20 Pictures from Hawaii!!!!

I am so glad you loved my mom’s post yesterday!  My sister will be popping in tomorrow so make sure to check it out!  For now, I have 20 pictures to share with you from our first day in Hawaii!  I’ll be instagramming (I’m trying out those story things too;) a bunch over the next few days in case you miss me (actually, you are probably enjoying a little break from me ha;)

1.  The kids woke up at 5 a.m. (due to the time change) and got straight to playing with their cousins.  Once the sun was up, I went out for a run to the beach.  Running in new places is my favorite type of run.  The three H’s were present—>  hot, hilly and humid so I’m taking this week as the time to run easy and let the hills be my speed work:) I’ll just call it a cut-back week and next week I will resume the tempos etc but for now, just lots of exploring.

2.  Probably the best view from a run to have:

IMG 7001

3.  Ya know, I don’t usually see roosters while I am out running around Utah.

IMG 6995

4.  An avocado tree in your backyard—>  could there be anything better to own?

IMG 6992

5.  She is big into styling my hair lately.

IMG 2763

6.  We were at the beach by 9 and ready to party… kid’s walking by a trash can below hence the nose thing.

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7.  We were taken to Lanikai Beach and oh my goodness, it was stunning there.  When I went to school in Hawaii, I was about 45 minutes away and never made it out to these beaches.  They are amazing.  Did I tell you about the time I went skydiving in Hawaii?  Yeah, I don’t have the guts to do that ever agin.

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8.  Water, build sand castle, water, repeat 4,000 times.

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9.  Hello.

IMG 7032

10.  Knox told the owner of these dogs that he was a ‘dog person’ and persisted in playing fetch with them for a while.

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11.  According to Brooke, goggles help you to build sand castles.

IMG 7023

12.  His little face.

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13.  I think the kids want to move here.

IMG 7148

14.  Yep.

Screen Shot 2017 01 17 at 8 48 24 PM

15.  I think she got some sand in this bite of her sandwich.  We will probably eat out a few times while we are here but with kids… it is so much easier (and cheaper) to just pack and cook most of our meals.  We had sandwiches, fruit, hard-boiled eggs (Brooke calls these scrambled eggs) and probably a little sand too.

IMG 7037

16. Andrew snorkeling and kids riding around on his back.

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17.  After six hours of the beach we went back to their house and snacked some more.  Andrew and his brother were going out to surf and Brooke wanted to go back to the beach because she can never get enough of that place.  So, Brooke and I joined them.

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18.  We built a pretty sweet ‘hot tub.’

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19.  It turned magically into a doggy bath a few minutes later.

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20.  And when the sun went down, I loved the little patches of light on the water.

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Went back, showered and we were ready for bed by 8 pm.  My body does not know how to change times.


Ever been to Hawaii?  What island?  What was your favorite part?  

Favorite vacation spot?

Humid where you are… how do you handle it while running?

What’s your workout today?

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Your vacation looks amazing! Hawaii is one of my dream places to go. Hopefully someday!

It gets really humid here, especially during the summer, but I guess you just kind of get used to it after a while and expect it. It was chilly this morning, but there was still 94-percent humidity when I stepped out for my run.


Wow – you look like you are having such a wonderful time!

My workout today is a swim, a hill run and some hot yoga. (And wishing I was in Hawaii too!)


This looks so incredible. I’ve never been to Hawaii but it’s on my list!

My favorite vacation spot used to be Colorado but now I live here ;) I went to Iceland back in may though and definitely want to go back again asap!

It’s not humid in Colorado really but back when I was in Boston there were some rough days. I think on especially hot and humid days it’s important to remember to take in electrolytes and not just water (I’m notoriously bad at this)

Easy 6 today! I did a speed workout yesterday so I need to let my body recover today! My boyfriend just got back from his run and he said there was a ton of black ice so it might be the treadmill for me! (Again)


Your entire family looks like they are having the BEST time!!


I know the feeling of changing time zones. I only changed an hour back and my body cannot adjust. At least they aren’t waking up at 2-3 or I guess. It looks like your vacation is awesome and enjoy Janae!


Thanks for the Hawaii pictures! My 25th wedding anniversary is this year and we are trying to figure out where to go. Hawaii was on our list of choices. I’m enjoying this little glimpse into your trip!
Anyone else have any suggestions? We plan on taking our 11 & 13 yr old kids and love adventures! (haha, hence my blog name)


You look like you’re having the best of fun! I remember when I was little enough to be swung around like that – awesome photos!

