School update, lower motivation and the triplets (Knox/Brooke/Beretta) headshots.

When Chipotle puts a cup of guacamole on top of your burrito bowl… you know it is going to be a good meal.  

IMG 3448

It has been AGES since the last time I have been to Chipotle and it tastes so so so good.  Brown rice, chicken, loads of salsa, lettuce and so much guacamole.  Andrew and the kids all love this place and somehow I had forgotten about it but after last night, I think we will be back more often. 

IMG 3447

A stop for froyo (something else I haven’t had in forever… remember when I used to eat this almost every day?  Yeah…).  Andrew thought I was very strange for adding chocolate covered raisins to my froyo.  He does not like them, I love them.

IMG 3451

We had to go out and do a quick few things for Christmas shopping but I couldn’t convince Andrew to get matching PJs with the kids.  Maybe next year.

IMG 3453

I did see these… they sound amazing.

IMG 3452

Oh and the other thing that we saw last night that made me happy was one house that had a ‘Ditto’ sign that pointed across the street to the neighbors house with a million Christmas lights ha.

IMG 3454

We were all tired by 7 pm (Brooke has been hitting the hay way earlier than normal).

IMG 3467

And in her nightly prayers she said, ‘thank you for Beretta’ twice ;)

IMG 3472

PS this is her surprised face that has been happening a lot lately.

IMG 3443 

PPS this is my view whenever I am on my treadmill lately—>  Andrew studying Pharmacology.  We’ve had for a request from Andrew on how nursing school is going, so here it is:

Hi everyone!!!  I am surprised how many readers are nurses.  You all rock.  So I have finished a few classes already in nursing school.  I am doing their accelerated Bachelors of Nursing degree and it has been busy.  I just finished a Nutrition, Med Dosage Calculation, Professional Leadership Course and a few others.  I am so excited to be in the health field.  I am currently studying and getting ready to take a test in Pharmacology.  It is a harder class but I like learning about the different drugs and the physiology behind it.  I especially like learning about hypertension and the drugs associated with it.  Many don’t know this about me but I was diagnosed with hypertension when I was 19.  I’ll have to share that story with you all sometime as no one in my family has any history of hypertension or heart problems.  I think I’ll do a post sometime about how it is running and exercising with a disease.  Anyways,  I’ll check in another time!  Have a great Tuesday!!

IMG 3473 

I had to end this post by including the four year old’s headshots done by Lindsey.  I am beyond happy with how they turned out and I am pretty sure that Beretta’s photo looks like a book cover.  

Baronfamily 0072

Baronfamily 0043

Baronfamily 0105

And just one together:)

Baronfamily 0099

This is especially random but I came across one of Andrew’s old plane tickets to Dubai in one of his books on Sunday.  He has been ALL OVER the world and now his job is to take me all over the world right?

IMG 3312

It reminded me of this beautiful picture he took when he was in Africa…  “After 4 nights on the Zambezi River I have had so many stories to tell.  One of the best is when I was the first one up in the morning.  I saw this elephant about 100 yards away and just stood and watched him.  I took pictures and he came closer and closer.  He walked about 15 feet from me when I started to get nervous.  Such beauty and strength.”

Pretty sure I would have ran a 4 minute mile to get away from an elephant coming towards me but Andrew and I have a few differences;)

Screen Shot 2016 12 05 at 2 29 54 PM

The last little thing I wanted to talk about today is something Josse and I were talking about experiencing on our run yesterday morning… December and running.  Anyone else feel LOWWWWW motivation in December to train hard?  I still go out on most of my runs because I know that I will feel so much better afterwards if I get out and run and because I know that if I start, it will feel good after I warm-up.  I do a little bit of speed each week to keep some fitness but my motivation level is low.  This week I’ll take three days off from running and my mileage is lower than normal so I’m just going to remind myself that it is GOOD/OKAY/NORMAL to have time each year where you just take a step back.  I ran one marathon and 1:26 1/2 marathon this last year so taking it back a notch in December is just what my body wanted right?  Maybe it is because December is such a busy month, the weather or just the need to go back a little easier before gearing up to train again in January.   Whatever the reason, I’m just going to go ahead and really enjoy it.  


Traveled much?  Where has been some of your favorite spots?

Do you eat at Chipotle often?  What is your order there?

Who else is in school right now?  What are you studying?  If you aren’t in school right now and you could go back… what would you study?

