A picture (or two) from EVERY hour of our day yesterday!

I hope your new year is already off to a great start!  I thought it would be fun to share a picture (or two) HIGHLIGHT from each hour yesterday (that we were awake).  It was my rest day from running and a Sunday so a little bit different than the normal day but here ya go:  (PS does anyone ever want to see a day’s worth of food for a post or anything like that… I haven’t done that in FOREVER).

The 7 o’clock hour:

I think the kids were excited to get 2017 started so they woke up extra happy and energetic.  Andrew loves knee and elbow massages first thing in the morning.

IMG 5812

Brooke giggled uncontrollably due to the fact that she managed a whole lot of somersaults over the top of us on the bed.

IMG 5801

Also, the 7 o’clock hour:  Brooke and Knox had a deep discussion over the best ride at Disneyland (it came down to Small World vs Space Mountain).  We had pancakes for breakfast.  I don’t know what is going on but waffles and/or pancakes are on my mind every morning.  I spent way too many years of my life skipping breakfast (and running on empty = LOTS of negative side effects) and I just have to make up for it now with all of it’s goodness.  Never again will I skip the beauty of breakfast.

IMG 5817

The 8 o’clock hour:  A little bit of church reading back in bed again…

IMG 5818 2

The 9 o’clock hour… picking out my most comfortable dress possible for church and straightening my hair.  Yes, our bathroom is still 50% bright pink.  We were on quite the role with house renovations until we lost all motivation and still have a pink bathroom.

IMG 5822

The 10ish o’clock hour:  Rush to church to make it on time.  We packed a million snacks for the kids and made it right at 10:02.

IMG 5823

The 11 o’clock hour (and 12 o’clock hour because I only took one picture at church):  Brooke was pretty excited to try on my wedding ring.

IMG 5839

The 1 o’clock hour:  Out of church and ready to drive home.  PS I am still absolutely loving working with the youth at our church.  I look forward to it each week.

IMG 5840

The 2 o’clock hour:  No desire to put anything together for lunch = leftover pizza that actually looked pretty awful but tasted delicious.  Anyone else end up craving more healthy meals on the days that you run and then on rest days just want whatever/everything that is in front of you?

IMG 5855

The 3 o’clock hour:  We watched Pet’s Life for the 400th time.  They never seem to get sick of it though!


The 4 o’clock hour:  We paused for an intermission and made popcorn.  Maybe the kids love this movie so much because Beretta gets quite into it too every time one of the dogs on the movie barks.


The 5 o’clock hour:  We packed up and headed over to celebrate one of Andrew’s nephew’s birthdays.


Shorts year round for Andrew… not sure if he actually feels temperatures but I sure wish I could do this too, I would enjoy winter a whole lot more.


The 6 o’clock hour:  Weiner dogs, taco salads and birthday cake.


The 7 o’clock hour:  Brooke is really into having her nails painted (I wonder where she got that from?) and she requested that her and I have matching nails.  So we painted a lot of nails including some bright blue toenails for Brooke.  PS for the first time in years I have had all 10 toenails for a very long time—>  life of a runner.


The 8 o’clock hour:  Brush teeth, books, prayers and the kid’s new favorite thing—>  group hug.  Along with any other thing they can think of to stall the bedtime process because for some reason when we can actually get as much sleep as possible (aka when we are kids) we don’t want to sleep.  It’s one thing I do not understand.

IMG 5874

The 9 o’clock hour:  Hanging out on the computer getting some work done.  During the week I work in the afternoons and then again at night but on Sunday I just work at night.  Working on an a really fun project I’m excited to share with you this week.  Also, anyone else listen to music while they work?  It’s weird how music helps me to avoid getting distracted when I work.

IMG 5876

The 10 o’clock hour going strong with the above image.  Also, Andrew thinks it’s fun that I never update my computer (ever…) and have every tab/program open all at once.  I love my house to be clutter-free but my computer is a perfect mess for my brain.

The 11 o’clock hour:  Lay out all of my gear so that I can wake up and be out the door in approximately 6 minutes to meet Josse.


It is Josse’s birthday and I can’t wait to do a birthday run together.  I missed it last year because I was out of town.  For her 36th birthday we did 36 x 200s with 200m recovery jogs.  The first 18 200m repeats were in the 6ish pace and the last 18 200m repeats were in the 5ish pace.  I am really hoping I don’t show up this morning to her requesting to do her age in # of intervals but if she does, we will do it because she is the best.  Happy Birthday Josse!



Were you ever a breakfast skipper?

Do you do a special run for your birthday?  Anything different than your normal runs?

Ever lose a toenail from running?

Parents reading—>  what time are your kid’s bedtimes?

