Six reasons why I adore early morning running and family reunions at Costco.

Josse and I hit the running trail quite early and even though I woke up 4 times in the middle of the night freaking out that I was late meeting her for our run, early morning runs are my favorite for a few reasons.  *Please note I will be most likely changing my tune on this subject once there is snow and ice everywhere but for the other 8 months of the year, early morning runs are my jam.  PS remember that time I fell and hit my head on the ice a few years ago?  The things we do to log in those miles throughout the year right?

For most of my running life I have been an early morning runner….  When I was a teacher I did all of my training on the gym treadmill and started at around 5 a.m.  Pregnant mornings with Brooke = early morning runs on my treadmill at home.  When I lived in California I set out close to every early morning (besides the days that I would run on my treadmill on my balcony/deck of my apartment—>  I’m still confused why my apartment okayed that idea of mine).  When I lived with my parents,  Josse and I would meet every morning and run so I could be back in time for Brooke waking up.  It wasn’t until I was living on my own with Brooke that I stopped doing a lot of the early morning runs because I didn’t have that option anymore… But now I do and I love those crazy early mornings for a few reasons (these reasons outweigh the fact that it initially hurts so bad to get out of my warm comfortable beds… especially when it is raining outside like this morning’s run).

PS I only run with people or on the treadmill in the early morning.  I get too freaked out any other way.  I think I did a few miles by myself early this year once and I don’t ever want to do that again.

1. The miles just click by.  My watch beeped at me that we had gone three miles already and I could have sworn we had only done 1.2 miles by that time.   Mentally I feel awake but I think my body is so busy trying to wake up that it forgets it is actually running.  Or maybe I’m so busy paying attention to trying not to trip over anything in the dark that I lose all sense of distance traveled.

2.  The world is still asleep.  There is something about that early morning time where the world is quiet and you feel like you and your running buddy might be the only people moving around at that exact moment.  I love it.  I love not missing out on anything going on at home and to know the family is peacefully sleeping while I get my me time and sweat on.

3.  Those mornings that you see the sunrise… that just starts the day out right.

4.  Josse and I were talking about how hard core we feel getting our run in during the early morning hours and since it was raining too we just felt like we were extra tough.

5.  Morning person is an understatement for me (I think I get it from my dad… he gets up to work at 2 or 3 a.m. because he is just too excited to work that he can’t sleep any longer) and morning is my best time.  Getting those miles in when I feel my best is my favorite.

6.  It makes your day feel like you have about 10 extra hours to the day.  I get home and I’m way more productive and I feel like I get things done left and right.

Oh and bonus… kid morning snuggles + endorphinated already = bliss.

Just reminding myself about these reasons when the alarm clock goes off helps me to roll out of bed.

Runs that happen later on in the morning will still be happening too because of schedules, but yeah… those early morning runs are something else.  *Please note again this post was written directly after the run and at about 3 pm in the afternoon I might feel differently and search for chocolate for a pick me up.

PS Andrew is always amazed how fast I get out the door in the morning for a run—>  aka it takes me just a few minutes.  I have everything out that I need in a pile out the night before, brush my teeth, change and eat a few bites of a banana and I’m out the door.


Let’s talk about a few life things.  Andrew and I had a great chat with Bangs Friend and her husband Sunday night.  FaceTime makes missing people a lot easier.

IMG 9763

We found Knox like this.  He had set up quite the scene and I’m sure that pumpkin in bed must have been quite comfortable too.

IMG 9765

She wanted to be a cat today so we went for it.

IMG 9770

Later on in the day we went for our Costco trip and we ran into my sister and kids there AGAIN.  This happened last time too and we only go twice a month.  That is pretty impressive.

IMG 9780

IMG 9782

These are my FAVORITE running gloves and they are on sale right now at Costco.

IMG 9776

I think I just snacked on the best raspberries I’ve ever had from today’s trip.

IMG 9794

And it looks like I will be having grapefruit with every meal from here on out.

IMG 9790


Early morning runners, what do you love most about running at that time of day?

What are the reasons you love running at your normal running time?

Ever had a bad fall on the ice?

Costco lovers… what are some of your favorite finds there lately?

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I run every morning at 5am on my treadmill in my garage. My neighbors must think I am crazy!!! It is my favorite time of the day. I love to tell my first graders that I ran ten miles before work. It also leaves my evenings free for my daughters’ sporting events. I wouldn’t change a thing!!!

I dream of Costco birthday cake daily. It is the best. I could really go for some right now!!! Their chicken pot pie is good and the entire family loves it!!! Now I am hungry….


YES YES YES… best part of the day (once the hard part of getting up and out of bed) is over! That is awesome Katie that your treadmill is in the garage and you are a great example of working out to all your neighbors too. Oh I want a Costco bday cake now:)


I hate mornings. But love my afternoon runs or early evening runs most of the year. In the summer I have to go early to beat the heat though. I am amazed at early morning runners.


I’m amazed by afternoon/evening runners (YOU)! Getting out the door after a day of doing everything… that is amazing!


