She wants to move in & 6 random things to talk about.

We woke up in St. George and the first thing Brooke did was head straight out to Andrew’s brother’s jungle gym.   I think she played on that thing 10.5 out of 24 hours yesterday.

She found the chickens too.  I am pretty sure she wants to move in.

IMG 1322

I got in some quality snuggle time with my new nephew (between Andrew and I now we have 43 nieces and nephews)!  This little man made me kind of baby hungry.

IMG 1324

I think Andrew took a little nap with him.

IMG 1328

The reason we came down to St. George was for a baby blessing at church and Andrew’s fam was there for it.

IMG 1354

Brooke was happy to head back to the cousin’s house for lunch afterwards.

IMG 1334

One of my favorite meals ever… spaghetti has my heart.  It was a delicious dinner.

IMG 1340

Breadsticks have Brooke’s heart.

IMG 1338

The best decision when it comes to pie is always to choose both.  Making decisions is never easy (unless chocolate cream or banana cream pies are involved).

IMG 1357

We hung outside for a bit.  Brooke wanted a foot selfie.

IMG 1371

Then the kids had popsicles.

IMG 1374

And we watched The Office with popcorn.  I will never get sick of this show no matter how many times I watch it.

IMG 1377

I hit 49 miles last week (back to my happy mileage again) with one speed workout (3 x 1 mile repeats 6:25 average).  I can’t wait for my run around St. George today and then we will head back home today.

1.  My sister sent me this important fitness tip that we should all strive for:


2.  I forgot all about my love for Raisin Bran until the other day when Brooke requested it.  I have a feeling this will be my nightly snack once we get home.

IMG 1202

3.  I’ve been using the same trail shoes for years now and I just got the Mazamas and cannot wait to become best friends with them.  I’ll give you a full review.  I’m just hoping the trails are snow free for a few more weeks:)

IMG 1381

4.  Always fun to be attacked by the kids after a run.

IMG 1236

5.  SO EXCITED for all of the NYC Marathon finishers and go Molly Huddle…. first American to make it to the podium of the NYC Marathon since 2010.  She took third and finished in 2:28:13—>  It was her FIRST marathon too.  Amazing.

Mary Keitany took first (2:24:26) and Sally Kipyego took second (2:28:01).  For the men—>  Ghirmay Ghebreslassie (2:07:51) took first, Lucas Rotich (2:08:53) took second and Abdi Abdirahman (2:11:23) took third!


6.  I thought this text from my mom was sweet:)

IMG 1382


How many hours of sleep do you need each night to feel good?

A show that you never get sick of?

Trail runners—>  What shoes do you use on the trails?

Random thought of the day… do you have your ears pierced?  Do you wear earrings often?

-My mom let us get our ears pierced when we turned 12 if we wanted but I never wear earrings (I did on my wedding day for a few seconds).  

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Got my ears pierced at 13. Ironically I hardly wear earrings now.

I usually get 7 hours of sleep a night but I think I need 8 these days.


I’m right there with you on The Office–I could seriously watch that show on repeat every day and not get tired of it. There are so many moments when I laugh so hard that tears come out. Plus, how can you not love the Jim and Pam story?!

Sadly, I can’t have pierced ears. :( I scar really easily, and I got them pierced when I was a little girl, but I let them grow back over, and these little bumps formed when I did. More than one dermatologist told me never to pierce them again. I got my cartilage pierced when I was in high school, but the exact same thing happened. So no piercings for me. It makes me sad sometimes, because I think earrings are so pretty. But clip-ons hurt too much, and the sticker and magnet ones don’t work. :/


I was SO excited for Molly during the race! She looked so good and smooth even as she was kicking it in at the end. She’s just an amazing runner :) Did you hear that Meb announced next year’s NYCM will be his final one? He’s ending at #26..very fitting :)


I use Altra’s on the trails, I love them for the stability!
If I have less than 6 hours I’m groggy all day, 7 is my sweet spot. Anything over 8 and I’m groggy too! Haha. I got my ears pierced at 11 and thought I was soooo cool. My dad let me get a SECOND piercing in my left ear in high school. I’m pretty sure they’ve closed, and so has the industrial piercing I got after college (whyyy???) and TWO separate belly button rings (again..why??). I haven’t worn earrings in years, but my husband said someday he’ll buy me Tiffany’s diamond earrings….so I should probably put in studs or something now so when that day comes, I can wear them. ;-)


Your food always makes me hungry!

