Compliment yourself, since we last caught up and my finish line video!

LOVED reading all of your comments yesterday, thank you so much!! Good luck to all of you that have big races coming up, I want to hear all about them please!!!

Let’s go over a few things that have been going on over here since we last talked!

First, this comment from a friend of mine from high school made me so happy:)  She saw Andrew out sprinting around with the kids!!!  PS I want to do 14 St. George Marathons!  CONGRATS to your Dad!

Screen Shot 2016 10 03 at 10 47 12 AM

A friend sent me this video from my finish!!! I was tired by then:)

*I did a little 2 mile walk on my treadmill (it’s finally inside our house… hallelujah!!!) Monday morning while Brooke created all sorts of necklaces!

IMG 8740

*We had a big family bday party for Knox on Sunday!  IMG 8739

*The evening was full of a piñata, a Transformers cake, a million cousins and singing happy birthday 4 times.  He told us he loved his birthday, mission accomplished!  They take the blowing out of the candles very seriously.

IMG 8712

*Knox received this at his party but I’m pretty sure Andrew will be using this also.

IMG 8707

*My nephew is almost as tall as my sister (she is 5’10”)… how is this happening?!?  I was there when he was born!

IMG 8723

*Eggless cookie dough.

IMG 8696

*Beretta isn’t minding joining in on this marathon recovery time and being extra lazy.

IMG 8697

*Zoodles and chicken for dinner last night!

IMG 8805

*And this delicious cup of goodness afterwards (Utah really cooled down this last weekend).

IMG 8802

*Monday at about 5:30 pm the tiredness after the marathon finally hit and I took a nap and was still able to fall asleep for the night just a few hours after that.

IMG 8795

*I do not understand why he loves beets but I will try and support him in this strange food.

IMG 8794

*Brookie and I had a little date together and she was laughing pretty hard about who knows what.

IMG 8753

*And she saw some of her second mama’s.  These girls sure spent a lot of time with her over the years.

IMG 8790

*I’m not as sore as usual after this marathon but goodness gracious, going down the stairs is rough.  Thank goodness for handrails because it really hurts.

IMG 8784

*We started watching Grey’s Anatomy and I’m pretty happy about that.  I don’t get super sucked into movies but TV series draw me in and hook me.

IMG 8797

I came across this article last week about small things that you can do to improve your fitness.  I was really happy I saw this tip about complimenting yourself before my race because I used it during my race.

Want to improve your running??  Try complimenting yourself and using positive self-talk—>  It can make a big difference!  It can be on anything from how your last mile went, your form, your breathing, how good you are at singing while running, your calves, your arms swinging strong, sticking to your plan—>  anything at all.

The second I start getting down on myself (which is something very easy for me to do) or comparing myself to those around me during a run/race is the second I start slowing down and sometimes even quitting.  Whenever I am positive (aka last Saturday) I feel so much stronger and love the whole experience a whole lot more.  Cheer yourself on just like what you would do/say to your best friend while he/she is running!

Those brains of ours are sure powerful and can make the world of difference in our running and races.

Screen Shot 2016 09 27 at 3 04 47 PM


Tell me about your self-talk during races?  Do you notice how your body reacts to what you are telling yourself about your performance?

Beets—>  delicious or awful?

Do you get pretty sore after a marathon or not so much?

ANDREW AND I ARE DOING ANOTHER VLOG (it has been a while)… so if you have any questions, let me know today in the comments and we will answer them!

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Love the video, nice kick.


I do typically get sore after the marathon for 1-2 days, but it is the best kind of sore to be! I’ve found that taking a whole week off afterwards is the best way for me to get back to normal. I’ve tried coming back sooner but it ends up burning me out.

I always try to have a mantra for each race. For my first BQ race my mantra was “Earned Not Given” and the next was “Believe.” Simple but they give me something to focus on!


I love that “compliment yourself” tip! Awesome! I definately feel a change when I am positive!

Beets are amazing and I would pay taxes to them aka I pledge allegiance:)

A question for Andrew and you! -> How do you keep date nights fun/switch things up? The man and I are both on busy schedules as well (no where near how busy yall are!) and sometimes we get stale with our dates. Any tips?


Beets??! Eww!! It does make me think of Dwight from “The Office,” though. :)

I have to use self-talk during races and even during speed work to remind myself that I CAN do it and that it’s only a short period of time that I have to feel the pain. And sometimes I even try to tell myself that the pain really isn’t that bad–it could be so much worse. But I love the complimenting idea. I am definitely going to have to try that in my next race!


