Tough love with marathon training and TANGENTS!.

I really want to start off today by talking about my sponsored posts situation.  I do read your comments and I apologize to those who feel that I have had too many sponsored posts lately.

There are a few reasons why I did this:  1.  Amazing companies are reaching out to me to work together a lot recently and I get excited for the opportunities and great products.  2.  I also worry about any upcoming ‘dry spells’ which do occur (sometimes often) so I feel the need to build up to prepare for the dry spells.  Working with great companies (that I truly love and trust—> believe me, the stuff I don’t like gets sent right back:) is what allows me to continue to do this as a job and put in the time that I do.  I view blogging and social media probably a little bit differently and see it kind of like TV… there has to be a commercial every now and then or a monthly subscription fee (like Netflix) in order for the TV stations to continue doing what they do.  But I do want my readers to be happy too.  In talking to Andrew about it, we decided from here on out to expect about 3 sponsored posts total a month (I do have a few projects already signed with companies that my family uses and want to complete over the next few weeks… but it is just for one a week).

I can honestly say (and it would be easier to talk about this in person than over the keyboard and I’d probably give you some candy and a hug too;) that you guys are my number 1 priority with blogging and I want to keep you happy.  Just a work in progress—> balancing everything in life has never been my strength;)

So, let’s go back to the basics mmkay?  I’m just some crazy business owner over here making all sorts of mistakes BUT I’m happy with where I am at now in terms of this.  In the past I would have seen the problems that came up as GAME OVER/I’m the absolute worst/failure/etc but I am happy that I can now view things like this as motivation to GROW, change and become better and work towards what I really want if that makes any sense?  Thanks for sticking with me through my lame mistakes along the way, if I’ve learned anything in life… the more I try to be perfect and do it all, the more mistakes I make.  Thank you a whole lot for reading.


Fun fact:  Josse is very to the point, she reminds me of the tough love that is strongly connected to marathon training.  I was going on and on about how ‘oh my goodness tired I am’ and how I don’t know what is wrong with me and causing me to be so tired and she replied—>  welcome to marathon training.

Dang it, I guess the fact she has done well over 20 marathons means she knows a whole lot more than I do about the race.  I think I forget about it each marathon training cycle and wonder why I’m so exhausted until Josse kindly reminds me, that is part of the sport.  Training for races is tiring but we just have to do everything we can in order to help with the tiredness—> sleep more, eat better, drink all of the water etc.

IMG 4743

I did the first 5 miles on my own and then Josse joined me for the last 15.  Josse is doing her long long run on Saturday and so I lucked out that she still did 15 with me yesterday.  PS we are taking the kiddos camping this weekend—>  we shall see how this goes.

I knew at about mile 4ish that things weren’t feeling great and THANK GOODNESS Josse was there because she had the best stories to tell me and when I told her I was done at 18 (I said it very dramatically, I might add) she said ‘nope, keep going.’  I am very glad she did because my marathon training desperately needed a 20 miler.  I’m guessing I’ll get in a 22 miler and then drop back down to the 16ish mile area leading up to the race.

We tried out a new route which was gorgeous (there is a lake on the other side of the green).

IMG 4733

Clearly I even had to close my eyes during the last few miles because I was so tired!

IMG 4740

Finished up the 20 miles @ an 8:24 average pace, stretching and lying on the ground (that I do after every long run) by 8ish.

Last week my 18 miles felt like a breeze and this 20 felt quite the opposite.  It’s just how it goes and there is nothing I’ve found to change that.

Some runs are incredible, some are the worst and most of them are somewhere in between.

Also, Andrew remembered that he had a hand held water bottle thing for me to use for my long run and it was amazing.  I don’t think I can go back to non-water sipping the entire time during all of my long runs/marathons from here on out.  I felt so hydrated during and afterwards which doesn’t usually happen with my long runs.

IMG 4745

And it wouldn’t be this blog without some tangents:

*How the kids react when they have gone a few days without one another.

