What I do when I really don’t want to run and 13 pictures from life.

Before we start our discussion about what I do when I don’t want to run, let’s talk about some pictures from the last little bit.

*The whole clan hit up Yogurtland the other day after suit shopping for Andrew and my dad.

*Every errand/store/place we go turns into an adventure with these two.

IMG 9945

*Andrew loves Cafe Rio just as much as I do and their chips and salsa/queso= true love.

IMG 9944

I do not know:

IMG 9790 1

*Yesterday’s run—>  8 miles @ 8:10 average pace and a few planks afterwards.  Question… how do you feel about built-in sports bras in your tanks?  I am VERY selective about them but when I find a good one I love it (less laundry and one less piece of clothing to find in the morning;) but most of them I do not love.  I have found that the ones that I usually like are from lulu, like this one… most of the other ones I have tried do not offer the right support.  How’s that for random?


*Hit up the Provo Rec Center yesterday morning for the kids to get their workout in of running around the playground.

IMG 9976

*Curly’s reaction to seeing my ring.  She has quite the personality bottled up in that little person.

IMG 9926

*Speaking of curly…. I’m guessing it runs in our genes (but I got skipped for some strange reason.

IMG 9918

*Turns out that having a best friend to play with all day long is quite tiring for Brooke.

IMG 9939

*She even has a deep love for plastic dogs.

IMG 9910

*I’ve come to the conclusion that you absolutely cannot go wrong with any of Trader Joe’s salad dressings.  You just can’t.

IMG 9977

*For dinner last night Andrew’s neighbors brought over an amazing meal complete with chips, guac and salsa (see above photo about how do you stop eating chips and salsa?!).

IMG 9986

*And after we visited MER (my cute grandma) we grabbed a Jamba Juice to drink while watching The Office.

IMG 0002


The alarm clock goes off, you get off of work, it’s your lunch break, you head to the trail after dropping off your kids at school… you name it—>  starting to run doesn’t always sound like a party.

There are a lot of times when I get out of the car to meet Josse for our run and I beg her to join me for IHOP instead (she always says no and just starts running and I have to chase after her).  There are many mornings where my body just feels tired and sore and a treadmill run sounds pretty boring.  This last Saturday when Andrew and I were in the car driving to the busses at 4 a.m. we were questioning every thing about our choices to go run (but then at the end went on for 30 minutes straight about how happy we were that we did).

Now, I wouldn’t run if it wasn’t fun for me (let alone keep up with it for going on 18 years now) BUT it sure isn’t fun for me in the beginning.  There are days that I am itching to get out and move my body or to race hard but I am pretty sure there are more days that I don’t want to start yet do it because I know that I will feel a heck of a lot better in a few miles or at the end and that the benefits of running FAR exceed the desire to skip a run.

How we all feel after a run, right?!


Here are some things that I do when I don’t want to start my run because of a trillion different excuses but know I want to because of goals/benefits/endorphins/to eat more donuts.

*I tell myself I will just run EASY the entire time.  I tell myself it will just be a nice and relaxing run and that I will not push myself.  This is why I have so many progression runs.  Telling myself I will run easy gets me through the first mile or two where I am tired and not wanting to run and then boom—>  I start wanting to go faster and faster with each mile once I got through the hard part of starting and getting warmed up.

*JUST PUSH START (on your Garmin or treadmill).  My good (speedy) friend Rachelle taught me this one.  When we used to do track workouts together she does NOT procrastinate.  She just starts and saves the talking, water drinking, instagram scrolling until after the run.  If you just push start your body will follow (heaven forbid our garmin is tracking us just standing there).  So push start before you even realize what you are doing and before you know it you will be remembering why you run and glad you started getting your sweat on.

*Know that the feeling will come.  TRUST that you will start feeling better in a few miles (or at the end) because it has happened HUNDREDS of times before.  Why would today be any different?  Just like normal, you’ll get in the groove (and some runs you never get in the groove but you feel a whole lot better after your run than you did before regardless of how the actual run went). Trust that it will come and chase after those good feelings.

*I think it is important to know that this is normal…  sometimes social media messes us up a bit to think that you are the only person that struggles with running or starting your run.  Nope.  Not a thing.  It’s hard for everyone.  Knowing that you are not alone motivates me to remember that it’s hard for everyone but we do it because it makes us feel good, helps relieve stress, gets us to the starting line of our races and keeps those bodies of ours healthy.

*I tell myself that something is (most) ALWAYS better than nothing.  Telling myself that I’m just going to go for 15 minutes gets me out the door to start and then once that 15 minutes hits I am craving more.  And sometimes stopping at 15 minutes is great too and is a whole lot better than 0 minutes….

BUT sometimes when I really don’t feel like running or I am exhausted or just in a rotten mood.  I don’t.  Sometimes that is our body telling us that we are overtrained and overworked so EXAMINE the reasons why you don’t want to run.  Running should be kind of fun for us if we are going to keep up with it.  It’s not a punishment.  So if you are all of the sudden dreading your runs with every cell in your body, I think it is time to take a break.  There is a difference between the excuse of wanting to stay in bed because it is warm and comfy or truly feeling worn down—>  pay attention to excuses vs. red flags from your body.


Favorite salad dressing from Trader Joe’s??  Or anywhere:)

Built in sports bras… yay or nay?  

What do you do to get out the door for your run when you are just not feeling it?