Anyone else feeling lower motivation this month or is there a time each year that you experience lower motivation to train hard?

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That elephant picture is amazing! I can only imagine! My favorite travel spots so far have been Paris and London. I really want to go back to London to run the London Marathon. I actually decided a couple of days ago that I really want to enter the lottery this coming spring to hopefully fun it in 2018. Fingers crossed!

At Chipotle I skip the rice because I feel like they put SO MUCH and it makes me super full before I’ve made my way through the good stuff. I get chicken, lots of mild salsa, lots of corn salsa and either a little sour cream or guac. Sometimes after a long run I will get double chicken!


I have no motivation I December except for holiday planning and birthday celebrating because Christmas Day is also my sons birthday. It’s a busy month. Love the threesome picture and that should be one of your holiday cards.

(I’m with you on the chocolate covered raisins Andrew, just gross!)


I haven’t been to Chipotle lately, but after seeing this I think I know exactly what I’m having for dinner. Thank you. :) The guac there is SIMPLY THE BEST.

Sometimes it is hard to have a lot of running motivation this time of year, especially with how busy things get. I have to stay motivated at least the rest of this week, though, because I have a really big half marathon this Sunday that I’ve been training for for a while now. I really, really want to do well on this one!


Motivation is so low for me right now. I am blaming the time change and the fact that it is dark shortly after lunch.


I love chipotle! Haven’t been in a while. I used to go frequently when I worked in the city since It was up the block from the office.
Traveled to Seattle and Canada this past fall. I loved it! Banff was so beautiful.

Yup. Low motivation here too. I’m just running with it (pun intended )


I am going back to school starting January 9th for my Bachelors in nursing after putting it off for 10 years! I am terrified!


AHHHH COURTNEY!!! I am so so so happy for you!! Please keep us updated with how it all goes, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!


I swear we have had about 2 weeks of clouds and drab weather….talk about unmotivated. I use all my energy to get through the work day, kid stuff, and life….no energy/motivation for any thing else right now.

Usually my S.A.D. doesn’t hit this early but I am feeling it…….

Yup, that mental thing called seasonal depression that no one can see and yet you feel like you are kind of dying some times alone inside.


Kathy, I am truly so so sorry about what you are going through at this time (and each year during this time). One of my very best friend struggles with S.A.D. and I wish so badly I could take the pain away for her and you also now. If there is anything I can do, let me know. I am a great email pen pal… in case you ever need some support. Thinking about you.


I have zero motivation to work out right now, but I think it is more to do with being 7 weeks postpartum and on my last week of maternity leave and dreading going back to my 11+ hour work days :(. I actually miss running, but am still not quite “ready” to run again just yet. I hope that I can get back to it soon. It helps me keep my sanity.

I am lucky to have traveled all over the world. Both my husband and I have visited over 30 countries, although not together. There are still so many places I want to see, though!


Oh I bet it is 100% because of being postpartum and going back to work next week. I am so sorry about that Sarah. I hope the transition back goes as well as possible. Running will always be there for you when YOU are ready for it!

Over 30 countries, that is incredible! Let me know where you are going next!

Congrats on your new little one and enjoy those snuggles today!


I’m working on my Bachelor’s in Accounting – one more year! Full time work + full time school + baby is HARD, but it’s going to be worth it, right? I can’t imagine studying with two kids – way to go, Andrew!


WOW, MEGAN!!! YOU have A LOT on your plate right now. You are incredible and I am happy you have one more year left, way to go Megan on working so hard!


We don’t have a Chipotle nearby, but that looks so good! I haven’t traveled too much, but my husband has. The summer before we met he went on this amazing mission trip to Europe. They were over there for 6 weeks and went to a lot of different countries. It was an amazing experience for him! He had just finished up nursing school when he went on the trip. He is a nurse practitioner now. He mainly does allergy and he gets to see a lot of kids. He absolutely loves it!


we don’t go to chipotle much but my son loves it and wishes I would take him more often lol. I don’t travel a lot but we tend to go to florida once a year to either visit friends or go to Disney (like we will in a few weeks!).


Love that ditto sign! hahah!!! Love hearing how school is going for Andrew. I totally feel ya with the lower motivation this time of year… I think it is a combination of the weather and lots of stuff going on.


