Well, thank you very much and time for 16 miles (it’s a long/short story).

First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your comments yesterday.  You helped me out a ton and I feel a lot better after hearing everyone’s different experiences.  l love that we can talk so openly about things because now I know it is pretty normal to not feel great (luckily, my doctor gave me anti-nausea medicine to use for the next 15 days and I’ll see where I’m at after that and let you know) for awhile and that things should improve (and if they don’t—>  to get that IUD ((PS I have the Mirena)) out right away.  THANK YOU!  Also, I have a list of about 6 different methods that I want to try if what I’m currently doing doesn’t work in the future.  It has been over 4 years since I had any hormones in me and I think my body is just going nuts trying to figure it all out for a month or two (I hope;).

Babysitting plans fell through yesterday morning so I had another treadmill run and Josse will be joining me on my long run this morning instead.  She is recovering from her 1/2 Ironman and marathon recently so a nice and slow pace is perfect for her too.   You just gotta fit the long run in when you can sometimes.  

IMG 1343

Brooke’s sandals. They just make me extremely happy.  I get her shoes from Old Navy and these are my new favorites. 

IMG 1357

We had some celebrating to get done yesterday with the girls so first we had 180 Tacos.

IMG 1391

Did I ever tell you about the time Megan and I got sick at this restaurant and then we didn’t eat here for approximately 8 months afterwards.  Luckily, somebody convinced us to go back a little while ago and we are addicted again.  Salad and soup for the win.  

IMG 1390

And then we had our nails done next door.   Running has forced two of my toenails to disappear but the nail place always makes it look like I have them again.  (PS I like to get gel nails when I get them done because they last for weeks and weeks that way)

IMG 1393

Brooke found a new hiding spot at my parents’ house which she was pretty excited about.  

Jeans in the summer… yeah, I have no idea what in the world I was thinking yesterday.  I was sweating 98% of the day but too lazy to change.  

IMG 1396

Once Andrew was off work we all went out together.  Brooke made sure to bring her dog on the leash and she wouldn’t let it off the leash while we were outside.  

IMG 1400

While Knox was on Andrew’s shoulders he reached down to give me a head scratch.  Made my day.   

Blending a family sure has a lot of different factors going into it but I’m really excited about what we have going on so far and how well everyone involved is doing.  Let’s just cross every finger and toe possible that things stay like this;)  

IMG 1401

Brooke sampled my horchata yesterday and she loved it and finished off the rest of mine.  

IMG 1407

We then ran a ton of errands and ended up on the grass while the kids ran a few miles.  

IMG 1420

I’m really hoping that this morning I have the same physical ‘arms up in the air because I feel so good running’ experience that Brooke did yesterday.

IMG 1412  1

We also got to hang out with a border collie lab mix and 

IMG 1411

and a labradoodle while we were outside before going back to Andrew’s chocolate lab.  Remember how I went on and on for months about how bad I wanted a dog…  she will be my new running/everything/life buddy soon.  

IMG 1445

I showed you Brooke’s outfit for the wedding and we received Knox’s outfit yesterday!  He will be the ring bearer and best man and Brooke has her flower girl basket (which she has been practicing with) all ready too. 

IMG 1448

It’s going to be an early morning today so I can finish up my long run before Brooke wakes up.  I’m glad that I have all of Josse’s amazing stories to look forward to and some sunshine… remember how waking up early to run during the winter is a million times harder because of how dark it is outside?  Getting up early to run is also a lot easier during the summer because the sooner you get out there, the cooler it is and the less time you are running and sweating to death.  Procrastinating a run during the summer does not help matters…  Although, Josse and I are planning to run twice a week when pre-school starts next month during the hot hours so we can be prepared for a warm day at the St. George Marathon… and if it isn’t a warm day at the marathon, at least we will be prepared and used to conquering the miles with heat.  Win-win right? 

IMG 1449

I’m going to most definitely remember this article—>  Use Your Mind to Restore Your Body After a Run after the run + some chocolate milk + an ice bath.


