16 pictures since we last talked and our first run together.

1.  I had one of my favorite runs ever yesterday—>  I was planning on doing some speed on my treadmill but my brother (they are staying with us and are here from Kentucky) came upstairs in his running gear and asked me to go on a run.  Ummmm YES!!! I used to go to his track meets when I was a little girl and then I would ride my bike with him while he ran but this was our FIRST run together.

This was also the brother that flew in to surprise me at the finish line of the Tucson Marathon last year.  I saw him a bit before the finish line and thought my brain had really gone nuts at that point from running for so long and that I was seeing things… nope, he made the trip just to be there.

2.  Must be in our genes to know the right watch and gloves to own;)

IMG 6631

3. It snowed for the entire run and my brother ended the run looking like a snowball was on his head but nope, that was just from the snow fall during our run.

IMG 6637

4. It really was such a great run together where we were able to talk about so much and luckily all 7 kids were great for Andrew while we ran;)

IMG 6642

5.  They didn’t actually sleep on the kitchen floor but Brooke and Knox were in heaven having so many kids around.

IMG 6665

6.  Blanket forts are in every room currently.

IMG 6663

7.  Wednesday night when they got into Utah we picked up their favorite cookies from Swig.  These cookies are a must if you are in Utah (although Andrew doesn’t love them… this week I’ve really opened up with his cookie tastebuds on the blog).

IMG 6623

8.  Nothing like spilling your own vitamin water (it’s a long story but basically I just sat on it without the lid on) while you are out doing things and getting home to see a pink backend.  It actually goes quite well with the purple paint.

IMG 6616

9.  Brooke took a fall at home and it needed quite the long cuddle session to recover fully.

IMG 6674

10.  My brother’s first request when they arrived to Utah was going straight to Cafe Rio.  This is quite normal for any of the people I know that move away from Utah… when they come back to visit they come straight here:

IMG 6619

11.  The odds of me finding a man last April 26th that loves random bowls full of sweet potatoes topped with everything else in the fridge was pretty slim.  But I did it.

IMG 6673

12.  All of the cousins at the indoor pool.

IMG 6683

13.  Just my niece doing her own FRENCH BRAID?!  I can barely do this on another person let alone my own hair.

IMG 6679

14.  Indoor swimming pool = brought great joy to our kid’s life this very cold winter.

IMG 6684

15.  Sometimes I wonder if Brooke sneaks out and gets her eyelashes done too…

IMG 6669

16.  Made these pancakes yesterday and I am positive they are going to be a thing today after my SPEED WORK!!!  I’ll be thinking about these during those last 3 mile repeats when I know my legs are truly going to be toast:

IMG 6630


Arthi has an amazing running accomplishment for us today (I want to do this!!!!).   If you want to be featured for your running accomplishment then please send it to [email protected] !  The next round of these will go up in two weeks from today! THANK YOU!!!

Arthi!!!  “My 2016 running resolution was to run a race every month of the year.  Distance didn’t matter as long as 1.) I had to register for the event and 2.) I received a bib. I run a lot of races in general but running a race every single month is actually really hard.  During marathon training seasons, it’s hard to sneak in a race when you’re already running way too much and you definitely don’t want to miss a training run for a 10k.  Alternately, during the winter months… Snow happens, race cancellations happens, the flu happens.

But… I did it!! I ran a race every single month of 2016 and I have bibs to prove it! My last race was on December 31st (The Rise and Shine 5k) and I was SO sick for it.  I contracted a terrible head cold over Christmas that I was still battling but I was so determined to get that last bib.  I’m so proud of myself!”

IMG 0265


On average… how many races do you run each year?  What has your highest race year ever been?  

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Have a long run this weekend?

Ever run with any of your siblings?

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Every single time you post something about Swig cookies, I immediately want to try them. They look SO good! And so do those pancakes. I’m really hungry now, and I’m pretty sure I need cookies. Plus, I’m really ready for this three-day weekend to start so I can get some major REST!!

I used to race a lot more than I have lately and probably averaged about a race per month. I kind of got burned out on that, but I am hoping to start racing a bit more than I have been, because I really miss it!


Me too! Swig needs to make an appearance in Maryland!


