SENTENCE PER PICTURE and Your Running Accomplishments

SEVENTEEN MILES with Josse yesterday and 4 stops at the exact same water fountain along the way… I think I would have stopped at 15 miles if it wasn’t for her entertaining stories.

IMG 1457

When we first started our run it was dark and really cool outside and by the time we finished it still wasn’t that hot—> win.

IMG 1453

She sent me home with homemade almond butter (PS a marathon is just a fun 9.2 more miles than this… WHAT IN THE WORLD am I thinking??).

IMG 1458

Back home to pick up the Brookers before heading out for the day.  

IMG 1466

But first we went straight to test out the almond butter with a few apples.  

IMG 1474

She insisted on bringing her cookware with us no matter where we went yesterday. 

IMG 1486

A hangout with the Andrew man and Knox.

IMG 1500

We were driving along the road and Brooke saw a carnival and she asked to stop and it sounded like a great idea to me. 

IMG 1503

Living the American Fork, Utah life.   

IMG 1508

And then as we were driving around this happened.  

Brooke was more upset with the flat tire than I was.  

IMG 1512

A stop at the pizza factory for my favorite breadsticks.

IMG 1516

The girls requested a stop at The Chocolate for a Thursday night special.

IMG 1523

The chocolate coconut cake won the show in my opinion (I was hungry all day after that long run yesterday).  

IMG 1521

And at 12:10 a.m. Bangs Friend went through and organized my purse like she always does (she said she won’t organize my sock drawer because my socks don’t have matches… valid point). 

IMG 1526


THANK you so much for all of your amazing running accomplishments!  The next round of these will be in two weeks (I’ll remind you that week)!  You guys are incredible! 


Theresa!!! “This submission has been a long time coming.  It has been difficult for me to find the words and I know it is very different from the usual ‘Running Accomplishments’ featured (which I love reading!) It is also very different from where I thought I would be running wise just a few years ago.  But I want to tell my story because I know there are a few out there who are going through similar challenges and I want you to know you are not alone.  

My life has been about running from the very beginning.  I was competing from a young age and putting in tons of miles and marathons by my early 20s.  I struggled with my health a bit at this time (mostly GI stuff) but with a limited diet was able to make it work. After a few difficult years with multiple jobs and travel, I started seeing the results of my 100 mile weeks and ran my 19th marathon in the fall of 2012, a 3:02:53.  My sub 3 was so close and I had the 2016 trials on my ‘dream big’ list.

After that point, my health declined steadily over the following year.  The GI symptoms escalated, I was blacking out often, and having allergic reactions to everything.  I was seen in several well known hospital systems across the country as well as locally and ultimately was diagnosed with a very rare diseased  called ‘Mast Cell Activation Disorder’ and many other related secondary diagnoses.  The easiest way to describe this disease is it is like being in a constant allergic reaction.  So triggers can vary but food, environmental, temperature, smells etc. can all be involved and change over time.  It is chronic and mine has been progressive.

In the years since, I have had many surgeries and hospital stays that total many months.  I have 2 feeding tubes and a central line (permanent IV lines in my chest) where I receive all my nutrition. As you can imagine, running was left behind.  With Mast Cell being so multi systemic, it is difficult to have a day where everything feels *good* enough just to function, not to mention run! I have managed to continue teaching high school full time at one of the best high schools in Michigan which I am extremely grateful for and proud of. But in all honesty, I withdrew a lot during this time— from family, friends, life… and running.  I felt so angry at my body for letting me down, watching my dreams slip away.  Why bother trying to run a mile or two when 10-14 mile days were the norm.  Running was about racing and being fit- neither of which I was anywhere close to, so I found myself pushing it aside.  

But the last few months, things have started to change.  I have been getting myself into my running shoes and out the door.  And most of the time, running is hard.  But there are these glimmers where my foot hits the ground or I feel the breeze and I remember.  I remember running.  Because I then can feel and remember that for me, running never was ‘just’ about racing or being fit.  Running is my soul- the very core of my being.  And it will always be there for me.  And it is an accomplishment in that as weird as it sounds, just lacing up for 20 or 30 minutes some days is as hard as mile 26 was during my marathons.  But even though it is fleeting, that feeling of the old me, just for a few seconds is enough to get me out the door next time. 

