Desensitized to Winter + Shocked.

You know that you are starting to be desensitized to winter when 25 degrees for your morning run feels quite nice and you even get a little hot while you are out there.

Six of us showed up to run up the canyon for 7.5 miles together to celebrate Josse’s birthday.  It snowed for pretty much the entire run (and then for the rest of the day).  There were very few footprints to find anywhere once we got in the canyon with about an inch of fresh snow.  It felt like the whole world was quiet, besides us, this morning.  Dare I say, I might actually be really enjoying winter running lately?!

Beyond amazing women right here.  PS does anybody else notice that running on fresh snow feels kind of like running on sand at times, my calves were burning 2 miles into the run.  Just hoping that maybe running in the snow will give me a calf muscle or two, that would be nice.

IMG 5888

Pre-run= a small bowl of Honey-Nut Cheerios and post run= a bagel with a little bit of peanut butter (sad story… we were out of almond butter so I had to adjust;), bananas and raspberries.  Andrew thought the raspberries were strange, I thought they were delicious.

IMG 5906

After seeing my bagel, Brooke requested to try the same thing (minus the raspberries).  Her face looks shocked but I think that really means that she loves it.

IMG 5910

Andrew has become really skilled with his ability to pretend that the different Beanie Babies really are animals.

IMG 5902

Before Knox left to go to his mom’s house we played a little bit of hide and go seek.  It’s a shame that Beretta gives away our hiding spot every single time.

IMG 5901

Oh and these socks are a year-round thing for Brooke.  I forgot who gave these to Brooke but they are the first thing to be worn after laundry day.

IMG 5898

I stayed home to get some work done and Andrew and Brooke went out for some errands and play time.  This is the picture he sent to me.

IMG 5913

They came home and we hung out for a bit.

IMG 5917

They did stop at Costco= we have some really good food now.  Hallelujah.

IMG 5914

And a random memory about this song that came on today.  Flashback to high school when my boyfriend and I broke up.   There was a dance that coming weekend that I was supposed to go to with him (but we broke up so that was off) so my sister packed up her car and drove me down to Vegas for a weekend of shopping, swimming and eating out.  She’s a good one.  We listened to this song on repeat for at least 2 hours and tried to memorize every word.  Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of our trip together.

IMG 5894


How was your run today?!?

What day do you grocery shop?  Whenever you need to?  Once a week, twice a week?

Favorite nut butter and brand of nut butter?!

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I actually try not to buy nut butter since they’re a binge food for me! I’d like to try Macadamia nut butter, though.


I’d love for some 20s and snow on the ground running! It’s been lots of fog, rain and 40 degree temperatures in Atlanta. Sad face.


Aren’t You Worried About Slipping And Falling Whilet running in the snow? Do you wear different shoes in the snow?
Jif honey peanut butter is my favorite for sandwiches. For snacking, I like Reese’s chocolate peanut butter. It’s good stuff! I’ve been wondering what chocolate almond butter would taste like but I don’t know if it exists and I’m terrible at making my own nut butter.
I do a big grocery run once a week and then we have the “midweek banana run” because we always need bananas.


So I am not worried about falling when it is fresh snow… I am a lot more careful but when there is an inch or two of fresh snow my feet plant pretty well with each step. The problem comes when the snow isn’t fresh and there are a lot of footprints already in the snow etc and then it seems way more slippery to me… and that is when I’m on the treadmill:) HAHA yes, we do the midweek banana run too! I need to try the chocolate pb asap! Hope you are having an awesome night Lee!


That bagel with banana and raspberries looking SO stinking good! I’m going to need to try that ASAP. I can’t imagine running in below freezing temps. It’s 75+ degrees here today! Lol.


I typically grocery shop once a week on Friday’s after work. It’s just part of my routine at this point!

Nut butter: trader joes unsalted crunchy peanut butter all day every day!!! by the spoonful.

Have a great night!


Happy New Year!

Running in the snow – you are brave! I’m too worried about slipping. So true about 25 degrees…with the right layers it actually feel so good to sweat while out there.

Today was 10.5 miles in a cold drizzle for me.