We are coming back from quite the long break of blogging but will post later today. I have been super injured and have had the injury blues. I have continued to read your blog for inspiration during that time, but I have been silent in comments and blogging.

PS – We are considering doing the Zion 100 miler in April and it would be so awesome to meet you while we are out there…or you could come to pace us for some miles?!?


I am trying to get as much sleep as possible these days since I am due with our first child in just 4 weeks! However; pregnancy sure is doing a number on my ability to get a good night’s sleep! Even daylight savings didn’t help and I was up at 5:30 AM without a chance of going back to sleep! :)


Got my ears pierced when I was two! Baby bling :)

I need about 7-8 hours of seriously solid sleep a night to feel good … Yet, I haven’t been able to get that lately. Been having terrible sleep issues across the last couple months!


47 years = #relationship goals.

I got my ears pierced when I was ten, and a second hole when I was 15. The second hole is now closed, and I kind of regret not keeping it open, but eh…I don’t actually wear earrings very often, because for the last several years I’ve had small kids who like to pull on them.


A show I will never get sick of is Scandal!

I’m interested to see the responses about trail running shoes. I’m thinking about doing an xterra triathlon but have never really trail run before!


I love the Office! And New Girl! I don’t think I will ever get sick of either of those shows!
My parents made me wait until I was 10 to get my ears pierced. I begged before then but they wouldn’t budge! We let my daughter get hers pierced at 6. We decided that once she wanted it done we would let her do it! And they did both ears at the same time. But she didn’t cry! They shoved the mirror right in front of her once they were done so she could see her ears! Genius!


I loved watching the marathon yesterday- made my workout more fun! Molly Huddle was amazing!
I got my ears pierced at 12 and wear earrings (not big ones) every day.
I could watch Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy all day every day!


Shows I never get sick of: The Office, Parks and Recreations, and Friends.
I got my ears pierced when I was 10 or 11, but now I only wear earrings for special occasions.
I LIKE 8 or 9 hours of sleep (okay, let’s be honest… or 10), but I usually get about 6. I used to catch up on the weekends…then we had a baby. Now we’ll never sleep again. :O)


i cant believe molly huddle placed third in her first marathon ever. so impressive/crazy


Hahaha I would like to strive for that kind of greatness! :D

The show I will NEVER get sick of is The Mindy Project! I tried to watch the office because Mindy’s in it and I like her so much but I just couldn’t get into it. I may need to give it a second try since everyone loves it so much!


You have to give it a few episodes. My husband kept telling me how great it was, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Michael is a little over the top in the first few episodes. I think it was on about episode four that I got hooked and have been stuck on it ever since.


Yes, I have my ears pierced! I wear earrings every day but NOT when running –> the earrings bump against my earbuds and make a thumping sound and annoy the crap outta me, haha! Also, I can NEVER get enough of Friends. I watch it on Netflix literally every single day.

I’m a stickler for sleep. A big benefit of no kids yet = sleep. My marathon is Saturday (!!!!!) so sleep is a TOP priority for me this week. 9 hours a night!!

Looks like a great weekend!!


If I don’t get a solid 7, I feel off. Sometimes 8+ feels good, but other times it leaves me fuzzy headed all day. Something about 7 has been magic the last few years.

I will never get sick of the Office, Parks and Rec, and Bob’s Burgers — they are my staples! I’ll throw one of the episodes on when I’m working or doing chores since I’ve seen them enough to know what’s happening without having to focus much.

