First snow run and CYBER MONDAY deals for runners!

When I woke up and realized that it had snowed and that it was still snowing pretty hard I was really excited to get out and run in it.  Especially after a day off + the previous day on the treadmill… I was more than ready to get out and run.  PS I am working on a post with my tips for running in the snow as we speak;)

7 miles @ 8:22 average pace.

Luckily the roads weren’t slick (that is not fun for me because I feel like I am picturing myself slipping and falling for the entire run) but it snowed the entire time.  By the end of the run Josse’s hat had a about a quarter of an inch of snow on top.   I shared my hand warmers with her while we were out and I think she is now hooked on using them while running.  I don’t mind if my legs are cold or my face but my hands/feet being cold while running—>  no thank you.  That takes the fun out of it for me so I will do whatever I can to ensure both hands and feet are at a proper temperature during the run;)

I am a high maintenance runner when it comes to running in the snow because I just want to enjoy it.

IMG 2903

Eggs are a common occurrence over here lately.  This combo included squash, spinach and avocado too.  Not very pretty but very delicious!

IMG 2910

I finally got my tooth.  I’ve had a tooth missing for 11 months now and so it is a happy day to have the implant all done.  IMG 2907

Knox left this morning so I try to take Brooke out to do something when he leaves because she misses her best friend.

IMG 2914

Her best selfie yet.

IMG 2922

Sure hope that snow tasted good.

IMG 2924

Oh and she randomly found her very first race medal.  We have moved twice since this race and I haven’t seen the medal in quite some time… time to keep it somewhere safe because I have a feeling she will have a lot of medals she will want to add to it.

IMG 2912

Beretta is also enjoying the snow and Brooke is doing a great job drying her off when she comes in.

IMG 2930

PS this is what happens when Andrew tries to get school stuff done:

IMG 2877

PS how we found her last night.  She couldn’t decide between santa pjs and sofia the first pjs so why not wear both?  Also, she started with zero toys on her bed and somehow this happened.

IMG 2895

There are a few great deals out for RUNNERS today that I thought I would share real quick!

***Garmin Forerunner 225 GPS with wrist-based heart rate.  It is $159.99 today (normally $223.68) and I personally love this watch.  It is what I use for my runs and my brother just bought it today to get the deal.  I’ll be using this watch for a very long time.

***There are some killer deals on Brooks shoes today (or a free holiday shirt or socks with purchase) and apparel/bras are 30% off!! Stock up on some gear to get you through these cold months!

***The treadmill that i have is discounted big time (X11i Incline Trainer)!  HERE!

***Old Navy is 50% off everything—>  I adore their active wear!  My top 4 choices are here, here, here and here!

***Gap Fit things are also 50% off! Love these leggings and these hoodies are my go to hoodies as a base layer!

***Not running related by my favorite boutique is 20% off everything today!

***Anne just launched this adorable tank!  You can get it here!  I love the message:

Screen Shot 2016 11 28 at 1 18 29 PM


Gotten any great deals online today?  Please share!!!

Who else ran in the snow today?  How was it!

Favorite things to add to your eggs?

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such a beautiful snowy run!! can’t wait to peruse the deals.


Have fun!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day Nicole (ps that is my middle name:)


RBX active!!! They are typically super cheap anyways (I usually buy their stuff at Marshalls).

40% off and FREE SHIPPING!!


Thank you for the heads up!


Omg snow?!?! I can’t even imagine that yet! Wish I were there running with you (although maybe not in snow, hehe). Thank you so much for the link love for my new tank! xo


xoxoxo RUNCH!!!!
Oh ps I just realized I didn’t include the here link ha… it is there now.
Come to Utah and run a race pretty please. Stay with us.


Love ThredUp and hooked since you shared it, thanks! No snow here in Waco, Tx…if so, the entire town would shut down. I love that tank!


Seriously… they are the best! I keep finding things for the kids right now… I can’t stop:) You are welcome Tabaitha! Hope you are having a beautiful day and if you need a snow fix, come up to Utah!


Hi there Janae. I prefer my eggs in a cake generally. I have never tried them with avocato but i will now. Your food looks yummy.
I have never run in the snow because here it NEVER snows. Maybe because of that i think your pictures of your mountains covered with snow are amazing. They look like they came from a fairy tale. Please share lots of them.
Have a great week.


Oh try them out and let me know what you think! Oh I will totally share a lot of them over the next few months! Thanks Patricia, YOU TOO!


You’re so lucky you got to have some snow! We don’t get much snow in Seattle anymore but each year I keep my fingers crossed and hope that we do get some!


Can’t wait to run in the snow. It’s the best!!


No snow yet here–I don’t mind it holding off for a little bit longer! :) I love toast with avocado and an egg on top…yum! I also love eggs with onions and peppers. Delicious.


SIlly question – but I am thinking about getting my husband the Garmin as a gift…but it looks pink in the picture despite the color saying red. Is it my computer or is it pink?


Wow snow!!!! Looks sooooooo cold!!! How is it running in the snow? I bet it’s beautiful but at the same time you’re using more energy trying to make sure you’re not slipping and falling!
I cannot imagine how running in the cold would be…. for me this 60s weather is so darn cold. Ha!
I need thicker skin.

We got the jay bird earbuds during this sale season. I’ll have to test them out :)

Reply has the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch on sale for $114.99. My FreeStyle Shark Predator watch went belly up and a friend urged me to go high tech. It should arrive tomorrow by UPS :) Just in time for the Frisky Goat 5k Winter Series; Four 5k’s with the last race on New Years Day.


So jealous to hear of your snow run! Those are my favorite but we haven’t gotten any snow yet where I live. I spent a good portion of my morning teaching my coworkers how to prep for snow running though! ;)
Also reading about your cookie decorating has me itching to make some Christmas cookies too… someday soon when I ever have the time.


How do you keep your feet warm? This may be a dumb question, but do you put a set of the hand warmers in your shoes? Sometimes my feet go numb on a run b/c they are so cold, so then it is like you are running with blocks for feet.


I love that Brooke can fall asleep amidst a billion toys. We often find our 3 year old asleep under a pile of books and stuffed animals.

Yay that you/she found the medal! We put up a very basic homemade medal rack for both our kids. The first week that we hung our toddler’s medals, we found him cuddled in bed with them each night. I thought we’d hung it up high enough that it was out of his reach, but no dice. He was so proud, that he wanted to snuggle with them ;)

No snow here yet, but I know it’s on the way. Enjoying the dry sidewalks for now!


i am missing the snow so much. wind, hail and tornadoes possible today//tonight. very interesting weather in the deep south! brooke is sooo adorable!


My implant was the same! I started the process last October, and I got the actual tooth part put in this October. It was totally worth it!


I love spinach and mushrooms with my eggs and always topped with avocado.

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