IMG 4699

*Beretta’s love language is physical touch.  As soon as you start scratching her belly she puts her paw on your arm so you won’t leave:)

IMG 4691

*She has us wrapped around her finger:

IMG 4791

*We grabbed some smoothies right after my run and a shower.  The chocolate and peanut butter one is pretty much a milkshake but I can just call it a smoothie;)

IMG 4763

*This made me laugh so hard hahahah!

IMG 4711

*My brother (the one that is a pilot) surprised my dad by taking him and one of my nephew’s to Rome… my jealousy has reached an all-time high;)  But I’m so happy for my art-loving-Dad who is having the time of his life!

IMG 4768

*Well, isn’t that the sweetest site ever to walk into the room seeing?!

IMG 4712

*What do you think about the Shaunae Miller diving in to beat Allyson Felix in the 400m final?  I’ve heard some say they think diving in track should be against the rules but I don’t know about that… I was bummed Felix didn’t win though and watching the finish line kind of shocked me.

IMG 4729

*This, this was absolutely beautiful.

IMG 4730

*Last night we got started working on our baseboards!

IMG 4781

*And my mom came over for a bit and gave Brooke her usual (I had no idea this was something that happened so often) foot massage and hand massage in the sink with warm water and soap.  Ha… Grandma of the year.

IMG 4776

*Bott’s Beans last night with the kids… aka the game where you either get a normal jelly bean or a really disgusting one.  Andrew and I got a lot of really disgusting ones.

IMG 4787


What first got you into reading blogs or writing a blog?

What do YOU LOVE most to see/read about over here on this blog?

Who uses a hand-held water bottle?  Do you use it all of the time or just for the longer runs?

What do you think about diving during a track event?

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I personally enjoy the sponsored blogs that you post. Having seven children makes it a little hard to stay fashionable, healthy and on the loop in general. Even though I love to!! We have similar hair so seeing how you used the curling iron was a tremendous help. I actually got one for myself and saved $100.00 bucks. Keep it up!


Loved this post today. As a non-blogger and full-time worker, I don’t like the sponsored posts. I totally understand the need for them as this is your job! But since you asked… :) I prefer these “in the life-of” Janae, Brooke, and now Andrew posts. Thanks for all you do and provide for us. (my mother does the same thing for my niece – foot massages and hand massages. must be a grandma thing!)


I also want to say – you should do as many sponsored posts as you want and need to fit your lifestyle and income needs. Readers can just skip them and check in on your next post! It’s not like I’ll stop reading. I’ll just “tune-in” when I want to. NBD as the cool kids say :)


I rarely comment, but I just can’t believe people feel so strongly about bloggers writing sponsored posts! I really don’t get it at all. We all have different careers, this is yours and how you support your family. You shouldn’t have to limit yourself on the number of sponsored posts, either. No one in a “normal” career would purposely try to stifle their own successes! You shouldn’t either!
I am not a big shopper in general, so I tend to skip over the product posts, but I loved the Westin post! I had no idea they did that!


Hi Janae!
You invite us readers into your life EVERY DAY – you don’t owe us a thing. You do what’s right for YOU and your family. You give so much – of your time, energy, inner thoughts, personal family times etc… And we love it because even though most of us don’t know you personally – we love you. (The internet is so weird :)
Although I hardly ever order anything that you talk about during your sponsored posts, (only because I live in Canada – Go Ontario), I don’t mind seeing what you have to say about products you believe in.
You have support…remember that… when people aren’t being supportive.


Another reader from Ontario here! I totally know what you mean though. Why can’t more companies ship to us! Haha


I don’t mind the sponsored content. Your sponsored posts are very well written and you clearly put a lot of effort into representing the brand properly. From my understanding, sponsored content is the bulk of blogger income now. So I don’t want you to feel like you have to limit the #. However, what I do mind is the lack of transparency in how you are compensated. Compensation is more than just getting paid to say something about it. If you received something for free, or were paid to promote it, on any platform, tell us. I don’t think anyone can fault you for making a living, but we want to know if your opinion may have been skewed by the fact that you were compensated.