So anyone struggling with health or anything similar, keep the faith.  And remember that no matter what, running will always be there waiting patiently when you are ready to return.”

IMG 1222


Trina!!! “This running accomplishment involves my sweet 3 year old niece, Nina! She completed her FIRST 1km fun run on Canada Day, July 1st, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  She was so excited to run like her Mom and Auntie do (we are both half marathon runners).  The entire week leading up to the race, she kept telling us how much she LOVED running.  There was a costume contest for the race so we asked her what she wanted to dress up as… naturally she responded like most 3 year olds would- Princess Elsa!! I love to sew, so I sourced fabric and made us all princess costumes for the run (yes, I did!).  Her Mom was Cinderella, I got to be Snow White, and Nina was Princess Elsa.  I think it’s the most fun I’ve ever had during a run.  I may have to dress up more often.  Nina’s favorite part?  A toss up between the running, the costume (she slept in it that night) and getting a finisher’s medal from the city’s mayor:)”

IMG 5793


What is your long run this week?  Early… later… solo… with friends?  

What is your sentence for the day?  

What do you have going on this weekend?  

Last car problem that you have had!?

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Brookes reaction to the flat tire, classic! So cute.

This weekend I’m spending lots of time doing yard work, oh the joy.

Sentence for the day, “I’m spending the day with my son and couldn’t be happier.”


Oh man, I just had a flat tire about a month ago. So annoying! I had to have the entire tire replaced which stinks because my other 3 tires weren’t in need of being replaced so now they aren’t all on the same schedule!

This weekend my long run will be 12 miles :) I hope that the weather is not super hot but I don’t have high expectations. We’ve been having near record highs for heat+humidity and weather advisories all week… ugh!


It sounds like your training is going well Janae. I love the feeling of being done with a run early in the summer. It gets so hot. This weekend is pouring rain so I don’t have a lot of plans.


Maybe a short run this weekend – I’m doing one of those “city chase” fun things tomorrow. It is supposed to Thunderstorm though :-(


This weekend we have a company family event on Saturday, and I also plan on eating lots of froyo and hanging out at the pool! I have my long run tomorrow morning, so that will be fun, too.

Sentence for the day: It’s better to take chances than to live in the land of “if only.”


Theresa’s running accomplishment is one of the most poignant you’ve shared yet. Running is always there, changing with us in the seasons of our lives.
Long run today will be 10 miles, longest since I sprained my foot!


All of your pictures of breadsticks make me wish we had that restaurant here! I would eat there all.the.time. It’s so cute that Brooke wanted to stop at the carnival. We have one in my hometown every year, and it was the one thing I missed about not being home. I love to pic out on caramel apples!


I watched your flat tire snap a million times last night. Poor Brooke. Car troubles are very stressful.

My weekend consists of a 6 mile run for my half training and beach volleyball practice.

My sentence, “Find the helpers.” Because with this week’s violent events, we need helpers.


First of all, WHERE did you get your purse?!? I love it!

My weekend will be full of work & a fun bridal shower! My recent car problem was my AC going out, in the middle of a hot Ohio summer, bleh!


HEY KENDRA!! I got it here:

Love it!

Enjoy your weekend at the bridal shower wahoooo!!!


Long run this weekend is 24 miles (eek!). Thankfully I have some great friends who will accompany me. It’s my last long run before the 50K. My sentence for the day is, “I’m off work and going to be lazy (ish).” No big plans here this weekend. I like it that way sometimes though! Thankfully I haven’t had any major car trouble in quite some time. My battery died last summer, but that was the last thing and easily remedied. Have a great weekend!


Ok that cake night looks perfect for me! I would be hungry too all day after a long run of that distance. Have a great weekend


Absolutely love your striped dress!! Please tell us where it’s from!


THANK YOU!!! I got it from this store:

You will love their stuff!


Brooke is just too cute with her little rage, she was so serious sounding!! :) That age is the best!

Have a 10k tomorrow and some much needed relaxation time with the kiddos afterwards!


Aww, why was she so stressed about the tire? Poor thing. Apples and almond butter together is one of my new favorite combos! You talk about almond butter so much it’s sort of seeped it’s way into being a well used staple in my diet.

Theresa’s story— so inspired!