Yes! And in Texas! :)


Come out Natalie and Jess to Utah and I’ll take you to Swig:)


omg I used to try to French braid my own hair but could never do it! and I couldn’t French braid anyone else’s hair either lol


I really wish I could try those cookies – if I ever come to America I will definitely give them a go!

I don’t have a long run this weekend as I did mine on Wednesday this week but I have got a hill run – 25 minutes of hills is not my sort of fun so I’m not really looking forward to it! I’ll have to make sure there is a cookie or chocolate waiting for me afterwards :)

Apart from that my weekend is quite chilled although tomorrow I’m going ice curling which I’ve never done before so I’m super excited to try that out!

I hope you have a lovely one :) x


HI! I average about eight races a year; it’s fun to substitute a weekly speedwork sesh with a weekend race.

THIS WEEKEND = I get to meet a (maybe my new) rescue puppy! We’ll see how our visit goes, and if we’re the best match for her!

Hilarious….I used to mock my sister when she would go out for a run when we were teenagers. Like, nope. Ten years later, I started distance running.


I am very jealous of Brooke’s eyelashes. I have the sparsest lashes and am seriously considering getting false lashes applied. I just wish they lasted longer!

That’s so cool that Arthi ran a race each month, I love that! I would totally want to do that except during certain months here we don’t have any races because it’s too hot/humid even early in the morning to race :(.


I usually run between 5&10 races a year.
Going to the movies Saturday nite with my boyfriend will be a weekend highlight.
Oh and I am running my first race of 2017 tomorrow. It’s a 4 mile trail race.


Those cookies look so good!

It was a tough week for me this week, so the only thing I have planned this weekend is a movie night with two girlfriends. It’ll be nice to spend time with some of my favorite people and forget the bad news for a few hours. I always feel better after spending time with them.


Awe it looks like you had such a wonderful run together. Some of my favorite runs have been with either my dad, brother or husband.

During the last two years, I gave definitely raced more than ever before. My guess is I probably did 30-40. This year will be a lot less though.


The real science to do a french braid in your own hair is to close your eyes and focus on what you’re doing. It is easier than it looks like:)

I’m looking forward to my roommate’s birthday tomorrow:) I’m making brunch for her and her family. Later we’re having lasagna cooked by her mother, and then we’re going for our favorite Pina Coladas.

I was also planning to do a long run this weekend but my right calf is not feeling very good, so let’s see by Sunday.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Janae:)


I’ve thought about doing the race every month thing! I did it for 6 months in a row last year (quite unintentionally) but it is really hard! It’s also quite expensive haha! I think I did 8 or 9 races total last year, but I was signed up for several more that just didn’t happen.

I have a career workshop this weekend which I’m excited about but it also goes until 10pm tonight and I’m a little nervous about staying up so late! Haha! The bf and I are then doing a date day on Sunday but our plans are TBD.

I have 10 miles to do today! I’m pretty nervous because my legs have been DEAD all week.

I’m an only child so nope to the sibling runs! I’m high school I used to make my parents run with me though :)


I just counted – I ran 11 races in 2016, which without a doubt is my highest number ever. I ran multiple 5Ks which is new for me, but so much fun! I had a 6 month race every month streak at the end of the year, July – December & even tossed in a fun NYE race in there.

I just have one sibiling. We run together occasionally, but he doesn’t keep up with it, so it’s easy for him to push himself too hard. Usually we walk instead. We both have crazy long legs. So we usually manage a low 13 minute mile pace! Which, is pretty dang speedy for a walk, if you ask me.

I’ll do a long run tomorrow, but still haven’t hit official HM training, so I’ll probably stop at 7 miles – and then I’ll grab coffee with a running friend!


My brother and I ran together when one of us was chasing the other. ;-)

I think it’s easier to french braid my own hair rather than someone elses. (although I used to be able to do both).

I find when I do a lot of races I end up injured. I think 7 in year was my max.


How did I make it to Utah, and not experience Cafe Rio?? Made it to Kneaders, but not Cafe Rio. Time to come back.

Enjoy the time with your bro. Love the cousins photo.


I guess this just means you have to come back Erica and eat Cafe Rio with us:) ASAP!


Andrew watched seven kids?! I wouldn’t do that, even if they were mine, lol.

