one day, I was DONE. LOL. Trying to eat more “real” foods these days.


The idea of quest bars is okay, but they freak me out when I read the ingredients: 17gm of fiber and some fake sugar sounds like a GI distress moment. I’ll pass and enjoy real food or less chemically made bars (I heart Picky Bars and Qi’a)

My run was post work 10km and it felt great to run on sore XC ski legs! Bonus was plowed and salted sidewalks so I only had to to do a few hop on hop offs between road/sidewalk.

Tangent-I am wearing the same grey/black stripey leggings as Brooke. I have three pairs-one long, one capri, and one navy/black. So comfy. You are super cute in your Old Navy photo shoots.


Those are hilarious! My youngest has a cold right now and I’m so afraid my husband will get it. I’ve never had a Chick-fil-a cookie but now I’m going to have to so i can find out what the controversy is about. Thanks for the excuse to eat a cookie!


For awhile I was really into Quest bars, even willing to pay the $2 a bar. Then I just stopped eating them. I’ll have one once in awhile when I nanny because the family I work for always has a stockpile.
Chick-fil-a order: spicy chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese and fries. Weirdly I like to eat it the night before long runs.
I had a very windy run that turned into a run/walk this morning. The distance kept getting shorter too, especially after I heard a noise, got spooked, and promptly turned around while doing an out-and-back.
Tangent-it’s currently just after 4 and I’m falling asleep. What gives?!


I’ve had Quest bars a few times but to me they have an overly sweet, super artificial taste, not to mention that they turn my stomach inside out – augh! If I’m craving something really sweet I’d rather just indulge in the real deal and have a good old fashioned cookie (and wow, now I’m going to have to go to Chick-Fil-A – that cookie looks amazing!).


I cannot stand Quest Bars. Maybe it is just me but for some reason I could never get into them like everyone seemed to be. They always leave a bad taste in my mouth and even though they are sugar free, it just isn’t worth it to me!


That cold meme … has anything ever been more perfectly accurate? I think it may be the most truthful piece of content on the internet.

I love the Old Navy pic! It’s all “oh look at me just running errands being all casual and beautiful, naturally you want to get a pic of this!”


Chic Fil A cookies are a favorite of my mom and I as well! We used to swing thru the drive through when we were out shopping and pick up some! I love quest bars but don’t eat them a lot due to the expense. If you hear it up in the microwave you kind of have a healthy chocolate chip cookie or brownie depending on what flavor you get!


I think Quest bars are ok, the Smores kind is pretty good. I’m really loving the peanut butter chocolate chunk Luna bars right now…soo good!

I had an easy 5 miles today since my speed workout was yesterday. I hear you on that runners high though. I was soo pumped I hit my paces yesterday!! I kinda needed a good workout after having a terrible on last Thursday.

Btw I totally love all your outfits! You always look comfy but also so well put together, I wish I could do it!


Agree with others that said Quest bars are chalky/can taste sucralose.

Ha! We were just talking about “man colds” at work today – a co-worker was relaying how her husband kept complaining about his cold and how he didn’t feel good the entire time she was in labor with their son – all 48 hours of it!


BAHAHAH NOOOOOO are you for real?! I am laughing so hard about that story… IT’S A COLD!! Yeah, I would have lost it ha!


I’ve never tried a quest bar.
My tangent for today is why do people feel like it’s ok to stop picking up after their dog in the winter. Poopsicles still need to be picked up. :)


nuke a quest bar for 20-30 seconds and respond to this comment with a thank you (you’re welcome in advance). can also dip in yogurt or peanut butter for added greatness.

my run today was a tempo! haha, following a training plan for a 5k for the first time ever, and dabbling in all those types of runs you ironically talked about earlier today!


I’ve never even heard of Quest bars! I will have to check them out. I’m a big Kind bar kick right. I looooove the Peanut Butter and Berry one!

I also did a tempo run this morning! I felt like a criminal doing it on the treadmill because we had another 50 degree day, but I needed to be 100x better at pacing myself than last week!

