Recovering well and MUST READ running articles!

It had been a week since our last run together so it was about time that we got out for seven miles this morning.  We are looking forward to the time when we start training again for a race (probably the beginning of January) so that we are out training together more often.   Seven miles was a great way to start off our Monday.

The views were beautiful too!  When I am running by myself I always stay in busy areas but it is extra nice to run with somebody because then we get to go to the quieter trails/locations.

IMG 4215

Beretta is usually excited when I get home from a run but I think this time she was just disappointed in me for not taking her along.  I knew Andrew was going to be taking her later but she didn’t know that;)

IMG 4223

The kids think that Andrew is their trampoline.  I don’t think he minds;)

IMG 4230

Everybody missed Beretta while we were gone.  When we were at Disney I said something about us being on family vacation and Brooke said, “The whole family isn’t here mom… Beretta is not here.”  Yep, she is part of the family.

IMG 4231

We then said Goodbye to Knox until Wednesday!


Brooke loves to try to stick her face in between me and Andrew if we are ever going in for a kiss.  She is getting pretty fast.


Still recovering from Disneyland over here a bit!

IMG 4243

We made it to Costco to pick up some food for our empty refrigerator and Brooke used my coat as a leash so that I couldn’t leave her side (unless its was to get her more samples).

IMG 4246

A heavenly lunch!  Bagels with an egg/zucchini/squash mixture and avocado.  I remember many many years ago being very afraid of egg yolks and only eating egg whites… I am very glad I realized how good whole eggs taste and how good they are for us!

IMG 4258

Somebody’s happy she discovered pockets in her pants.

IMG 4254


Three running articles to check out!

1.  How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running—>  YES YES YES!

“A good run can sometimes make you feel like a brand-new person.  And, in a way, that feeling may be literally true.”

Screen Shot 2016 12 11 at 8 47 18 PM

2.  LOVED what Rachele Schulist shares with her experience of running underweight (which resulted in a lot of unhappiness due to obsessing over food and stress fractures) and where she is now.

“I made myself just let go.  I let go to the insecurities and lies I was telling myself because I know how I am and what I stand for.  And I stand for doing what is right and what is healthy.”

Screen Shot 2016 12 12 at 2 38 27 PM

3.  AHHHHHH wouldn’t this be amazing?

Screen Shot 2016 12 12 at 2 42 58 PM

This article explains how Nike is going about this with these three athletes and all of the stats.  These athletes will have to run a 4:34 pace in order to break the 2 hour mark for the marathon!



ANYONE KNOW OF A GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER IN ST. GEORGE?!  Bangs friend is getting her family pictures there this Christmas break and needs your help!  Let me know if you know of any good ones!

An old picture of the two of us with noodles shaped like running shoes and a running person.

Screen Shot 2016 12 12 at 3 06 00 PM


What was your lunch today?

Read any good running articles recently?  Share them with us?

Do you think they will break the 2 hour mark for the marathon?

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Great articles! I had a couple of business calls around lunch time so I made a protein shake to hold me over until I could make a big salad later. I read the article about the 2 hr marathon record this morning and I think they will do it!


Seriously isn’t that so amazing!?!? Protein shake + salad later sounds perfect to me! I hope you are having an amazing day Tabaitha!


Haha I think the fun and excitement of Disneyland would definitely take a few days to recover from.

For lunch today I took leftover butter chicken and naan bread to work with me.


Well that sounds like the absolute perfect lunch! Yeah, I think we are all still in recovery mode haha! Hope you are having a beautiful day Fiona!


Portabella mushrooms topped with sauce and mozzarella – like mini mushroom pizzas. Plus a salad.

It would be amazing if these men ran under 2 hours. It also makes me wonder how many other runners will try for assistance in order to shave time. (I’m not accusing any of these men of doping. With Jeptoo disqualified from her 2014 Boston title it’s fresh in my mind at that moment).


That sounds SO good Nina… we might have to copy you! I agree with what you said about assistance…. it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.


