My hair tutorial with my favorite–> NuMe and that gut feeling about Andrew.

**The end of this post has an AWESOME deal on products from NuMe that will change your world:)


As runners, we start many of our days with our hair in a ponytail.  It’s just part of the game.

I find the sign of a really good run to be that my hair is in snarls (especially if it is raining outside) by the end, with a few hair horns (you know those are attractive…) and it is pulled back tightly in a sweaty ponytail.  The more hair horns and crazier the hair by the end of my miles for the day= I must have really worked hard and pushed it…  I use it as a very accurate way to judge my fitness at the time;)

While we are on this subject—> one of my biggest pet peeves while running is when I have hair that is touching my face, especially during a race… that is why I love wearing super thick headbands on race day.

IMG 3720

Let’s talk about the non-ponytail hair for a second.

One of my favorite comments ever on the blog came in when I first introduced Andrew on the blog a few months ago.  She said that she knew that I must have been dating somebody because I was doing my hair a whole lot more regularly and she connected that to a boy being in my life;)  Yep, she was right… when Andrew popped into my life I, all of the sudden, started doing my hair again and changing out of running clothes more often;)

PS for my blind date with Andrew I had my sister do my makeup (because she is a professional.. she did my makeup for my wedding too) for the date because I really wanted fancy makeup for the evening.  I didn’t even know the guy (well, I mean we had talked on the phone for a full 8 minutes before our first date) but I just had this weird feeling in my gut that he was something special.

Time to talk about what I’ve been using to do my hair lately—>  NuMe!! I will never go back to anything else.  After I tried them just once, I was hooked.  NuMe is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative beauty brands and now I see why.  All of their products are salon grade and they’ve got everything from hair straighteners and curling wands to styling sets and personal hair care items!


First, I’ve got a fun little video where I show you how I do my hair with NuMe curling wands!

Hair straighteners… before this one, I felt like I was never able to really get my hair straightened out just the way I wanted it.  I couldn’t ever get all of the bumps out. It always frustrated me so I rarely did my hair straight until I started using my NuMe flat iron.


I also really don’t like to spend a lot of time on my hair (I got it from my mom, we try to get in and out of our getting ready routine in the bathroom as quickly as possible) and this one gets hot within seconds of plugging it in.  It is so nice that I just go through each chunk of hair once with it and it ends up looking just the way I want it.


The Classic Wand (which is my personal favorite) is perfect for medium to thick hair (another thing I got from my mom;).  It is 100% titanium and awesome for the big, loose curls for that summer beachy waves look.  I just wrap each piece of hair around the wand and boom… I’m all set to go.


Hallelujah for their clipless wands—>  no thank you to bumps in my curls from clips.


Something especially random that I love about the NuMe products is how light they are.  I don’t feel like I’m holding up a clunky huge thing each time I curl my hair.  I feel spoiled using these because they feel so nice and easy to use.


This is the Titan 3 which includes three pure titanium interchangeable heat barrels—> 19mm, 25mm and 32mm (my favorite).  You choose the curl size based on the day just like that.


I love doing Brooke’s hair. I don’t know how to do fancy braids or anything like that but I love curling it and I love putting it in a bun.  I remember when I first found out that Brooke was a girl (on 4/25/12 to be exact;) one of the many things I was excited for was to curl her hair.  It’s the little things right?  PS how she can do that with her tongue, I have no idea.


For Brooke’s hair I especially love to use the Classic Pearl Wand (I showed this in the video too).  It is a tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrel!  The barrel is shaped like a pearl and it is PERFECT for mermaid curls.  Each time I do her hair with it the results are a little different.


And then once we are all done we are off to exploring Utah and our favorite froyo joints together;)


From 8/11- 9/30 if you use the code HRGIRL39 you will receive ANY Classic Wand for $39 with a free Argan Oil (plus free shipping wahoo).  Go HERE to get it!  Offer for the Classic Wand & Classic Pearl Wand (not the Titan 3 & Megastar).   The Classic Wand and Classic Pearl Wand are normally $139—>  that is a $100 savings!!!

PS for the Argan Oil you just add a little bit to your hair (damp or dry hair) to help your hair look shiny and smooth!


When you add ANY Classic Wand in the shopping cart, the free (argan oil) will automatically appear in the checkout page.  This happens when the promo code is entered.

NuMe sponsored today!  Hope you have an incredible weekend! We are currently in Canada running, biking and getting some yoga in:)    See you real soon!!


How often do you wash your hair?

What do you do with your hair while you run to keep it out of the way—>  head bands?  Bobbi pins?  It doesn’t bother you?