No beets! But I will accept beet powder to color things naturally.
I am always sore after a marathon.
Does Beretta sleep in the bed? And this might be a weird question but what vacuum do you find works best at getting her fur up. My boyfriend has a chocolate lab and we will be living together in another year or so. I’m planning ahead lol.


I do self-talk to myself even during hard workouts. Just simple “you’ve got this” or something little like that. it works like a charm every time. I think that using little mantras like that allows me to turn my mind off for a second and focus on something other than the pain haha!

and beets YES! i had some on my salad last night and was actually thinking “oh my god, why did I hate these for so long, they’re amazing” haha. such a timely post.


The few days after a marathon are the BEST (except for DOMS). Looks like you are enjoying every sec. Congrats again, girlie! Impressive time and awesome negative splits. Well done, and your posts SO have inspired me to look into St. Georges.


I have two girls, a four year old with Down syndrome and a two year old who is typical. Every night during bed time I say things like, “I am strong. ” “I am smart.” “I can be anything.” and I have them repeat me. I always struggled in believing in myself and I am going to do my best to get my girls’ to not experience the negative thoughts like I did while growing up. I think it’s working though, my two year old is one fierce little lady.


Somer, I absolutely loved your comment and I’m going to start saying those things (and having them repeat me) each night at bedtime. Thank you for such a great idea.


Yep…I use to die as a teen when my mom would eat beets and sure enough NOW I EAT THEM TOO. However, I do not prefer any canned or jar beets….only natural, sliced, sprayed and sprinkled with sea salt and then roasted for about 12 minutes….


My dad LOVES canned beets! My mom grows and cans them from her garden and he’s the only one who eats them.


LOVE beets. Roasted and tossed with some feta cheese and pepitas. Delicious.

When I’m running, I keep reminding myself that I gave birth without an epidural twice. So if I can do that, then I can certainly run a little faster. It works sometimes, but I think I have some more training to do to keep the positivity high while I’m racing. My stomach is always a mess and I tend to zero in on that. I ordered Huma gels. Here’s hoping they work!

Also – I ran a half on Sunday and I’m a bit sore. Swam slowly yesterday, and did recovery yoga today to keep them limber.


I use mantras during a hard workout or race. I actually have a blog post scheduled on Friday with my favorite mantras! My current favorites are “I am fast. I am strong. I am a marathoner” and “Think Strong, be strong, finish strong”. I like to get a Momentum Jewelry Wrap for each big race with whatever I want to remind myself of during the race! Last year it said “Think strong, have fun”. I wear it on the same wrist as my watch, so everytime I glance down I see it! I just repeat mantras over and over to pull myself out of a dark mile. If that doesn’t work I start counting down from 100 to distract myself.

I tried a beet smoothie the other day and really didn’t like it. I’ve heard there are many benefits of beets for runners, so I’m interested to keep trying it!

Soreness–after a marathon, my quads kill me. I usually have to go down stairs backwards.


You’re the crazy one, beets are delicious! :)
I’ve never felt much like self-talk helped me during a race until more recently when I started racing smarter. It’s hard to get your legs to move when they’re completely shot from going out too fast! That being said, I’m always SUPER sore after races…no matter what. It’s weird. Maybe it’s mental?


I used to avoid beets because of how they look but now I like them when they are roasted and added to a salad. I don’t buy them to cook myself though! I only get them in restaurants.


One of my favorite things to tell myself during a hard run is “if this were easy, everyone would do it” or “things worth having are the ones you have to work hardest for.”

I’ve only run one marathon so far, but later that day, I was hobbling around like a little old lady. It hurt much worse the same day than I was expecting, but I was able to walk normally the next day – which really surprised me.


Going to have to pass on the beets lol. I am training for my first marathon in January and I notice my long runs go so much better when I compliment myself and use positive self talk. Love ready your post and it gets me excited for my race!


Good luck with Grey’s Anatomy :) The nice thing is that there are all the episodes on Netflix basically so you can watch forever. I love this positive self-talk reminder. I try to think positive thoughts about running when I’m doing it, or force myself to smile during especially hard parts to trick my brain. I swear it works!


Beets are divine!! I love them. I eat them raw, or roasted. I HATE pickled beets. Yuck. I’m not much of a canned food girl, period.