I’ve never been to Hawaii but I’ve always wanted to go! I think my favourite holiday destination is Dublin – I just love everything over there, they’re some of the happiest people I’ve ever met! I’m going to South Africa in March and I’m super excited for that – I’ve never been anywhere like it before so that will be a real adventure :)

No workout for me today, I’ve got my monthly present and I feel really meh so I’m having a few days off to just sleep! I’m going to try and get a little run in tomorrow evening but we’ll see how things go :)

I hope you continue to have a wonderful time – keep us updated! :)


You don’t ever adjust to humidity. Ever.
You’re giving me major vacation envy!!! I hope you have a fantastic trip!!!!


have the best time!!! it’s not humid here now but in the summer, it’s super humid for sure. I haven’t never been to Hawaii (so far to fly, I’m a wimp with that) but maybe one day!


My husband and I were just there in September for our honeymoon. You MUST go to Island Snow near Lanakai! We probably went 3 times while we were there. So, so good! Please get the snow cap on top of your shaved ice too. You won’t regret it.


I’ve been to Oahu, kona, and Kauai. They’re all beautiful and perfect but I think Kauai is my favorite. The hikes there are unbelievable. The napali coast is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Favorite place on Oahu is probably hanauma bay. It’s been crowded both times I went, but the beach is nice and the snorkeling is amazing. Soooo many fish.


The photos from the beach look absolutely gorgeous! My workout today will probably just be a YouTube workout.


We went to Maui this past September for our Honeymoon. I was so excited to find out our last weekend there was the Maui Marathon so I couldn’t resist and did the 1\2 marathon. Even though Kansas sunrises can be beautiful, nothing compared to the views of MAUI! Enjoy your vacation!


Hawaii is still a bucket list item. Soon I hope!


OHMYLANTA what a stunning trip so far!

Workout today = 50 minutes on the trainer while watching “The Office”. Funsies.<3


Oh my goodness, I’m dying over here. Landon and I are planning to go to Hawaii for our five year anniversary and now I am thinking maybe we should push it up to our 3 year anniversary ;)

Workout of the day? A sweaty plyometric workout- mostly excited, slightly dreading it!


Workout today was a 9 mile run with my friend before the sunrise! Love run catchup dates!

Love, love, love Hawaii. Last time I was there was in middle school and my favorite island was Kauai! Going to Oahu in May for a wedding and cannot wait!!


How neat! I’ve never been and those pictures make it look so amazing. I’m with you, time change really does a number on me. I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if I went from here to Hawaii!


Oh my God, now I need to go to the beach so BAD right now!! The funniest thing is that I live in Miami and the beach is less than an hour away. But is never the same as vacation getaways. Need to go to Hawaii ASAP.

My favorite beach vacation spots are Parque Nacional Morrocoy In Venezuela, and Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.

Humidity here in Miami is crazy. Specially during summer. There’s now way to handle it when running, I just try not think too much about it and hydrate as much as I can.


Hawaii is one of my favorite vacation spots and snorkeling is the best thing we did there. Looks like you’re having a great time!


I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’d love to go!! So far I’ve only been to Mexico — Playa Del Carmen — it was by far my favorite. The all inclusive resort was AMAZING!

It’s SOO HUMID HERE! I can’t handle it — I have to drink tons of water and if anyone ever sees me, they see I’m gasping for air!

Today’s workout was a lot of heavy weights on the barbel… Deadlifts, Snatches, and Split jerks — Started with the jump rope to get me sweating!


This is exactly how I imagine heaven looks like ha ;-) We’re enjoying a different kind of water fun here today: freezing rain. Boot camp to the rescue this morning because the sidewalks were way to icy for a run. Running on a beach in hot and humid weather is hard work though! You don’t need to do a lot of it to stay in great shape.


Don’t you love the chickens?! In Kauai they are even on the beach!


No such thing as enjoying a break from you! I love your posts. Are you staying with friends? If so, do you ever feel awkward about getting up in morning and going for a run? If I don’t know the people well, or if we are staying with friends/family of my boyfriend who don’t know me well (aka they don’t know I run most every day), I feel awkward about saying I’m going for a run in the morning. Just wondering if you have any tips?


this is giving me such wanderlust! I’ve never been to Hawaii, but a trip to a tropical local looks like its in the cards now haha.
today’s workout was some much needed speedwork and it felt so great. I’m exhausted now though and trying to just power through the rest of the day, but it’s crawling by.


