Six words per picture!!! (PS thank you for the recommendations this morning… we are definitely going to be using them while we are here).

Day one without kids= sleep in!!!!

Then outside to run in SUNSHINE.

IMG 4916

Andrew found some trails for us…  hallelujah.

IMG 4993

700 ft UP in two miles.

IMG 4922

Finished 7.3 miles running on sand.

IMG 4975

Legs were complete jello by end.

IMG 4962 2

Move to California for the winters?

IMG 4971 2

Well that feels refreshing (ice bath?).

IMG 4980

PS my brother got engaged here:

IMG 4994

Uber to hotel, soda on vacations.

IMG 4982 2

Sushi—> what my body was craving.

IMG 4985

I’m very grateful Andrew loves sushi.

IMG 4991

HP on tv made Andrew happy.

IMG 4909


Who else loves Harry Potter as much as Andrew?

Tofu—>  yay or nay?

Six words to describe your day?

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I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!!! Love everything about it and hate that I am a muggle :-)


I love love love HP!!! Has Andrew seen Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them yet???

Thouroughly enjoying my Christmas break! Y’all enjoy California!


Reunited with our kids and home.


I love Harry Potter in a way that I should be embarrassed about but I’m not. I’ve read the series at least a dozen times and have multiple copies because they have fallen apart. I also cried (multiple times) when I took my kids to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and saw the intricate details they included. It was as magical for my family as seeing Disney princesses might be for a 4 year old girl.


Harry Potter is the best! One of these days I’m going to convince my boyfriend to watch one of them with me. He’s one of those muggles who hasn’t seen any of them.

Totally agree with you about sushi, it’s amazing!


Yes I’m a HUGE HP fan! I watch the movies all the time, I’ve read the books multiple times, and I listen to the audio books often. My son makes fun of me :D . He has to go see the new movie out-it’s really good!
Not a fan of tofu or sushi though!
I lived in the Huntington Beach area about 20 years ago and visited Laguna Beach several time. Beautiful area!


I love Harry Potter and my 12 year old daughter has read the entire series 5 times! Every time they are on tv we watch together.

Christmas is in five more days!


Too many carbs not enough veggies.


I actually had to remember the six words to describe your day comment. LOL…I’m quick! You know…some days we get to celebrate carbs. Tomorrow veggies.


You should go to the La Casa Del Camino hotel in laguna for dinner one night. The downstairs restaurant is my favorite. It’s a tapas place so you get to try a million yummy things! My favorites are the Asian salmon, the steak, and the truffle fries!! You don’t want to miss it!!


tofu is a yes.

Running from one thing to another.


OH yeah. Harry Potter all the way. Definitely.


I love HP. I am not as obsessed as Annabelle though. Amazon had an awesome deal on black friday where you could get all the movies on blu ray for like $30. I can’t wait to see her open it.

My six words: I do not feel so well #WinterSicknessTime #Booooo


I watch 1-2 harry potter movies each weekend starting at Thanksgiving through the new years. I love Harry Potter and will be re-watching them every year. I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts though! hopefully we will go this weekend. Happy holidays Janae & Andrew!


Successfully avoided doing any boring chores!!!

I love HP — but hubby doesn’t… so we split the middle and only watch the movies sometimes.

And TOFU is a MUST in my house — I love it! I use it in soups, on its own, stuffed with veggies into dumplings, and even in chocolate pudding pie!


Today is putting out fires at work before vacation, somehow managing to be at both my kids’ holiday parties at once, trying to squeeze in a run. So I guess six words would be: help help help help help help


I LOVE Harry Potter!! My husband and brother think I’m such a dork because I’ve read the books so many times. Has Andrew read the newest one? It’s a little weird in play format but once I started reading I was hooked!!


Love tofu!!! Enjoy your time in California!


I love HP but have not revisted the universe in quite some time. Maybe in the next few years when my daughter is oldder :)

6 words for today: Sick and cannot wait to sleep!


I love Cali and Laguna Beach… Also love San Diego and La Jolla Beach. Keep eating the seafood! It is amazing.


Tofu: YAY when its already in things/things i don’t make… because I don’t know how to cook it (but actually like it)


I love Harry Potter!! My best friend found the UK editions of the books on ebay and sent them to me for Christmas!!! I cried I was so happy.

Tofu is awesome and sushi is amazing. I’m vegan and those are two of my favorite meals.


Tofu: Nay.
Six words to describe my day: I’m hungry all day every day.


Definite yes to tofu! That’s one of our regular side dish in my obento lunches! Ha!
Love making different ways of cooking tofu.

Running through the trails and finishing off at the beach sounds amazing :)


That sushi (insert all the heart-eye emojis here) and sunshine! (Even more heart-eye emojis….). Enjoy your trip!


I love HP so much that I’m having a Harry Potter theme for my wedding this spring. My guests got save the dates that were Hogwarts acceptance letters. They’re all getting a daily prophet program and wand at the wedding too :)

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