This has nothing to do with the post, but you were a main role in my dream last night. You were telling me that I wasn’t eating enough for how active I was and kept watching me as we went on a road trip with our husbands. So random but t it must be because I’ve been having disordered thoughts again lately and needed a mental push from you! Not only do you motivate all of us with your words on your blog, but now you’re a dream motivator too.

My favorite is costco fruit! so delicious and so cheap compared to regular grocery stores. I also live off of their frozen chicken tenders. They can go straight from the freezer to the grill and are perfection in no time.


AHHH I am glad that I was in your dreams last night but I’m sorry I was being so bossy and hovering over you:) I hope you are doing okay and that you are able to push those thoughts out and feel how much you are worth. Let me know if you need an email chat!

Both phenomenal choices from Costco:)


I’m definitely not a *natural* morning runner, but I have worked hard to become one. I love that I am so productive at work and also I get to come home after a long workday and just VEG OUT. feels so good. also, I sleep so well.


I was an early morning runner before my daughter was born. Hopefully when she gets a little older my schedule will be more settled and I can get back to it! My husband drives me crazy because my idea of a morning run is get out of bed, get dressed, get out the door! And his idea is get dressed, grab some breakfast, sit on the couch and scroll on his phone…


The precut butternut squash is a Costco must right now!!!!!


Most days I run in the evening after I get home from work. My evening runs help me to really transition from work to being at home. These runs help me clear my mind so that I am 100% present when spending time with my fiance and our animals.

But, I also love morning runs around 7. Usually, I take my male blue heeler with me, and he loves all the sights and sounds of the morning. We end up chasing a lot of birds at the park together.


I wish so badly I could be a morning person but it is just not so . Sigh…….
Costco um…..Fage Plain yogurt, Dave’s Killer Bread, Nearly Naked Pop Corn, Madras Lentils, Lilly B’s Rice and Bean Burritos, Bamboo Lane Crunchy Rice Rollers, Marie Calendar Pot Pies, Mini Naan Bread. (Toasted with Nutella omg!) I could go on. What do you buy regularly?


I love running at 5am… it is quiet and I feel like I own the road haha It is also very hard as a working mom to find the time at any other moment during the day. That being said, I feel quite tired lately with extra stress at work and mommyhood taking its toll. My body tells me it needs a break but my head and my heart crave those endorphins… slowing down is so hard!


I absolutely LOVE running in the early mornings!! To finish a run as the sun is coming up is the absolute BEST!! It just puts me in the best frame of mind, and you’re right, you feel like you have extra hours to your day! I haven’t been running early lately (schedules have been a little off ), but your post totally reminded me how much I love early runs… even all by myself (which I am extremely careful about, and very in tune with the surroundings).
Costco fruits and meats are absolutely the best! With an almost 16year old son and a 12 year old son, I go to Costco every 9 or 10 days! And I love it when I get my favorite cashier and she greets me by name :)
I live in SoCal, so I don’t get too many runs in cold weather. But, when we go to Colorado to visit my family, my husband and I always run on our favorite trail out there. I freak out when there is snow and ice, because I’m not sure I really know how to run on stuff like that! Ha ha…. luckily, neither one of us has slipped! ;)

Thanks so much for reminding me how great early morning runs are!! :)


I love feeling tough because i’m out there getting it done before people even wake up. It somehow makes those miles seem even more impressive. And as long as i keep moving and don’t sit down, the post-run productivity is awesome. But if i sit down all bets are off and i may be asleep in 2 seconds.


I’m not a runner so not sure if this counts but I love getting up to workout first thing. It gives me more energy and I have more time in the day for other things. Awesome, we just bought those gloves yesterday. I was on the fence about it but so glad I got it.


Early morning is the best. I like to be out by 4:30 am. I live in a small town, but I do run by myself. And look over my shoulder often. I guess I try to believe all of the psychopaths kind of have a night gig, so they are all done working and asleep by then. If I don’t think that, I’d scare the crap out of myself….but I do use extreme caution. And I only stay in town on well lit streets. That morning run is everything for me. It’s so peaceful. So pretty out. And it just makes my day go better. And I turn into a big weenie below 30 degree’s, then move inside to the treadmill in my garage.


YAS! there is no better feelings than the calm, quiet of early morning running, breathing heavy, taking in the sunrise, knowing you’re accomplishing something while most people are still snoozing…it gives me the absolute best feeling…especially when its over :) that first sip of coffee, coming off endorphins after a shower, i just LOVE it. mind you, many days i have to work out after work, but save that for classes and such. but my real favorite is def the morning run. till it gets freezing…


I am a morning person but I don’t leave the house super early for a run. When it’s not hot as blazes out I like to go around 8 am. I don’t have children to worry about, there are other people out, and I can see where I am going. Plus I don’t have to try to fit it as the day gets busy.

My bad falls haven’t involved ice. I’m cautious on it so I walk it with my core tight, it helps balance.


I used to run early mornings when I was in grad school and working. I would be up and out by 4:30 am….it was ahhhhhhmazing to get in the miles before the craziness of the day. I felt so accomplished…so energized. I became quite adept at running in the dark and loved how it would get lighter as I was out there.
I’m now running in the early afternoons and cannot imagine how I got out of bed so early, especially in the cold and dark. Loving my schedule now because it’s a quiet time… are still in school and the 9-5ers are still at work. I get to enjoy the beautiful weather and get home with enough time to still get dinner prepared.