LOOOVVE Hawaii :-) My fav island is Kauia, but my brother lives on Oahu – really close to Lanikai beach – in Kaneohe, so we got there a lot. Kailua is SO beautiful! The bay is super calm with lots of swimming areas. If you get the chance, try to get up to the North Shore – it’s pretty awesome. Some great running paths, too! And the food trucks, OMG. From someone who travels a ton – running is def the best cure for jetlag! :-)
Have the best time!!


I’m feeling under the weather today today due to a stomach flu and I’m missing my workouts for quite a few days now. Give any words of encouragement? I feel that I’m losing all of the progress that I’ve made and I feel so stiff and immobile right now. Any words would help coming from you!


Never been to Hawaii but would love too. So for now, I’ll live through your pic’s. So far, our favorite is any spot north with beautiful crystal clear lakes. And beach wise, I’ve not visited many. So Cap San Blas in Port Saint Joe, FL is my favorite. Not real populated. Like having a beach to yourself. It’s family and old people, no partiers. We love it.


Looks like you guys are having a great time! I’ve never been to Hawaii before, but it looks beautiful and relaxing.


I am so jealous! The background there is soooo beautiful!!!! I really want to go to Hawaii but Adam keeps telling me we live at the beach so it’s not with it … but it’s totally worth it! The beaches there look so different and so amazing!


How fun!! I bet those views from your run were amazing!!! I want avocados in my back yard! The kiddos look like they are just in heaven!!


If you do decide to venture out for dinner, try Duke’s! It is INCREDIBLE and they have an amazing salad bar!!!! I know you love salad bars so it is definitely a place to check out :)


I totally have vacation envy right now!!

We went to Oahu when I was 7 months pregnant with my 11 year old, so it’s been a few years. It started out as the worst vacation ever. Our rooms were the worst I have ever seen, I got into my first accident while parking the rental car that I wasn’t supposed to be driving. All the to say, it ended up probably being one of our best vacations we’ve had.

I really love Cancun. It’s a short plane ride, it’s cheap, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Today’s workout will probably be running after work. I almost always workout before work, but I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed at 4:30 after doing Disneyland this weekend. Ha.


I’m from NJ so humidity and summer just go hand in hand. We did a Hawaiian honeymoon. And I loved it. We cruised so we hit a bunch of islands my favorite was Kawai and Maui.
The BEST thing we ate there were onion rings. The onions were so sweet and it was amazing.
I love to vacation any where there is a beach now that I have kids. But exploring Venice was my favorite vacation ever. I would love to go back to Europe and do more of that one day


Oh that is so beautiful!!! Have a wonderful time! :)


I’m so jealous! It looks like you guys are having an amazing time. I went to Oahu with my husband’s family (parents, sister, her husband, and their three boys) in 2014 and to Maui for my honeymoon in 2015. I told my husband he forgot my yearly trip to Hawaii last year ;) Running next to the ocean was one of my favorite things and we also went on some amazing hikes.


The windward side of Oahu is a world away from Waikiki/Honolulu! Glad you’re getting to experience it!

It usually takes me a few days to get use to the humidity after we’ve been home in California. I just lower my expectations about pace, drink more water, and use the incredible view as an excuse to stop for pictures!


I’m so jealous! I wish I was in Hawaii right now! I’ve been to Oahu, Maui, and Kauai!


Ahhh, Hawaii is just so magical! The pineapples and papayas and avocados, yes! And the kids are the perfect age to enjoy the beach! Today was my first day back with my running girls after months of injury. 4 miles and it hurt so good ;) We are supposed to get 4 more feet of snow in the next few days, so pretty please, can you do a run in tank top & shorts for me?


I’ve been to Oahu and Maui – Hawaii is just gorgeous. Hanuama Bay Nature Preserve was one of the most beautiful places. There is a fee for adults but kids are free.

I want to do the 1/2 marathon in Maui that takes place somewhere around now. It’s a bucket list run.

Humidity you just go slow and sip a lot of water and sports drink the first few days. It takes me a while to adjust each summer. (and I still don’t love it but I get used to it). One of those wet cooling towels can help as well.


what gorgeousness and fun!!!! So nice you can do this with the kids, too.
Never been there but it’s been on my list. My bro and sis in law just moved to Maui….so I think we will have to visit them. Haha

My childhood consisted on sand-filled pb&j sandwiches on the beach. Unavoidable. Didn’t taint my love for them though!

