The State Fair (deep fried Snickers?), she forgave us and training last week (13 days)!

Good morning! I hope your Sunday is a good one and that you’ve had a great week of training.  Mine went a little something like this:

Monday:  9 miles @ 7:54 average.

Tuesday:  3 x 3 miles!!!  Short w/u (.15 miles) 3 x 3 (1st set: 6:52 average, 2nd set: 6:41 average, 3rd set: 6:45 average), c/d.  Total of 12 miles @ 7:12 miles.  This was a killer workout for sure.  The goal was to make marathon pace feel more comfortable by getting in these sets at 20-30 seconds faster than marathon pace.

Wednesday:  5 miles @ 8:50 pace.

Thursday:  16 miles with Josse @ 8:10 average.

Friday: 3 treadmill miles @ 8:55 pace

Saturday:  5 miles total—> 7:35 average.  First and last mile easy and middle three miles at about race pace (7:15-7:20ish).  It was warm out (Utah weather… it is supposed to be back in the 80s again next week) but I’m happy with how race pace was feeling (although, it was only for 3 miles).

Sunday: Off

50 miles total.

And this next week mileage cutback is A MUST.  I’m more than okay cutting back on a little speed but those daily miles, I just love them.  BUT if I want marathon day to go as planned, I got to do what it takes and rest up a bit!

After my run (yeah…. I went at like 11:00), we got some yard work done.  Quite an efficient way to mow the lawn:

IMG 7262

And a quick lunch.   I go through at least a half to a full avocado a day.  I can’t get enough.  I just feel better when I make sure I am getting in some really good fats each day too.

IMG 7266

When both kids fall asleep in the car we take advantage and just hang out and talk.

IMG 7271

We made our way up to the Utah State Fair:)  We told the kids all week long we would go and so they were pretty excited to finally get there.

IMG 7274

Their favorite ride:

IMG 7299

Our favorite ride (for me because it did not involve going in circles in the slightest—>  I can’t handle those rides for half a second).

IMG 7304

These two (ps I just capture the really sweet moments, it would be weird to take pictures of their fighting moments;).  Also, Andrew and Knox love having him wear the little GoPro so that we can see the world from their perspective sometimes.

IMG 7279

We decided to try a deep fried Snickers while we were there.  We both had one bite.  It was ridiculously rich.  I hear the deep fried oreos are better so maybe next year we will give those a try instead.

IMG 7312

And then we came home and did the normal stuff and Beretta forgave us for going to the fair without her.

IMG 7332

Nightly showers (they take showers now… how are they so old?!) and Brooke plays on my phone while I brush her hair out.  Last night she took selfies instead.

IMG 7326

It’s game time over here (13 days till the marathon) so foam rolling

IMG 7333

And then Knox showed me the proper way for one to roll their feet out.

IMG 7352

Just because we all think Andrew is our pillow.

IMG 7345

Two more examples of my above statement:

IMG 7041

IMG 7042


What has been the highlight of your weekend?

Ever tried any deep fried weird combinations?  Any good ones?

What was the best run of your week this last week?

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The highlight of my weekend hasn’t happened yet. I’m headed out in a few to meet my friends for a 12 miler and so happy to get to run with friends today. It’s been way too many solo runs this summer


Highlight: Yesterday ~ We hosted our home Cross Country meet…wet conditions from the rain, had to change up the usual route, confused teams and coaches, ugh more sprinkles, needed way more volunteers along the course…lots of parking issues but WE.MADE. IT. THROUGH!

The 51st meet in the end was another success and our girls ended up with top 3rd team overall and 3 individuals in the top 20…(out of maybe 17 teams???)

The beer and pizza after was so delicious and needed ;-)


I’ve never tried deep fried candy, but I personally LOVE deep fried Oreos! A little goes a long way though- one is usually more than enough!!


Weekend highlight: Winning the coolest comp ever! So, so, so excited! ?


Highlight of my week — being able to hear again! Monday thru Wednesday my ears got progressively more clogged. This nonsense climaxed Thursday when I went to urgent care to discover I was “riddled” with infection (sinus, throat, and ear). Got super strong meds and now I can HEAR!!! :D It’s the little things, really.

I swear by deep fried Milky Way bars — I can only have one every five years.. but they gooey caramel is SOO GOOD!

My first ever 18 miler yesterday was super difficult (drugged up and sleepy) but it was the most worth while. I boinked out around mile 15 and called my hubby in tears — but I never stopped running!!


I’m not a fan of deep fried sweets but I LOVE fried pickles! Specifically the dill chips, not the spears. They are really good dipped in ranch or Chipotle ranch.

