Silentish Saturday!

Seven miles after taking a few days off from running produced even more endorphins than usual.

Pretty shoes.

IMG 7884

Rewind to smoothies first thing—>  full of avocado and oatmeal.

IMG 7872

Keeping things interesting at Target.

IMG 7922

I found my costume. But seriously.

IMG 7915

Took my sister’s car and some of her kids on an adventure.

IMG 7929

Stopped by Andrew’s work to say hi and he tried to teach them a new handshake.

IMG 7933

Getting real crazy in the car.

IMG 7943

She darkened her hair and I’m hoping it is so we can be twinners.

IMG 7959

The kids showed off their yoga skills for me.

IMG 7963

Andrew brought home the Goonies because I have never seen it…

IMG 7967

These two went for a run together in the rain.

IMG 7973

Friday night movie night at home after dinner:

IMG 7975

IMG 7977

And then we watched Stranger Things once they went to bed.  This show freaks me out.

IMG 7984

Time for the last double digit run (10 miles) before the marathon!!!


What are your Saturday plans?

Who’s got a long run today?

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Love that doughnut costume!!


gotta lift some weights then off for a ten mile easy run–also on my agenda to rewatch Stranger Things before Halloween… SO GOOD!!!


no long run for me after suddenly being sick Thursday night! have a great run for me!


It’s going to be a girls day. Picking up my 8 year old daughters friend, headed to the Imagination Station (a park, the whole play equipment is made out of wood), it’s very cool. Bringing a Subway picnic lunch. Going to do some bracelet making, make up, nails, toes and finish it off with popcorn and a movie. Will get in zero running, but will get 100% quality time with kiddos, so it’s a good trade off. But I’ll need to get on that treadmill asap tomorrow morning or I’ll go crazy. My daughter says I get “kwanky” if I don’t jog…..she’s right !!!


Janae. Seriously?! You have NEVER seen “The Goonies”?!?!?!?!
Actually no Saturday plans!! Yay!!


The donut costume is you to a T. Dogs rarely complain about the hour or damp weather, rare in a running partner. :)
I’ve never seen the Goonies either.

Chair Tae Bo and upper body today, pool running tomorrow. I am going to talk my husband into going to the beach town we vacationed in. We’ll see if he goes for it.


Saturday plans: eating spicy food and pineapple, waiting for my baby to arrive! Today’s our due date!

Enjoy Goonies; it’s an awesome movie!!


I have a 7 mile run to do today and then JamesTheMormon CONCERT!!!!! Target is 70% more epic during the holidays!!!! LOVE the doughnut costume way too much!!!!


Love Sissy’s hair – great color!


You and your sister do look like twins now!

The only way to make that Halloween costume more perfect would be if it was an Apple Fritter ;)


Gotta go to Target for costumes soon!
Long run tomorrow 10 miles…


I hope you bought that donut costume!

Saturday plans:
-16 miles DONE! Last really, really long run before the marathon
-Gonna buy some new running shoes. I always buy the Asics Nimbus and typically buy a new pair a couple weeks before the marathon .. I like running with fresh legs and fresh shoes!


I did 10 this morning. 17 was on the schedule but my right foot is bothering me. Thankfully it loosened up after the first mile today. Next up is a fun run for my xc runners then a football scrimmage for the middle. And a movie and popcorn tonight for the crew. Happy Saturday!!


You and your sis do look like twinners! She looks great! And I love your new Brooks, glad you got in a good run today!


Love your new shoes!!!

I’m not running today but I’m going to a yoga/pilates class. Have a good weekend!


I love those new shoes! My new marathon shoes just arrived, time to break them in!




Goonies is awesome. There was one summer in the ’80s when my sister’s and I watched that multiple times a day every day. We had it memorized!


Omg those creepy masks! haha


I just finished my first 20 mile run!!! It marks the last double digit run before my marathon too!!! Woot!

I took it really really slow — and at the end my legs felt so good I finished the last 0.25 miles with a sprint!! Even after that my legs feel good a tired but good!!

I am on cloud nine now!!


I like the color of that Launch. I’ve actually never seen Goonies but I was in need of something to watch tonight. No long runs for me this weekend, just racing 5ks.


I am home after completing my second half marathon in 8 days. I PRd last week, this morning was a little tougher. The humidity was high! Oh, and my tired legs MAY have been a factor. :) But, I am pretty happy.

You will have to share your thoughts on Goonies. SUCH a great movie. Happy weekend everyone!


I love Stranger Things!!

Got in 18 miles today, I’m beat (and hungry)!


That is a great look for your sister! I also think I look better with straight hair but I hate doing and am terrible at it so…


A day full of smoothies, doughnuts, AND the goonies sounds like a winner to me. I did my first round of sprints after 3 months of MAF training. It felt great to push my lungs and legs to the limit again.


How have you never seen Goonies??

Yay for running again. I am glad you are feeling better


Your sister looks great with darker/less highlighted hair, love it!
I really need a haircut, my hair’s driving me crazy
I haven’t seen stranger things yet, but it’s on my list
I’ve been watching scream queens lately :)


I’ve never seen the Goonies either! makes me feel like such a freak show when i tell people that…


My comment is days late but I love the Goonies and so do my kids. We went on a vacation to Astoria, Oregon because of that movie. You can no longer drive up to see the Goonie house but they have a film museum, Haystack rock in Cannon beach was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed the movie.


I got the Cadence 5 in black so it would look like your Launches. How dare you change colors. :P

(I just started really liking the black after seeing yours. #notacreeper )

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