15 pictures from our day and LAST long run before the marathon!

1. LAST LONG RUN before the race. It felt pretty good too.  I did 10.1 miles @ an 8:04 average in the rain (well, it was lightly raining).  I really don’t know what is going on but I’m just feeling a lot of excitement about this marathon.  I usually go into marathons with enough anxiety for 100 people.  I’m really enjoying this lead up to a race a lot more than the previous marathons.  I think it is because I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that the marathon is full of surprises and I’m just excited to get out there and do my best with whatever factors that come along.  Races sure don’t define us so all of the nerves are kind of pointless (a little nerves and adrenaline is good for us though:), we just gotta go out and do what we love to do.

Glove weather is upon us.  I’m sure Utah will heat back up a bit before winter really hits but I was chilly yesterday.

2.  Whenever I get out my yoga mat, Beretta automatically comes over because she assumes the mat is for her to sit on.

IMG 7995

3.  The kids think whenever I do a plank or push-up that they need to be involved too.

IMG 8012

4.  Andrew went out next in the rain for his run.  Tag-teaming at it’s finest.  Beretta was all about running in the rain.

IMG 8008

5. When he got home we got busy in the kitchen putting lunch together.  Our goal is to have a fridge full of amazing salad bar toppings at all times.  Turkey bacon, turkey, feta, avocado, peppers, cucumbers and greens!

IMG 8015

6.  KNOX’S BDAY IS THIS WEEK so we made sure to go choose his Transformers bday cake.  Once upon a time my mom, sister and I took a cake decorating class together.  I think I need to get back into that.

IMG 8028

7.  Andrew and I then took the kids to an outdoor mall for them to run around.  We couldn’t decide between two treats while we were there so we got both and split them.  Dole Whip goodness.

IMG 8035

8.  Our second choice was a snickers caramel apple.  Caramel apples just remind me of Fall.

IMG 8048

9.  Chalk the Block was going on there so we saw all of the incredible artists out doing their thing!

IMG 8043

10.  My favorite was of course the Stranger Things one… turns out Andrew and I are binge watching this show and need to sleep.

IMG 8058

11.  Of course Andrew picked up a treat for Beretta while we were there too:)

IMG 8060

12.  A river trip to throw some rocks in there.


13.  Megan, Megan D and Lindsey HIKED to the top of this mountain just last week and now look at it…


14.  They ate dinner and then they went to bed.  We ate and I bet you can guess what we watched once the kids were in bed.


15.  How Beretta communicates to not stop scratching her stomach.  She places her paw on my leg to hold me there.

IMG 8009


Do you get pretty nervous leading up to races, not at all or does it just depend on what race it is?

Three things your Sunday is filled with?

Dog owners… what are some of your pup’s favorite things?

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Instead of being on the starting line of my marathon right now, I’m sitting at home with a sinus infection… disappointment to say the least! Months of hard but awesome training runs… I know you know the feeling ;-) Well, I have an hour to feel sorry for myself haha and then I have to bring my son to a friend’s birthday party. Will rest, recover and find another challenge ;-)


That is so disappointing, I have had to sit out events due to injury. I hope you feel better soon and find another event you’re excited for.


Mel, I am so beyond sorry about missing your race. This breaks my heart. I am so sorry. I just kept trying to remind myself last year that I enjoyed the journey it took with all of the training that it takes to get to the race. I hope you find another amazing challenge. I’m thinking about it (and it is more than okay to feel sorry for yourself today… I think I did for a few weeks:). You’ve got this, get feeling better!


Thank you so much ladies. I don’t have many runners in my entourage so although they are all supportive it’s hard for them to understand the disappointment that comes with a situation like this. I am still proud of my journey and know there is always another marathon somewhere ;-)


My Sunday is catching up on school work and recovery from my hip surgery on Friday. I’m hoping this week I’ll meet some good milestones in my recovery.


ohh I love chocolate covered caramel apples this time of year! that snickers one looks great.


Between Chalk the Block and mountains, Utah looks like such a great place to raise kids. I usually feel that way about DC, too, because there is so much to do here that’s free (museums, plays) and we’re not too far from Shenandoah for a day trip to the mountains. But now November is right around the corner, and I just want to run away from DC for awhile.


I know I might get some eye rolls for this but I think you may be feeling different about the upcoming marathon because you’re totally at peace with everything in your life. Your family grounds you. That’s how I am with my husband. We’ve been married for 12 years now and I am normally an anxious person, but he grounds me. What you share with us has always been upbeat and happy, but what we see now is another level of happiness. I’m so happy to witness this. You deserve it!


Excellent post Marie, I couldn’t have said it better. Janae I think that you train hard and love your running and going into this marathon you will do your best and whatever happens, happens. You are far more relaxed than in previous marathons because above all, your family comes first and as Marie said “you’re at peace with everything in your life”.


Marie, thank you so so much for your sweet words. I think you nailed it completely. I really do feel truly peaceful for the first time in forever. This little family over here helps me to see what is really important. I’m so glad that your husband grounds you too, this sure is an amazing feeling!


My black lab does the same thing when I pull out the yoga mat–parks himself right on it! My favorite is when I’m doing downward dog and he does the same right next to me! He also does the paw on the knee or on my lap if I’m sitting down to get me to keep petting him! Labs are the best. :)


My Missy will hold me in place with her paw when she wants me to keep petting her. When she wants a treat she barks, smiles and walks towards the kitchen. She’s gotten a bit sassier in her older years. (She’s 13)

I have no idea what we’re doing today, Outside of pool running and cleaning the kitchen.