Is Andrew insane?!?!? That bagel looks delish!!! Does he like raspberry jam with pb/ab & jelly? IT’S LITERALLY THE SAME THING!!!
I get my ab at Whole Foods…the one you grind yourself.

I think I stop into the grocery store every few days. And it’s like going to Target….I go in for two things and then end up spending way too much.
One local store here has 20% off every single item as a New Years Day tradition….I went a little crazy yesterday.


THANK YOU… I agree with you on the bagel:) I will read your comment to Andrew hahah! Oh that almond butter sounds delicious. I would have gone crazy with that sale too! Happy New Year Caroline!


I like crazy Richards natural peanut butter. Creamy!


I’m doing a running streak for 2017 (running at least 1 mile every day) so that’s all I did today.
I hate grocery shopping :( It’s such a pain so I usually keep the trips short (which ultimately means shopping 2-3x per week)


Your sister stories are the best!
Raspberries=my love language.


Jif Natural pb for everyday snacking (carrots, celery, apples, pretzels, or on toast) or my husbands occasional pb&j sandwich. I also like Justin’s nut butter individual packets. When I want one I have to grab 2. One for me and one for my daughter who squeezes it right in her mouth.


In the summer I skip the banana and go straight for berries on my almond butter toast. Better than jam or jelly!

Cross training today. Some weights are getting easier, which means I had to up them. Makes me feel fierce.

Your sister is the best.

I shop as needed, tonight it was necessary. I will also go if items we use regularly are on sale. I would rather stock up and shop less. Today organic meat was crazy discounted, my freezer is full.


Ugh my run was tough today – speed workout, I know all this hard work will pay off (:
I love TJ’s crunchy salted almond butter!!!
Btw that song totally reminds me of high school too, my friend and I totally had hand moves/dance to that song ?


WAY TO GO JODI on doing your speed work. It WILL all pay off! You’ve got this! Now I’m curious to see the moves/dance to this song haha!


Anything with banana and peanut butter is delicious. I loved AAR back in the day and used to listen to that album a bunch. Oh man.


Was getting almond butter from the grinder at the natural food store. Now I know some states mandate pasteurized almonds. I need to learn more about this. As far as I know the Italians and Spanish do not mandate pasteurization and they seem ok health-wise. Also learned almonds interfere with iron absorption – need to time it right if I want my iron. Finally, bioavailability is maximized with soaking.

So, soaking would pre-empt grinding. It’s all very goal dependent. Seems like a positive change to my relationship with almond butter.


I love putting PB on raspberries and eating them. Ross thinks I am a weirdo, but it’s like a pb and j, right? Obviously everything is good with PB though. I like almond butter too. I went through a phase where I didn’t buy PB and I only bought almond butter cause I am less likely to binge eat it. Maybe I should do that again?

We saw All American Rejects in concert at the Big Ass show in 2005. I loved their music. But at their concert every other word out of their mouths were swear words. It made me like them a little less. BUT, Give You Hell is still my all time favorite song to run to.

Way to be hard core and run in the snow. I didn’t leave my house today. Not once. I have been the laziest human ever this Christmas break. Tomorrow is going to hurt real bad.


I agree! My calves were burning on my run today – lets blame the snow for sure.. but without wind it’s just a perfect temperature out.. sad how quickly we get adjusted. Also YES almond butter but I’ll settle for peanut over nothing :)


I love making first tracks on my local trails! It’s when the snow is a few days old and everyone else has been out there icing it up that I need screws in the soles of my shoes.


Oh my gosh, I love that song! It’s amazing to me how music has the ability to make you instantly remember a specific moment or time. I also think it is amazing that your sister managed to take a sad time for you and turn it into such an awesome memory.


I love the TJ’s Sunflower butter. And I just made the Vanilla-Coffee PB from Run Fast Eat Slow – sooooo good!!


With my schedule being so different this year, I don’t really have a set grocery day. I do love to go during the week instead of the weekend to avoid the crowds. :)


omg i used to LOVE that song…so many memories, too.
nut butter–surprisingly a tie between PB and AB! many a brand; i don’t discriminate ;)

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