A Chipotle is opening here soon! I have been feeling like a zombie on autopilot for a few weeks haha I always feel great after a run but waking up at 5am and getting out is harder than usual. I love Christmas but I found December very stressful (working full time + full time mom+ planing my son’s birthday parties; shopping for Christmas; travelling in bad weather…). I feel I have to hang on and push through…March will come ;-)


I love traveling! My fav spot so far has been Italy and Greece.

I really like Chipotle’s veggie bowls with no beans. For some reason, my tummy doesn’t like their beans and their chicken is a bit weird but I love their fajita veggies!

I have my masters in education but I would love to go back and get it in counseling as well!

I am definitely feeling lower motivation this month, but I am trying to find more because I am running a full on 1/15! It’s a Boston Qualifier and it’s supposed to be the 4th fastest course in Cali, so fingers crossed!!


AHHH MARISSA!!! Good luck on your marathon next month! I am so so excited for you! Please keep me updated on how you are doing and I am so excited for you! I’ll send any motivation I get this month on over to you:) That is awesome that you have a masters in education, that is something I am always thinking about doing!


I’ve been able to go on a trip out of the country every year since I graduated from college! There’s been so many amazing places but I think that Switzerland is at the top of the list. I usually have zero motivation this time of the year, but I took off most of November, bought a bunch of warm clothes, so now I feel super motivated and excited to run!


I really enjoy traveling! The most uncomfortable (but amazing) trip was China, the most beautiful was Alaska, the most relaxing was Puerto Vallerta, and the one I’m most looking forward to is Disney World in February for the Princess Half Marathon (my first!).
Andrew’s picture is incredible- I am sure he has amazing memories and you will continue to make more together!
I hope to go back to school someday to be a middle school math teacher… I went the corporate route ($), but still dream of being a teacher!


AHHHHH I am so so excited for you to do the Princess Half! I want to join you, that sounds like a blast! Oh Andrew LOVED going to Alaska too! I bet China was an amazing trip but probably so different! I hope you get to be a teacher someday too!!!


i used to travel a lot for my old job. i love germany! people are so friendly and the architecture, everything fascinate me. i also really like south korea– amazing (spicy!) food =]

i’m currently in dental school. i’ll be a dentist in 3.5 years!!! finals now, eek. i’ve actually been feeling MORE motivated to train now– i think i realize what a treat it is to work out, and it really helps with my stress. plus, i just started some new circuit workouts. i do a hard workout after every final!

have an awesome day, janae!


AHHH wahoo Courtney, that is awesome! 3.5 more years… wanna be our dentist?! Good for you to be so motivated right now and I am so glad it helps with the stress! I hope you are having an awesome day too Courtney!


That is making me miss chipotle. I actually haven’t been since we lived in a Texas. Anything with guacamole has the key to my heart though. I like traveling and I don’t really have a favorite place. The adventures with my family have been the best ones.


I’m in school to become a nurse practitioner (yay nurses!) and I’m currently procrastinating by reading this blog post and commenting :) I have a bunch of studying and two exams to write until Christmas break, it can’t come soon enough!!

And that elephant picture is incredible!


Well I am very happy that I am your choice for procrastination haha! Thank you for taking the time to comment! GOOD LUCK on your exams, you are going to do amazing!


Back when I was studying for my MA in Literature, I took a few classes on Old English (Beowulf, etc, learning to read and translate). If I could go back to school, I would go for a PhD with that as my focus. It’s completely different from what I do now (environmental law) but it was fascinating!


I’ve been to Spain and Germany. I’d love to travel more! That elephant picture is amazing!

My brother and sister-in-law live on Chipotle. They were shocked when they found out how little my husband and I eat it lol. We like it but it’s on the other side of town and we’re lazy.

I’m in school working on my Master’s of Public Health and after a few prereqs next semester, I’ll be adding a dietetics portion to it to become a RD. I have four more classes this semester and I can’t wait for Friday when I’ll be done for a month! Let’s not talk about the fact that I’m going to be in school forever…


I need to travel more! The only place I’ve gone (out of the US) is Mexico — Playa Del Carmen… and it was gorgeous!

I’ve never been to Chipotle — but I really wanna try it! I love guac and all things Mexican (see trip mentioned above)…

Thankfully, I finished my degree last May, so I’ve had time to just exist! Prior to that I earned two Master’s Degrees back to back — and that was a lot!

Whenever it’s cold and dark, my motivation bottoms out!


Love Chipotle & love traveling – though I usually do them separately.

Chipotle order? Burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, fajitas, chicken, mild AND hot salsa + corn & lettuce.