Self-complimenting is something that I’ve done for a few years and it really helps! During a tough run it can help convince yourself that the normal aches and pains aren’t that bad. Repeating to myself, “You’re doing good” keeps me moving forward even when my body tells me that the tank is near empty (even if that’s not the best grammar–“You’re doing well” just doesn’t work as a mantra for me). I’ve definitely been using that mantra the last week or so for non-running reasons–I’m 39wks pregnant today!

Another form of self-complimenting I do is that if a run is going off the rails, I listen to my inner Meb and “focus on form”. If I can’t go fast because my body is fighting me, then I use that time as a way to improve and focus on my form. When we get tired and distracted, it’s easy to fall into bad form which can cause injuries. Focus on the things you’re doing right, even if not 100% of everything is going right.


LOL, my crazy hubby likes beets too (ick!)

My PR’s have all been set while having a good attitude. Positive self talk is crucial.

I’ve only done 1 full (my 2nd is next month!) and I iced in our pool afterwards (November!) and I was not sore at all!

How do you and Andrew squeeze in workouts between work & babies? Have you done any run dates?


Beets: No. Never. I will eat almost any vegetable but I won’t do that. *shudder*

Normally When I run, I think things like how slow I am, or can everyone hear my out of control breathing? Compliments might be a nice change of pace. ;)


Beets are AMAZING! I second Andrew! Looking at your bowl of fruit makes me tear up a little bit… I am pregnant and I am experiencing my first food aversion to watermelon. It is so, so sad! I am convinced it tastes and smells like pumpkin!


My self talk has been an issue since I started running 5 years ago. At first, there was a lot of negativity — and I had to grow and learn how to ignore that negative inner critic. Now, I make a conscious effort to pump myself up mid run — my go-to’s are “you can do this! You can do ANYTHING!” and “You’re strong!” or “You’ve got this girl!”

Beets—> delicious and amazing. I’ll grab a few, wash ’em, rub ’em in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and wrap a few in tin foil. If you toss them in the oven for a while, they’re this amazing treat! I’ll do this at the same time I bake chicken or casseroles so I have tons for the week. SO GOOD! Sliced pickled beets are a go-to for salad toppings!

I’ll let you know if I get sore after my first marathon next Sunday! :D


Love beets! And yes, self talk in a race totally works. I use it regularly. :)


BEETS! I got them in my farm share last year and tried roasting them and… hated them. I thought they tasted like dirt, unfortunately. Though I might consider them pickled, since I like pretty much everything pickled. I ended up making the rest of the beets into … beet chocolate cake. Now that, I could get down with!


Positive self-talk: i might be weird but i will (in my head) say things like “you can’t stop me, crazy enormous hill” or “you can’t stop me, mile 12.” It totally works for me. It just makes me decide that i’m stronger than that hill, i’m stronger than how much that mile hurts, etc. And now you can all think i’m weird. ?
I love roasted beets in salads or on their own.


I do give myself pep talks during races and I find I do really well when I’m positive. I remind myself that I’ve trained hard, I can pull through – even if it’s not the time that I wanted. :) Cutting myself a break also helps. My performance usually improves after I let the niggling thoughts go.

I love beets, I prefer them roasted. (not a fan of a veggie? try roasting it, all the sweetness comes out).

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sore after the marathon (when I finally get to do it).


Definitely makes a difference in how I perform by the thoughts I am thinking! I will even say them out loud if I have to, to keep the negative thoughts from taking over mid race!
What an epic day!!!! Best recovery/family day!!!! I loved that comment from your friend. It really outs into perspective just how hard Andrew worked on race day to have him and the littles cheer you on!


No question personally, but I wanted to say I’m really enjoying the videos! Please keep them up! I also am enjoying seeing your life right now with your family. This race recap was so different from the past and Andrew went above and beyond as he has from day one. It’s amazing to witness and reminds me so much of my husband and I. We’ve been married 12 years now and I’m more in love with him now than at the start so that’s saying a lot. ;)


MARIE!!! Thank you so so much for your sweet comment. I love hearing how amazing your love with your husband is. I feel so lucky!!!


Mmmm beets, love them. Roasted and sauteed with goat cheese and toasted almonds. Or in Shalane’s Can’t Beet Me smoothie. Even with my love for beets I thought that smoothie might be a little too “earthy” but with the blueberries and ginger you really don’t notice the beets. And the color is beautiful.

And yes to the positive self talk!


I totally want a body bumper! Those look so fun!!


I love beets. They are so good in salads with chicken and feta cheese. There are golden beets and the dark red ones. If a salad has both beets in it, I am over the moon.