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I was a breakfast skipper most of my life but now it’s my favorite meal of the day!

Those little dachshund’s are sooooo cute!

I’ve only ever lost one toenail (the little one) but I have had a black toenail twice (the big one)!


I used to not eat breakfast when I had swim practice in the am. By the time I got home it was usually 9-10 so I would end up just waiting until lunch. I’ve always enjoyed breakfast though.

I enjoy seeing people’s daily lives! You should do posts like this more often…I feel so boring so I get to live life through you Lol.


You are sweet and adorable. You are NOT boring. :)


I completely agree… you are NOT EVEN CLOSE to boring. I love following along your world Hollie and you always inspire me to get out and work hard on my runs.


Holie: OMG swim practice would make me so hungry-how could you wait until lunch? Then again, sometimes we do crazy things!


Aww what a fun Sunday y’all had! And by the way, THANK YOU for introducing Roolee into my life. I LOVE that store! And I also love breakfast foods, especially pancakes and waffles. I always eat breakfast, but sometimes I like eating those for dinner more than at actual breakfast time.

I have two missing toenails that I haven’t seen in year. I usually just pain over them in the spring and summer when I wear lots of sandals!


I start with coffee immediately but breakfast is about an hour or two after I wake up. I don’t miss it. Just delay it a little till my body wants to eat.
I am just about to make my breakfast now. I plan on oatmeal and an apple. Time to get back to nutritious eating.


I do my very best writing when I am in the middle of a Starbucks or a pub, with earbuds in, listening to music. That’s how I studied as well, when I was going through school/University. My eldest son (he’s 16) has ADHD and Tourrette’s, and he is allowed to listen to music while he takes his exams. He’s a straight-A student. Things like this fascinate me so much! I think I would have been diagnosed with ADHD when I was a kid had I grown up in this generation rather than in the 80’s. Just a hunch. You’d think that people with attention problems *wouldn’t* be able to have any distractions!! But maybe we NEED them.



I have lost exactly one toenail, but it was two weeks after my third marathon. I guess it can happen at any time.


I’ve never been a breakfast skipper! I wake up way too hungry in the morning to miss it. I haven’t lost a toe nail yet from running and I hope to keep it that way for life!


I have only ran one half marathon in Chicago (10 years ago) and I lost a toe nail. As I mentioned earlier, I am ready to start running, surrendering to my set point weight, and properly fueling myself in order to do so. Therefore, two things: (1) I would like to see your daily eats/fuel, and (2) do you have any marathons you recommend for a “first” and/or have you planned which ones you are running this year? I am kinda afraid of the UT elevation (I am at sea level) but it would be so cool to do my first marathon with you! And this hour by hour post was really neat!


I used to be a breakfast skipper, but not anymore! I am eating a warm bowl of oatmeal right now. :-)

I loved this post and would really enjoy a daily “eats” post! I’m always curious to see what people eat before and after running.

Happy New Year!!! So excited to read along with you and your sweet family this year!


I rarely skip breakfast. I usually eat a couple of apples shortly after I wake up.

I would love to see another day’s worth of food post!


I could never skip breakfast, I’d be sooo hangry lol. Plus breakfast foods are sooo delicious, why skip??

I always try to do something that relates to my age…so either miles of kilometers depending on the day (:

I’ve had a few threats of losing a toenail, but never the full nail….yet lol


I’m laughing at the pink wall in your bathroom. When my parents moved into their house 24 years ago, the master bedroom randomly had one wall painted bright pink. They lived with it for 24 years and are just now finally repainting it to get the house ready to sell.
I’d love to see a post about a day’s food. I don’t know why but I always enjoy reading those. Happy 2017!


I have a pink and green bathroom, the tiles and fixtures are pink and I just never had motivation to completely gut the bathroom.

I love breakfast and don’t skip it unless I am sick.

I have lost nails regularly and parts of nails which actually looks worse. I had the podiatrist remove a nail because my toe was so swollen from rubbing the nail was causing excruciating pain. Fun times.


I was a breakfast skipper exactly one year ago. I stopped doing it because it was too harsh on my stomach.

For my birthday last year I had a long run scheduled. So I had my favorite bagels for breakfast but then I felt a little sick during my run. Definitely not doing that this year lol.


That pancake looks so good with the raspberries on top. I don’t make pancakes/french toast/waffles at home very often, but whenever I go out to eat and the option of breakfast food is there I take advantage of it!


I used to skip breakfast too, but now it’s practically one of the firsts things I think about and do in the morning.

I agree with you, when I don’t run or workout, I am waay more tempted to eat food that isn’t as nutritious as I usually like.


