20 thoughts I want to talk about.

I had a lot of different post ideas that I wanted to talk about today so I decided to compromise and talk about all of them;)

1.  5 miles at an 8:50 average pace.  I’m all about taking the easy days easier than I have done in the past.  My uninjured body is thanking me for listening for the first time ever.  (Knock on wood… I swear the taper always brings out aches and pains)

2.  After my run I told myself to get in some core work.  And then I thought that it had been way too long since I had been in a routine of core work so I might as well just skip it.  But then one of my favorite quotes popped in my head and I got in some planking.  With running, a new goal, a relationship, your work, a change you are dying to make—>  where you are now is quite the perfect place to start.


3.  We got to pick up Knox! We were all thrilled to see him.  Knox’s favorite thing right now is ghosts and Halloween and he could not wait to show me his new Halloween basket.  October is going to be a fun month over here.

IMG 6918

4.  Josse told me I needed to come in to get my muscles cleaned out.  Between her massage and scraping/Graston, my hamstrings are feeling a million times looser now.  During was another story though.  We runners sure put our legs/hips/glutes through a lot each day.

IMG 6923

5.  Josse gave Knox this little Batman jacket and it made his life.


6.  Too bad they don’t really like their cousins;)


7.  I spy with my little eye, snow on top of our mountains.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

IMG 6894

8.  They called this a Brookie sandwich.

IMG 6957

9.  My grandma might love pumpkin flavored items more than anyone else in a 500 mile radius.  This is the best of the best so we took it to her.

IMG 6926

10.  My favorite thing about my hydroflask—>  filling it up the night before with ice and water and then waking up and drinking freezing cold water.  I love water a whole lot more when it is really cold and it helps me to wake up.

IMG 6785

11.  So does playing with toys first thing in the morning.

IMG 6891

12.  Flashback to my niece… I saw this picture of her and it made me so happy.  She looks like a little doll.  The nurses cut her bangs at the hospital when she was first born.

IMG 6928

13.  I love self-help books.  This one just arrived and I started it last night.

IMG 6943

14.  Andrew and his brother put up can lights in our house last night.


IMG 6946

After: (we just need a chandelier over the table now—> any ideas?  We need your help).  PS I couldn’t get a get picture of it but it just looks a lot better now ha.

IMG 6969

15.  Flashback to the last time I did the St. George Marathon.  I finished so happy that time (and felt really good during it) and I’ve been searching for feeling that way again since then;)  I think I will in 15 days.  PS I think I might wear a hat again.  I feel like that helps me out a lot to stay cool.  Or maybe a visor?  Do you do either?

IMG 9044

16.  We were going to make salmon for dinner but then I remember that a turkey burger is my favorite night before a long run meal these days.  There was also a fried egg, avocado, grilled zucchini, greens and a tomato in there.

IMG 6963

17. Kitchen table success for 9.8 minutes.

IMG 6965

18.   A few readers commented and emailed me about this stuff when I talked about iron last week.  I usually hate taking iron because it makes my stomach upset but I’m three days in with this and my stomach feels great.  Here’s to getting my iron up:)

IMG 6962

19.  He asked to sit on my lap while I was writing this post and it made me really happy.

Photo on 9 14 16 at 12 59 PM

20.  Get them nice and hyper right before bedtime… always a good idea;)

IMG 6976

I’ll see you this afternoon!!!!


What are you reading right now?  Any great parenting books that you’ve read? 

Take supplements or vitamins each day?  Which ones?

Hats or visors during a race or neither?

What’s your run for the day?  Who has a fall race coming up soon?

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I’m at exactly the same place with my (lack of) core routine – love the quote!


I’ve always taken supplements but now that I’m pregnant I take my prenatal of course as well as Calcium and magnesium to help with leg cramps.

I ran 4 easy miles this morning and now it’s time to rest until my “long” run of 9 miles on Saturday. At 28 weeks I’m still pretty happy to be able to get 9ish miles in on Saturday, just not sure how much longer they will last!


“How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk” is my favorite parenting book. It’s an easy read with great illustrations and examples. I read it before every school year when life gets hectic (homeschooling mom of 6) and I need the reminder that being a fair mom comes first.