I’m flying out to California today, and then I’m driving back East with a friend! I’m really excited. I’ve never done a cross-country road trip before.


Ross doesn’t like swig either. He and Andrew really are meant for each other;) Speaking of meant for each other, can I say how happy I am that your first date with Andrew is the day after my birthday? I mean, it just goes to show that it really IS the perfect date . Haha.

I hope you got your pancakes this morning!


On average, I’d say I only run like 2-3 races per year. Last year was the most because I did the 9+1 on top of my normal 2-3 to qualify for the NYC marathon. I didn’t race most of them, just ran them for the qualification. Although this year I’m thinking about upping my racing game but I’m a bit on the fence though since entry fees aren’t cheap.

My only sister doesn’t really run but maybe one day we’ll run together. I’m sure my nagging will eventually get to her ;P

No runs on my itinerary for the weekend unless you count ski runs :D


We are getting a Cafe Rio in our city!! Woohoo!

I typically run between 3-5 races (1/2s and fulls) during the year. I try and throw in several 5 and 10k’s too :)

We are surprising our kiddos with Disneyland this weekend and I am super pumped! We are picking them up from school today and heading immediately out of town!


Urghhhhhh I wanna try those cookies!!!! Time for me to move!

I actually have never ran a race, but I really really want to. I’m just a bit nervous and scared to.

Not much is going on this weekend just work, work, and more work


I’ve ran with my sister, but we don’t make good running partners because she gets very bossy (she’s older than me) and won’t let me do things at my own pace.


Do you ever go on outdoor runs and your face gets so frozen so you breathe air into your hands which you cup to your face?

Those runs I often have to cut short.


My sister and I used to run together, five days a week before she decided that running wasn’t really for her. I’ve also run with my brother a couple different times. Those runs were always special because we didn’t do it often. My favorite run was helping him train for his timed military army run. He had to run 2 miles under 16 min (I believe.) I helped with his training and he passed! Proud sister moment and sweet memories!


Just commented but I think it might have been eaten by the Internet, so I’ll try again. ;-)

I LOVE that idea of running a race per month! I may have to steal that. None of my siblings are runners, but I used to run with my dad a lot before I left for college. A couple years ago I was visiting my parents for the weekend (without my husband and kids, since my mom and I had flown out to help my uncle after my aunt passed away), and I had a 20-miler to do that weekend, so I stopped at my parents’ for the night to do my 20 before driving the rest of the way home. My dad was worried about me running by myself, so he biked with me the whole way and it was POURING rain! He had a little waterproof pack for me with granola bars, but he was so upset that he didn’t have any dry socks for me–he asked me to stop about mile 14 and he wrung my socks out for me. Cutest thing ever. And my dad is not a big talker, but he worked SO HARD to keep the conversation flowing bc he knew it would take my mind off the miles! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved.

This is totally off-topic, but I found a super awesome deal on kids’ Brooks PureFlows for my daughter (she did her first run in them yesterday and was in heaven!!) and I’m so excited that I have to share it with someone–thought Brooke might like them or maybe some of your readers! http://amzn.to/2jfpAmm


Okay, that story you shared about your dad riding his bike with you for your 20 miler… that is the sweetest ever! I have goosebumps after reading your story, what an amazing dad that you have!
SORRY Your first comment disappeared! AHHHH thank you for sharing the link… I NEED TO GET THOSE FOR BROOKE!!! Thank you!


It’s way easier to French braid your own hair than someone else’s. Just don’t look in a mirror and concentrate on the feel of it. Give it a try!


REALLY!?! Okay, I’m going to have to try this! Thanks Jen:)


My mom and I set a goal of a race every month for this year! We did it 3 years ago and decided we want to do it again. We actually have our January race this weekend.
When I visited my brother in Chicago, I made him take me running twice. Both times he told me how out of shape he is and that he probably wouldn’t be able to go very far. He smoked me both times and eventually used me for speed work (“you start and then I’ll catch up with you”) haha.


My brother and I ran a 10k up in Ottawa a few years ago and it was great! We need to get together for more races!! Weekend plans include a long run Sunday afternoon, gotta get back into it for those spring races! I love your outdoor photos, Utah looks absolutely beautiful! Have a great weekend!