Humidity in NJ in the summers can be killer…but once you get acclimated, it becomes second nature. You are doing the right thing. Just take it slow and enjoy this active recovery week.

Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!!!


Ooooo…. how I LOVE Hawaii! My hubby and I honeymooned on Kaui, and we’ve been to Maui and Oahu several times. Our favorite spot on Oahu is up on the North Shore :) It’s still like “old” Hawaii up there! And, there is a little beach where the sea turtles love to hang out! Hawaii is definitely our favorite vacation spot!
Keep enjoying your vacation and time together!! <3


Ahhh, my husband and I spent our Honeymoon on Lanikai beach. We rented a house on the beach and love Kailua. It is my favorite place! I recognized it from your pictures. So many great memories. Have fun and enjoy! I have been sick the last few days and this is the first day I feel back to normal again, so just an easy 3 miles planned for today and some yoga.


My favorite vacation spot so far has to be Bermuda, we absolutely love it there. My workout for today was legs/calves. Like you, I hate leg day but I know it’s good for me being a runner so I just do it. And once I get into it, it’s not too bad. Enjoy Hawaii and keep the pictures coming.


What an amazing little getaway, I’m sure the kids think they are on another planet! The pic of Brooke in her goggles making sand castles is hilarious! She will laugh so hard seeing that in a few years from now.

I ran the Oceanfront marathon in Maui in 2009 but could only stay the weekend due to work and family obligations. The weather was unusually chilly which was perfect for running but not good for swimming or hanging out at the beach. Glad you’re having so much fun :)


Ahhh- looks so gorgeous!!! Exploring runs in new places are always my favorites too- enjoy!
No workout for me today, I desperately needed a rest day, so I took one :)


Dang, this is beautiful!


Enjoy your time in Hawaii! It’s my boyfriends favorite vacation spot but I’ve never been.


So happy to hear you are in one of my favorite locales-I LOVE Hawaii. I am lucky to live in Northern California where a flight isn’t too much of a stretch. Our favorite island is the Big Island and while I’ve been to the others, thats the one we return to most often. It is super hard to run there and even running early in the day the humidity will still get to you.
I am taking a break from running the next few days because my knee is acting a little wonky so instead plan to ice, foam roll and take ibuprofen.
Have a great time!


It’s humid from June-October in Missouri. I usually take tons of showers and run at 530 am!


Your pictures are priceless!!!!! Keep enjoying each day! Soak up those incredible views!

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Now back to living vicariously through you!!!!!


Your pictures are insanely beautiful and make me want to go back so badly. I am glad you are having a lot of fun and just relaxing and soaking it all in. I want to go back to Hawaii again and do it THAT way for sure.

I feel like after a week my kids and I had finally adjusted to the time change. Just in time to enjoy that for 2 days and then come home and spend a week readjusting again. Ha!


That’s awesome. You’re making me home sick. Lanikai and Kailua have some great beach spots. You guys should try to go kayaking (mokes). The island in the background of your pics is what the locals call turtle island or the lying pregnant woman. In lanikai, there’s a 6 mile loop that starts from the tower and goes around a very quiet neighborhood. It’s the same route used in the Lanikai 8k race. Go get shaved ice!


My family and I had the privilege of living in Kailua for three years while my husband was stationed on Oahu with the Coast Guard. We loved Hawaii, and miss it so much! It was hard to run there and it took me forever to get used to running in the heat and humidity, but you can’t beat the views and cooling off in that beautiful ocean. Get a malasada while you’re there! Yum. Have a great time.


We went to Honolulu and Pearl Harbor last May for our five year anniversary- it was Ahmazing! We did a ton of stuff- snorkeling, beaching, hanging out with a few sets of friends that live there (that’s how we hardly spent money on lodging!), exploring, hiking etc. it was so much fun!


Looks like you are having a wonderful time!!! Humidity is not for me – one of the reasons I miss living in Utah! It is definitely a struggle bus trying to run in heat and humidity.


I took myself to Maui for my 30th birthday and ran the Maui Half Marathon. It is a magical, magical place. My favorite thing was snorkeling with the sea turtles, closely followed by getting to go on a hike to some awesome waterfalls led by a local I met there. I did the trip solo as I was newly single at the time and it was just amazing for my mental health.

I would love to take my family there once my boys are a little older and able to enjoy it.


13 & 14 = THE BEST PICTURES!!!

My favorite vacation spot is, without a doubt, Key West. I have the Keys Disease :) Would love, love, love to make it a permanent home! My soul is alive there!

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