My tangent: I recently started watching the show Cheers for the first time ever and I’m weirdly obsessed with it!


CHEERS FTW! my parents used to watch it all the time, and then i watched it as an adult and had a great appreciation for it. yay for another fan :)


Never had a Quest Bar. Never eaten at a Chick Fillet either. As in, ever at all. I just finally ate at a Chipotle for the first time recently and loved it. My run was choppy this morning. It was nasty, blowing, raining and cold, so I opted for our quaint little small town gym. 2 friends we know were in there building racks for medicine and exercise balls. We kept talking and joking around and when I get to laughing I lose the attention span for what I’m doing. So they were all the way to my right, therefore trying to run forward was challenging. So I kept stopping, walking, running…..but it ended up being a fun morning.


I’ve been craving Chick-fil-A since this afternoon but didn’t get it. Now I’m wishing I had. Always fries and a sweet tea!

Blah! Quest bars are gross if you ask me.


Chick fil A: Salad with the crispy chicken. Eating salad means it’s okay to top it with fried food. And those cookies!! Andrew not liking them means you don’t have to share! Very smart of you to marry a guy like that. My husband likes them, but he usually only eats one and gives the rest to me because he’s a smart guy and values peace in our marriage.


I guess I’m the odd opinion here, but I LOVE Quest bars!!! I stockpile and eat them by the case. :-) The chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream are classic favorites, but their new Blueberry Muffin and Rocky Road bars are AMAZING also! (They’re also coming out with a Mocha flavor…if you love coffee you have to try!)
I eat at least 1, usually 2 Quest Bars a day; and they keep me full really well. That’s how much I love them. ;)


Quest Bars… I used to use them as a replacement for candy. I used to think they tasted very good. One day I realized I can’t stand that protein flavor and that they don’t actually satisfy my cravings for sweets. So I stopped eating them and promised myself I would never use them as candy replacement ever again.

On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE Chick Fil-A. My go-to order is the cold chicken wrap. I like it with the roasted honey mustard sauce, and a cup of fruit on a side. I also LOVE their chocolate chip cookies. Now I need to try Brooke’s suggestion:)


Old Navy ad! #YoureKindOfABigDeal

Those chocolate chip cookies are so good.

Next time donate some clothes to me. I love your style.

Man colds are REAL!


The man cold meme couldn’t be more true about my husband! ? Love all the old Navy photos, Old Navy is a must for my family! My husband and I had horrible food poisoning from Chick-fil-A and will probably never be able to eat there again, which is so unfortunate it was one of the only fast food places we enjoyed.


I quite like quest bars but they are super expensive so I only buy them as a treat when they’re on offer – I love the raspberry and white chocolate one. I don’t know if you guys have them over in the US but we have grenade bars over here and their white chocolate one is incredible!

I didn’t go for a run this morning but I have my long run this evening – it was meant to be Monday but my IBS was playing up so it wasn’t going to happen!

I read somewhere that beetroot was really good for you so now I eat it with most dinners. Yesterday I had chicken, roasted vegetables and a pack of beetroot on the side. My family think I’m mad!


Ahhh the man cold. On TOP of the “man cold”, I married a hypochondriac. #lifeisneverdull The other day, my Hus comes home with a puffer b/c “his chest hurt so he went and got x-rays”. (And he works at a hospital – seriously?!) Then the other night after he did his puffer, he was like, “ohhhhh good! I can breathe again! I thought I was gonna have to have a stint put in!” To say that I was dying laughing, is an understatement. THEN he comes back with, “go ahead and laugh. One day I’m gonna say I can’t breathe, and your gonna laugh, and then the next day I’m gonna die from an asteroid to my chest.” #dramaticmuch


I don’t do Quest Bars but apparently Costco’s tastes pretty similar and my fav is the cookie dough!

Tuesday’s run was 3 interval miles on the treadmill + weights. Today is 4.5 hilly miles before work on the other side of town so it’s a busy morning!