Hi Janae! This weekend i’ll be celebrating because I just got my Master degree and I had been working towards this for a really long time soooo it’s party time (actually just spending time with my family and my sister is coming in to celebrate with us -she lives in a different country).
I was so happy that you got to run with your brother. You two look quite alike.
Have a great weekend!


AHHH PATRICIA!!!! I’m so so so excited for you! You are absolutely amazing and I love that your sister is even coming out from a different country! Enjoy every second with your family this weekend and CELEBRATE your huge accomplishment:)


Nowadays I race a 5 or 10 k, (sometimes a 1/2 marathon) every 2 weeks but just at a comfortable pace.

I LOVED the pic of the blanket forts!! My kids used to make them all the time. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


My oldest daughter can French braid her own hair (and it’s crazy long too!) better than I can braid my younger daughter’s hair! I wish I had that skill set.

I think I generally run maybe 6-8 races a year? I can’t do too many or I’ll get burnt out.

Have a good weekend!


Running with a sibling is so much fun! My brother and I have been running together since we were in Jr. High/High School-probably also in grade school to keep busy while my mom ran. When I was in the states this summer he had a bunch of fun adventure and city runs planned-we ran in the Tillamook Forest, the Gorge, and along the beaches in Oregon. It was so fun. Sometimes we virtual run together and swap photos and details of our runs-mine usually involve what I wear, what I saw, and an estimate of distance, and which bakery I popped into on the way home. His details include time, distance, elevation, temperature, etc.

So fun to see photos of your brother and all those kiddos!!!!


That is AWESOME Kelly that you have been running with your brother for so many years now! I’m so glad you had so many fun running adventures this last summer (they sound BEAUTIFUL)!!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Congratulations to Arthi! What a fun and cool goal to accomplish. I love her idea and may need to do that myself some year.
My long run is a 10-miler tomorrow morning. The outside of my knee felt a little “tweaky” (thats a technical term) after my 4.5 miles yesterday. I iced, rolled out and today is my rest day so hoping it doesn’t morph into anything more.
I have two sisters but they don’t run so I envy you being able to run w/your sister and brother. Very sweet.


On average I go for one or two races a year. My highest race year was 3 races in one year — but that was probably a bit too much for me!

This weekend is my 6th wedding anniversary with my #1 fan — my hubby! I don’t know what he has planned, but I’m hoping something low key and relaxing!

My siblings won’t run with me! As much as I’d love it, they’re not into it — :(

I’ll be ready when they change their minds… lying in wait… ready to pounce!


HAPPY 6th wedding anniversary and I hope you have an amazing time together this weekend celebrating! I hope that your siblings change their minds any day now!


What a great brother! Reading that he wanted to run with you made my heart melt.
Andrew, good job keeping all those kids alive by yourself, cousin get-togethers=crazy times!


My 12 year old is a hair do master, I can barely manage a pony tail, but she is a pro. Puts me to shame ;) I feel like I need to make a trip to Utah just to go to Cafe Rio!


I used to run/racewalk quite a few races a year before kids. I used to be a competitive race walker (ever done a 40 k on a 2k track??? A judged race walking race is never scenic). I coached for team in training so I felt like every weekend I was out there doing a race while coaching. I tried doing more running then race walking a few years ago and hurt my knee. I was told I likely should not choose running as a sport but… I added back running in 1x a week a few months ago and recently 2x a week. I made it to 2.2 miles today until my knee gave that little twinge and I did not want to push it. My goal is to get to a point where I can do a 5k. If I can then look out because I will do a bunch of them!!
My girls and I have a long weekend this weekend. They did a MLK service project at school and then we went to the pool and brought a friend this afternoon, ended the day with a picnic on the floor and a some episodes of Just Add Magic, off to an invention convention at a museum tomorrow, playdates on Sun, and trampoline park on Monday.


Beretta staring at the cookies has me cracking up!! hahah


Love that running accomplishment!

Have a good weekend! Looks like a full house!


So cool that you and your brother had such a great run in the snow! Those are the best times. I’m super lucky that lots of my brothers and sisters and their spouses run. So perfect for family vacations.

Nice work Arthi!


Thank you so much!!!

Ps – Those pancakes look SO good!


My sister and I used to run more often together.. but lately I have been sticking to treadmill runs!

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