I agree that is a great book! Siblings Without Rivalry by the same author is also excellent.


Yes! I just finished that one! I’m still somewhat hoping Adele and Elaine will come raise my kids for me :)


i have both of these books on my night stand. I’m working through How to Talk… I also have Present Over Perfect my Shanua Nequist.


Love all of these sweet pics! :) I usually only wear a hat when I run if it’s raining. Otherwise, I typically prefer to go without one, though if I’m running when the sun is out, sometimes I wish I had one. I say if it is helpful and works for you, and you’re comfortable in one, wear it for the race!

I have a 10K race this weekend. I’m not sure how race-ready I am right now, but I guess I will find out Saturday. I’m probably more nervous than I should be for such a short race, but I’m honestly feeling a bit anxious about it.


Visor. Shades the eyes and top half of face but let’s all the head heat escape out the top.


Good call… I’ll be on the hunt for a visor! THANKS!!!


No parenting books for me, but I’m currently reading Fates and Furies which was named one of the best books of 2015 and I’m loving it right now!

When I switched to eating a vegan diet, I added a B-12 supplement. I also take vitamin D in the winter so I don’t get SADS! I haven’t taken an iron supplement before but I’m thinking about adding one. We’ll see what my doctor says :)


How do you keep the hat on your head? I would love to wear a hat during races, for sun protection and shade, but it always blows off! Which is weird, because I’m never going very fast, and I can’t remember a time that was super windy.


Visors in the summer but hats once it’s colder out.
Hoping for 4 miles today. I have been sluggish lately and hoping I’ll have some energy to just cover the miles. Ordinarily it would be tempo.


I love the quote. In the course of two years, I ran my first marathon, took a break from running, then went through a rough pregnancy and bed rest – I am truly starting from scratch with running. It is hard to remember to celebrate your current successes without thinking “but I used to be able to do…” This is definitely something I struggle with. Thanks!


We like visors better when it is a hot race b/c you lose a lot of heat through your head, so we like to keep it exposed to the air.

I take iron 3 times per week and a multi vitamin with a lower iron dose on the other days. We also take DHA every day.


I’m reading #girlboss right now and it’s awesome! I love women in business empowerment stories and this is a great one. I take a multivitamin everyday (the gummy kind of course ;)) and iron twice a week or more if I feel like I’m dragging.

I am incapable of wearing visors or hats while running haha. I can never get them to fit right!


As a Florida runner I swear by a visor. For one thing, you can keep the sun out of your eyes but your head and hair are not covered so it’s not too hot. Not having the sun blaring into your face definitely makes you feel cooler. For another when the sweat starts to pour, and we all know that happens only a short time after the start of a race, the visor keeps sweat from running down your face and into your eyes. I also love the fact that it keeps my hair out of my eyes even if my hair tie fails me!

And as an added bonus I can clip my iPod and other things to it if I need extra space. I won’t recommend it, but once I kept some gels in there. :)


I just started taking collagen a couple of weeks ago. I put it in my morning coffee. It has a ton of benefits, including joint health, and it has 12g of protein per serving! I’m also hoping to see some improvement in my hair and nails!

I had a 5am orange theory class and it was based on strength today – so we did interval incline runs with speed on the treads which was AWESOME!

As for chandeliers, I love rectangular ones like the one below…not sure what your tastes are but I think it would look great (or something similar) with your table!


I take the same iron pills and they’re the best I’ve tried! I’m vegetarian so the doctor recommended them after my last blood test showed my levels were a little low.


I have a half marathon in a little over 8 weeks! time will fly by I am sure. I only wear my sun visor in the summer but I do love it for blocking out the sun and heat in my face


I’m running a 5K called One Mile for Venezuela. The race will be raising funds to donate food and medicines for the country and it will be on November 5. I’m really excited to do it.


