Silentish Saturday!!!

Three miles with my niece… she is on the cross country team at her school so it is fun to share the love of running together.  And the love of purple running shoes.

We braved the crowds to go to one store yesterday… too bright to open my eyes.

IMG 2726

Grandma’s cinnamon rolls.

IMG 2700

A turkey salad followed by more leftovers.

IMG 2727

The Christmas movies have begun.

IMG 2712

Knox snapping selfies.

IMG 2731

Train ride down to Salt Lake City with the whole family.

IMG 2741

To see the lights at Temple Square turn on for the first time of the year.

IMG 1860

Lots to see.

IMG 2766

If you are in Utah at this time of year, you must go.

IMG 1912

IMG 1914

IMG 1886

IMG 1908

Back to his parents’ house to pack up but first they played a quick game of Risk.

IMG 2774

And I found pictures of Andrew from way back when.

IMG 2775

We made it home and after we take family pictures today we are off to get a Christmas tree!


What are three things that you are doing today?

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Uau! Loved the pictures. Everything looks so beautiful. Christmas is definitely around the corner.
Today I hope to go for a run later on (probably on tge treadmill) and watch a movie (it’s raining outside). I’ll have to get back to you on the third thing because we still don’t have other plans.
I look forward to seeing your Christmas tree and all the decorations that you choose as a family. It will be lovely, I am sure.

Ps: hope my English was ok. Thank you for being so supportive and always trying to understand what I write.


I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS:) Keep them coming Patricia! Enjoy your treadmill run with the movie! Thanks Patricia and have an awesome day!


Going for a short run, tidying up a bit and seeing my boyfriends daughter’s swim meet later.


Three things:
1) Write 5000 words (help)
2) Three hour climbing technique class
3) Eat Thanksgiving leftovers

Should be a good day!


THREE HOUR CLIMBING class… that sounds amazing (and tough:). Let me know how it goes! Oh and good luck with the 5000 word paper!!!! Enjoy those leftovers!


It looks like a great day for you. You always have fun looking days. I ran with a friend and now I’m on my way to work for small business Saturday.


Beautiful lights, wow! We are off to my Mom & Dad’s for a yearly tradition of visiting Santa, horse carriage rides, hot chocolate, shopping local stores and the Christmas parade. A really fun day. And if we are not to tired, we end it with watching Elf.


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! That’s so exciting that you’re getting your tree today. I am seriously dying to decorate my new house this year since we have a fireplace and that just screams CHRISTMAS to me, but I think we’re running out of time. Our tentative move-in date isn’t for a couple more weeks, unless we really get our butts in gear to finish up renovations. It’s just hard to get motivated to work all day on the weekends after working all week! :-/

Three things today: finish painting master bedroom, install new vanity in master bathroom, go running!


Decorating the Christmas tree, watching Gilmore Girls, & playing games with the kids.


I’m due 12/5 with our first baby so we are also heading out to get our Christmas tree today! Making sure everything is ready to go by the time he makes his arrival!


We are getting our tree today too!!! Completed a sprint triathlon this morning, and the third thing is eating lots of pumpkin pie.


Sounds like the perfect day Jenny! Huge congrats on the sprint triathlon today!!!


Quick and Risk are 2 words that have never been used in the same sentence before.


I was thinking we could play on our next double date.


I was going to say “there’s no such thing as a quick game of Risk.”


The Christmas lights are so pretty!


Fun pictures! I never go outside without sunglasses, my eyes can’t take it.

Three things today:
Bike ride. (Done)
House work.
Pull out the Christmas decorations!


Got a long (ish) run in this morning, followed by breakfast and supporting small business Saturday by purchasing a few running items at our local running store :) Three more things will be watching football, napping and grilling out. Loving the extra long post-holiday weekend here! Those Christmas lights are unbelievable! So pretty!


WAY TO GO Sam on your longish run today:) Sounds like the perfect day!!! So glad you are loving this long weekend:) Enjoy the rest!


Christmas! I love those lights! My three things are : clean up after penguins, pin butterfly chrysalises (so they butterflies can hang upside down and emerge in a few days), and go for a run! After that it’s a pizza party with my husband, and listening to Christmas music!


The Christmas lights are soooooo pretty! I wish I was anywhere but Hong Kong right now – the Christmas atmosphere here downright sucks compared to the US and the UK!

– Charmaine


Love, love, love your blog as a runner myself. Would you ever be willing to do a day in the life post or a runner’s eats post? I am a busy mom of 2 with a husband who’s never home and still do 12 mile training runs almost daily.


That is a GREAT IDEA!!! I will definitely get that going and make a day in the life post as far as food goes. You are a busy woman Leianna! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Today I’m going for a run, watching football, and getting dinner downtown! Happy Saturday!


Is there such a thing as a quick game of Risk? Or a short one? Every time I get out that game it sort of sucks all of the day away. Lol!


Cooking, let the kids make salt dough ornaments, squeezed in a workout. ;) Can you share a list of kid-friendly Christmas movies you love or have you already done that?


Beautiful Christmas lights! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.
3 things I did today: early morning run, church then celebrating Thanksgiving at my in-laws house, put up the Christmas tree with my husband


Christmas is the best part of the year! living in MS it sure doesn’t even feel like we’re rolling into the holiday season since it’s still in the 60-70s and anticipating severe storms today. but nothing some Christmas candles and lights can’t fix ;)

Hope you and Andrew, as well as the beautiful kiddos, have a blessed and wonderful first Christmas as a family!

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