Silentish Sunday!!!

We set off to San Francisco first thing in the morning.

First stop—>  Bob’s donuts.

IMG 0630

I was very happy to share this special place with them.

IMG 0634

It was colder (and kind of raining) so we changed our plans around a bit.

IMG 0636

We explored and found some new to us parks.

IMG 0638

We most definitely saw the Golden Gate Bridge (Knox was amazed by it).

IMG 0639

IMG 0649

We played plenty of Legos.

IMG 0653

Knox was pretty happy when his food came in a car.

IMG 0663

Mel’s sweet potato fries are perfect.

IMG 0665

Went back to the hotel for a little bit so Knox could get in a little rest.

I jumped on the treadmill really quick and did 4 miles total—> 3 miles @ 7:40, 1 mile @ 6:11.  Gotta love a good hotel gym.

IMG 0694

Dinner at my aunt’s house—>  I MISS THEM.

IMG 0699

Buca di Beppo.  This was their first time meeting Andrew and Knox and it was great.

IMG 0701

Brooke is having a great time with her dad and we get to pick her back up today!

IMG 0710

HAPPY SUNDAY and I hope you have a great day today!!!

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I love when life makes you change your plans around — I mean I hate it. I love/hate it.

I love it because I feel like memories are created during spur of the moment activities. But I hate it because I’m a planner! I make plans and stick to them (mostly).

Am I crazy?


I remember my parents taking us to paint and we loved it. Hopefully Brooke does too!

I am craving donuts now. I might need to stop on my way to work.


I love rainy Northern California days. Ahh I miss California so much! Have a wonderful time!


Knox looks cute in that grey hat.

Hmmm…more pain on horse or Brooke’s hands? ha!


I was doing my long run right below you on the Golden Gate haha! It was cold and rainy, but that’s San Francisco for you! Last weekend it was HOT! I told my boyfriend I think fall in San Francisco probably has better weather than Summer lol. Brooke painting the pony is very cute! Totally agreed that Bob’s donuts are best ever and Mel’s sweet potato fries are PERFECT. A16 Pizza is pretty unreal if you have the chance!


omgosh I love Mel’s diner!! :)


Oh! This post makes me miss San Francisco so much! My husband grew up there so it is very special to us. Way back in 2004 when I went for the first time his family took us to Mel’s. God that feels like a million years ago. Thanks for sharing!


I’m glad you’ve got your boys to keep you busy. It must be so much fun getting to show them around some of your favorite places.


My little brother could not live without his legos when we went out to dinner for years. It was the only thing that would keep him happy and distracted so we could finish a meal. ;)


My husband and I were in L.A. last week and drove up to see the Golden Gate bridge. We actually ran across it. It was one of my husband’s bucket list wishes that got crossed off the list.

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