And traveling? Oh man. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro & did an African safari in 2015 which was INCREDIBLE. And this year I went to New Zealand and Croatia (plus a few others) and would highly recommend all of them. Croatia was super inexpensive which made it possible to enjoy what I wanted. And it’s beautiful & right on the coast. New Zealand was GORGEOUS, and clean & such a great active vacation.

And basically I want to go everywhere. We’re thinking we’ll do our honeymoon in Switzerland next year. :)


This post was great! Not sure why I love this one so much but the randomness and varying subject was just what I needed to read this morning. :)

I am SUPER interested to hear more about Andrew’s hypertension. I’m fairly young (cough: 32: cough) and active but struggle with hypertension as well. Basically if I’m SUPER active (to a point that’s hard to maintain) my blood pressure issues go away. However, pretty much any other time I struggle with pre-hypertension and have gone back and forth between taking meds and then self-deciding not to because it seems to be OK. Yes, I know this isn’t the answer and I should work more with my doctor but I’m struggling with the whole “I’m young and this shouldn’t be happening story I’ve got in my head”. I feel like his insight might help me realize it’s OK and normal and I really should deal with it.

Sorry for the tangent! Happy Happy December! :)


HAHA I am glad you enjoyed the randomness because once I read the post again today I was wondering where my mind was and why I was all over the place when I wrote it ha. I am truly so sorry that you also struggle with hypertension, that is so hard. That is exactly how he feels about it… exactly! He is working on a post now and it will go up next week! Make sure to check it out. Thank you Sara for sharing your experience!


My favorite spot of the places I’ve bee has been Paris and London. I also wish to go back to Israel some day.

Chipotle is my everything after a long run. I’ll order a burrito bowl with white rice, beans, chicken, salsa, corn, lettuce, cheese, and just a touch of sour creen/ guacamole.

I’m still at school right now. I’m taking a graduate program in business and another one in HR management. It’s been nice, and I’m only one semester away from finishing.

And yeah, my runs have been tougher than normal since thanksgiving weekend. I think I’m just tired and need some rest to reload my energy.

Btw Brooke looks more cute every day! ❤️


Love, Love, Love the salads at chipotle – but they murder my stomach, so I don’t get them often. Its been a while though, so this post reminded me that I should make that happen soon!

I am definitely feeling the low motivation! I ran my last 5k of the year last weekend, so I’m feeling a little like its time for a break. however, a group of friends put together a “50 to Christmas” group for motivation to keep moving from Thanksgiving to Christmas – 50 extra miles on top of your normal activity (whatever level that might be – the group is very diverse!!). So I am trying to walk an extra mile or two here and there to keep myself going. Every step is a good step, right?!


In the shopping pic Andrew looks a little like the picture in the background. If his head was tilted a little the other way it would have been quite amusing.

Not a big Chipotle fan, but went there a few weeks ago and it was pretty good chorizo.


BAHAHA we might have to go back and have him tilt his head more for another picture;)


Thanks for sharing so much everything: randomness, pictures of your most adorable kiddos and pup, and of course your insights on running. I love your blog!

As someone commented above, I would also be SUPER interested to hear more about Andrew’s hypertension (if he’s willing to share). I was diagnosed with hypertension when I was young (teenager) and since then have been keeping an active and healthy lifestyle to manage it. More recently I have been put back on medication, and while I have been working with my doctor to find the right medicine(s) to manage my condition, the most recent medication I have started taking, I feel like is impacting my running – which is making me quite frustrated – on top of having lower motivation around the holidays ;).


Thank you so much Cheryl for your sweet comment! I am so so sorry that you were also diagnosed with hypertension, your story sounds very similar to Andrew. VERY similar. He notices bit impacts on his running from his medication. He is working on a post about this that will go up next week. Keep an eye out for it! Thank you and I hope you are having a great day. Thank you for sharing your experience!


Greetings from central Florida where the current temp is a warm and balmy 81 and the humidity 90%! The pics of the kids are so sweet! Beretta too! And really, who can fault Andrew on his pj stance?!? :D
My favorite travel spot to travel has been S t Thomas/St John/BVI. I am a sunshine and green water girl.
I have a hard time staying focused and motivated during this time of year BUT I always seem to be in a training cycle now. Next year a bunch of us are heading to Rock and Roll Nola on 2/5/17 and I am training for the marathon. The holiday season is a difficult time to get miles in, especially the long runs. I just keep telling myself to stay the course and that I will be glad that I did come February.
Love the elephant picture! Thanks for sharing your precious family with us. I enjoy your blog SO much! Blessings! <3


The sassy face of Brooke. Too much. Love it.


