Sentence Per Picture!!!

A little confused about the warm running weather but welcoming it with open arms… 8:25 pace for today and feeling more and more normal.

I get really excited when I find this gum because it tastes like candy and I love candy.

IMG 9578

Eight Minute Abs is still a part of my life.

IMG 9580

Andrew took a school break and made us turkey burgers for lunch…  our grill was the best investment ever.

IMG 9581

Watching rockets last night.

IMG 9540

They think they are so funny.


Using my back as a pillow and cuddled up to Beretta while she colors.

IMG 9517

My sister’s homemade oreos are everything… recipe HERE!

IMG 9286

Andrew doesn’t like chocolate covered gummy bears and that is upsetting to me.

IMG 9136

If Knox asks to snuggle with me it makes my entire day… I feel really lucky to be his step-mama.

IMG 8417

Purple shoe power with Megan.

IMG 9579

From a bit ago but I’m sure Lindsey loves my hair in her face.

IMG 8791

Making some delicious apple butter over here today…


Let’s see how many post-race St. George Marathon selfies I can get with Brooke over the years (I’m guessing down the road she will have a medal around her neck too:)

PicMonkey Collage


What is your sentence for the day?!

Any candy that you wonder why people like it?

What was your lunch today?

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My lunch was two slices of apple pie. Oops.
Sentence today: 12 days till my birthday!!!


Sounds delicious!


I’m not a big fan of Three Musketeers. Janae, the pic with Knox is so cute; the emotions on your face says it all!


Have you noticed millions of little nats out while you’re running? I just got back and have them all over me!

Those Oreos look so yummy


Super random question/blog post idea…but can you put together a list of your favorite books? (Fiction/non-fiction)


LOVE that idea. YES and yes. Thank you Katie!


Lunch today was butternut squash, black bean, and peach mango salsa tacos without the shell..yum.
Those oreos look good. It’s just something else to add to my list of things to bake and eat. I think the Internet is conspiring against my weight loss goals. Everywhere I look, there is a yummy looking recipe that I want to bake and eat.


Sentence: I love High Intensity Interval Training! Regarding the candy question, I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of Jelly beans… Lunch today was a big kale salad with smoked salmon, poppy seed dressing, avocado slices and dried cranberries on top + a few slices of oven roasted sweet potatoes on the side…


Sentence for the day: Buying shoes from bae rules when he gets a 50% discount holla!
I have a lot of questions for people who like 3 Musketeers.
Lunch today was collared greens mixed in Annie’s Mac and Cheese. Calcium overload ;)

Love the purple Launches, btw. They are also my racing shoe and I feel like they will be for quite some time.


Fall in Maine. Can’t beat it!

Lunch was a bowl of rice krispies….Total fail! On vacation this week…all structure has been blown out the window.

Dots – worst candy ever, lol. It’s like eating flavorless wax that sticks to your teeth. I don’t get it!


BERETTA!!!! Love her.


The picture of you and Knox is just priceless!

My sentence of the day: sad that my brother and sister in-law are moving to Hawaii….but happy that we now have a reason to visit and place to stay!

Don’t hate me for my candy no-no’s…but I never liked anything gummy or sour…or jolly ranchers….or anything like Mounds or Almond Joy with coconut.


OK…I don’t know if its the beer that I just had or simply this post but something has me laughing…..

1. Picture of you and Knox…..You are an AWESOME STOP-MOMMA I am sure!! (bwahahahh…..)
2. Those onions………yikes!
3. Andrew’s face with the chocolate gummy……I mean its chocolate, eat and enjoy!

and finally….those kiddos in your bed…..I hope they remain buddies for years to come….


HAHAH THANK YOU for catching stop-mama… auto correct!!! Yep, I don’t know why Andrew is so disgusted by those gummy bears. I sure hope so too:)


Unfortunately, my work training ran over today, so lunch consisted of 8 rolls of smarties from their candy bowl. I was sooo hangry when I got home. (I’d have snuck in a snack if I’d have known it would have went over lunch). You know those candies that you licked the stick and dipped it in the powder, the sticks were white. Lick-a-Stiks I think they were called. I didn’t care for the sugary powder but I could eat those sticks all day long. Seriously the best. Oddly, the taste reminds me of how the scratch n sniff Smurf stickers used to smell. I think it was the Smurf ones. I probably sound weird, but someone out there has to be able to confirm this.


My sentence for the day: First post-marathon run today! Only 3 miles, but I brought my dog and it felt great. :) I do not like Swedish Fish at all, and I cannot understand why people like it! :) I went to a lunch meeting today and they provided Jimmy Johns, so I had a vegetarian sub. And a cookie!


Only ran 4 miles today, but at least I got a run in today. Thanks for all your posts. Such an encouragement to me to keep running. I have a daughter just a little younger than yours. So fun! Also, are those really the ab work outs you do?


I have a few other that I do but my coach had me doing 8 minute abs forever ago (and sometimes 2 times in a row) and I have kept doing it. I’ll add more of the ab workouts that I do asap! Hope you are having a beautiful day and YAY for getting miles in today! Keep on running and enjoy the rest of your week:)


I bet your house smelled amazing cooking those apples.

I made my knock off version of Cubby’s buffalo chicken salad for my lunch today, but with a lot more lettuce ;)

I will have to agree with Andrew – chocolate covered gummy bears = no bueno. I don’t really even like them without chocolate. Ross likes Necco wafers though and we have somehow still managed to be married 12 years. I don’t know how. I must be a saint.

Homemade oreo cookie are the best.

What are abs? (please refer to my sentence above).


Great article. Amazing pictures. Fun reading it. Thank you for sharing with us.


I love DOTS! Especially when they’re frozen. Nobody else seems to like them which is so bizarre to me.


I love Dots! But my teeth don’t………too chewy for my crown :(


Haha I hear ya! Taste great but awful for the teeth!


My sister in law Eleanor once said “ew, why would anyone like Payday?!” I guess I agree………….peanuts and no chocolate??!!


And chocolate covered gummy bears are the best thing ever. I get them from a local chocolate shop…………..they have the best homemade milk chocolate on them!

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