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Eight easy miles this morning and with more miles and more speed work comes more foam rolling—>  my IT bands HATE the foam roller (ps IT Band injuries hurt soooooooo bad).

Okay, so this one is a little bit longer than a sentence but when you are foam rolling, try rolling it down the muscle until you find the ‘hot spot’ or the area that really feels the pressure and slowly work on that area (rolling it up and down that spot) for 20 seconds or so and you will feel the pressure slowly release.  I used to just roll up and down my muscles.  Foam rolling didn’t really do much for me until I started to go back over the places that really weren’t comfortable until that area loosened up a bit.

“Foam rolling, also known as myofascial release, is the application of pressure to eliminate scar-tissue and soft-tissue adhesion by freeing up your fascia.”(source)

Screen Shot 2017 01 11 at 1 14 41 PM

Hard to keep stretching when she comes over and puts her head on me.

IMG 6588

She then taught me that I should do the splits after each run.  Yeah… I think I would rip every muscle in my body by attempting this!

IMG 6601

Thank you Beretta for constantly giving away where Andrew is hiding so that he can no longer scare me.

IMG 6582

Ran too early to eat anything before but right after my run I ate this Kodiak Cakes monster pancake.

DSC01277 2

When Beretta hears that she is going on a run with Andrew… she loses it… like it is the best day of her entire life.




The first day that they are reunited it is pure laughing and play and then a few days in they start fighting again so we really try to soak in the first day ha.


This seems like a way better use of a foam roller than how I use it.

IMG 6606

So the library is our new favorite activity because we brought back 14 books for the kids to read and they loved it.


Turkey burger for lunch… it feels SO good to be eating at home (we have been changing our chronic eating out ways).

IMG 6609

Ready to go party for the day with them (40 degrees right now which pretty much feels like summer to us after the last few weeks:)

IMG 6613

Sometimes when I am working Brooke will get out the wrapping paper and wrap a present for me.

IMG 6451

My sister and I are doing really well with our New Years resolutions this year.

IMG 6577

Andrew sent this to me and there is a little bit too much truth to this for us;)

IMG 6581

Megan D sent this to me and I think it is a good summary of winter haha:

IMG 6395

I’m kidding… there are many great things about winter especially according to the kids!

IMG 5922

Does anybody want to join me tomorrow for 7 mile repeats, I’m sure it will be a really good time and quite a party—>  the things runners do for ‘fun’.


Have a sentence for the day?

How often do you foam roll?  What works for you?  What area hurts the worst for you?

Have a goto breakfast that you pretty much eat each day?  Any other Kodiak Cakes fans?

If you have a speed workout this week… what is it?  I’d love to hear!

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I get deep tissue on my IT band frequently and I do believe it is one of the most painful areas to do it on. I can barely handle it but I do always feel much better afterwards.


Seriously… that IT band is evil for runners! It hurts so bad but my running afterwards feels so much better too. Hope your Wednesday night is an amazing one Hollie! xoxoxo


My boyfriend got me a foam roller a few months ago, and I don’t use it as often as I should. One week I’ll use it 4 times, and then I won’t use it again for 2 weeks. I need to be more consistent with it.


HAHA yep.. consistency is rough for me on things like this. I’m consistent with actually running and eating candy and that’s about it. You are not alone Fiona! Hope your Wednesday has been a great one!


Sentence for the day: I wish I had gotten my butt out of bed this morning, because now I have to run tonight!!!

Foam rolling always killlls my IT bands, but the roll recovery makes my calves SCREAM! It’s kind of the best?

The Kodiak single serving blueberry pancakes!!! Have you seen these? Just add 1/4 cup water, stir and microwave for a minute = PANCAKE! The blueberry ones are without a doubt the best.

Tempo run yesterday but next Tuesday I’m hittin the track with 5 x 400s!


Don’t you hate that…. I swear when I do that I think about it all day and wish I would have just pushed myself out of bed!

WHAT?!?!? I need those single serving pancakes in my life NOW! That sounds heavenly! Way to go on your tempo and you will rock those 400s next week for sure!

Enjoy the rest of your night Annie!


The tooth brush thing…….yes, yes, triple yes!


HAHA glad we aren’t alone… nighttime eating is our favorite and maybe that is just because the kids are in bed and we can finally really relax and actually eat our food haha! Hope you had an amazing day Erica!


I love Kodiak protein pancakes for breakfast! I add a couple of tablespoons of pure pumpkin (canned), cinnamon, nutmeg and a few dark chocolate chips. So good!!


Well that is a brilliant idea. I will officially be copying you! Thank you Michelle!


Breakfast today was a smoothie. I don’t know why. It is so cold. Maybe I like torturing myself? I had a turkey burger for lunch too though! Samesies! Only I had mine with leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower because that was easiest/quickest and I am lazy like that.

Once upon a time I foam rolled 2x a day. 30min each time. True story. Which is probably why it takes soooo much effort to get me to do it now. I should definitely be doing it more though!

My sentence for the day is that it is almost 5pm and I still haven’t gotten ready for the day. Told you I like to burn myself out in the mornings and then crash ;)


WHAT!?!?! I don’t think I could drink a smoothie during the winter although today was warmer. AHHH twinners!

TWO TIMES A DAY. Dedication woman.

Well you got enough done this morning for 4 days so you shouldn’t get ready until Sunday.


