15 pictures from our day.

1.  Knox and Brooke woke up extra excited about life Saturday morning.  Andrew added an extra pad to our tent which made sleeping a whole lot easier this time for all of us.

Oh and Beretta also slept in our tent and she stayed still pretty much the entire night (which I did not think was going to happen ha… Andrew, you were right again).

My hair was doing really well.

2.  We went up Farmington Canyon pretty much as high as you could go to camp.  You could even see The Great Salt Lake in the picture below.


3.  O.R.A.N.G.E.


4.  Andrew is sure good at getting us out and exploring.  I’ve always wanted to be a ‘camping (for 1-2 days at a time;) family.’

IMG 9669

5.  Brooke and Knox both gained twenty-something cousins when we got married.  Playing with cousins are everything when you are a kid.

IMG 9675

6.  One last s’more before leaving.

IMG 9671

7.  These two bonded over the weekend.  (PS Brooke prefers her marshmallow in a s’more to be uncooked).

IMG 9683

8.  Over to Andrew’s parent’s house to eat a sandwich with swiss/egg/tomato straight from the garden.   Along with some raspberries (that tasted like candy) from the garden too.

IMG 9686

9.  We dug dirt for a bit.  My heart rate during this activity was higher than during my tempo runs ha.

IMG 9687

10.  A little football game watching.

IMG 9691

11.  And then we drove home and the kids passed out.  They slept like champs while camping but everything else must have really tired them out.

IMG 9694

12.  I went out for a 3 mile run real quick when we got home followed by some planks… I’m trying to build my planking back up again—>  1 minute normal plank on both elbows, 30 seconds side plank, 30 seconds other side plank, 1 minute normal plank.  It burned nicely.

Also, running at 5 pm is a whole lot different than morning running.  I forget every time.

IMG 9706

13.  We hit up our favorite grocery store.  It’s like finding gold when we find one of the car grocery carts.

IMG 9712

14.  We then stopped at my sister’s house for a little bit because one of my brothers is in town visiting.  We waited for him with some intense story time.

IMG 9722

15.  And then Andrew and I tried this because we see it all over social media.  Our thoughts—>  Andrew didn’t like that the mint chip was white instead of green;)  The taste was better than I was expecting but it was also more expensive than I was expecting.  It will probably be a ‘sometimes’ purchase.

IMG 9729


How often do you plank?  Have any good variations or combos that you do?

Running today?  How far?  What day has been your normal rest day lately?

What’s the best part of your Sunday going to be?

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I do planks a couple of times a week and I also do stomach vacuums on my hands and knees to work transverse abdominals. I once held a plank for seven minutes! Not lately though :( I was surprised how different muscles were stiff the next day after that.


I tried running yesterday 6 days after my half marathon. At mile 3 I was done. My hamstring still hurts a bit.
Today is pumpkin picking with the family.


Glad camping was fun! I am not training for a race right now so I can do whatever I feel like and what I crave this morning is running Hills! Weird l know ha Rainy day so we will probably go to an interior playground with the little guy later!


I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) so Sunday running is now a bit different. I did 8 yesterday and I’ll do 5 today but probably more a run/walk as I need to. Still excited to get out there since it is finally feeling like fall here!


What a fun trip! I’m still recovering from my hip surgery so I’m still working on being able to walk again. It’s been very frustrating not being able to do something that comes so easy to others but I keep trying and praying that one day soon I’ll be walking again.


Camp hair is the best hair. There’s such a freedom in not having a mirror. You just have to accept that you kinda look terrible and move on with your fun life. Happy Sunday! It’s supposed to be gorgeous here, so I can’t wait to get outside.


I totally think that mint ice cream should always be white! Why add food coloring to your body for no good reason?!?! I will have to look far and wide for this.

Camping is awesome, whether in a camper, a tent, or on a long hiking excursion. And S’mores are the bomb. Well done.


I hope I did not already experience the best part of my Sunday since Chris made us chocolate chip pancakes. It could be all down hill from here.


That is so funny-that is the EXACT plank variation I do.
Those camping pictures make my heart happy-so pretty!
Sundays are for family, church, and prepping for an interview tomorrow!


THOSE LEAVES! It looks like a fall wonderland over there!

Yesterday I only ran four miles and today my legs feel like trash. I have NO IDEA what’s going on! I wonder if it was because the wind gusts were so strong yesterday. It literally felt like I was running with a resistance band around my waist. Still it doesn’t seem like four miles should wreck me even with wind resistance! I hope it’s not a sign that I’m getting sick … Adam was sick all of last week, eeek! Also eeek for my long run today with my legs feeling like they got run over!