Have any running pet-peeves?

Do you color your hair?  

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I have to wear a hat or a thick headband when I run. I hate having the flyaway pieces touching my face. And I have to wear sunglasses when I run outside. I can’t deal with squinting during a run.

I have never colored my hair before. I’m going to have to start soon though because I keep having more and more grays popping up!

Hope you are enjoying Canada!!


I’m like you when I workout – I hate having my hair touch my face. I always put it up in a ponytail and when I have bangs I have them pinned back too. Sweaty hair on my face is just yuck!


Great hair tips! I only wash my hair on Wednesdays and Sundays usually. I try not to spend a tremendous amount of time on my hair, but I do curl it pretty much every day. And I like the wand curling irons, too–I hate the clamps!

I usually wear headbands when I run, otherwise my hair is going to be all up in my face and driving me insane!


I’ve tried to wash my hair every other day, but I just love to wash it everyday. It’s like I don’t feel clean or relaxed after a shower if I don’t get my head wet.

I really don’t like my hair bopping around while I run. So pony tails drive me crazy. I usually do some sort of super tight top knot.


I don’t color my hair, I wash it every 2-3 days, and I wear a visor when I run because it keeps the hair out of my face and the sweat out of my eyes. I owned the bubble wand for a while and I didn’t really lover it all that much. My sister has the classic wand though and I love that one!


I am a lazy gal when it comes to my hair, so I will just way that I don’t color or straighten but I admire those ladies who rock out the products and look awesome doing it!

My biggest running pet peeve is getting rocks in my shoes. I then tend to just focus on them constantly and cannot get my mind on anything else.

Enjoy your first weekend in your finished house!


Just made my purchase! I’m hoping that I love it…. I always have such high hopes for curling wands, but they haven’t worked out for me. I wear my hair straight all the time. Glad this one doesn’t have the clip on it, that always messes me up! Thanks for the discount;)


I’ve been wanting a Nume Pearl for awhile ever since I found out a friend whose hair I covet uses it. Thanks for the code – This made me bite the bullet and purchase!


Will the code work for the straightener? I have such a hard time getting all the bumps out too!


HEY BRIE!!!! I hope you are having a beautiful day! The discount code just works for the Classic Wands! The straightener is definitely worth it… it has changed my hair world ha!


Any hopes for a coupon code for the straighter in the future??


Not that I know of yet but if I ever get one, I will post it ASAP!!!


These look awesome! I’ll have to check them out :)

Running pet peeve? I hate it went my shorts ride up. I’m constantly adjusting them- no swimsuit bottom looking running shorts please ;) Maybe I should just stick with running capris?


Thanks for the video – I just placed my order!! I’ve been wanting to try a wand since I struggle with lines from curling iron clamps, so excited to try this! Fly-aways are THE WORST when working out – I couldn’t agree more.


I just went from hair your lenght to shoulder lenght and I totally love it! It was a big decision but I don’t regret it. A big part of this decision is because I run and work full time and I have to wash my hair every. single. day. With cystic fibrosis I sweat about 10 times more than a normal person. So my hair is always a sweaty/salty mess no matter how long/hard I run. I still haven’t found a headband that I really like but I am looking and would love suggestions!


I recommend bondiband. I bought a cute one and it just sat in my drawer for a long time. (I have short naturally curly hair and while I love cute headbands I don’t wear them b/c I don’t want people looking at my hair…..but that’s another story). Anyway I stepped out of my comfort zone last week and put on the bondiband (thanks to my amazing husband who said I looked cute) and went for a run. Throughout my run I thought I wasn’t pushing myself enough because I couldn’t feel my scalp sweat and my face wasn’t that sweaty either and I thought that was strange. When I finished my run I pulled my headband off and oh my goodness that’s where all the sweat was. Nasty? Yes. But my scalp and face felt good. I’m hooked on them now. Good luck to you!


Thanks! I will look into that headband for sure!


Thank you for the tutorial!! I have been wanting to try a curling wand for awhile but find it to be intimidating. Going to try out the NuMe – I’m pretty excited!

I get blonde highlights. It can be a lot of work but it really helps brighten up my color. When I run, I have to double up on the pony tail holders because I have a lot of hair. Where do you get the headbands you run with?


I braid my hair while running so it’s hard to transition to a ‘day look’.


So pumped! I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to present itself to buy a Nume curling wand!! Purchased! Have a great weekend!


I usually go 2 sometimes 3 days without washing my hair. It depends on how active I am and stuff too though.

And I gotta have Bobby pins to keep it out of my face. My head is too small for most hats and headbands.