HAHA yep… she has become quite sassy lately:)


I LOVVVVVE Chipole. We don’t have many in Ontario, but whenever I can, I grab some from the one in Toronto.

And that Christmas light thing? Dying.


I would love to hear about your hypertension and what you do for it. My almost 16 year-old son has high blood pressure and we are watching it closely, low salt diet, and exercise, but as a mom, it sure makes me nervous. I love reading your blog and all of your stories. Love that you are both so happy! :)


I wanna try that Captn’ Crunch. Maybe this kind wouldn’t feel like razor blades on the roof of my mouth, which would be an added bonus.

That picture of the elephant is amazing! I can’t imagine experiencing that. I also can’t imagine Andrew in those pajamas. Nor do I want to ;)


That “ditto” sign is the best, haha. So funny.

I agree, December for me can be a more challenging month on the running front. Especially right now, three months postpartum + a nice, little hip flexor issue has really put a damper on my running spirit. I’m still getting out there, but I’m also trying to figure out how much time I should take off to make sure this injury heals. Any tips Janae?

Oh and chipotle has my heart. I always get a bowl with practically everything on it, especially the one cup of guac ;)


Kudos to Andrew for going back to school. I have a few friends who have gone into nursing as a 2nd career and it’s tough to balance school with family life but it’s been so worth it. They all love their careers now. Just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel!

And I was just having those same thoughts on low-motivation! Glad to know it’s not just me. I know these things go in cycles and January will probably be the comeback month.

Ditto = hilarious!!!

And is Lindsey a dog whisperer?? Seriously though, she is amazing, your photos are such treasures!


i love beretta’s headshot!


I just found my love for Chipotle again last week! I got the brown rice bowl with chicken, veggies, extra salsa, lettuce and a touch of cheese and it was SO GOOD! I’ve been more motivated to work out this month (so far) because the treats will be plentiful this month and I want to make sure I don’t pack on too many holiday pounds! I do interval training (Orange Theory) twice a week and run twice a week so with 4 days of working out and switching it up I tend to stay motivated!


Now all the way through Valentines Day is always hard motivationally for me. It’s the darkness. I just have to be extra careful to not go home after dropping of the kids. Otherwise it turns into a sweats all day never leave the house again fest.


Yep, I think the darkness really is the main cause of the low motivation for me too… It just makes me want to stay in bed!


I’m guessing Andrew has become used to the pounding on the treadmill behind his back while he studies? :)
I love Chipotle! I don’t go there (or anywhere) regularly, so it’s quite a treat when I do go. Also, keeping motivated to run in the cloudy, gloomy days of winter sure is hard. I’d much rather see some bright snow on the ground all during winter than plain old gloomy days like we have been having here in Ohio!


I would love to hear Andrew’s tell us about running with hypertension because I am also a runner with hypertension.


I am so sorry you have to deal with that Cori! Andrew is working on a post that he will have up next week about running with hypertension. Thank you for your comment!


I love to travel!I studied abroad in Morocco in college :)

I like Chipotle, but I love Qdoba! That might be a chain out further east though…

I’m finishing up my master’s in economics right now.

And yessss…..december i have such low motivation! I try to use it as a way to crosstrain and do other things. Honesty, I need the breaks from running so that I don’t get burnt out! This also happens to me in the summer when I just want to eat ice cream and stay in the AC all day. :)


Hey Janae!!!! These pictures. . . from the kiddos to the dog(can’t leave him out) to the amazing elephant!!! WOW!!!!! Yes travel as much as possible!!! We have been to Italy a few times, a couple islands and a bunch of states. I could live in Italy, I try to convince my husband everyday that it would be a great idea!!! He is from there, so why not!!

I am not in school but my husband is. . . so I know how it is on your side!! My husband is studying for his CPA. I always feel so bad when I go to do something and he can’t join but he tells me the best thing I can do is just to continue supporting him and cheering him on!!!

And December is hard to work out. Even though I made the goal to work out everyday this month the nights are dark when I leave work and its cold and I just want to go home and snuggle in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy this holiday season!


Should be triplets not triplet’s…the word is plural but not possessive.


