13 Thursday Pictures!

Happy Thursday!  I LOVED reading your comments this morning about the different ways you get your workouts in each day!  You continue to amaze.  I’ve got some pictures from our Thursday so far that I wanted to share!

1.  Today was a treadmill side by side day while the kids played at their kids club.  I did a killer speed workout that I want you to try out and I’ll post it real soon—>  8.65 miles for the morning and some tired legs but the miles zoomed by because I was too busy focusing on surviving the current interval!

IMG 4424

2. Post run shorts felt great because it was a solid 53 degrees outside?!?  It’s supposed to snow tomorrow which means the day before it is usually perfect weather to remind you how nice it feels with good temperatures.  

IMG 4433

3.  A pretzel with this many sprinkles on it… she did gasp when she sot it.  

IMG 4442

4.  I am not good at hair and somehow Brooke’s hair just naturally goes into pretty buns.  Her hair was made for this!

IMG 4419

5.  Gotta love it when you are in a store and there is a random dog just hanging out there.   Why not I guess?

IMG 4432

6.  I’m really glad that Knox stores his cash in the carseat cupholder just in case Andrew and I forget our wallets.  Saves us every time;)

IMG 4429

7.  She makes the best tape cutter which cut the time it took to wrap presents in half.  

IMG 4451

8.  Speed makes me hungry so it was a big salad and bagel (the Einstein ones at Costco) kind of a day.  I love fruit/sweet salads (obviously)… poppyseed dressing just takes it to the next level.

IMG 4448

9.  Beretta has learned that she has to sit patiently on the rug while we cook.  It took a few weeks of working with her but today was her first day of actually sticking to it the whole time (usually she just lasts a few minutes).  I was proud.

IMG 4412

10.  I think this might really be true for Andrew;)

IMG 4430

11.  Yep, he is just like his dad!

IMG 4449

12.  Okay, this was from Wednesday night but it was a cereal in bed kind of a night.  

IMG 4416

13.  The books of the week include:

IMG 4452

And Olaf’s version of the night before Christmas.  Lots of good reading going on over here;)



What is your goto late night snack lately?

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Love those salad bowls! Where did you get them??


Hey Emily, we got them at Costco… pretty sure we eat every meal in them! Hope you are having a great night!


Yum!! My favorite kind of salad!!


If I have a lite night snack it’s usually something salty. I try to limit eating after dinner, but sometimes you just need a little something.


Late night snack is usually a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips !
That salad looks sooo good. Brooke has the best buns. And I am completely jealous of your shorts weather, it was 0 here today and are expected -15 on Sunday. Holy Brrr ! And last but not least, I need you to come train our dogs. We have been working on them (2) to sit and stay away from wear I’m cooking for a very long time. We made progress with one of them, the other one is taking more work. So YAY for Beretta.


Love the monopoly money mixed in there.

Her top knot really is perfection.

That dog looks like my dog growing up. When we get a dog, that is what I want.

Ross bought himself a bike back in May and told me that would be what he got for his birthday and Christmas. You know, that event that is 7 months LATER. Well, here we are. And he is definitely still getting presents. Sooooo well played, Ross. Well. Played.


BAHAHA I think I might start using this trick…. tell him not to tell Andrew because I don’t want him to figure me out.


That picture of Knox on the bike is so cute, I remember doing that when I was a kid.
I work nights so my late night snacks tend to be pretty unhealthy- currently I’m in love with KitKats.


Sunbutter and jelly on a spoon!!


That sounds SOOOOOO good right now… might have to make my way to the kitchen right now:)


Honey Nut Cheerios.


All I want for Xmas is a bike too…a mountain bike specifically.


I’ve been baking up a storm lately — so for me, cookies have been my late night snack.

Must cut back — too many treats —

It’s so hard to not have a cookie when you bake in batches of 8-10 dozen of each kind. There’s so many to choose from (chocolate chip is my current favorite).


love a bowl of cereal for a late night snack!! has been my favorite forever! Brooke’s hair in that bun is so dreamy!!


My dog, Missy, loves when a store is dog friendly. She struts around looking for pets and treats.

My go-to snack is a small banana with peanut butter.

We are in the polar vortex and right now it is 17 degrees but Sunday is supposed to be 58, go figure.


Have you ever read “Santaclaustraphobia”? Spelling may be off! It’s pretty funny…….might be a bit over their heads at their age, but you should still check it out………we read it every year! Santa needs a break so the easter bunny, april fool, and other holiday celebrities fill in for him!


we have the same wrapping paper!!
i’ve been trying to stick to grapes for my snack, but somehow the seasonal gelato ends up on a spoon and into my mouth…

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