I’ve only ran half marathons but I cannot have any extra “stuff” on my body…no hat, visor, shirt around my waist. It’s like I go into survival mode and throw off everything that is not essential! haha

I meant to comment last week when you mentioned taking iron. Iron supplements make me sickly. My doctor suggested I take Fergon and I love it! Ups my iron and it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. Here’s a (super long) link: https://www.amazon.com/Fergon-Iron-Supplement-Tablets-Count/dp/B001G7QIDY/ref=pd_lpo_121_tr_img_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PYZPJXC3VVKKHZYHDTGS


I’m reading the gift of fear by Gavin de Becker and grit by A Duckworth. Both are amazing!!

I take biotin, a multivitamin for women, and folic acid daily.

Always a hat — keeps the sweat from pouring down my face and into my eyes.

5 miles planned for today but spent the morning at urgent care for an ear and sinus and throat infection — I’ve been fighting “gunk” for a month but it turns out I need penicillin to really fix my issues.


What does cleaning out your muscles do? This looks like something I need! I’m reading “what I talk about when I talk about running” by haruki murakami. Sure puts a new perspective on what goes on during my mind on my long runs!


That book looks great! I will have to add it to my “to read” list. Currently I am reading The Honest Toddler and it is hilariously true!

I have a half marathon coming up this Sunday, woohoo! Last run today, just 2 or 3 miles. I will likely wear a hat.

My 1 year old has her first race tomorrow, a toddler trot! I am more excited for that than my own race. :)


We’re marathon training at the same time and I’m really enjoying reading your posts about your workouts and then going out and running similar ones- it keeps me motivated!!


I also love self-help books and need to check that book out! I always like to read about how to make improvements in my life. :)


I take Vita-Lea, NutriFeron & Optiflora Probiotic each day, all by Shaklee. They are the only company I trust 100%, they’ve got so much science, proof and testing behind their products. And I feel great, so don’t change what’s not broken right.

I wasn’t much of a hat girl, because they looked like trucker hats and my head would get hot, until I found these at Target, now I have white, black and pink and wear them alot. http://www.target.com/p/women-s-white-running-hat-c9-champion/-/A-50194108

Today is my off day from running. I’ve learned from blog’s like HRG to listen to what your body is telling you. Today, it’s telling me to take a break.


I take a multivitamin, calcium and a separate vitamin D supplement. A while back I was told I had extremely low vitamin D (I guess that’s what I get for never going in the sun!), so I’ve been taking one ever since.


Your niece and Brooke look alike.

I always wear a hat, it keeps the hair out of my face, soaks up the sweat and keeps my head either cool or warm (depending on the season). In the summer I like super soft material that’s perforated (almost like mesh), so the heat escapes.

I take a whole food multi, vitamin D (except during the summer when I get enough), fish oil (be very picky about brands to avoid mercury). I’ll take a probiotic if my stomach is off and bromelain or arnica when I have bruises/muscle aches.

I have a pool run today, my plantar fascia has a partial tear. :(


Every great Dad gets the kids wound up before bedtime. It think it’s a “thing.” For real.
Lightweight hat ONLY if rain is predicted, but otherwise I don’t care for running in them routinely.
I take iron supplements about 5 nights/ week as well. Any more than that and I tend to get heartburn. Weird, I know.
As for books, no parenting books recently but I did read an awesome fiction story called “The Imvention of Wings”- so very good (and I don’t say that lightly because strapped for reading time as a working, swamped Mom of 3, running-crazed 43yr old! RACING a half marathon in November which I am excited about as every half I’ve done has always been en route to a marathon with no tapering and used as an opportunity to practice marathon pace. But best of all, I apply to Boston tomorrow! Wish me luck! ;)


Your kitchen looks great!

I’m currently reading a historical fiction book about England.


I love your table! Where did you get it?


Hey Kelli! We got it at RC Willey! We mixed the dining chairs with it (also from RC Willey but they don’t come with the set)! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Oh my word, that photo of your niece. So precious. Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow up? Anyway, for the fixture in your kitchen, I would explore various options for your style of house. Google architectural style of your house and find a fixture that matches. I love Schoolhouse Electric, and Emily Henderson recently did a post on online lighting sources: https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/favorite-37-online-lighting-resources. When we moved into our house, I went to a specialty lighting store and picked out fixtures that I absolutely LOVE, but they were not cheap. Later that week, I went over to my brother and sis-in-law’s house, and they had just installed the coolest lighting fixtures in their kitchen from Lowe’s for much less than what I paid. So definitely shop around.