OMG, I am so on your page! When I work out I want to eat healthy all day…. but when I skip a day I eat whatever! Good to know I’m not the only one. I guess I am an “all or none” person. All healthy that day or not at all!

Happy new year!


HAHAH YEP… I’m right there with you as the ‘all or nothing’ mentality! We are not alone!!


I know what you mean about craving the bad for you foods on rest days!! Same thing happens to me. Weekends I’m terrible about eating healthy. Saturdays are long run days, so I think I deserve it haha. Then Sundays are just bad, and we eat out on weekends. But if I run during the weekday I feel motivated to stay healthy and eat better.

I never skip breakfast! Breakfast foods are my favorite!!


I did lose a toenail once……………it was weird bc it came off and it did not hurt……….no feeling at all!
I like to do a special run for my birthday, but it’s definitely not run my age! Maybe I can do 32 minutes this year, or 32 x 100 or something! I will only be trained up to 13 miles by then (next month) and I have a half a few days after my birthday, so I will be in taper mode.
And I love breakfast! We are having breakfast for dinner tonight, in fact! Biscuits, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns! It’s my Friday night, and I am looking forward to this dinner!


I struggle with breakfast. I make a hot breakfast every day for my hubs but I very rarely wake up hungry. I do know how important breakfast is so I still try to eat a little something, if only to set a good example for my kids. The only exception to my breakfast difficulty is when I am pregnant (such as I am now) I wake up starving and actually eat breakfast easy peasy.

I’ve never lost a toe nail to running, I haven’t been hardcore enough for that but I had pretty ugly feet as a teenager back when I danced on pointe.

I am rigid about bed time. I need that time to myself to unwind and be ready for bed or I am nightmare Mom the next day. The boys go to bed at 7 but my daughter that’s a little older reads in bed until her bedtime at 8.


I’m making protien muffins for breakfast this week as we speak with kodiak cake mix and protien powder. 9 grams of protein for 122 calories = cheap protien.
I went two whole years missing the same toenail. It was great when it finally grew back and stayed!


Never been one to skip breakfast. It is probably my favorite meal of the day! We also like to have breakfast for dinner at least once a week. I like to run 6 miles on my bday because my birthday is the 6th of March. I have yet yo lose a toenail due to running. Our kids tend to go to bed by 8pm most days. It is closer to 9pm on the weekends. The perks of homeschooling is not having to wake up early to be somewhere.


I am not a breakfast skipper. Lunch is boring, so sometimes I just do a few small snacks instead, but breakfast is a must for me. Once I was dating a guy and we had plans with a group for early morning, and he actually said, “Oh, we don’t need to eat breakfast. We’ll go straight there.” Me: “This isn’t going to work.” Him: “Our plans?” Me: “Our whole relationship.”


BAHAHA Okay, this story made me laugh! Yeah, there is no way that relationship could work!!!


36 x 200s?!?! How did you even keep track?! (PUN INTENDED)

And no, I’ve never been a big breakfast skipper. I get extraordinarily cranky when I’m hungry, so if I ever made a habit of skipping meals it’s safe to say I’d have zero friends by now.

Weirdly enough, I’ve never lost a toenail. My feet are certainly in rough shape and some of my toenails get pretty loose, but I haven’t lost one entirely since my high school soccer days!

For my birthday runs, for the last three years at least, I’ve always been in the midst of a taper so they’re usually pretty “easy.” This year though, my 30th birthday will fall the week of my 22 miler so that’ll be…fun, I think?? We’ll see if I can coerce anyone to run with me :)


Please do the day of eats post.
I used to be a breakfast skipper, but after having a toddler, I am like give me some energy asap.


Yes, I am pretty much a lifetime breakfast skipper. If I run in the morning (rarely these days), I will typically have a smoothie after. But other than that I have always had a coffee and aometimes a cookie. Lately however (5 weeks now) I have been having a green smoothie to start each day with my day’s worth of fiber, fruit, veggies, and vitamins. I feel full after and am prone to make better food choose throughout the day.

My birthday run is no different than my normal runs.

Yes, I seem to lose a toenail after any big marathon or half I am training for. If I run one in preparation for the “big” event, no lost toenail. Weird.

Our son’s bedtime is 8 p.m. He will be 4 in 8 days. He tries to stall, and sometimes we fall for it, but then we just back up the getting ready for bed process by that many minutes then next day.


I’m a meal skipper all around. I have to work to remember to eat. It’s kind of terrible and does not help with weight loss. Ironic, I know. But there you go. I did eat this morning. Big news for me!