What month(s) is it easiest for you to get up and out the door for a run?  How do you balance your running in with life most effectively?  

Last restaurant you got sick?!  Will you ever go back?

Lost a toenail from running ever?

What are the temps and humidity levels like right now where you are at?

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My favorite month to run is January because I live in Florida and it’s the only tolerable month. Right now the temps are in the mid 90s but with humidity it feels like 105. It’s oppressive for sure.

I have lost many toe nails and have long since given up on pretty feet.


even though it’s super hot here right now (we’re talking like upper 90s, woof), I’m loving the summer because it’s so much easier to get up and out the door. I was up at 5 today but didn’t even care because it was bright and sunny.

last restaurant I got sick at was an oyster bar and I will a) never go back b) never eat oysters again. food aversion to the max right there. not willing to risk it ever again haha. plus, I didn’t even think they were that good anyway.


The last restaurant that got me sick was a place called Crave in Charleston. They have literally the best mac and cheese (award winning) and I threw it all up after eating it. It’s because I had morning sickness, but now even the thought of that place makes me gag.
Good luck on your long run!


The toenail on the toe right next to my big toe (on both feet) is no longer there, and I always have to make sure there’s paint covering those toes. I always feel bad when I get pedicures because I feel like those toes are so gross, but the people there are always really nice about it. :)

The temps are super HOT and WAY HUMID in the Dallas area. I don’t even remember what it’s like to run without humidity anymore (and I will probably say that until well into October).


Lately it’s been easy for me to get up and go running before work. I just have to get in the habit of it! Right now, if I sleep in, I’ll miss my ride to work/gym and have to take the bus, then I’ll have to run after work when I’m tired and it’s 100 degrees- so waking up early is definitely the lesser of two evils!

It is definitely hot and humid here lately..this morning on my run (at 6AM) it was 72 with 92% humidity.


Blending a family can be hard work but it seems like you’re doing pretty well so far! My dad got remarried last year (my mom passed away in 2011) and I’m the oldest now of 5 siblings- 2 of mine and 2 step. I’m married and don’t live at home anymore but I know it’s been harder for my younger siblings and figuring out all the little things without drawing battle lines from time to time.

I ran last night just after sunset and it was HUMID. So much sweat. I love summer more than any other season except when I’m running.


Summer is the easiest for me to go out and run in the morning. During the school year, I have to be ready to go at work, drop Max off and be at school for 7:30am/8am – trying to add a run in the morning is just too problematic. Especially in the winter months when the sun isn’t even out until late (I don’t run in the dark). Summer is a bit more relaxed at the sun is out early, so I can go running at 6:30am without a problem.

Today the temperature will go above 33C/90F, and the humidity is apparently awful.


What chic sandals for a little girl! I did not have style when I was her age! haha


That’s exactly why I got the nonhormonal IUD. NO HORMONES! And I am in serious need of a gel manicure. Maybe after I teach spin this morning I will treat myself!


October is my favorite month for running, although Seattle has ideal temperatures for running year-round. It’s still cool and mild in the mornings here, although more humid recently than I prefer.


It sounds like you’re having a good time. My favorite time frame for running is in the fall. I feel like I make the most gains from them.

You’re doing such a great job for you and Brrooke and she is so lucky Janae.

I got a serious case of food poisoning last month. They haven’t figured out where it came from but I’ve been avoiding certain foods because of it.


It’s 85 degrees and humid at 9am going up to 90+.
I think end of May and early June is the best time for me to get up early. It’s still daylight early but now it’s too hot


Super hot & humid here in Boston, but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the south! I actually like when the sun rises a bit late so I can actually see it rise as opposed to now when it rises at 5am! I am definitely not up by then! Have a great run!


I don’t like getting up early for any reason! So I stick to running after work.
I live in Dayton, OH and today’s high is 90 with 86% humidity. We are currently building a privacy fence so I am going to be miserable. This weekend is supposed to cool off a bit…. hopefully.


I love running in the fall months or even like March and April. However it’s totally easier for me to run in the morning during the summer:) Brooke’s sandals are so cute! I want a pair! Haha.


