Friday FAVORITES + YOUR running accomplishments!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I hope you have a great weekend up ahead!  I’ll be working on and teaching a lesson at church,  running and finishing up the last things we need to do before leaving to take Brooke to her dad for Christmas.  A portion of this post is sponsored by BOUQS plus an awesome discount for you to use!

Time for a few of my Friday Favorites:

1.  This face on Dumbo.  In line all she could talk about was her hope to ride on one of the pink elephants (there are only three of them) and somehow we got one.  Talk about pure happiness right there:

IMG 3813

2.  These pictures of Knox.  When we first arrived at Disneyland last week he put his hand over his mouth for at least 5 minutes.  He was in shock.  It was the sweetest thing ever to see how excited he was to be there.  He was also dancing around (this was before it was crowded at all) and he had a few of the employees laughing over how excited he was.

IMG 3612

Yep, hand still covering his mouth.

IMG 3618

3.  Bouqs!!!  Absolutely gorgeous flowers.


We ordered Bouqs and these peonies (they are available for the month of December!) make me smile every time I see them!  They seriously are so stunning!  The Bouqs Company is a flower delivery service that is incredibly easy to use. The fresh flowers I have received from them (I have used them a few times before too) are always gorgeous.

The flowers usually last 2 weeks or longer and they are shipped straight to your front door.  They can also be delivered to the door of whoever you are ordering them for—> somebody sent us a gorgeous arrangement from Bouqs when we got back from our honeymoon.  It was the perfect gift for us!  The flowers are all grown at sustainable and eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices!  When you order your flowers from Bouqs they are cut that same day.  Then they are shipped the next day so you get them faster so they last longer!  They arrive at your door in a rectangular box.  The bulbs usually take a day or two to open up!  My Christmas bouquet below is just starting to show their pretty faces.  I can’t wait. The prices are very affordable, no upsells.  With the gloomy weather here, it is so nice to come home and see these on the table (the peonies are on my desk because I like to stare at them while I work).  They make a perfect gift, they are perfect for the finishing touches of a party you are planning or just to brighten up your month!

Use the code ELF20 HERE to get 20% off the entire site!  It will expire a few days right before Christmas!!!   PicMonkey Collage

4.  Last night was our last night with Knox before Christmas so we tried to fit in as many traditions with him before saying goodbye.  That included getting cookies (for the kids) and delivering some to people followed by picking out a kid’s Christmas book to read together at home.

DSC00560 DSC00569

5.  On the mornings where Andrew goes to pick up Knox he takes Brooke with him and I go for a run.  After he picks up Knox he figures out where I am running based on the ‘find my phone’ app thing.   It is always fun to see them in the middle of a run.  Also, you might think I am crazy but 34 degrees is slowly becoming my favorite temperature to run in… sure I am cold for the first few minutes but after I warm up, it feels amazing.

IMG 4362

6.  Brooke and I have both been huge lovers of pancakes in the morning (ehh… night too).  We keep adding more and more blueberries to each pancake to the point that one day there might be more blueberries than batter.  Also, pan-sized pancakes are the way to go.  We use the Kodiak Cakes powercakes.  I don’t usually eat anything if I run EARLY but if my run is after 7 a.m. then I eat a pancake beforehand and my stomach does not freak out over it.   I do not miss my gut issues.  Not in the slightest.

IMG 4353

7.  Brooke’s coat trick and slow motion running are a Friday Favorite over here:

8.  Good (inexpensive ha) winter dresses for church are always hard for me to find—>  I just got this one, this one and these cute booties that are a current favorite!

IMG 4358

9.  My mom has a Friday Favorite to share today too…   We must have similar tastebuds because these are my favorite too.

IMG 4371

10.  I stopped by my sister’s house to drop some stuff off and this little dude probably ran close to .5 miles just while I was there.  My sister said he had been going non-stop for a very long time at this point.  Run to the cupboards and touch them and then run to the door, repeat x 500.   He did stop to take a picture with me.

IMG 4370

11.  And Knox’s Friday Favorite involves some snacks he got at my mom’s house.  He created the goldfish and fruit snack sandwich.  Sounds delicious right?

IMG 4376

12.  Home Alone.  I can’t go a Christmas Season without watching it once.  Last night we took dinner over to Mer’s house and then watched it later on.  Classic.  

IMG 4458

13.  This came out last month but has anyone tried the Cat Lady Sports Bra?  A fleece sports bra?  This could definitely be a favorite for me for when the temperatures really drop!  PS torture = finishing a workout in the winter (and being quite sweaty… especially a sweaty sports bra) and not having a chance to change afterwords for a while.  Not fun.

