Silentish Saturday!!!

Josse, you are never allowed to get injured again… I need our runs together.  7.2 miles very early but we loved how light it got quickly and clearly I love not washing off my makeup from the night before.

Good memories from this bandana…

IMG 1806

Switched places with Andrew and he went out on a 30 mile bike ride (this November weather is killing it).  I need to get back on my road bike again… I took about a 5 year break from it after my century ride.

IMG 1873

Scene from his 30 mile ride:

IMG 1874

Said goodbye to my best gal pal (it’s crazy how much I miss her).

IMG 1829

I had a special date with this guy, just the two of us.

IMG 1836

And then we had time with Mer too… love this woman.

IMG 1840

Christmas is here?!?

IMG 1853

We tried to go to a different restaurant but the wait was too long and we have zero patience so Wingers made the cut.

IMG 1867

IMG 1869

I bet his wish had something to do with dessert…

IMG 1851

Andrew’s favorite candy has quickly become one of my favorites for a movie (we watched The Finest Hours).

IMG 1872


Candy or popcorn with a movie?

Anyone else change into pjs/comfy clothes the second they get home?

Have a long run this weekend?  How far?

-I’m going to attempt 11… I think.

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Definitely popcorn while watching a movie – even though it hurts my stomach after, it is totally worth it.

I generally change into comfy clothes right away. But it depends if I went to work dressed a lil casual ;-)


Candy OR popcorn?! I refuse to make that kind of choice. Both, please. I generally don’t finish either one, but I like to have options.


The SECOND I get home — My makeup is washed off, my jewelry comes off, and I’m changed into full blown pj’s– every time!

I also love Milkduds during a movie — they almost never last through the whole thing though!

I’m a popcorn lover, but only if there’s flavored powder on it to make it taste like ranch — SOOO GOOD!


It’s all about hot tamales in my salty popcorn! They get a little warm and gooey; it’s the best! I’m also all about the comfy clothes when I get home :) My kids are the exact same way.

Eek! I have my 2nd full marathon tomorrow! Today will just be a shake out run. I’m super excited that it’s in my city so my whole family and part of my XC team (I coach) will be there!


1. Sour Patch Kids for movies … Always.
2. The SECOND I come home! I cannot be in real clothes when I’m in my house or my mom’s house (I have pj’s at her place too)!
3. Gonna shoot for 9-11 today!


Put those Milk Duds on freshly popped popcorn…mic drop. Someone told me to do Hot Tamales on popcorn and it was good too, but nothing beats Milk Duds!!


long run today was 13 miles! I usually go with candy over popcorn but lately at hockey games I like to order a big popcorn so I guess my tastes are changing. love pajamas! I am rarely in my house in real clothes lol


Pour the milk duds into the hot popcorn…. will change your life a little bit!!!


I will have to partake of this goodness asap. Thank you for sharing this with me!!!


I love getting comfortable as soon as I get home! My husband thinks its so strange. If I didn’t go to work I think I would wear my pajamas all the time )except when running.)


Best movie combo ever—-Milk Duds & Popcorn! Have both in your mouth at the same time=heaven!


eww with the makeup. That would gross me out. Personally.


I can’t believe the holiday season is here! It’s too soon for Christmas trees (even though I love them!). Not long runs here this weekend. I just wrote a blog post about the downsides of running too much, so I’m trying to take my own advice and take it easy this weekend haha


My long runs are on Wednesday so no long running today. I might try to do a run with all 4 kids… haha

Popcorn. Always popcorn with a movie. Candy is really hard for me. Like most things that you don’t really need it’s hard to know when you’ve had enough. I have a hard time stopping.

Most of my clothes probably resemble pajamas too much already. I have no need to change because of this.


I have to wash face makeup off or I break out really badly. I’m glad you and Josse get to run together. I know when my running buddies or myself get injured, it’s rough.


Ate some peanut MMs last night watching a movie and going to try and run anything longer than 7 or 8 today. Also, PJs are the BEST anytime of day.


As soon as I walk through the door when I get home, the comfy clothes are coming on. I waste zero time.

Ran 11 this morning with two miles at tempo pace and three massive hills!


Popcorn has my heart ;-) Cocolicious (Buddha Bowl) is my go-to but Chicago Mix (caramel and cheddar) is awesome when I crave a sweet and salty treat ;-) Jumping into my yoga pants when I get home is good for my soul ;-) It means it’s time to relax!


I IMMEDIATELY put on comfy clothes when I get home! <3 Have a great weekend!


Popcorn smells good but gets stuck in my teeth so I stick to non chewy candy………..m&m’s are my favorite movie candy. And I love being in yoga pants or sweats as much as possible………although as soon as I get home from work I have to shower because penguins are stinky! No long run for me until Wednesday……………that’s my weekend………..either 8 or 10, not sure yet. There are 3 separate wildfires burning on the mountains around us and I have had to alter my runs on days the smoke is bad. Today is gorgeous but smoky, so I am hoping it will dissipate some by the time I get off work. We need rain!!


I like a diet coke w/ a movie. I know it is ridiculously expensive, but it’s totally worth it (IMO). I pretty much live in my running/comfy clothes. I kind of have to dress up for work (dressy casual), but if it wasn’t for that, I’m fairly certain I would have no need for “regular” clothes. No super long runs here this weekend. I’m doing a 12K tomorrow (odd distance = automatic PR)!


How about candy IN popcorn! I love to throw in mm’s or choco chips with my popcorn-it’s that sweet/salty cream/crunchy deliciousness that I love. Besides, I think I stovetop popcorn is so delicious and the added candy bits add to that!

Comfy clothes within milliseconds getting home-for sure!

Ran a lovely run despite it being FREEZING!


That is what Andrew loves to do… time to join him. Sounds heavenly!! WAY TO GO getting out to run even though it is freezing!!


A handful of buttered popcorn with a milk dud mixed in… rocks.


Milk Duds are THE BEST!!!!!!!! Sugar Babies are a close second, too :)


My husband always makes fun of me because I will change into my PJs the second I get home… even if it is 4pm and I know I won’t be leaving the house again for the night. I just love to be in my cozy clothes!


Raisinettes IN the popcorn! that way you get salty and sweet!!

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