I had sushi for lunch today…yum! I think the 2 hour mark will be broken soon, but I’m guessing not until 2020. They are still a few minutes away, so 2017 seems a little soon…we’ll see though! :) It will be amazing when it does happen!!


Oh now you have me craving sushi right now! I will have to get some soon:) It really will be so amazing when it happens! I hope you have an awesome week Denise!


Alyssa Ence is the best and she is located in St George !!!


THANK YOU DESSA!!! I will send her name to Bangs RIGHT NOW:) Hope you are having a great day!


Ok, it does not sound good to most, but carrots dipped in peanut butter ! It’s good, I promise. I’m addicted right now. I had that and several hard boiled eggs and the remainder of my kids’ mac & cheese, right out of the pan with the wooden spoon too. All class around here. Odd lunch huh. lol Getting ready to read those articles now. Thanks for sharing.


So now we are going to have to try this. I love both of those foods so I am sure I will love this combo. Thank you!!! Hahah I do the exact same thing with our kids’ mac & cheese. It is necessary!


Thanks for the article links. The “ideal” body of runners is changing. Stronger = faster. A sub-2:00 marathon? Just really-really-really hope there’s no juicing involved.

Beautiful photos, as ever.


You are SO right Dynise! I really really hope that too….

Thank you and I hope you are having an amazing night!


OMG have bangs friend contact Monkeyface Photography in St. George. Heidi is amazing to work with and my very favorite pictures of my family were taken by her.


JOEY!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you so much, I will send that on over to Bangs right now! I really appreciate that and I hope you have an awesome week!


Lunch was sauted zucchini, broccoli, onion, turkey bacon and bell peppers and then I throw in some eggs at the end and mix it all together. You are SO right about the egg yolks. They taste way better than the whites alone.

I love reading about the theories of how and when they will break the 2hr mark. I have read stuff about it for the last few years. I think it might still be a while before it is done, but I also don’t mind being proved wrong. I don’t think I have EVER said THOSE words ;) I can’t even fathom running at that pace for one mile, let alone 26.2. Insane.

I went to hs with this St George photographer. Well, my sister did. I am a lot older than she is, but I am friends with her sister and I think she does a great job!


You win! I will send that on over to Bangs! haha yeah I have never heard those words out of my mouth either. Your lunch sounds delicious… I might have to come up for your next egg combo. Thanks. Remember our run together? That was amazing.


OMG, Beretta’s face! So funny.

I can’t believe they’re talking about breaking the 2 hr marathon time, and I’m sitting here wondering if it’s actually possible for me to train for a 10 mile race over the next three months. (BTW, is it? I run only 3 miles right now.)


The write up the Rachele Schulist did on her instagram is amazing and sweet. I wish ALL female runners would read it and take it to heart. As a coach, I get nervous every Cross Country season that one of my runner’s will fall into the rabbit hole that so many do.

Lunch was boring because I have a head cold-hot cereal and clementines (they’re so sweet now!), coffee, and then 2 cups of hot tea.

Beretta…..oh my sweetness.


Meb was just at a meet and greet in Dallas yesterday and he was discussing his thoughts on the Sub 2:00 marathon, it was very interesting. I think everyone would be excited to see it happen!


I think the Nike attempt is really cool as well! I can’t wait to see if they can do it. Also loved the egg/avocado sandwich – it’s making me hungry!


I read the Nike article yesterday. That just blows my MIND! I’ve always seen fast runners but dang. I hit a 6:47 the other day during speed work (for like 5 seconds) and I totally felt like I was gonna hurl. Imagine faster for 26.2 miles? The human body is amazing!


I had a big ole salad with a veggie burger and avocado on top for lunch! It hit the spot!


I bookmarked this because I wanted to read those articles and just now got to them (last week was finals week). They are great! Thanks for sharing it. And I can’t wait to see if those athletes will run a sub2. It sounds so crazy to me!

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