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 at 3 51 21 PM


I have two awesome running accomplishments for you today! If you want to be featured for your accomplishment, please send it in to [email protected]  THANKS!!!


Rebecca!!!  “I started training in July for my first full marathon, which I thought would be on November 5.  Starting in late September, my first running injury had me sidelined for 3 weeks, and I was extremely frustrated.  When I finally started to heal, I decided the November marathon was not realistic and re-focused on the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on Dec. 3.  This race has extra meaning to me, because I went to grad school in Memphis and did an internship at St. Jude for a semester.  This training cycle had me feeling ALL the emotions, but I’m now convinced my injury lead to the best possible outcome:  I ended up far surpassing my original goal of 3:45 and became a marathoner in 3:35:14! I’m still sore but so thrilled.”



Ella wrote this about her sister Paige!!!  My sister, Paige, and I ran the Gar Williams Half Marathon on Sunday 12/11/16!!!  Temperatures in Virginia have been in the mid 40’s until Sunday, where they dropped to 30 degrees!  It was quite an adjustment for my body, but we did it!!  Not my best pace, but a great challenge to overcome.  My 3 sisters and I have been running half-marathons/marathons together for the last three years.  It has been such a joy to share something so special with them!!  I can’t wait to cheer on my older sister in Boston next year!!”



What are you looking forward to this weekend?  Anyone doing a long run?  

Would you rather have pancakes or waffles or eggs or oatmeal or cereal for breakfast?

Do you have a favorite flower?  What is it?

Have a Friday Favorite to share?  I would love to hear!

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WInter dresses are hard to find! I go to the gap outlet near my house and they usually have some cute things.


I’m not a big pancake person, although I love watching them form in the pan haha! I have eggs every morning so I guess I am an egg person :)

This weekend I will be running, shopping and decorating! :) And I am also hoping to sleep in and/or nap at some point too! (<very important part of my weekend)


Pancakes are such an easy and fast meal. I would be fooling myself if I didn’t say I resorted to them at least once a week for a dinner meal.

Those flowers are beautiful they look like a perfect fit for the weather right now.

Winter dresses I’m typically a GAP person.


I LOVE pancakes and waffles! I can’t decide between the two, so I am just going to have to go with both!

I get to babysit my niece tomorrow night (she’s 4 months old), so I’m really looking forward to that this weekend. Also, sleep. I really want some sleep. By the way, I’ve become obsessed with Roolee, so thank you for sharing about it! :) Happy Friday!


My favorite flowers are daffodils, but I love peonies and I can’t believe Bouqs has them in December!

Pancakes are definitely my favorite breakfast, especially with a side of bacon, but what I actually eat is oatmeal with cinnamon and a chopped apple.


pancakes all day. now that I’ve said that I want to literally have a day where I have different kinds of pancakes for each meal if possible. yummmmmmmmm. no long runs (or any runs) on the horizon for this weekend since my old ankle injury is creeping back into the picture, but that just means lots and lots o’ cross training.

weekend plans include teaching some spin, working on some long overdue projects, and trying to stay warm in this coldness! what is happening. it went from 45 degrees to 16 in two days!!


I’m an oatmeal girl :) We’ve been ordering flowers from Bouqs for a while now. We saw them on Shark Tank and thought it was the neatest thing. My husband always gets me Bouqs flowers for special occasions and I LOVE THEM. I’ve got a 16 miler on tap for tomorrow! There’s nothing like kicking off the weekend with a LR on Saturday morning (plus breakfast afterwards … that’s fun too)! Have a great weekend!


Love your new dress! Knox is so cute! I love how kids get excited so easily. It makes my heart smile. My husband and I got away to Vegas this weekend to hang out with my besties and their husbands.
I love eggs and then either Kodiak pancakes or belgian waffles. Hydrangeas are my favorite.


I love the pancakes! I also think Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Can you share where you got your cute cardigan from in the picture where you are holding the peonies?? I am very pregnant right now so cardigans are currently a wardrobe staple :) thanks!!


Oooh I love those booties!! Brooke’s slo mo is adorable.-
I’m two weeks post partum so no running still (csection) but hopefully I’ll bike a little. I’m going nuts without running! ?


My friend and I have been training for the DOPEY Challenge in a couple weeks and this weekend is our last long run! It is the coldest weekend of the year so far and we are a little nervous! 6 miles Thurs and Fri, 13 Saturday and 26 Sunday. Did I mention SHE is the only one running the actual challenge and getting to visit sunny Florida, I have just volunteered to do the training with her….Is there a medal I get for that :) HA HA….