Janae, I have a completely random question for you. After you spent so much time running in California, when you moved back to Utah how did you adjust running at altitude again? I recently moved from Boston to Denver and every run is STRUGGLE CITY. Not to mention I’m running about 30 seconds slower per mile than what I’m used to. It’s really getting me down. I’ve only been here for about a month but I was hoping to be adjusted by now. I know I won’t be as fast as I was at sea level, but I was at least hoping it would be easier by now. And if anyone else has any insight on this feel free to hop in :) I’m desperate guys.


Hi! I moved from the desert southwest (2300 ft) to a small NM town at 6000 ft elevation a few months ago. I think it took me nearly 8 weeks before I felt used to running at elevation. Plus, my new town is very hilly – double the trouble there! I would give yourself a little more time to adjust to it! :) Good luck!!


8 weeks?! This will be a test in patience ;) Thank you very much, you made me feel a lot better. I’m relieved to hear the struggle is normal!


I just moved from sea level back to the Denver area (5700 ft on my side of town) three weeks ago – and I haven’t adjusted all the way yet, either (partly altitude, partly all the stinking hills). Just hang in there…you will get back to feeling “normal” eventually. And if it helps mentally, all my fastest marathon times came from training up here and then traveling to races…almost all of them are at lower altitude! The struggle will pay off.


Thank you SO much for this. It makes me feel a lot better and makes me feel hopeful about being in shape by my marathon in December ;) Also SHOULD WE RUN TOGETHER SOMETIME?


We probably should run together sometime…if you’re up for running slow (10 min pace right now for long runs on flat(ish) paths and still taking short walk breaks going up the bigger hills. Shorter runs I can do a bit faster).
And you should be fine for a December marathon…all the high altitude training will pay off by then (unless you’re running in Leadville).


I think it’s actually easier to get out the door and get the run in during the summer sometimes, just because if you don’t you know that you are really in for it. I usually run more in the summer than any other time of year, mainly just because I have more time. Even at 5 a.m., the temperature is usually between 70 – 80 and the humidity is between 80 and 90%. I haven’t ever lost a toenail from running. I have several that look really bad and I wouldn’t be sad if they did fall off, but they are still hanging on. Haha.


Fingers crossed, I haven’t lost any toenails yet!!


May-September are my favorite morning run months but I’m good running in the evening then too. October starts to get too cold and dark for me in the morning.


Last places I got sick at was In N Out and that sandwich place in Vegas that has the turkey and cranberry sauce??? Ugh forget the name – think it starts with a C? Capriotti’s maybe? After those unfortunate events I NEVER ate at those places again while I lived in Vegas for almost 4 yrs.

It’s hot and hotter here. Humidity is in the high 80s and temps are high 90s to 100 with heat index above 100. Gotta love the south ?

Getting out to run early in the summer is SO much easier for me and it’s bc in the winter it’s SO cold!! I don’t like cold weather at all! Heck in the Fall when it’s 50-55 in the morning I warm up inside to break a sweat so the outside temp isn’t too bad. Of course once I start running, 50-55 is the perfect temp!!


I think I’ve had to say goodbye to at least 3 toenails. They’ve grown back pretty well though. ;)

Back when I struggled with an eating disorder, I would panic/let it ruin my day if I missed a run. Thank goodness that now, I don’t let runs control me, I control them. I go out 3-4 x a week (unless I’m injured or something.) If I have to miss a run, it does stink, but I don’t let it get to me. I prioritize running because it helps me to be a better wife, and mom (to be!) but I don’t let it dictate my life.

Love love love Brook’s expression during her run- priceless. And Knox’s head scratch: heart melted.


The restaurant I got seafood poisoning from closed. I still cannot eat mussels.

It’s hot and humid with poor air quality warnings. I either run early, late or hit the treadmill. It’s so hot I actually enjoy the ice bath after the long run.

I have one toe that I lose the nail every few years. There’s usually a baby nail underneath that I polish so it looks normal. (my husband was a little horrified when the nail came off. He knows it happens but it was the first time he saw it. haha).