I had my ears pierced when I was in 6th grade — my mom made us wait until we were old enough to decide for ourselves. I’ve tried to do the double piercing on each side thing — but both times it just didn’t work out for me. So I have one hole in each ear. That’s it.


I am definitely an 8-9 hour sleeper. I could sleep more, even. My mom pierced my ears when I was 6 months old. When I was in 2nd grade I was able to get second holes as a reward for something.


I will never get sick of Sex and The City. Seven to eight hours is the ideal thing for me, nine hours will just get me more tired ironically.

And I got my ears pierced when I was a newborn at the hospital. This is how we do it in my country lol. I wear earrings everyday (cannot leave the house without them, unless I’m going for a run).


my ears are pierced and I wear the same studs every single day for the last 13 years lol. I know, creature of habit. I totally need my sleep! a good 7 – 8 hours is the best for me.


I need about 9 hours in bed, but that’s mostly because I have a baby that gets me up in the middle of the night. I’m sure I could survive on much less without the interruptions.
My favorite show right now is Last Man on Earth and Superstore. But there are all the classics that I never tire of (friends the office parks and rec).
I use my normal shoes to run on trails. I don’t dare stray from what works and risk an injury.
I like to wear earrings but I’m terrified my baby will rip them out of my ears. So it will be another year before I dare to wear them.


Your parents are so sweet! I didn’t get my ear’s pierced until I was 17 and a college friend dragged me to the mall and made me do it. She told me it’s basically a right of passage that my parents deprived me of when I was four! I wear earrings almost everyday unless I forget, but I prefer small studs – nothing dangly or too heavy. And House is a show I can watch over and over and never get tired of it! I’ve watched the entire series start to finish twice, and anytime it’s on TV I’ll always stop and watch!


Ever since I was a kid I’ve needed about 8 hours of sleep or else I’m grumpy the next day!

I could watch reruns of Gilmore Girls forever and not get bored of it. I’m so excited for the new episodes at the end of the month!


I can never get sick of Gilmore Girls! I’ve watched the entire series so many times!


Ross and I were just talking the other day about how we should re watch the first few seasons of The Office. The awkwardness is just amazing.

I could watch The Office, Seinfeld, Friends, 30 Rock and Arrested Development over and over again and never tire of them. There are probably shows I could add to the list, but I will stop there before I sound like even more of a TV obsessed loser.

I usually get 7hrs of sleep. If I could 8hrs. That would be amazing. But since I am a tv obsessed loser, I stay up later than I should instead of sleeping.

My mom got my ears pierced when I was 3. My sister’s had theirs done when they were 3. So then they got their girl’s pierced when they were 3. I broke the tradition and told Anna when she wanted them, she could get them. She was 7 when she asked. I plan on doing the same thing with Felicity.


The office! LOVE that show! I feel best on 7-8! I love rewatching friends when I need a good laugh! I have them pierced but they were pierced wrong on the right and it can’t be fixed so I rarely wear earrings. I love them though!!! :(


I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, especially if my weekly mileage is above 25 mpw. I don’t know how people function with less sleep. :( I also love The Office! I have the first 6 seasons on DVD so I can watch whenever I want. I don’t actually think I’ve seen the entirety of the last few seasons. It felt like it changed so much that I stopped watching. My ears are double pierced and I used to wear earrings all the time in high school, but now I pretty much never wear earrings. I should start because they are easy and look so classy. :)


I got my ears pierced at 5…………I screamed and cried. My friend laughed. Then when she did hers (same day, I went first) she cried and I laughed…………..we were good friends but so mean sometimes! I also had mine pierced a second time, because just a few weeks later my mom was in a fender bender and my head hit the dashboard (my carseat had not clicked in the seatbelt) and they did an xray to make sure I was fine (I was). But I screamed bloody murder bc they took out my earrings! The nurse gave my mom money to go get them re-pierced! Ha!

I need 8 or 9 hours………….usually get 7 or 8 if I am lucky :)

And I can watch Friends and Full House without ever getting tired of it!