HELLO HEATHER!! Okay, wanna hear something crazy…. your blog was one of the first blogs I EVER READ. Seriously. It made me so happy to see your comment:) Your family is absolutely beautiful! Thank you x a million for the post… Andrew and I will be using this tonight to find one. Thanks for your help and it made me so happy to hear from you!


I always take a probiotic and just recently started taking magnesium. I feel like it helps with my sleep and it just makes me feel better overall.


I take a lot of supplements mostly for my thyroid and hormone imbalances. I’ve had a lot of success working with my naturopath finding ones that work for me and don’t upset my GI or physical activity.


Is Joss your running coach?


She isn’t but we are about the same pace and we’ve ran together for years now. She has done 30+ marathons so I have been kind of tagging along with her for her workouts this time and then doing the rest on my own. She is very good at helping me realize things that I need to be doing too! She trains really well and maybe I should hire her to coach me ha:) Hope you have a great day Terry!


I decided I needed to work on my core a lot more too. So last night I did a 4 minute plank, this morning i barely made it 3 minutes…sore! And I did some push ups along with it. For some reason when i Plank, my arms hurt way earlier than my core.

Also, it’s not an Iron problem for me, it was a water problem. I need to get your water bottle that keeps water freezing cold, because unless there is ice in it, I struggle drinking it.


My hamstrings need some massage and scraping. Can you send Josse my way next time you are done with her?

I am pretty sure I have the same dress you are wearing. It is the most comfy thing. Come to think of it , I purchased it after your last link to ROOLEE. I thank you for that.

Your niece has more hair at birth than my 2 year old. It’s not fair.


I have heard that cooking in a cast iron skillet is one of the best things you can do (diet wise) for low iron. The iron leaches into the food, fortifying it with iron.

Which is the same reason you shouldn’t cook in aluminium. ; )


Headsweats Visor FTW. Keeps sun out of my pale face, also has a great reflective band on it, and absorbs sweat so I wear it in the dark too.

My morning run was tanked by my leaving my work clothes at home. Time to run was spent driving back home. ; (


I’ve seen the blood builder pills at the local co-op and am intrigued. I was on iron supplements for a while (haven’t been for a couple of years now), but they didn’t agree with my stomach either.

I never wear hats or visors during workouts. Maybe I should on hot days?

My run today was an easy 3 miles. Long endurance run commening tomorrow ;)


Oh man I forgot about Great Harvest pumpkin bread! SO GOOD! And I miss living in Utah and seeing the beautiful mountains! I loved when snow was on the tops but not so much when the snow came down!


Your kids are so cute. And your love for them just radiates out of your posts! Funny you call those “can” lights, I call them “pot” lights!


Oh really!! I love hearing what others call different things! Thank you Andrea and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Aw, that picture of your niece is precious. She looks so much like Brooke at that age. And she’s turning into such a beautiful young lady, just like her mama and grandma and aunt!

I can never make a visor fit properly so I go for a hat when it’s going to be a hot sunny run. I feel like it really helps to not have the sun beating down on your face. Plus you can dump a cup of water on top of it to cool down and it doesn’t get in your eyes/face.


Did eight easy miles this morning and was literally just thinking about how much I love my easy run days! Fall marathon coming up – Chicago in less than a month!!!

Supplements I take:
-Omega 3s – Everyday
-Vitamin D – Now and then
-Iron – When I feel overly tired
-Ginko Baloba – Usually before long runs … My mom said it helps circulation? I have no idea. I just do what she says.


For some reason hats make me feel uncontrollably hot when I run. Haven’t tried visors yet though.


I have worn a visor for two marathons and a hat for one. I love the visor! I wear a Head Sweats one, and it says in place so well since it has a stretchy band similar to a headband. I’m in peak week for the twin cities marathon now and thinking with the *planned* cooler temps, I might skip the visor/hat! Run today was just shy of 6 miles at a slow recovery pace with my pup in the 5:30 morning darkness. Head lamp is in full force lately.