My friend calls hair horns “boopsies”. It makes me laugh :)


What a steal, thanks for the discount! I never used to color my hair, but then my hairdresser (who I absolutely love) got me hooked on balayage. I love it because I can go once a year and my hair looks awesome as it grows out. I really love my natural color so I feel it only enhances it, not masks it.


Where did you buy the shirt you are wearing in today’s video? I really like it. Thanks :)

I wear my hair in a ponytail, sometimes with clips.


Are you doin Seahweeze?!?! If you are – I’m so jealous. I tried so hard to get in this year – but registration was a huge pain. I ran it last year and it is honestly one of my favorite halfs. Vancouver is absolutely gorgeous – and all the yoga parties is a plus!


I only wash my hair when I need to.. I get super sweaty in the heat but I probably only wash it 3 times a week.
I put my hair in a braid with a thick headband to run!
I always wish I could get my hair to stay in a bun running, but its so heavy it immediately falls out


Love your hair! I wash my hair about two or three times a week. Love my dry shampoo. I also hate when my hair is in my face or touching my neck when running. I do my own highlights in my hair a couple times each year!


I wash it once a week but rinse and condition daily because I have dry curly hair. I color it with a semi permanent color just to cover some minor grays and keep the tone from being too brassy. Unfortunately running outdoors gives it wear and tear.


I don’t have a lot of luck with heat styling; my hair doesn’t hold curls very well from heat. But at $39, I think I’ll give this a try!

I wash my hair every three days. Day 1: Wash at night, style in bun; Day 2: Keep in bun Day 3: Nice curls Day 4: Wash again. I have long hair, so this works really well for me.


I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs and during the summer I have a hard time finding the time to wash it more often! Thank goodness it doesn’t look bad ;)

When I run, I like to braid my bangs into my ponytail. I tried headbands, but the ones that stay give me headaches sometimes.

Excited to try the NuMe! My hair gets caught in my traditional curling iron all the time.


I wash my hair a few times a week. It’s thick and wavy, so I do straighten it sometimes. I love running, so I have constant ponytail or “mom bun”, but for church I actually get to “do” it. :)

I use headbands with the sticky on them. The longer it gets, the less I need it, but I like to think they take a little pressure off the ponytail, thus not leaving me completely bald by the age of 50. Let us hope.

Mmm, not really. I don’t like when other runners don’t acknowledge me, but that doesn’t happen a lot. Other than that, I hate a sweaty treadmill that I didn’t realize someone had just been on, and then I put my hands on the screen and EWEWEWEWEW. lol But there again, has only happened a couple of times.

No, no need to color it yet. I’ve got a handful of grays. But I am not averse to coloring it at some point if it makes me feel good.


Gorgeous hair!


How in the world do you not burn yourself continually?? I keep wanting to like a wand like that…but burn my fingers lol!


I don’t know if you’re aware that there’s a problem with your mobile site. When you click comment, an ad redirects you to a page that says you won something. It’s been going on all week and been very annoying.


I wash my hair everyday — I know you’re “not supposed to” but with my job, I just feel so gross unless I shower and wash it!! Haha

I’ve been needing to invest in a new straightener and curling iron — I will check these out!

I’ve never colored my hair, but the first gray hair I see will mean a trip to get some hair dye ;)


Hi! Can I ask what type of running shorts those Nike’s are? Do you like them? I’m on the lookout for another type and haven’t had any luck thus far! Thanks so much!!!


HEY!!! Here is the link to them:

I bought them in a few different colors and I LOVE THEM. I love the bright colors, they are super soft and flattering (I think:) Try them out and let me know what you think!!!


I was actually going to come on here today and ask how you do your hair because the curls are so pretty! So glad you posted this! And my hair straightener just stopped working, so I’m in the market for a new one….Sounds like I’m going to be doing some shopping this weekend.
Have fun in Canada!


Thank you for posting this deal! I jumped on it! I have been growing my hair out for about a year and a half from a pixie cut, and I am FINALLY ready to do some curls. I have no idea what I’m doing, so I was very glad for your video tutorial as well. Can’t wait until arrives now!


I love my Nume wand but haven’t used it much lately since my 7 month old is always glued to me! Lol. I wash my hair every other day and heavily depend on dry shampoo. Living Proof dry shampoo is a little pricey but does wonders for my hair!


What an awesome offer, thanks HRG! Just made my purchase and can’t wait to use the NuMe wand. I have medium length ,thick hair and needed a new curling iron pronto. Excited to get my curls on!