I don’t mind your sponsored posts. In fact I enjoy them. I trust you make the right judgement choice with them. And sure you’ve had more lately, but you just got married and are doing a lot so it’s understandable that you’re busy.

Also the “Every time you use “only” in front of the word “miles” an angel loses a toenail” made me cry laughing so hard. Love it!


I feel that you handle sponsored post extremely well. While some bloggers just dedicate an entire post to the product, you find a way to weave it into your life…and you also still include the everyday stuff we love (ex: sponsored post with a few non-related tangents at the end or the beginning.

To anyone that complains, JUST STOP READING!!! I understand blogging is your current job. You have to make money!

Final thoughts: You are doing great! Forget the haters, bc that’s what they do for a living. Hope they find a way to make money being haters ;)


Hi Janae! This is funny, because I was just thinking the other day how well you manage the sponsored posts compared to some other blogs – I feel like you wrap a little of your day/life into the post and manage to make it really personal rather than scripted. I had always thought of the sponsored posts like adverts on television too – how else are you suppose to keep on keeping on! Don’t change a thing :)


Thanks for this post. I have to admit, I haven’t been stopping by as often, because of the number of sponsored posts. I don’t mind them here and there, but too many do make me read less often. I see all the commenters above saying if we don’t like the sponsored content, don’t read them. But i think that misses the point – and I LOVE that you actually take feedback from your readers. I’ve been a longggg time reader (like from the days you used to run marathons on the treadmill and accidentally run ultra marathons on training runs lol) I always enjoyed how real and candid you were in your posts. I also enjoy reading about your family (yours sounds like a special one, I especially adore your mom!), and following your sub-3 marathon journey… and I still think you’ll get there ;) The only thing I’d add is I don’t think it’s just the number of sponsored posts- and I tell you this as a constructive criticism – but I have to admit I feel irritated as a reader when it isn’t clear to me that I’m reading a sponsored post versus about this awesome new product you came across and bought at a running store. I feel a little misled if it’s not clear from the post that it’s sponsored. For example the trip you guys took last week- I’m not clear if it was just a random place you came across or a sponsored event.

Anyway.. All meant respectfully and as constructive criticism! Looking forward to reading on :)


I don’t mind your sponsored posts at all! I think you do them very well in that you sprinkle little pieces of your life in with them. I have learned about some great products and companies through you, and you share a ton of great info and funny insights for free every day. I have been reading your blog since the very beginning (literally) and have zero complaints. I think sometimes people forget they can just skip the posts they don’t like :-) Thanks for all that you do, Janae! Btw, Andrew and Knox have made great additions to this space!!


That photo of the kids hugging just melts my heart!! I was kind of annoyed at the dive because I think Alison would have won if she hadn’t done that, and the race is based on who can RUN faster.


As a reader for years, I can’t even begin to count the amount of times your blog posts have motivated me to not only run but keep my head up when I’m injured ( which runners know is pretty much the worst). Reading HRG with my morning coffee and pup in my lap is a routine I look forward to. What you give to your readers beyond outweighs any inconvinence reading sponsored posts ( which, really isent even a thing) Thank you for sharing your life with us. Know that Your fans/ readers support you through it all!


kinda surprised people are saying anything about you doing sponsored posts…you have to make money! and as a looong time reader, i actually feel like yours are truly genuine and you choose products that you actually like and use. idk, blogging can certainly be a great outlet and hobby, but when one has so many followers (and has such an AWESOME, GREAT blog), they should make some money for all the effort! and, if readers don’t like it, they can skip over it and read the next post. jmo :) most of the blogs i read have sponsored posts and it just seems par for the course to me.
side note–i love you and Josse’s tanks in the pic above. super fun!

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