Our theme of the weekend is R&R!!! We are still very much recovering from our 140 mile run last weekend, so not much going on in the Bello house.

You all always have such neat adventures! The bread sticks look so delicious that I want to eat my computer screen;)


Plans for the weekend… 8 mile run Sunday morning with a friend then a baseball game with the family, perfect summer day! The park tomorrow for sure after errands.

Last night we went for a walk to pick up our dinner and there was a cookie place next door, so I just HAD to get us a couple. My daughter favored her dinner over the cookie we gave her, lol It was too funny! :) More for me, I guess!


Hmmm….in two weeks because you will be honeymooning next week?? :) Hope you have a great weekend! Brooke is just too cute!


Thanks Lindsay:) We really appreciate it!


Skipping my long run this week. Keeping my mileage around 5k per run until my hip feels better.
I am going to visit a friend of mine upstate tomorrow. The day will entail mostly pool lounging. I can’t wait.
Last thing that happened to my car was I was hit from behind on the highway about 2 months ago. The car is all repaired though.


Those pieces of cake look delicious! I’m pretty jealous.


Mmm homemade almond butter! <3


Have a wonderful wedding and a great honeymoon.


Thank you Sarah! We really appreciate that!


I just had a flat tired last week. We have had about 3 or 4 since moving to Dallas … what the heck?! I am looking forward to relaxing on our boat this weekend and a fun concert where all the boats anchor by a resort!


One of my weirdest fears is getting a flat tire on the high way….either in super hot weather or freezing cold..never a perfect 70 degree day. What did you do?? Better question?? Who did you call? Or who you gonna call? (Ghostbusters? yea, I couldn’t resist…so lame I know!)


Just a question about how you fuel up for your long run so early in the morning (ie: 5:30am!) I would love to get 17 miles over with early in the morning but I need a substantial breakfast before running for over 2 hours and I’m not waking up at 3:30am to eat breakfast! (I take a while to digest food)
Do you just grab a snack before running out the door? or rely on gels? or eat nothing at all?! Any tips are appreciated :)


“No it’s not fun!” Love it! At least you guys got to have some fun at the carnival first. I got a flat tire from a construction nail a little while ago and it was pretty frustrating too.

The chocolate! So yummy.


Yeah it’s the weekend! That’s my sentence and after a week or so much homework I could not be looking forward to it more! Maybe I’ll whip up some almond butter.


Where is your darling dress from?! I love it!


THANK YOU RACHEL! I got it at this store (love their stuff!!)


I have 12 miles on Sunday–I keep meaning to go meet the local running group (they meet Sundays at 7 am) for at least some of the miles, but I haven’t yet. Maybe this week will be the week. :) Not sure yet about plans for the weekend. Hopefully spend some time in the sun around water!


I ran a nice, easy-paced 10 miles today with a friend. The weather stayed nice for us, and the run didn’t suck too badly until the very end.

Since the weather is supposed to be nice, my family and I will probably spend a lot of time playing softball at the park and hanging out on our back porch. (Hopefully I’ll get a couple good workouts in too.)

I’ve been very lucky with car problems…a flat tire here, a cracked windshield there…all minor stuff. (But I’ve gotten lots of speeding tickets, if that counts!)

Have a great weekend!


Theresa’s story gave me chills! What a strong and inspiring person. Thanks for sharing!


Right?! She is absolutely amazing and her story made me cry. I hope you have a fabulous weekend CP!


No long runs for me this week ! I just started running again as I’m 20-weeks pregnant and have had such low iron that I am constantly exhausted and out of breath!

For the weekend –> 10 year High School Reunion tonight and a 30th birthday party for my friend Matt tomorrow! *insert happy emoji with jazz hands in air*


Oh my gosh I saw that video on snapchat and wanted to send you a comment but realized I couldn’t – I DIED when Brooke interjected that this is not fun! I was literally “lol-ing”


Teresa, thank you for sharing your story!! Being physically limited and unable to do what you love must be so hard. Running for me is my “zen” and I cannot imagine how you feel. One day at a time – you have a whole community of support here!!

No run for me – I attempted my first marathon last weekend and unfortunately DNF due to IT band issues. It also turns out that running my first marathon in a race that is known to be very challenging is not the best idea! Time for cross-training for a few weeks!


Brooke’s reaction is hilarious!