I wash every three to four days. My hair doesn’t get super greasy and it holds curls so much better on the 3rd day of not washing it. Love your blog!


How frequently /infrequently I wash my hair…. Too embarrassed to admit ! I have twin 2 year olds if that gives you any idea ;)

Do u feel the wand keeps your hair healthier vs a standard curling iron? The ends of my hair get gnarly from my pony tail whipping around in the heat/sweat so I’m always trying to keep things as healthy as possible so I don’t do more damage.

Pet peeves – unrelated to hair but I MUST run in proper exercise clothes. A pair of cotton tights or socks that are too fluffy could ruin my run… Possibly my day…. Lol!


Thanks HRG! I’ve been wanting to try a wand but not sure if I’m ready to commit from the classic curling iron for my thick, thick hair. This promo gave me the chance to purchase a quality wand and no spend a ton though it seems!

I’m the worst about washing my hair! 2-3/week, maybe? : / Thank you dry shampoo, baby powder and curling irons!
I’m a big fan of head bands and hats for my runs.
My running pet peeves: when the chafe happens….
No hair color here. 33 and going strong. Hoping I can hold out. I have thick hair so it would b pricey and once I start I’ll probably never want to stop!


I absolutely love Brookie in the video! She is so cute and reminds me of my 2.5 year old daughter. :) I have heard so many good things about NuMe and your hair looks gorgeous. :)


WHOA that’s quite a sale! Checking it out now… haha even though I never curl my hair!


Ehhhhh I don’t wash my hair as often as I should hah!

Running pet peeves – Rocks in my shoe! Worst feeling ever.

Have fun in Canada! Are you running SeaWheeze in Vancouver?!


I always wash my hair everyday….and I know you’re not supposed to but I just cannot help it.

I’ve always wanted to have wavy/curly hair but my hair is soooo straight, nothing helps. I remember as a young kid, I tried sleeping with my hair braided just so I can see the waves but that went away with a quickness!

Running pet peeves- when I feel like my socks are coming off…doesn’t happen that often anymore because I switched my socks to a different brand.


First off, I have to say that I love, LOVE your blog. It is one of the few that I read every single day. It is wonderful to see you so happy.

I am not a fabulous runner, but I still try and am doing my second half in about a week! You are so inspiring!

I try to wash my hair only every other day. It still gets oily even with dry shampoo, but I can usually do at least that. I typically do my hair straight the first day and wavy the next, so can I tell you how excited I am that you are running this promotion?!! I’ve wanted a NUME forever! Thank you, thank you!


I color my hair, in fact I just caught sight of it a little while ago and it’s time!

I wash my hair every 3 days (or so) I’m blessed with curly hair and it gets dry if I wash more than that. If it’s soaked after a workout I’ll rinse and condition it. (and I hate when people tell me they have a product that will change my life – it’s always to straighten my hair. Thanks but no thanks, I like my curls and I don’t like spending a lot of time on my hair).

I hate wet feet when running.

I usually wear a hat when I run. If not I do a top ponytail and a join it into a bottom one. Any stray hairs I bobby pin back.


So I have a question for you: with running almost everyday and washing your hair only a couple days a week, what do you use to prevent your hair looking and feeling all greasy after sweating? Or are you one of those lucky people who doesn’t sweat much? :)


What kind of headband do you use? I’m always looking for thick ones that don’t fall off my head!


I also hate when my hair gets in my face so I weat a hat often which also drives me crazy if it is really hot and sweaty or if it is windy and comes close to blowing off my head. Wind might be a pet peeve in general.
I agree with those who said they dont’t wash hair as often as they probably should. My hair takes forever to dry so I wash it only when I really have to!


Your hair looks great! I love using a wand on my hair to create the beachy waves look! It’s so easy and fast.


Just ordered the classic wand and can’t wait to try it out! Thanks so much for sharing this great deal. Have a blessed day!


Another blog I follow, did this promotion in June and OMG! I love love love NUME! I purchased the straightner but this time I may purchase the wand and start curling my hair!


So excited about this post! Just submitted my order :) I’ve always used cheap Target curling wands because I couldn’t justify the price of a NuMe wand, but with the discount I couldn’t turn it down. Can’t wait to try it out – your hair always looks beautiful!

I’ve yet to figure a way to make my hair manageable during running. It always turns into a curly, tangled mess. I’ll have to invest in a few thick headbands to at least keep the hair horns out of my way!


i tried using the discount code HRGIRL39 which it states it expires on 09/30 and the website said it is no longer available? Could you help?



I’m having the same problem… it appears to have expired early?


I am having the same problem with the coupon code unfortunately!

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