I love love eight hours of sleep a night, but with my little two month old, that hasn’t happened for a while…

A show I never get sick of? Psych- Gus is one of the best characters on tv, haha!

Earrings? I got mine pierced when I was 13 and yeah, I rarely wear earrings. I forget to wear them for like 6 months and then once I put them in, I’ll wear them for another 6 months straight. I’m so fancy. ;)


I’m a 7-9 hour sleeper. 9+ when I’m adding miles or extra stressed. I wear earrings 99% of the time. I have subtle diamond studs that i just leave in. Every once in a while I’ll put in some hoops but rarely. Shows: NCIS, Fixer Upper, Alias.


I usually need a minimum of 7 and ideally 8, 8.5 to be feeling really good and well rested in the morning!

I don’t think I will ever get sick of Sex & the City and Bobs Burgers. From one end of the spectrum to the next, LOL

Random thought: Yes, I do have my ears pierced and I have this thing about ALWAYS needing to wear earrings before I leave the house. If I’m not wearing earrings (even if they are simple little studs) then I feel naked. Fortunately I keep a few spare pairs in my purse ;)


In Brazil you get your ears pierced at the hospital, just after being born :) It sounds strange but it’s a cultural thing, and that’s how you can tell if it’s a baby boy or girl. So I cannot even imagine life without earrings!


That is so cool! I have never heard of that Bel, thank you so much for sharing! That sure makes it easy to know whether the baby is a girl or boy! Hope you have a great week!


I like between 7 and 8 hours of sleep to feel my best.

I have double piercings in both ears and the top of my ear pierced on my left ear. I leave a hoop in that one and the second hole. I wear earrings pretty much every day, I like jewelry.

hmm, I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, and Bones are the shows I watch over and over.


I run in salomon shoes on the trails. I have 6 pairs, my favorite are the sense mantra’s (the newer version). I have two of the older version, I have some speed cross 3’s. There are some that are waterproof and warm for running on the trails in the snow. That is one of my favorites times to run, when it is lightly snowing and you are on a trail. The peacefulness and grandeur of it, overwhelms me.


I had to wait until I was 12 to get my ears pierced. Was age a requirement back in the day or was it just a way to stall year after year of the begging……

I love my Hoka’s Mafate Speed’s but they are not waterproof so for winter I wear a gortex Saucony trail shoe.

Is the bearded guy in the photo related to Andrew? They look very similar!!!


I also got my ears pierced when I was about 12! I do love wearing earrings but I’m glad that I waited until I did to get them pierced. It made it seem more special when I was that age.


I can’t remember when I got my ears pierced, but I think I was in high school. I also never wear earrings. I did on my wedding day too, but haven’t many times since! I love rings, but that is about all the jewelry I wear regularly!


I got mine pierced when I was 5. My mom was tired of people telling what a cute little boy she had (I blame the Dorothy Hamill haircut). I do best on 8 hours of sleep. And how great that Andrew has such a fun family! 43 nieces/nephews??? Do you have a birthday chart to keep it all straight?


I have to wear earrings every day! I have two piercings in each ear, and if for some horrible reason I forget earrings one morning, I feel naked or something! LOL That said, I also have a terrible problem losing earrings. I always just buy super cheap ones that aren’t dangly or anything. I lose them a lot when I’m running, I think sometimes when I adjust my headphones I knock them loose.

I can watch The Big Bang Theory over and over and still laugh every time!


I love, love, love my Saucony Peregrines, and I’m usually a Brooks girl.

My family and I love watching the office! If that’s Skinny Pop popcorn, I’ll be right over! ;-)

I have diamond studs with screw on backs so I don’t lose them. They’re a pain to take off so I wear them all the time.


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43 nieces and nephews?! Wow!! I only have 8, so that number amazes me. How do you celebrate birthdays and Christmas – are you expected to give presents for all of them??


Ooh i’ll be really keen to hear a gear review of those shoes! I run in very minimalist New Balance shoes on trail, although they can hurt a bit when you’re running scree!

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