I once slipped on ice while taking the trash out and broke my coccyx! Omg was that ever painful.

I’m elated that Costco is carrying Harmless Harvest coconut water!!! I cannot leave without buying papaya, pineapple, grape tomatoes, organic carrots and berries.


I’m the total opposite! I love running in the evenings. I WILL hit snooze many times each morning so waking up to run is just not possible for me haha. I love running after work because it allows me to destress and transition from work life to home life. The bad part is sometimes not getting home until 8pm or later, but I just try to make days I run longer work with Adam’s schedule. He goes to MMA class on Tues and Thurs after work so I make those my late nights too that way we’re still getting home around the same time! :D


I had my FIRST ever fall last week during a speedy 10 mile run. It was so painful and I could barely get my knee to stop bleeding so I could run home :( Ah the joys of being a runner!

I’m still learning to love early morning runs, but it takes me so long to wake up and I struggle every time. My dream is to someday make running a truly consistent daily early morning habit (a girl can dream).


I’m SO not a morning person! In fact, I’ve run now (once) at night and LOVED it!!
I’m a go to bed at 12 / 12:30 a.m. and wake up at 9 a.m. person…(lucky for me I work from home and roll out of bed and onto the computer!)…
But I have to admit, the idea of running before the sun rises and SEEING the sun rise does sound amazing.
Hopefully one day I will be able to do that!
Being that this is the first year I’ve really gotten serious about running, I’ve never really run during the winter months.
There was ONE time I did with one of my friends (and I remembered hating it…) but I think as long as I really outfit myself with the right clothes, I’m going to start loving it! We’ll see about snow though, lol.


Love this post and completely agree that Costco is fab- I’ve only been there once or twice as there aren’t as many over here in the UK, but I definitely think the tasters and cakes are the best…oh and also their HUUUUUGE jars of peanut butter.
Great post x


I love early morning running! For many of the same reasons you’ve listed (more time in the day, no one else around, etc…) but also because the temps are always always cooler! Sometimes by more than 15 degrees! NC does not know it’s fall yet, so I’m still taking advantage of morning cool temps.

I also love early morning running because there’s less traffic. I’m a road-runner — since there are no real trails to speak of near me — so traffic is always a bit of a battle. Running super early means there are zero cars on the road, so I don’t have to share!

Question – -Anyone have any post-marathon recovery tips? I’m on to 36 hours post marathon (my first one ever YAY!) and I’m sore and stiff and mostly destroyed…


I love running before work – which usually means getting up at 4 am. Even though I am most definitely NOT a morning person, running wakes me up and makes me feel like the hardest part of my day is done and I’m much more relaxed and able to deal with whatever else the day throws at me.


I definitely feel so productive when I run in the mornings. I feel like it just makes me day so much better. Not sure if I could ever go back to evening runs lol.


I LOVE early morning runs, but I always wait until it starts to get light (I run alone!). I once went when it was still dark and cloudy (so extra dark) and I saw a coyote cross the road in front of me! I thought NO THANK YOU! and headed back quickly!


This post came at such the right time. I have been trying so hard lately to wake up at 5am before work to run and just can’t seem to do it. I have made 20 attempts so far and and have come as close as getting up at 5, using the washroom, then going back to bed. lol!!! In order to wake up at 5, I need to be in bed by 9 or 9:30pm and that is impossible for me. I don’t get home until 5pm, then have to make dinner/lunches for the next day, take care of my kitten and spend some time with the hubs. Just too much to do in the evenings to go to bed so early. Help!!!


I wanted to thank you for putting together these thoughtful posts. I love reading them. They bring me a piece of joy each day and stick with me and get my mind thinking. I am an early morning runner too – it IS the BEST. My body can’t start a run after 8 a.m. :)


YESSSS! I bought those gloves last winter and I LOVE THEM! I bought those fuzzy gloves that they have right now too, and they are FABULOUS!!!
We have been hooked on their pizza kits – they have 4 crusts and 4 sauces in a bag for like, $8 – so easy, cheap and quick! And GOOD!
Also the sugar snap peas, natures bakery fig bars, chocolate sea salt pretzel thins, daves killer bread…I could go on lol.


And yes. I tripped last winter while I was running…I don’t really know what I tripped over, but it WAS dark and snowy out…lol Left a nice bruise on my knee! :)


I started running early mornings in the summertime in my college town (Davis, CA). It was too hot to run after the sun came up. It became habit and I have a hard time running any later in the day now. Plus it’s the easiest time for all my running friends to go, hubbies and babies are all still sleeping and I always have a better day when it starts with a run!


I love this! I am a super early morning runner. I actually am a solo runner but feel super safe where I am and I love that me time before the rest of the world gets up. There is something about setting an alarm and setting out first thing. And I agree, I hate missing out on things at home. It’s so nice to be back and workout done before anyone else gets up. Great post!

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