I love beets. I think you need to try fresh beets roasted in the oven, they are amazing.

Wow your sister is tall, I didn’t realize you two were that tall!

I really should try that positive self talk, I’m always talking down about myself.


During races, my mantra I say to myself (especially during the tough parts) is “you are strong! You are powerful!” And I just repeat it over and over to the beat of my pace. I would say the positivity definitely helps!
Vlog Question: what did you each do to stay positive when it came to dating/single life/loneliness discouragement? (Life is so good but there are always those moments you know?) oh! And/or what did you do to open yourselves up to being vulnerable? Or what that never an issue. So many thoughts on my head. Hopefully some of those made sense :)
Love ya! Xoxo


I LOVE beets cooked and tossed in butter and salt.

So nice to see Mer in the birthday pic, she is so darn cute! The one question I must ask for the vlog is..when do you think you guys will add a new baby to your family? (No need to answer if that’s too personal) :)


omg how is your nephew so big!?!? Kids need to stop this growing thing! And that reader’s comment was so sweet! Congrats on an amazing race!


Have you never watched Greys Anatomy??!?!?!! You will love it! I love the positive comments to your self. Sometimes when I am running and it is really hard and all I can think about is how tired I am and how much it hurts I just smile. A big ole smile and its lifts my mood and I can keep going! I actually think I learned that trick from your blog, but it really works!


I have a 10k in a month but I won’t even begin to talk about that because it’s pathetic compared to you! hahah. I’m warning you, Grey’s is SOOOOO addicting.


Beets are different-I like them. A Lot. But, they are probably one of the weirdest tasting delicious food. Plus, they mix well on a salad, or pickled, or roasted with fresh parsley and sea salt……yum. I’m a “mixer” when it comes to salads and veggies so I like them all jumbled up with other ingredients. Plus it’s fun when something else turns pink.

Is that Papa Murphy’s cookie dough? My kids love and miss that little tub of delight.

Your “catching up” seemed so super crazy busy for a day, then I realized today is Tuesday so you probably encompassed more than one day ;)


Beets. Taste like dirt. ‘nuf said :)

Great job at St. George HRG!!


First, awesome video. The fact you were upright is amazing.

Questions for vlog:
Does Andrew have any interest in running a marathon?
I know you just completed St. George, Janae, but do you have sights on a spring marathon?? If so, which one?
Random (since i just started up spinning) – did you usually where spin shoes? I find the bottoms are much more rigid and really help! I had to wear my running shoes this morning and it was very different.


Ugh I hate beets. I have tried them several times, but they are just not good. :) I am running my first marathon on Sunday, so I guess I will find out on Sunday evening/Monday if I get sore or not. I will also be practicing positive self talk. :)


OK, I like the self compliment thing…. first of summer, I struggle with my running and began to lose my self esteem as a runner…. I decided to adjust my training, and not instead of beating myself up, I see only the positive! Andddddd, I just PR’d during a recent 5K!!!! So, no more negative thoughts!!!

Beets? hmmm, I have been so wanting to get on the beet train since they are good for runners, but I haven’t mustard up the courage to try them…. they just don’t look enticing…. LOL! :D

Congrats on your marathon!!! Just awesome!!! Love the video!


I’m with Andrew on the beet debate. I think I have them every night! You must let him know that the trader joes here on the east coast have dehydrated beet chips!!!! Just beets….sooooo good for a sweet crunch. Stop cringing and gagging, Janae!!! Hahaha

My first marathon is San Francisco killed my quads…going down stairs and ramps was not fun! it was quite a comical scene.


Just came across this great article…I’m ready for a little running break after my half this past Sunday and then training smarter!!


For Andrew- how is nursing school going?!


pickled beets are terrible! However—try them roasted in the oven. They are right up there with sweet potatoes for me. A favorite we make in our house at least once a week.


Grey’s Anatomy? Oh. No. Get ready for the longest roller coaster of emotions in your entire life. It’s amazing.


I have an obsession with beets… like every time I open a can, I eat them all that same day. I love them on salads or just with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on them. My husband is like you and doesn’t understand my love for them at all. That’s ok by me though because that just means more for me. :)


After a marathon when your legs are screaming, walk down the stairs backwards. It’s so much less painful!

I always go soooooo sore when I raced my marathons; but after the ones that I ran for fun with my friends, I rarely got sore.


Completely unrelated to anything: I need to know how your sister fixes her hair! It’s not spiraled, it’s not necessarily straight, am I the only genius that doesn’t know how to make my hair look like that.

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