The heat index is above 100 here and far exceeded that for our 48 hour race at Merrill’s Mile in Georgia last weekend!

We both lost toenails in our race last weekend and actually only have a few toenails left each;)


I missed commenting on your post yesterday but I also had issues with Mirena as well and had to get it removed.

Glad the blending of families is going well!


I am interested in how you meet your running buddies. Although I often enjoy running alone, I would like company for long slow runs> However, I haven’t found anyone to run with yet. Do you have a secret?


Food poisoning is no joke. I got sick from take out pizza a few years ago and it took me over a year before I could eat any pizza again. Not fun.

That shade of pink nail polish is so pretty!


I don’t care to run in the winter, but I will have to this upcoming Jan Feb Mar. May is a good month to get out and run early.

I whacked a toenail with a snow shovel several years ago and a fungus set in. Kept losing the nail until I saw a laser specialist at the podiatrist. It looks mostly normal now. (No polish for me, sorry).

I had, what I thought was, some bad sushi a few months ago. I was really dizzy afterwards. I won’t be going back there.

This morning I didn’t want to run outside because at 5 am it was 71 degrees and humid. The dreadmill was not really an improvement, but I was able to easily adjust incline! Only 2.5 miles at setting 1, 2, and 3. First 8 miler of the year is on Sat though.


It’s around 74 degrees right now (5:20 am) and humidity is 88%. It’ll be another humid muggy run!
Yesterday was the same. Very wet from humidity!

I like now- early summer to wake up in the morning to go run. By 5:30 am, it gets a little bright so I am not running in complete darkness!

I lost one toenail once. But it came back :) I think I’m losing my pinky toenail though…. It doesn’t feel normal!


September is the easiest month for me to get up early to run – I think it’s because the cooler weather is starting in and Fall is my favourite season in general!

I lost two toe nails after a 10 mile road race and another two the next year after the SAME road race! At the time I didn’t realize it was a ‘thing’ … until my work carpool buddy informed me that she TOO lost one doing the exact same race! Phew ;)


Curious – what does Brooke’s shirt say? I caught “Mom,” and that’s about it… lol :) Love her sandals!

I love running in early am during the summer when I can, before my husband and daughter wake up. Last weekend it was 7.5 miles and it was PERFECTION. I can’t deal with the humidity after a certain point.

Last time I got sick from a restaurant was when I met a co worker for lunch and had a crab cake salad. Never again, yuck!


Man that is an early wake up call!!!


It is much harder for me to get up early in the winter because I am all cozy and warm in my bed. It is so hot in Dallas right now… my dogs are exhausted after a 15 minute walk these days.


Ooh I love your nail colors!


See, now I thanked Megan a lot for making the sacrifice to go to Tacos 180 on my birthday. I knew she was scared, since it was her first time back, but she did it! But now I am thinking she owes ME. I got her to go back. I mean, really. Why have i not received a hand written thank you card about this whole situation yet?

Also, I totally bought those same sandals for Felicity….only her feet were too fat and they wouldn’t fit. It was a sad day.


It is so hard to get up early in the winter because it is cold and dark–a ruthless combination! I pretty much exclusively run around 5/6 pm in the winter so I can try to take advantage of the warmest part of the day and maybe some sun. In the summer, with the sun rising earlier, it is much easier to get up and going. Indiana is rather unpredictable–a few weeks ago it was very hot with high humidity, but this past week it has been much cooler and the humidity dropped off dramatically. Today is humid again, but still not as hot as it was before. :)


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sick from a restaurant, so I’m lucky there. Broccoli sometimes makes my stomach turn though, because I ate a ton of it in the first trimester of my pregnancy (while I had horrible morning sickness). And that was 9 years ago!

I’ve been lucky enough to keep all my toenails, even during marathon training.

I can’t complain too much about the WI heat and humidity…we’ve mostly stayed between 70 and 80 degrees this summer (or cooler).