My kids all had a 9pm bedtime and harassed me forever about it. They could read for an hour until ten but then nope…lights out. If they argued then I told them they had to write me a report about how much sleep kids and teens need to prove their point.
I never got a report. They couldn’t find any research to back up their complaints. :)


HAHA I love this… a report to prove their point! I hope you don’t mind Andrew and I copying you with this when the kids get older. Thank you Tess and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


My Mom never let us skip breakfast, ever. By the time I got old enough to make that decision I had been diagnosed with hypoglycemia so skipping breakfast (or any meals for that matter) was out of the question. I’m a lot nicer person when my blood sugar is normal ;)

I have lots quite a few toenails from running but it’s been a couple years.


Breakfast skipping was an on again off again ordeal for years. Now I am pretty solid with my breakfast-times may vary though due to a run/work/special event/etc. Right now I am loving hot cereal with all sorts of mix in’s and/or textures.

It is rare that I have 10 toenails going strong. Seems like there is always 1 off, 1 coming off, and 1 trying to make a comeback. However, winter is usually better for some reason-maybe because it’s so cold I don’t do as many long runs.

My brother and I used to do special birthday runs (okay, so he still does and I live overseas now). Many times it was our age in mileage, or a fun course. He is very tech geeky so his routes are mapped out with elevation, distance, etc……This year I just did a normal run for my birthday (December 30th) and part of me wishes I had done a snazzy distance-most likely in km’s instead of miles! But, just running on my bday is fun!!!

The bedtime stall drives me insane. Why does it surprise me every.single.night?! They sure know how to get me, too “butterfly kiss,” “tell each other one fun thing,” “draw a heart on my back, now my turn…..” Like I can say no.


HAPPY HAPPY birthday a few days ago Kelly! I hope you had a beautiful day and I’m glad you got in a run! I love that you and your brother used to do bday runs:) HAHAH yep, I can’t say no to all of their cuteness late at night… until I realize they are just stalling.


This year I ran 31 miles for my 31st bday and raised money for the National MS Society. That was epic. I highly recommend birthday type runs (maybe not every year, but once in a while!) This is the first year I haven’t lost a toenail!! All 10 are in tact.


7pm bed time for both 4 year old and 9 month old = better moods all around next day. Be firm! We lock 4 yo door. He protested first night and now 2 years later PREFERS it!


Happy New Year Janae, Andrew, Brooke and Knox! I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for all of you.

PLEASE do a day in the life eating themed post! Have your sister do one too! Those are my favorite because I like getting new ideas for meals/snacks.


I have never been a breakfast skipper. I have never been an any meal skipper. In fact, I am not sure I have ever missed a meal in my life ;)

My kids go to bed at 8. Ask me if I can hear Felicity whining at her bedroom door still at this moment? She is the naughtiest little thing.

The picture you took of Timp at sunset is so beautiful.

Happy New Year. I think we should make a resolution to hang out more. Remember how I was going to have your family over once a month for dinner and to hang out? Ya. I want to make that actually happen!


I have to admit I skip breakfast everyday for like 6 years now. Running and eating interfere in a very uncomfortable way for my stomach (eating prior to the run as well as eating afterwards within two or three hours). Luckily I love to workout early in the mornings so I can have lunch… I cannot imagine how to solve this issue if I needed to run in the afternoon.

A happy, healthy new year for all of you – may it be filled with love, laugh and many, many running miles :)


I think I used to skip breakfast in HS and college, but now I generally try not to or else I get very HANGRY by lunchtime. This year I’m training for a half this year so no special run minus the 4 miles scheduled and I have actually never lost a toenail from running! Gotten blood blisters but no lost toenails (yet)

Also do you have a devotional that you would recommend?


The weiner dogs are just too cute!

Our little man is only 8 months old, so we have bed time set at 7:30 or 8:00, depending on how the afternoon nap went. Our house has been sick that last couple of weeks, so we’ve been pretty lax about bed time/sleeping in the crib. I have a feeling being back on schedule is going to be a rodeo.


Skipping breakfast??? What is that?? Lol! I used to skip breakfast in high school and college for time’s sake and looking back I’m not sure how I did that! I didn’t eat much but was very active with sports in high school and I’m not sure where that energy came from?! Can I get that back please?!
Now I can’t imagine skipping a meal .. or even skipping a snack :)
For my birthday last year I ran a trail 1/2 and came in 4th in my AG for men and women! It was a blast and I think I’ll try to do that every year :)
Toenails? What are those? The least I’ve had was 6 full toenails and I have a couple that are struggling to grow back because they’ve fallen off so much! One of which is purple again as of last Saturday :)
Bedtimes are whenever the kids will fall asleep! JK … M-F the 6 year old is asleep by 8:30 because of school and the 2.5 year old is more of a night owl – he usually falls asleep between 9-10. They’re in bed at 8 to read books/work on quiet activities and lights off by 8:30.

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