The pollen has been bad here in Atlanta and it’s still super hot and humid, so running hasn’t been fun. I went to an allergist because I was having trouble breathing on my runs and he thought I may have some exercise induced asthma happening. He gave me an inhaler to use before my run, and my 16 miler yesterday was amazing as a result! I couldn’t believe how well I could breathe! Getting that figured out was definitely the highlight of my week!


Fried ice cream is my FAV. My mom and I tried it one summer when we were visiting Austin and it’s heaven :)

Best part of my weekend … Will take place today! Heading to the apple orchard this afternoon with some girlfriends for some apple picking/warm donut eating! Can’t wait!


That avocado sandwich looks amazing!


I tried a piece of deep fried cookie dough last summer. Theoretically it sounded delicious but I don’t remember it being that good.


Deep fried oreos at the state fair were a huuuuge dissapointmentioned when I had them. The deep fried pb&j, however, was not.


Those kiddos are so darn cute! The highlight of my weekend was passing biochemistry yesterday. The hardest class of my life!


We tried the deep fried Oreos at the Ventura County Fair this summer and they were delicious – my husband’s new favorite!


Highlight of the day and week…Running for the first time in a week and a half. My half marathon is next Sunday. I had to get those leg muscles moving. I can’t wait!
You have such a cute family and you look so happy. I’m very happy for you!
Someday. I will get up the nerve to try avocado on my salads and sandwich!


Highlight run was also the worst run! Last night’s 7 miler that kept having interruptions. But that’s okay. :)
That last pic of Brooke sleeping on Andrew is the sweetest photo!!! Great job foam rolling and cutting back in mileage this coming week!!! You have been working so hard of this marathon!!!!!


That last photo of Andrew and Brooke made my heart melt…thank you.


We tried deep fried Twinkies a few years ago and I thought they were better than plain Twinkies! I’m not big on the spongie cake part, so fried made them better.

Intervals went well this week, while my long run was awful! Typical.


Hanging out with my adult niece and her friend at dinner last night was pretty great. Spending today with my husband is also a highlight.

I tried fried Oreos; a little goes a long way. There is an English fish and chip shop that will deep fry any candy, cake, cookie, etc. that you bring in. It just doesn’t sound appealing.


Nice form on the roller, Knox ;) #footcare


Hi Janae, random question, where is your rug from in the pic of you foam rolling? I’m looking for one for my family room and love the one you have!


HEY REBECCA!!! It is from Costco:) We have two now because we love them so much!!! So soft and they go on sale sometimes too!!


Your training week sounds awesome! Way to go-you and Josse are amazing!

This morning was my best run in a long time! It rained all day yesterday but this morning there was a reprieve and I jumped at the chance to get a longish run in. I think I’m still recovering from a summer of high mileage and so to *finally* have a great feeling run was refreshing!

Have a great week and hang in there during the taper! if you feel horrible you know you’ve done it right!!


Highlight was definitely our last long run, 20 miles before tapering for Chicago. I wore my “sorry for what I said at mile 20” shirt, it was a big hit and very appropriate. Looking forward to a couple weeks of lower mileage and recovering and preparing for 26.2!


Deep fried pepsi was the absolte worst but “must try” thing I’ve tried. The snickers sounds super sweet though! Not sure I could do it!


PEPSI!?! How do you deep fry a drink? That sounds crazy!!!


Yes it is crazy! The Pepsi was basically the syrup from the drink it was not something I would recommend!


I had red velvet deep fried Oreos once and they were delicious. I am also a huge fried pickles fan as a commenter said above also.


i don’t think i would be able to get through that snickers bar UGH. i have had a deep fried red velvet cupcake and that wasn’t too good either LOL. and my best run was definitely a long run this morning from my school down to the Lincoln Memorial. great weather :)


How fun! I’m excited to see all the cute antics my twins will do someday (and all the fights…). That picture of Andrew and Brooke melts me.


Deep-fried Klondike bar at the Del Mar Fair is a must try!! You bite into the crispy, hot outer shell then get hit with the cold chocolate klondike coating and creamy vanilla ice cream. It gets pretty messy really quick, but sooo good. ?

Deep-fried avocado was good too.


Love your carpet where you were doing foam rolling! Where did you get it? Just love reading your blog, I look forward to it each day :) You are going to rock the St. George Marathon!


That photo of Andrew and Brooke = precious!


The highlight of my weekend was going to a softball tournament and watching the girls kill it! Oh, and the fall weather!


I love the fair! so excited to go to the texas state fair this year! I don’t do the fried stuff, but it is amazing what they fry up.

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