HEY THANKS Lauren! I appreciate that help! Just fixed it:) Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


Pharmacology was a nightmare class but the lectures were so interesting! Maybe I take that back a teensy bit-my class was on Friday from 4-7pm. Seriously, who does that.

December is funny and blah because it’s so pretty out and “newly” winter but the motivation is lower. I think it’s because it takes time to adjust to the temp change and instinctively we all get a little “off” with transitions/ends. By ENDS I mean, it’s the last month of the calendar year, it feels pressurey, so many of our routines feel sluggish and out of sorts. I like to mix things up so will add some cross training like XC skiing, yoga, cycling, etc. January is almost more tricky because the weather is pretty committed to being wintery.

Mexican food is seriously lacking in Germany so needless to say we make our own.


I haven’t done a lot of traveling, but of the places I have been, I love Castaway Cay Bahamas, Mystic Connecticut, Chicago Illinois, and Nashville Tennessee the best! I don’t have lower motivation unless it is really cold outside………’s not actually running in the cold, but just getting all the gear on and getting my rear out there! But TN doesn’t get snow and cold like Utah does, so maybe motivation would be lower if I was there. I have never been to Chipotle (not sure where the closest one is) but we have an amazing local place called Mojo Burrito and it has the best build your own burritos with amazing pineapple salsa. I am drooling just thinking about it!


Beautiful shots of the kids and pup. I’m wondering if Brooke is sleeping due to a growth spurt, she really does look taller.

Hawaii and San Diego are my happy places. I haven’t traveled out of the US much but I’ve seen a good chunk of the country and I’d like to see the rest of it.

I can’t say I blame Andrew on the pajamas! I know my husband would not go along with that either.


I love the pictures of Brooke, Knox & Beretta! Just adorable.

Also, I’m so excited for Andrew! I’ve been a nurse for the last 7 years in the ICU. I actually just finished my Master’s degree & am now a nurse practitioner! Nursing school is HARD. It sucks (often) but it is so worth it! The best career, hands down. Good luck with your pharm test, I’m sure you’ll rock it!


Lower motivation this time of year=just the name of the game! If I loved it all the time, it would kinda be considered an unhealthy obsession!
Alsssso thinking about going back to school for political journalism, so good luck to you Andrew because the prospect scares the beadazzler out of me!


My family used to have Chipotle Thursday and we’d eat Chipotle EVERY Thursday for dinner. Now we get it about every six-weeks and it seems to taste so much better.

I’ve visited a lot of the US and lived in Utah, Colorado, and Virginia. I’ve only been to Italy and Canada outside of the US, though.

Those head shots are stunning!


December gets me every year…all I want to do is curl up on the coach with a cozy blanket and snacks. Our first winter cold snap just hit here in Alberta so I’m trying to do everything possible not to leave the house!

And kids and dogs…too much adorableness!


I’m trying to stay ahead of the December blahs by committing to running OUTDOORS every other day. I don’t know why, but it feels like a new challenge. If the weather is terrible, I will gear up anyway even if it means just getting a few neighborhood miles in.
We’ll see if this helps!


Another nurse reader! I’m excited for Andrew and would love to hear regular updates on his coursework! I’m back in school as well. I have a BS in Psychology, an Associate’s in Nursing and am also a CSN…certified school nurse. So now I’m working on a BSN bridge to MSN program while also working full time as a school nurse. I really love being back in school…except when it’s close to the end of the semester!

I love traveling anywhere, especially outside the US. Went to Paris this past summer and spent. Week there. So lovely!


LOVE the Ditto sign!!! LOL!
I’m going to look for those caramel Cap’n Crunch! Yum!
Why is Andrew a fun-hater??? :( Those matching jammies would’ve been awesome! Andrew, if you’re reading: PLEASE! Just do it! :D


My husband and I got those jammies for our first Christmas together! Haha and our corgi has an elf suit that says, “Santa is my gnomie!” It’s gonna be good! :)


The month of December has been CRAZY for me. I ran my first marathon the first weekend of December. The St. Jude Memphis Marathon which was so emotionally intense but such an amazing experience as well. Have you ever considered running the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis? It is an amazing city and an even better marathon!
I also am studying to complete my insurance designation CPCU. I took my first exam on Monday and I passed. I have a number of exams to still complete but it will take about a year and a half to complete.
Can you believe that the holidays are right around the corner? Because I honestly cannot.

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