Silentish Saturday from the mountains.

(This posted a few hours later than usual:)

5 solo morning miles.

They come up with the most random games.

IMG 9598

Socks for gloves.

IMG 9606

Finally packed everything and got on our way to the mountains.

IMG 9622

Beretta’s favorite way to ride in the car.

IMG 9624

After a few hours of driving and searching for the perfect campsite, we found one we were all pretty happy about.

IMG 9629

IMG 9647

Beretta was in her element and roamed around the perimeter of our site pretty much the whole time to keep us safe.

IMG 9637

After some exploring we just sat by the fire cuddling and chatting with everyone (Andrew’s family came with us)!

IMG 9649

Knox was busy doing ‘chores.’

IMG 9652

Grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner (and of course some s’mores).

IMG 9650

She fell right asleep in my arms.

IMG 9651

And of course Andrew is in shorts even though it is in the 40s.

IMG 9653


Camping… yay or nay?  Favorite place to go?

What is your Saturday filled with?

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Camping is so much fun!!! I really wish we did more of it! I grew up in Colorado, so my family camped a lot in the summer :) I now live in SoCal with my own family, and have fallen in love with camping at the beach!!! There’s just something about falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean while smelling like a campfire ;)
Enjoy your weekend!!!


I love that she has socks as gloves! We used to do that in high school cross countryso we could throw them out if it got too hot!


It sounds like such a fun time. I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. I also like the Brooks track shirt. It’s super cute! I’ve used socks as mittens a lot. Now, I just have 1 million pairs of gloves because I hate my hands being cold. ;)


I would totally camp some where away from MN……at night when the mosquitos come out it makes camping unbearable…or so I think so. ;-)


Camping is a yay! But I can’t go anwhere that there are bears. I’m to freaked out by bears.


Camping is probably one of my favorite thinga to do. Too bad bae doesn’t like it… they you can’t change people but I think with some coercion with smores, anything is possible!
Love the brooks top-super cute. Also really nice that your dog has such great instincts!


Camping…. Absolutely. Grew up roughing it in the woods and backpacking. My hubby is up hunting right now and just text me “Is it hunting when you spend all morning hiking up a mountain… get there make yourself a cup of coffee and find out you have cell reception?” absolutely not! No reception,no distractions and kids using every piece of wood as a gun or a sword and not begging to play video games or games on my phone = nothing better


That pic of Brooke with the socks as gloves is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! I haven’t been camping in forever, but it might be kind of fun to go again soon. I need an adventure.


I ran the KC Marathon. I saw a spectator in your ‘What I say at mile 20 shirt’ multiple times. Then a girl running near me said ‘HRG?’. You and the shirt are famous!!!!


AHHH HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats on your MARATHON:) I hope you are feeling great and recovering well. YAY for that shirt:) That is awesome! Way to go today Lori!


LIttle guy really wants to go on a camping trip but I haven’t been brave enough to go since he was born! Will consider for next summer! Seeing you guys handling camping with two kids is good motivation!


Love camping! But we didn’t get a chance to do any camping this summer for various reasons – work, other vacations, etc.

Today was a lazy Saturday – fed my friend’s horses, brunch, nap, some chores, etc. It feels good! :)


I love camping if it’s next to a lake and we can swim and boat. But 3-4 days is usually max for me!

Have a great time!


I love camping when the weather is cool out but I haven’t done it in FOREVER! We actually pulled a bunch of camping stuff out when it seemed like Hurricane Matthew was going to hit us last week… luckily we didn’t need it, but seeing it out has made me want to go camping! :)

Plus your smores also make me want to go camping! haha


Camping = yay. October is a great month for camping.


Camping is a YAY all the way. We actually go to a place very close to our home. We used to think people were crazy who did that, but now we are those crazy people. Like it’s not camping if you didn’t go far away to get there. But it’s great. If my husband gets called in to work, we can go to and from campsite/home/work easily. During the summer, I can still run my kid to summer activities and go camping. She’s loving fishing at the moment. We have a spot with bathroom, great showers, a lake right there and several nicely cleared out trails. So it’s pretty awesome. Enjoy your camping. That’s our time to put away all tech stuff, set aside work, get away from things to do at the house, and it’s good old fashion family time. Old board games, tons of outside activities, looking for bugs, getting dirty…..the best.


Nay on the camping. If I don’t have a bathroom and shower next to my nice warm bed, it ain’t happening. But I would gladly eat a s’more! :)


I would love to try camping in a tent. My husband doesn’t think I will like it, though.
I must have missed something about why you call Saturdays silentish. Can you please help me with this?


Camping 1000X YES! I camp multiple times a year and have been doing so since I was like 1! It’s my favourite!


I have to come down on the side of “nay” with camping. Day trip, hiking, trail run? Absolutely. Sleeping on the ground and no bathroom? Not so much.


I love camping in the mountains or by a lake — Camping near Lake Michigan is usually so chilly and nice for campfires! As long as the campsite has a working bathroom facility o_0… with showers and toilets… I’m down for days.

I can’t go without showering for longer than 48 hours — so an overnight with no support is about as long as I can go…

There’s something about the outdoors and fresh air that always make me sleep like the dead!

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