You are not alone if (part 2) and HOME sweet home!

Welp, we are back to the frigid temps and being waken up long before the sun comes up by all three four year olds in our home and that makes us extremely happy.  Nothing like being home right?  But we did have an amazing time together in gorgeous California running around and spending time together just the two of us.

Let’s just take a few minutes to remember that we are a little bit crazy about running and that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IF (part 1 is here):

*Your Christmas presents revolved around running.  And you can’t think of anything you would rather receive than those new running kicks, sweat wicking sports bras and fuel belts:)

*The second you hear a new song playing on the radio or at a friend’s house you wonder how it would fit into your running playlist.  “Hmmm this song would just be perfect for tempo days because the beat is pretty identical to what my ideal cadence would be of 180 steps a minute and lately I’ve been in the 160s.’

*You meet your friends to hang out and talk for an hour early in the morning.  I don’t think that is a common occurrence for people other than those meeting friends to workout together right?  “Hey, Josse let’s meet up at the Chevron parking lot tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. and hangout for about 72 minutes.” … yeah, that isn’t normal.

*When you are driving on a road within a few miles of your house you label the road perfect for hill repeats, a tempo run, a long run, intervals or for your next easy run.  While we were in California Andrew was driving us somewhere and he said, “Honey, this would be the perfect street for hill repeats.”  And then my heart melted a little bit.

*More than 50% of the people you follow on Instagram have to do with running—>  running memes, runners, Instagram accounts that talk about running, running magazines, trail runners… you scroll each day through a big running party.  I know I do and that sure keeps me motivated… and laughing.

IMG 5373

*People tend to ask you what races your are running in 2017 instead of questions about your resolutions for the new year (although if they do ask you what your resolutions are they tend to already expect many of them to be based around running).

*You have washed an item of clothing with paper on it connected by safety pins.  I will never be that person that saves all of their race bibs. I have washed about 50% of them forgetting to take off my bib before throwing them in the wash (probably due to the fact that I am so tired after a race, I have no idea what is going on).

*The weekend comes and it is your only time to sleep in a bit and for some strange reason you choose to wake up early and run instead.

*The schools call a snow day, people are avoiding driving and it is pretty much snowing sideways and yet there you are, out there running in it because runners don’t hibernate (we either deal with the temperatures or hit the hamster wheel:)

*You get to a hotel when you are on a trip and long before asking what room you are in or the wifi password, you ask the hotel employee what running trails/routes are nearby.

Yep, we definitely did that.

IMG 5067


Well Brooke got an entire night of sleep but Andrew and I felt a little like zombies for part of the day.

IMG 5378

And then Knox came home and their reunion was a sweet one.  Eleven days apart and they were ready to party together.

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Oh and Knox was so excited to show us his new running shoes from Santa.  He told me he wanted to try them out on the treadmill:)

IMG 5387

Speaking of running shoes, this is our running shoe view outside of our house.  I did three miles yesterday and that was the perfect amount for the day.

IMG 5376

And this is our view outside of the windows!

IMG 5377

For dinner my oldest brother took us all out to Olive Garden to celebrate Christmas.  I sure love this table of people.

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I had the chicken parmesan and of course loads of their salad.  He had a mohawk.

IMG 5416

Brooke was very happy about her new toys from my parents.


My cousin that is living in Portland was in town too which was really nice.


After that we went to grab food for our empty kitchen at Costco.

IMG 5443

And now it is time for all of the exercise equipment to be out at Costco because January 1st is coming up.

IMG 5445


What about you?  Add to the list… what are some things that you do as a runner that you are sure other runners must experience too!?!

What do any of your non-runner friends/family/coworkers think is strange about your running?
What is your run today?  Inside or outside?

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your family!! I love the Brooks tank top!! Where can I get it?
Ps – Brooke’s little face is changing so much ! :)


HEY CHERYL!!! Thank you so much and I hope you are having an amazing week! So the Brooks tank they just gave to us during the Olympic Trials… they never sold them. BUT I will email them right now and see if there is a way to get them asap! Yes, it really is! Thanks Cheryl!


That’s awesome – thank you so much!


Haha–that’s a pretty funny and accurate list, especially for many of the runners I know. I’ve definitely done the asking the hotel people about nearby trails thing! To add to the list: The first thing you ask the doctor when you find out you’re sick is “So, can I still run?” Also, when it’s storming outside and you think to yourself, “What are the odds I can run in this and not get struck by lightning?”

The weather isn’t bad here, so I ran outside this morning. Today was the first day I got some faster speed work in after more than two weeks of dealing with kidney stones issues, and it felt great to go fast again!