Best parts of the day today: Seeing my girlfriends today, planning my upcoming races and a quick run.


Three miles for recovery today.
I do planks once a week. I just sick with the classic ones for 45 seconds to one minute x 8.
I’m dying to try that halo too ice cream but at the same time I wonder if it worths the hype…


Looks like a great weekend!

No running for me today … I had some weird hamstring strain come outta nowhere on Friday so I think I’ll need to take it easy over the next few days . Back to the pool for me!

Best part of my Sunday is gonna be dinner with mom. I always look forward to our Sunday night dinner dates :)


That’s the thing about those Halo Top/Arctic Zero ice creams. They are expensive, yes healthier than ice cream but for $5 a pint, it’s hard to justify them. I’m glad you guys had a great time and I still think your hair always looks great LOL.

I just finished the RW half in a surprising 1:24 so I can’t really complain about my weekend LOL.


Looks like you guys picked a beautiful spot for the camping. The leaves are gorgeous.


Your camping spot looks beautiful! I bet it was chilly at night, good thing you had all those warm bodies + a furry one to keep you warm in the tent! The pic of the kids passed out on the drive home is hilarious! :)


I plank twice a week on strength days. I usually do at least 5 minutes of 1+ minute elbow, 1+ minute on each side and the last minute either with toe taps or going from high plank to low plank.

We did a 4 mile family run for the 7th weekend in a row, which is also start of Week 8 (the LAST week!!!) of radiation for my husband. My 11 year old daughter ran 4 miles at a 9:18pace. It was a beautiful fall morning in VA. Now time for football and baking.

We tried Halo Top (mint chip for me) and I thought the flavor was ok, but I didn’t care for the texture. I guess I will have to stick with Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food froyo!

Have a great Sunday!


I feel like great friends make us better; they just rub off on us as we spend more time around them. That’s true with my husband and best friends. They also introduce us to a lot of “firsts”. I love seeing that with you and Andrew! We’re going camping next month with two of my best girl friends and their families. I’ve gone before but it’s still fairly new to me but they are pros. ;)


wow you had quite a busy weekend! How fun and outdoorsy-the view from your campsite is so pretty!!!

I “like” planking but seem to forget or lose track of time. We started doing it after stretching and core with the cross country team and some prefer push ups (I find this very strange) Sometimes I’ll hold a plank while they do their pushups-I usually start shaking by the end of their 3 sets of 10……

My Sunday was great-the weather was beautiful. A nice increase in temperature (it’s been low 40’s and grey) and sunshine! Set out to run anywhere between 10km and 30km and ended up with 30km. It was so much fun just to keep running. In the fall, Saturday tends to be my rest day because of cross country meets, my son’s soccer, and my daughter’s tennis matches. It pains me to take a *weekend* day off but it is kind of a nice change up.

Have a great week!!!!!!


Oh my gosh we are obsessedddd with Halo Top! When they go on sale, we go crazy!! haha ;)



I ran the Denver Rock and Roll Half today!!! It went pretty great but I am glad it’s over with. Putting a recap up tomorrow :)


I went camping this weekend too! Next time put peanut butter on both of your graham crackers. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Mint shouldn’t be green. If a company has to color their mint ice cream green it’s probably because they don’t have enough confidence in the actual flavor. Quality ice cream relies solely on taste. You need, need, need to try Breuer’s mint ice cream. It’s white and the taste will convert you away from food colored ice creams forever. Please, you need to right away. Janae, I noticed you eating some kind of Western Family stuff a few posts ago and now, hearing that Andrew thinks mixing sugar with food coloring is okay has made me worried about the two of you.
Please, try the Breyer’s. It’ll improve your quality of life. Oh, and I once saw Breyer’s being sold at The Good Earth. So basically it’s health food.
*This comment not sponsored by Breyer’s.*


The best part of my Sunday was hanging out with family.
I’m pretty sure putting white chocolate chips in a mint chocolate chip ice cream is sacrilegious.


I need to plank more! I always starting shaking — like full body convulsions — around the 45 second mark. I try to hold on for a full 60 seconds. I’m trying to build up to 2 mins for low plank and 60 seconds each side for side plank.


The Mint Chip Halo Top is my absolute least favorite. The others are way better and (IMO) even creamier. Give it another try (especially the birthday cake). :)

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