My husband is making kodiak+blueberry pancakes as we speak! My 15 month old son LOVES pancakes! Two days ago we experienced a record one day snowfall of 20 inches! As you can imagine, there is not a lot of running going on around town. I’ve seen a lot of people out on skis and snowshoes. Have you ever tried snowshoe running? I’d be interested in learning more about it. :)


I agree, finding winter dresses is hard! If you have any good finds, send them my way please ;)

Hmm…does a smoothie count. That’s my favorite breakfast, but eggs, oatmeal, pancakes and waffles are great too. Really I could any kind of breakfast food any time of the day. My husband and I will sometimes eat cereal as a snack/dessert after dinner if we are feeling munchy.

I agree with you, cool and sometimes even cold weather is my favorite to run in!


All of the breakfast food you listed is my favorite at about 5 pm. All of it. However in the morning it’s a belvita/leftover eggo from my kids plate and always always a green smoothie.
My long run will be getting my four kids and 10 bags through Dfw to Lax. Today is our last day in Texas!!


I love when the weather is cold without being brutal. I know how to dress for temps in 30’s so it’s comfortable. (for some reason I have trouble when the temps are in the 40’s, I often end up too warm or too cold). I sweat a lot so I don’t think the fleece bra would work for me.

I’m going to spin class if the roads aren’t icy tomorrow, followed by baking, cleaning and picking up last minute gift cards. I look forward to some quiet time with my husband after all of that!

Oatmeal is my go-to and pancakes are my favorite treat breakfast. Eggs are a lunch staple.


Love those dresses!! Very pretty!

Long run this weekend will take place on the treadmill … Again … Because it’s gonna be in the negatives this weekend with the windchill. Yikes!

Favorite flower – Sunflowers! Can’t help but smile when I see them.

Happy Friday!


This weekend will be full of driving: Indiana –> Miami. Then on Monday we leave on a cruise! We’re going with my sister and her husband, I hope it’s a blast (I’m sure it will be). My go-to breakfasts are eggs & toast or oatmeal w/ peanut butter. Yum. I do love pancakes and waffles though. All breakfast foods are wonderful, why do people try to restrict them to only one meal? :( I also love those white chocolate peppermint pretzels, you have me craving them now! :)


I have a few Christmas movies that I like to watch every year, and Home Alone is definitely one of them. It’s a Wonderful Life, The Sound of Music (even though it’s technically not a Christmas movie) are also on my list.


Happy Friday Janae! Congrats to those girls and their running accomplishments! I love reading those! :)

I am Christmas shopping this weekend. I’m a terrible procrastinator and haven’t bought a single thing…(YIKES!) But I plan to start and finish all this weekend! :)

I’m a huge pancake lover too! Hands down, wins every time. I want to try those Kodiak pancakes. I’ve heard they’re amazing!

My favorite flower is definitely a Gerber Daisy. So pretty and so happy!


It wasn’t an option, but french toast is my jam. Of the options, waffles are a pretty good second.

I’m building back up after baby so tomorrow’s long run- hopefully six miles! We’re in the big time now.

Friday fav- baby gets her first picture with Santa later.


I agree with you on the winter running thing. Once you actually get out there it’s quite refreshing, although if you ‘re prone to chesty coughs like me it can be a bit tricky!


Hot mama! Lovey the dress!

Now I wanna go to Disneyland:)


I prefer french toast and eggs, or biscuits and eggs……..although I love all breakfast foods!
This weekend I have work and then Christmas movies to watch……….I’ll Be Home for Christmas (with JTT) , Polar Express, and maybe Die Hard!!


I’m a little disappointed that you are back to posting numerous sponsored posts each week/month. Remember earlier this year when you promised no more than 3 sponsored posts each month featuring products that you actually love and use frequently? You made a promise to your readers that you are now breaking. :(


Hi Bethany! I did 3 sponsored and the partially sponsored posts in December. I have no sponsored posts for the next 3 weeks so I really am sticking to my promise. Companies wanted to get their sponsored posts in before Christmas, of course. Have a great weekend!


Thanks for the response, it’s refreshing to have a blogger respond to a critical comment instead of just deleting the comment. I counted the partially sponsored post, so I thought this post would be number 4!


Those peonies are gorgeous!

I’m looking forward to hosting not one, but two running group parties on Sunday afternoon and evening – one for each of my running groups! Runner friends really are the best!


I have two Cat Lady sports bras, one in Navy and one in Black. Needless to say, they are warm! I cannot wear mine all day, as I get too sweaty. But they are purrrrfect for temps 40 and below, running or hiking. I feel like I am putting on some sort of luxurious protection, and they are super cozy.

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