Oh yes, I’ve asked that same question to my doctor many times haha! Glad you got some great speed in today and I am SO beyond sorry you were dealing with kidney stones this month. That sounds miserable Natalie!


I love those lists! I met my friends this morning at 4:30 to run 3 miles to the gym, do 45 minutes of strength training and then run 3 miles back home. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


WOW!!! Way to go Sam! Having friends to do that with makes it so much easier to get up that early to go workout (although it is incredibly hard to get up that early no matter what though)!!


Stalking the hourly weather on my app especially in the summer to see when the dew point is at it’s lowest because the difference between 70 and 71 makes that much of a difference lol.


Hey, I think it does make the difference:) Temperature/winter elements make a huge difference with our running! Hope you are having a beautiful day Sally!


My co-workers can tell if it’s a running day for me or not by whether I’m wearing makeup. I don’t wear makeup if I’m going to run, because I can’t stand running in makeup and I’m too lazy/don’t have enough time to take it off first. Yes, I absolutely prioritize running over looking good.


HAHA I love that they know that about you:) Running > makeup/taking time to actually get ready etc. Run another mile or put on make-up? That’s an easy answer!


I ran in the Track today, followed by some amazing running drills. I got to say it is still summer here in South FL.

My non-runner friends and family think it is kind of strange that I like to run so much. Because they don’t run, they don’t really know how we runners enjoy this sport.

Merry Christmas!


Oh I need to get to the track soon… way to go on an awesome run today and enjoy that summer weather for me though:) Merry Christmas to you too Nathaly!


I’m pretty sure all of my non-running friends are just surprised that it’s something I elect to do without being forced! :)

That snow looks so beautiful, I am definitely jealous. I waited until the sun was setting to go running yesterday and it was still 79 degrees :/


HAHA yes… we choose to put our body through the pain and exhaustion during running ha! Oh 79 degrees sounds pretty amazing right about now. Come visit Utah and run in the snow with me (or on the treadmill haha)!


I loooove getting anti-diarrhea pills in my stocking!


BAHAHAH I didn’t get those this year in my stocking! You make me smile Suzy!!!!


No run for me today :( BUT I did get in my 2nd run since giving birth yesterday so Merry (Belated) Christmas to me! I’ve got a long way to go but it sure felt nice to get back out there!


AHHH YAY SARA!! Congrats on your second run yesterday since having your baby! Enjoy that new little one and the process of getting back to running:)


My non-runner friends are always amazed on how I “do it all”. I guess the idea of waking up early to exercise is pretty foreign to them, or how we can incorporate running into our family life (the family running a 5K together). I find it funny!


YES yes yes! It is kind of an interesting thing that we get out of our warm beds so early in the day to go out and RUN… we are hooked:)


I read your list with my cycling husband and we were both laughing and nodding our heads. My Christmas loot included a running top and a cycling jersey. He’s a non-runner but he totally gets it!

I ran 5 miles this morning – 20+ mph crosswinds the entire time so it felt a lot longer. But we’ve got blue skies and the temp was in the 40s so compared to snow and ice it was a breeze ;)


HAHA we are all a crazy bunch and that sounds like the PERFECT present for you:) Okay, that wind sounds crazy, teach me to run in the wind:) Hope you continue to have a beautiful day Kathy! xoxo


I know you have probably said many times but what treadmill do you own? Thanks so much!


Oh no worries! I have this one and I am in LOVE with it! Let me know if you have any other questions:


I’m hoping for an outside run today, but we’ll have to see how things fall with my husband’s work schedule. I’ve been doing a lot more walking than running lately because I have two toddlers and my double stroller is kind of falling apart. I’ve been using a single and putting my younger son in an Ergo on my back, but it’s very hard to run like that. I’m excited though, because my older son (3 1/2) is just starting to get to the point where he might be able to run with me so I can put Jonah in the stroller. We ran a two mile Christmas “race” at my daughter’s school on their last day, and he outran me by about 500 yards and his 7 year old (fairly athletic) sister by 5-6 minutes! I’m hoping that means I can go back to running, although I admit carrying 35 pounds of toddler on your back has made walking a pretty intense workout. :P


Non-runner friends always laugh at me because I always look for a close up parking space at a department or grocery store…. they are like, you run 26.2 miles and then drive around in order to walk the least amount of distance from the parking space to the door of the store….. LOL!!!!!! :()


Yes to all of the “you’re probably a runner if…” on your list! I do save my bibs and write my time and age group place on the back. At this point, my manilla folder of race bibs is very thick! Yay for having your whole family back together!

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