Long run is 11 miles tomorrow with the hubs!

This weekend is a long run, grocery shopping, and then packing for Lake Tahoe!

Thankfully I haven’t had any car problems as of late; however, I have helped jumped two car batteries this week. Crazy!


Car issues are such a pain, my windshield had to be replaced TWICE in less then a month thanks to rocks bouncing off semi trucks , and my car is only two years old. So frustrating!!!

My long run is this weekend, 9 miles on the schedule, 5 more weeks until the Sea Wheeze half marathon in Vancouver:)


I LOVED that snap of Brooke yelling about the flat tire. Well, not loved, sorry for your inconvenience but omg I definitely laughed at her response! I need to new brakes but don’t want to pay for them….

My long run is 10-11 miles this week. It’s looking like it’s going to be on the treadmills since it’s supposed to POUR all weekend.. ugh!

This weekend my bf has a softball tournament so it’s just me & the pup. If it doesn’t rain, we will hike tomorrow. but it’s going to rain so I’m secretly looking forward to relaxing and crossing everything off that’s on my to do list.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Your 17 miler sounds amazing, I love having a friend to run with me!
Weekend plans? I’m hoping to get out for an early morning run before my husban and I head out to the Dunes for swimming and picnicking!

Enjoy your weekend!


Lol, I saw the snap of Brooke upset about the flat tire. I can totally understand where she’s coming from.


Love Teresa’s story, thanks so much for sharing. Just shows that being a “runner” looks different at different times in our lives. 20 miles, 200 miles or 20 minutes, we’re still runners at heart.

And yay for 17 miles, and bangs friend being in town!


Theresa’s story made me cry. Theresa, if you’re reading the comments I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. I will pray for your continued recovery. Thank you for sharing your story. It inspires me to be thankful that I am able to run even the very short (& slow!) distances I do. The next time I’m huffing & puffing & thinking about quitting I will remember to be grateful for the opportunities my body has given me. Sending much love to you.


Thank you so much! I very much appreciate the love and prayers! I too try to take on a mindset of gratitude now with running- but at times it is no easy task! Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Thank you so much for sharing my story Janae! I should have mentioned that the first running picture in the top left is from the final straightway during my 3:02 PR marathon…which is why I look like death lol ;) The other large picture is from this past week and the smaller ones are all from my various hospital stays. Sorry my story was so long, and THANK YOU to anyone who took the time to read it. <3


I am also a runner who has to deal with a chronic progressive disease and I just want to say thank you for sharing your story! It takes a lot of courage to talk about health issues, especially with a very athletic-oriented crowd! It’s not easy when you’re used to be so strong and fit to have to cope with a new reality and accepting the challenges and moving forward. You truly are an inspiration. I wish you all the best!


I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I debated for a long time about sharing my story because it felt so personal but I really wanted to reach others who may be in similar situations. I will keep you in my thoughts and know I am sending you good vibes of comfort and healing!


I have a solo-ish long run planned for Saturday early in the morning (to avoid heat). It’ll just be me but I’ve convinced the hubster to meet me halfway-ish to refill my water and fuel… he’s a lifesaver! I hate having to carry a ton of stuff, so this makes it easy peasy.

“Just keep working” is my sentence for the day. I’ve been designing curriculum for a new math course and it’s taking it’s toll on me…

“just keep working… just keep working…”

I was so sorry to hear you had a flat — they are the WORST and always occur when you absolutely don’t expect it. My car has a personality all it’s own. It does this thing where it’ll just quit accelerating on super hot days — usually when I’m in busy traffic… not cute.



Long run (hopefully) tomorrow! 12 miles… early in the morning.

The running accomplishment stories were very touching this time! inspiring.
Sorry to hear about your flat tire :(

my sentence would be— “It’s Aloha Friday! Time to unwind down and relax!”


Love that necklace! Very cool.


So you lied about your wedding date and got married this weekend huh?
And you’ve only known this guy for a couple of months, with kids involved. What a train wreck waiting to happen…!


Congrats on your wedding Janae and Andrew!! You little tricksters. I can’t wait to see more photos. And :o( to the comment before this. Just because you share a lot of your life with us, doesn’t mean we have to know everything. Somethings should stay personal and private. May you have a lifetime of happiness with your new family. Blessings to you.

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