Just discovered Kodiak cakes= the best!
I just couldn’t get my self out this morning so I am headed to the dreadmill now to get my run in. :(
Dogs are just THE BEST. I have two and they know the words, walk, run, cookie, bye-bye, and bedtime. I just don’t even want to imagine a life without at least one dog in it!


Oh I hope your dreadmill run tonight went well! Yep, we can’t imagine life anymore without a dog! So glad you have two amazing ones Barbara!


BTW…How is your dad doing? Better I hope.


He is continuing to do better and better but he is frustrated that he has to let everything really heal before getting back to work. I guess he is like us runners… recovering smart after a hard race is hard for us to do because we just want to get back out there doing what we love to do. But our body’s have to fully recover!


Hahaha <– at Andrew hiding. I heard my husband coming to the door after work today and I jumped in the closet and sat there until he found me. It didn't take very long, but it's the little things that keep things in a marriage fun :)


I totally agree! It really is the little things that make everything a whole lot more fun! I love that you did that Meagan!


UGhhh sentence for the day: I hate being sick! But some homemade Thai food made me feel better :)

I *try* to foam roll everyday even when I don’t run. Oh girlllll ITBs are the worse!!

My go to if I’m lifting is a protein shake/english muffin w/pb and fruit. If I’m running I’m all about waffles, yogurt and fruit! I love using Kodiak mix for waffles :)

I had a 7×800 earlier this week…felt awesome! Tomorrow I have a tempo run focusing on my half marathon pace…not sure how that will be if I’m feeling icky. I’m hoping all the delicious nutrients I ate today will magically make me better :)


Jodi… way to go on 7 x 800. 800s are one of the hardest workouts for me for sure! You are awesome and have an awesome tempo workout tomorrow (I hope you feel 100% tomorrow… homemade Thai food heals:)! Oh I forgot about english muffins… those things are amazing! I hope you wake up feeling great tomorrow, being sick is the worst!


I’ve been trying to get back to daily foam rolling. It’s hard lately because my tender spots are hard to get to. Basically my high hamstring up by my butt but on the inside more toward groin. Grr!
I eat peanut butter and jelly or a waffle for breakfast usually. Sometimes oatmeal.


Oh yeah… I feel like a sports massage would be way more effective at getting that spot! Bummer… I hope the foam rolling is helping too a bit though. PB and J for breakfast sounds like an excellent idea to me!


I have a roller stick and only do it when something hurts, or just because sometimes it feels good. Twice a week maybe. Lately, I’ve been on scrambled eggs and a banana kick. I don’t do a speed workout, or tempo, or anything fancy. My sole goal, is to run, hope my form is better than Phoebe from Friends, and not die at the end….those things = a successful run. PS – I have had 10 years or more of crappy earbuds. I asked about yours a few months ago, you told me they were Yurbuds. Best ones I’ve ever had ! I love them and are now my favorite most love pair. So thank you kindly for taking the time to read comments and respond to things like that. Because wow, what a huge difference having a good pair is. So thank you, it’s appreciated.


I don’t foam roll as often as I should, or as often as the PT wants me to. IT band and Psoas hurt the most. Psoas I usually use a tennis ball on, and I save that for when I am alone. It just looks wrong!

I eat oatmeal pretty much daily. I do like kodiak cakes but they are usually for lunch.

My sentence for the day is my dog is driving me crazy. She’s not generally picky but she has been the last few days. Right now she’s staring at her food but not eating. Then she barks if the cat goes near it. Meh. She is 13.5, maybe she’s getting senile.


2 things:
1) Do you still plan to go back to teaching when Brooke enters school full-time? (I know that was your plans pre-Andrew, not sure if the whole family thing has shifted that :)
2) YOU SHOULD COACH. And I don’t mean online – I mean in real life, in your area, you’re a teacher by heart and that’s a huge part of coaching. Plus/and/or I think thinking giving talks re: ED issues to young (or older) runners would be HUGE. Wish I could hear one of your heartfelt, lesson learned chats. x


loooove kodiak cakes! my hot spots on the foam roller are my glutes and quads for sure. I also foam roam my shins which some people find strange, but i haven’t had shin splints in 8 i think it works and i’ll keep rolling them !


I need to try Kodiak cakes! You give me lots of good food ideas (I’m a big fan of sweet potato + bbq sauce thanks to you). My go to breakfast is usually just oatmeal, but that’s kind of boring and I’m getting tired of it too. I don’t foam roll nearly as much as I’m sure I should. No specific speed workouts here this week, just an easy recovery week after my half marathon last weekend :)


Hi Janae, I foam roll after every run. Faithfully. You should look in to this tool: fasciablaster. It has made a difference for me in my calves and ITBand. After using the fasciablaster on my legs now I can use the foam roller that has little spikes (rumbleroller).


My go to breakfast would have to be omelettes. I love that you can put so many different veggies in them. Hubby and I have come up with some interesting ones using leftovers. My fave would have to be tomatoes and jalapeños.


My sentence of the day, “don’t worry, there’s eggs in the fridge.”

I love eggs for breakfast, but running out is a real fear. I mentioned to my husband that I was getting hungry one morning and this was his response to me.

I foam roll haphazardly — randomly — whenever I feel I need it. It works best on my trouble zones (calves, especially).

If you have a speed workout this week… what is it? I’d love to hear!

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