I take a multivitamin every day and echinacea when I feel a cold coming on. I wear a hat for every outdoor run because I am pale, ginger, and my scalp sunburns very easily!!

I haven’t been running for 1.5 weeks and it’s starting to get to me! I pulled/strained my right IT band and lower hamstring on my Labor Day run and it’s still putting up a fight. I have tried to do some cross training with limited success (PiYo, strength) because of the injury. I’m hoping that it gets better soon, I really want to run!


I am currently reading Perfect Match by Jodi Piccoult.

I take MSM and Glucosamin every day and I can definitely feel knee pain when I skip it.

I’ve been wearing a visor more lately only because I can place my pony tail higher on my head so it doesn’t touch my shoulders. There’s nothing worse than wet hair touching your skin!

I ran 7 miles with 7 110 yard strides. I have a 1/2 on Oct 9 and a full on Nov 13! This will be my 15th 1/2 and my 2nd full!


I have a 4 mile recovery run today. I totally need to be more hands on in parenting and put down my to-do list!!! I love taking a hat but will be buying a visor! I bought my first running hat during winter last year and a visor isn’t priority on my running wish list (since I already have a hat)…but it’s on there!!!


I hope your 4 mile run was AWESOME TODAY:)


I find it difficult to read self help type books – but I’m curious to know your thoughts on that one when you’re done. I feel like there might be some good takeaways from it for me


I’m reading the Art of Happiness which was written as conversations with the Dalai Llama, very cool! and calming.

I haven’t taken any supplements in years but I’m going to start taking iron! I’m always tired recently and haven’t been eating many vegetables here (i’m living in Peru)

I ran 4 miles this morning! Was very proud because its been since June since I’ve run that far. I have an 8k coming up in early October! My first international race!!


I’m not sure what your iron has in it because it says blood builder but I’m currently taking an iron supplement and my ob said to make sure to take it with vitamin c to aid in absorption and to take it on any empty stomach. She said not to take any other vitamins with it and to wait to eat for 30 minutes to an hour.
These are the vitamin c gummies I take:
This is the iron I take:
It doesn’t hurt my stomach and doesn’t taste like anything which can be a problem with iron. I get both of mine at Sprouts and I feel so much better!


Thank you SO much Tiffany for the Vitamin C talk… I’ll be ordering those gummy vitamins right after I send this comment:) THANK YOU!!!!!! Yay for Sprouts—> my current favorite store.


I’ve done scraping/gua sha before too- well my coworker did it for me and I came back home alllllll bruised like purple/red all over my back, shoulder blades, and my neck. Let’s just say my family were all scared and shocked. Your older post that showed your bruised leg wasn’t as bad as mine- that means I had that much toxins in my body! yikes… and I thought I was pretty good about detoxifying.

I always wear a hat because of the blazing sun- I hate when the sun is coming down and I am blinded by it! But I don’t wear sunglasses…. I’m afraid of it falling off or even becoming a nuisance. With my short nose, it doesn’t hold well anyway so I never wear sunglasses. (although my coworker swears I’ll get some eye problem later on….)

Doesn’t it always feel good when you check something off of your to-do list for the house? I’m pretty sure you’ll find a great chandelier soon! Each time we do something/complete a project, we fall in love with the house more and more.


Hey! I used to always feel really sick if I took supplements but it was because I always took them in the morning, and i’m not a breakfast eater… Turns out a lot of supplements like iron and zinc can make you feel pretty bad if you take them on an empty stomach – so take them with food and you should always be a happy camper :)


It would be great to hear how you liked “Hands Free Momma” in a future post!


I would love to hear an update on the Blood Builder! I’ve struggled with anemia for the last year. I’ve had to have 3 iron infusions which helped me feel normal again. But I have yet to find a regular supplement that sits with with my stomach. I also loved your post about probiotics. I truly believe that they are so important!


Visor so you don’t have to have your ponytail at JUST THE RIGHT SPOT.


Hi Janae. I can’t decide between the 32oz or 40oz Hydroflask. Which one do you have and to you like the size?


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