Question about your purse in the pic with your salad and soup (which by the way look yummy!) Is that a crossbody purse? I have been searching for a crossbody purse with wide strips and that kind of looks like it might be what I am looking for!! Any information on it would be appreciated, thank you! :)


It is a crossbody purse and I LOVE IT!!!! I wear it daily right now:)



Thank you, just ordered it! :)


it’s like 90 and 100% humidity right now. I usually run in the middle of the day, but this week it’s been nothing but the mill. This weekend i’ll be able to get up early and head outside, i’m so ready to be outside!


the picture of Brooke with her hands in the air made me LOL hard!

It’s easier for me to get up in May because the weather is perfect! I balance running with life/marathon training by making sure I run first thing in the morning. I’m the type that won’t go after work unless I MUST.

I got sick at outback years ago and have not returned since….

Currently have 1 missing toenail… our feet will never be the same again after long distance running.

Hope you have a great day!


Knock on wood only got sick from some grocery store food – the deli section. I think it was some chicken. The pain was something I will never forget.

Hey, look at Megan D’s braid! Did she do it just for the blog?


I haven’t lost a toenail running yet. (Knocks on wood).
Got sick from a Mexican place in Denver in 2012 and NEVER EVER would go there again. I don’t live in Denver anymore so it’s not really an option but still. NEVER EVER.
Who knew horchata would be such a hit with the young crowd! My 2.5 year old daughter stole mine last week when we were out for my husband’s bday.


Definitely June – August when it’s hot and it’s bright at 5am!! I like to get my workout done early and to be able to run when pretty much the rest of the city is asleep! The heat and humidity is insane right now and I LOVE it…probably because I spend 6 months of the year in a deep freeze!!

Knock on wood…have never lost a toenail from running!!


It’s hot &humid in Tennessee for sure! And I love fall running so I guess October and November are my favorites!


You are right about training in the heat. Although i’m the first one to say that I hate it, it is important to do it once in a while in order to become stronger. With Cystic Fibrosis, my body has a very hard time adjusting to the crazy heat and humidity (sweating and loosing a lot more salt than normal). I thought I should avoid the extreme heat but then I consulted a doctor who works with CF athletes and he told me I should try and run in the heat once a week. That being said, you have to listen to your body and take extra precautions : in my case I need to carry an electrolyte drink (I use Nuun) with extra salt with me all the time to make sure I stay hydrated.


I love the fall! The crisp morning air make it so easy to get up and get moving — bonus for better times! My legs feel like cement when it’s hot and humid.

A place that I’ll NEVER go back to and have only been to once in my life is Long John Silver’s — My sister took me once due to limited food choices and I was SOO SICK off their crab cakes that I couldn’t get out of bed the next day… I can still smell the fried fish smell too… SICK!

I haven’t lost a toenail (yet — and I hope I won’t!) but I’m curious — How did your nail tech get your toes to look so fab?? Is it acrylic?

Temps where I am are 104 degrees +++ with 95% humidity (even at 5:30 am!!)

Double yuck!



I need your white shirt! Where did you get it? And the heat and humidity in Alabama now are terrible! I just keep telling myself it will make me stronger, if I don’t die first :). I prefer running in the cold!


Last restaurant I got sick at was a local Mexican restaurant in my town. I didn’t blame the restaurant, I think it was just an unhappy coincidence. Still my favorite restaurant! I’ve never lost a toenail to running, but I’ve lost them in other ways and it both disgusts me and fascinates me…
Hooray for pretty summer nails!


Finals week of any semester is always the easiest time for me to fit in my runs ;) haha! Because I’m desperate for an excuse to spend time not studying, and running is good for your brain and body :)

I magically have never lost a toenail! but they do bleed sometimes

its about 90 degrees here every day with a 90% humidity where I am in Peru !! insane, but i’m getting adjusted to it. I just started writing a little blog about living here, if you’re interested :) short-link: http://wp.me/p7Exm6-2a


omg Brooke with that little braid on the side! She is just so cute, I wish I could have her hair. My dream hair… haha, grass is always greener on the other side!

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