Tangent: my hubs is running in the Disneyland race this weekend so we decided last minute to buy 3 day passes for us and the kids! I’m super excited and we are surpising our kiddos! Thank goodness for SoCal passes!


Random Tangent — Spotify needs more playlists for One Hit Wonders — I never remember the band/artist name but I wanna hear all the songs!

I’ve never tried a quest bar — should I? Are all flavors created equally?

I LOVE Chick-Fil-A — I usually get the spicy sandwich without tomato (because if I wanted to eat slimey gooey grossness, I’d have live eel instead).

No run for me today, but Crossfit tonight!


Ah, the Quest bar! Some other people have commented that they’re expensive (true!) and super sugary (also true!), but they work for me. If I workout first thing in the morning, I have trouble coming up with fuel that 1) doesn’t weigh me down and 2) can be scarfed down super quickly. I usually have like 2-3 bites of a Quest bar and save the rest for either after I get back when the hanger is real or the next AM workout. That way, my $2 investment seems to last a lot longer. FWIW, my favorites are cookie dough, smores, and white chocolate raspberry.

Former one-time half marathoner (5 years ago when I was young and impressionable) and long-time reader over here. I’ve decided to run my first marathon this year. I’m doing Rock N Roll San Diego and, while I’m AT LEAST double your pace, I’m really inspired by your dedication to running. Thanks for sharing your life and love of running with us :)


AHHHH MOLLY!!! I am so so so excited for your first marathon! You are going to do so well! PLEASE keep me updated with how your training is going:) So happy about this. I have a few friends that do that as well with Quest bars in the morning and it works really well for them too!


Quest bars are so gross, haha. And they don’t sit well with my stomach! I’d rather eat something with real ingredients.


My oldest is 9 years old. The other day while I was carrying my youngest (19 months old) and I got sad because I could not remember the last time I carried my 9 year old. I know it’s been over 2 years. I’m very petite and she is very tall for her age, so she quickly got to big for me to carry. Enjoy carrying your little one.


I used to love Quest Bars but eventually grew bored of eating the same flavors over and over as well deciding they were too expensive. Like a few others commented nuking them in the microwave (NOT in the wrapper) or dipping them in hot coffee was typically the way I would eat them. I also found they don’t have a long shelf life before turning rock solid. Also, be careful not to leave one in your car on really cold days… again, rock solid lol.

You look adorable in the Old Navy ad on Insta! HashtagSoFamous!


I’m still a Quest bar fan. I love the fit crunch more but they’re too big (aka too many calories) but most days I lack the self control to eat half.

I haven’t carried my 10 year old in about two years (excuse me while I go cry for a while). I think once she passed 3/4 of my height and 1/2 my weight it stopped working so well.


I ate Quest bars a couple of years ago but when I started running more seriously, I found better options :) I recommend Picky Bars (Oh Fudge Nuts with peanut butter spread on them—you would LOVE this combo!!!!!) or RX bars :) :) :) The Mama Chia bars are good, too, but they’re tiny :) A good little snack :)


I used to eat Quest bars but now I eat Kirklands protein bars at Costco- WAY cheaper and they do not have sucralose (which I can’t stand the taste of) and they are pretty similar to Quest as far as protein, fiber, and calories.


My husband and I just ordered a re-supply of Quest bars last night! He has to eat first thing in the morning so it’s something easy (read not messy) to munch on on his way to work. I love them about 30 minutes before a workout for an extra boost of energy, or for breakfast with a side of turkey sausage. I love the strawberry cheesecake and raspberry white chocolate ones…. some of the flavors are blech to me (i.e. trying too hard to be a desert) but overall we really like them!


Love the Old Navy clothes! Is that were your grey hoodie is from too?

I love Quest Bars personally, they’re an afternoon snack staple! I love cookie dough the best :)


I love the man cold one! I was making fun of my husband the other day because of his “man cold” after I asked him to order a pizza. When I got home from work I found him on the couch & asked if he ordered it to which he replied “No, I can’t. I’m too weak.” The dramatics run deep with him when he is sick!

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