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I decided I want to chime in twice a day still sometimes.   I know, I can never make up my mind on anything (especially about food;).   Also, I think Bloglovin’ should be working again by the end of today!  I’m so sorry about that problem.  When I updated my wordpress site it messed up some things but hopefully the blog is loading faster!


Let’s start with something important—>  Made my day to meet Sarah at Costco today, thanks for coming over and saying hi!

IMG 6742 1

Whenever Brooke plays with my face like this it reminds me of the scene from the movie Hook—>  “Do you remember your mother, Peter?”

IMG 6720

She insists on watching Beretta eat her breakfast.

IMG 6727

9 miles on the treadmill (7:54 average) with a cheers to finish… ps we stripped the bolt on my treadmill so we haven’t been able to move it in but somebody comes on Wednesday to fix it (hallelujah).

IMG 6729

Brooke doesn’t mind when I get a nail in my tire because it means free popcorn and she gets to watch a movie while they fix it.

IMG 6733

Went to Costco and ran into my SISTER THERE… what are the odds (actually, pretty high).

IMG 6740

NOOOOO it can’t be time for these sorts of things to be showing their face.

IMG 6741

Tangelo love (she loves wiping the juice from her hands onto my arm so I will smell like a tangelo for the rest of the day).

IMG 6747

The most perfect mango with my lunch.

IMG 6744

Dog and a pillow all in one.

IMG 6717

I was tagged in this photo today and I was laughing so hard (and now I really want that maple bar).

IMG 6718

Andrew thinks he is so funny:


Which donut would you choose from above box?

What is your sentence of the day?

What was your lunch today?

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Hmm the chocolate glazed would be my choice today. I also love plain glazed donuts, so good! I had Chipotle for lunch because we are trying to get ‘Hot’ reward status for the 3rd month in a row…if we get it, we get a free catered meal for 20 people! Hello Chipotle party! :)


Oh it has been too long since I last had Chipotle… and now I am really wanting it! Oh I hope you get the CHIPOTLE PARTY… that would be awesome!


I would choose the maple donut – yum!

My sentence for the day is “how did this happen so fast?!” Toddler starting preschool, baby rolling across the room, and marathon day right around the corner :)


RIGHT?!?!? Oh it really does go by so so fast. My sister’s baby just started doing rolling around like crazy and it is so much fun! What marathon?


It goes SO fast!! I love the roll-everywhere-you-want-to-go stage :)

I’m signed up for CIM. It’s my first marathon back since having babies -eek! Any advice for training for marathons on only 4 days a week? Can it even be done?? :)

Quick funny: I had your blog up when my toddler walked in the office. He saw your cover running photo and said “wow, nice running skills!” So funny!


BAHAH well your toddler just made my afternoon:) That is so so nice! YAY FOR CIM… I want to do that one so so bad. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. So my first marathon I ran 3-4 days a week and did great. I trained for St. George Marathon two years ago on 4 (sometimes 5) days of running a week. I definitely think it can be done! My friend Kelsey runs about a 3:30 marathon and she goes off of 3 days of running and some cross-training each week. I think that if you focus on making the quality runs really count… you are more than okay. Way to rock the mama running!


Yay welcome back to bloglovin’! I would definitely go for the sprinkles!


Wait a second… did it show up for this post? That was sure fast if it did!!!


It did for me! And all the ones that were missed :)


All the donuts. I can’t choose.


HAHA right? They all look perfect.
Hope you are having a fabulous day Jenny!


You’re always talking about maple bars and they look so good! I really want one! I’ve never had one.. I’m pretty sure they don’t exist over here on the east coast…

I’ve been packing 2 hard-boiled eggs and a croissant with deli meat every day for lunch, plus iced coffee with whole milk. It’s soo easy to make (because I hate cooking) and its kinda healthy and fairly filling considering the 5 seconds of effort I put into it ;)


The maple gaze looks unreal!

Lunch today = non existent so I made up for it with a larger than life salad!


I love that video! Healthy relationship test right there! hahahaha I love the denser doughnuts! Used to hate them with a passion and now I prefer them after having my son! That is so fun you ran into your sister!!! The hand warmers…oh boy! It’s already in the 40’s here!!! Already starting the treadmill hibernation. hahahaha JK But seriously it is that cold and it has been raining cold pellets all day!


Yes, good decision. Blogging twice a day is a good idea in my book!!!!


Those donuts look delicious!


Blog Lovin is working again! I was worried over the weekend when your post didn’t come across :) I’m glad it was just the update. I totally checked social media to make sure y’all were ok! :) (Hope that’s not weird to admit- just feel like we are friends after 7+ years of following you!)

My lunch was an egg sandwich…it was delicious! :) breakfast is the best, no matter what time of day!

Have a great week!


I pass on the doughnuts., more for everyone else.

Lunch was a large salad with avocado, chickpeas and black grapes, in addition to the usual veggie overload. A few bus tortilla chips on the side to round it out.

My sentence for the day, please let this injury heal quickly.


Sentence for the day: We’re planning a trip to the Apple Orchard this weekend and they have the BEST pumpkin/apple cinnamon donuts and I CANNOT wait.


Is that a baby in the cart??? Did your sister have another????

Any chocolate one with out sprinkles…yum!


SHE DID!!!! They are super close in age:)


Is all the donuts a choice?? I definitely can’t resist a good ol’ fashioned glazed, though :)

Lunch was cauliflower fried “rice”! I kept buying bags of Trader Joe’s cauliflower rice and not using it so I finally put it to the test. It was super delicious.

Sentence of the day: the temps are finally cooler here in Los Angeles and I’m SO EXCITED! Fall is the best.


I would choose a “straight” donut — as my momma would say. We prefer these or donut holes because then we don’t end up with frosting on our cheeks!

It’s a struggle…

For lunch I had a giant salad with leftover steak tips and greens etc…. but I wasn’t really into it so halfway through I grabbed 8 mini tootsie rolls and finished my lunch with those :D


That video was awesome! :)


Sadly, I forgot my lunch and ended up buying Ramen noodles at work.

I think I’d have to throw my hat in with Brooke and go for one of the ones with sprinkles. My all time favorite doughnuts are either the Longjohn or blueberry cake. I used to work at a deli and if I got an early enough shift, we could sometimes get doughnuts fresh out of the oven from the bakery next door. Heaven!

Sentence of the day: The baby slept through the night!!!


Oh my goodness I love that scene from Hook!! Such nostalgia.


I’d have to go with the donut holes. My favorite donut is a lightly glazed cake donut.

So much cute in this post. The pics of Berreta and Brooke are sooooo cute!! And your nephews! Someone was VERY happy to see you!


Wow, I haven’t thought about Hook in AGES! I remember loving that movie but I tried to get my daughter to watch it a few years ago, and I’d forgotten how crazy sad it is. I don’t remember it making me sad as a kid, but as an adult there may have been occasional tears…


ahhaha love the video! my dogs are often my pillows too. :)


I LOVE all of your pictures! I’m not a huge fan of treadmills, for they bother my knee, but I am still interested in taking up running. Do you have any specific advice you would give to a new runner?
P.S.: That mango looks delicious! How exactly do you cut your mangos?! I always have trouble. Overall wonderful post!

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