It totally depends on the race, but I tend to get less nervous when I’m in town which is probably why I’m more successful in town.

I just finished running 10 with my running group, now church, and then our family/friends are coming over for football and pulled pork nachos.


My first half marathon ever….and I beat my time goal by 3:36 to finish at 1:56:19.
Driving home
Steelers football!!!!

Isn’t it nice to say “kids?” Knox and Brooke seem to be best friends. They are super cute together!


LEE!!!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!! You are incredible. Enjoy the recovery and feel proud for your awesome accomplishment!!!
It sure is nice… I’m loving this:)


I get nervous for races if I really want to hit a certain pace or if I’ve never run that distance before. Going in relaxed and running with no stress is way more fun. My dogs just sleep on top of me at night, it’s cute at first but then…


That is so great to hear that you aren’t feeling as anxious about this marathon! I hope you have a really awesome race!

Random news: my baby’s due date is this week and I’m also waiting to hear if I got into the Boston marathon! Ack! Sitting on the edge of my seat!


What an exciting week for you!!! So happy for you guys:) Keep me updated on everything!!!


My Sunday will be filled with homework! I took Friday night (out with a friend) and Saturday off (date with my boyfriend), so now I have to get ready for this week at school.


I was literally just thinking about how anxious I am for the Chicago Marathon. It’ll be my second time running Chicago and my 8th marathon overall but for some reason, I’m so nervous about it. I really wanted to PR but I’ve been so exhausted lately (more so than other training cycles). But you’re right … The race doesn’t define who we are!

My pup loves eating raw sweet potatoes! Whenever I roast up some for myself, I leave a few raw pieces for her so we can eat together!


I’m usually not too nervous until the day of the race- if I’m shooting for a PR I’m more nervous than if I’m just running for fun.
My dog does the same thing with his paw when I rug his belly.


*rub, not rug- auto correct!


In running (and in life) as soon as I accepted that even with the best preparation there is always the possibility for it to not go as planned. I lost the anxiety. Now it’s more of an excitement to see how it all unfolds.


Exactly. You nailed it Erica. Miss you!


Well. I ran a blazing half marathon at sometimes speeds I had no business doing. I’ll send you a Friday accomplishments. But given a severe IT band problem and the fact that .2 miles into it I was ready to give up, finishing was an accomplishment in itself. But I also PRed, not by much but a PR is a PR….I will pay for it in pain. Currently icing and foam roller torture awaits.

Saving grace was the IT band strap I got in the mail yesterday. It may be placebo effect, but I’ll take it. And recommend it for others in the future.


Commenting two days in a row, not sure I’ve ever done that before! But I have been meaning to say your love for Knox really shines through in these posts, just as it always has for Brooke. What a treasure for you all to be able to remember this time for your family! I’m sure it has been challenging in dim ways but it also seems so special. Wishing the 4 of you the best!


Wow, Irene! Thank you so much for your sweet comments, it means the world to me. I feel so beyond lucky that I get to be a part of Knox’s life. He is the sweetest:) Thank you so much and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I took cake decorating classes too and I need to retake them. My sister in law remembered everything, I remember it too,just new way more practice haha. Also Rocky Mountain Carmel apples for the win!


Three things from Saturday: 1) My fabulous husband got up with the baby and let me sleep in – I got 10 hours!! 2) Chocolate chip pancakes, 3) Snuggly baby took a nap on me. It was a good day.

I have a basset hound that loves to be in my lap… or under the covers in bed… or laying on my feet while I cook in the kitchen. I used to have a mastiff that hated when I did yoga. He would come stand over me, looking down disapprovingly.


Wishing you an amazing marathon next weekend! I’ll be running my third marathon on Sunday the 2nd, and so far I’m feeling a little calmer than I have in the past. I never get worked up over shorter distances, but marathons stress me out quite a bit and actually when I ran my first, I slept about 2 hours total for the 48 hours prior to race day. Last year was a little better and I think I got maybe 4 hours the night before, so here’s hoping I can keep improving in the pre-marathon sleep department :)


I’m so nervous for my marathon! It’s the first one I’ve ever done and I’m so in my head about being the absolute slowest runner… I’m convinced I’ll be last place and they’ll pack up and leave before I’m even within sight of the finish line!

This is a real fear. It Wakes me up at night!!!

My pups favorite things include his stuffed sheep, tummy scratches, and snuggling on the sofa – under the blanket! He’ll whine and beg to be let under the lap blanket!!


I have a tibetan spaniel, Cooper and a Jack Russel, Joey! They absolutely love to sleep! Ha! But their other favorite things are playing outside at the park and going on walks with me!

I get nervous for every single race! The nerves seem to settle around mile 1! :)

My Sunday was filled with a late birthday celebration for me which was super fun, plus a little bit of work too!

Happy Sunday!


I’m actually just starting my training for my first half! :D I started running this year and have my first half planned for next May, the Indy Mini marathon! So, my Sundays are now my rundays! I have today’s run up on my new blog, if anyone is interested in checking it out. :) But I’m trying to do 6.2 miles for the next few months, as I want to do my first 10K in December and I need a 12 minute pace…I’m currently at about 13 minutes…
Sundays, though, are also for meal prep (which I didn’t do today…lol)


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