What show are you into lately?

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Someone around here was talking about Cafe Rio and I thought of you.

Good advice about not wanting to run. For me, I know I when I’m not feeling like running I probably need a few days. That’s what happened when I found out I had a fractured foot. Mentally I was exhausted and after rest I realized I had something going on in my foot as well.


I usually put my running clothes on and walk the dog first to get my body moving and wake up a bit then after that I feel like it’s easier to get out the door for the run.

No built in bras. They never can accommodate my girls so they would end up spilling out. Not flattering.


I hate built in sports bras – I have one from lulu but it doesn’t give enough support. I have to have sports bras with bra sizing.
For some bizzare reason I’m totally into Naked and Afraid right now.


I am so weird and really do not watch much TV at all ……but I am HOOKED on watching BOTCHED. My family thinks I am a little crazy but these plastic surgeons are just so funny and so good at what they do. (Plus, sometimes I can’t believe the lengths people have gone to for “usually” vanity purposes of wanting to look younger/fitter/better…I have decided to let nature take its course and bring on the turkey waddle along with the saggy boobs….oh well!)



I’m obsessed with Botched! I feel really bad for most of the people but sometimes when I hear their stories I’m like, what the heck made you think that was EVER a good plan!?


I love the Olive Garden salad dressing and yes, you can buy it! Miracles…

I don’t like built in sports bras because my girls are just too big for them. I need much more support.

I’m really into the show Preacher lately, it’s harsh but really good.


Built in sports bras – nay. Never enough support.

Big YAY to this post though! I think we see all over things like social media about how much people love running and how it’s always amazing and perfect, etc. but in reality, it’s not always that way. I love to run, I’ve run for as long as I can remember (I was 7 when I started) but that doesn’t mean I jump out of bed excited to run every morning. Usually it takes me a few miles to really get into it and feel good. And even if the whole run was a suckfest, I’m always glad I did it at the end. But you are exactly right. Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and say no when we could be needing a day off for mental or physical reasons.


Have you tried the pear champagne dressing? It’s amazing! But like you said- you can’t go wrong with any of their dressings :)

To get out of the door running, I’ll download a new podcast or make a new playlist, and tell myself I ONLY have to run for 10 minutes. Starting is the hardest part, so once I’m out it always turns into a longer time, but telling myself that’s all I have to do really helps. Also, telling myself I get a treat (either a glass of wine, ice cream, etc) when I get back helps ;)


I hate built in sports bras and built in bras on tank tops because they never fit me right. I like the idea of them though!

Just push start on your Garmin is a great way to get the feet moving. Can you imagine letting it track you standing still? Just the thought makes me nervous! haha

Have you been keeping up with The Mindy Project? The second half of this season has been SO SO SO SO good! I don’t want to give anything away if you’re not up to date, but it’s just been so funny the last few episodes!


I think you’re right about any salad dressing from Trader Joe’s being good. Actually, is there anything AT ALL from Trader Joe’s that isn’t absolutely amazing??! I just keep finding winners there.

When I don’t want to run, I am kind of like your friend who hits the start button. I usually force myself out onto the sidewalk, hit the start button and take that first step. I’m fine after that, but trying to motivate myself to get out the door can definitely be tough some days! But, usually when I don’t want to run is when I feel tired and stressed from everything going on around me, and those are the times I need those runs the most to help calm and ease my mind.


Oh this has been me this week! I’m stuck on the treadmill most of the week due to being pregnant so I just go down and push start. I don’t think and tell myself it always feels better after the first 30 minutes. It doens’t always happen – but sometimes at 4:30 AM you body just doesn’t want to run so I go easy on it until it’s ready!


I do like built in sports bras! A few of my lulu tanks have them and are great for me. When I don’t feel like running, I also tell myself to just run easy. That always works and often turns into a great run!


I have not found any tanks with good sports bras built in. When I don’t want to run I start slow and comfortable, which provides both a physical and mental warm up.


TJs has an awesome creamy cilantro dressing that I highly recommend. Hubs and I just started watching Feed the Beast on AMC-they are only on their 3rd show of their first season but if you like food/cooking/restaurants, you’ll love this show.


I don’t really like real salad dressing? Is that weird? I use hummus, guac, hot sauce, salsa, or just plain. Well I always need salt! I don’t have many built in bra tops. I like the idea but I have a hard time getting in and out, I get all twisted. lol! When I don’t want to run, I tell myself to just go out for one mile and if it doesn’t feel good, turn around and go home. Most of the time I keep on going and if I really just don’t have it during that mile, I just chalk it up to my body telling me I need a break. P.S. I think it’s impossible not to eat chips and guac/salsa! So good!


I love all these tips and I tell myself these things all the time! Just pushing start and not thinking about it is what I try and do all the time.

I’ve been watching Parks & Rec for awhile now and love it! Also, I’m obsessed with the Office.


Have you tried the Sriracha Ranch from TJ?? OMGOSH. I always top my burgers and fries with it.
There are definitely times I don’t want to run, but right now I ALWAYS want to run. I think it’s because I’m pregnant and I can’t push myself like I want to. I still do little progressions and “speed work” (slight changes to my pace), but it’s not the same.


I love making my own dressings now – I try to avoid added sugars in foods, it crazy how many store bought dressings have added sugar! My favorite homemade one right now is a honey dijon vinagrette.

If I’m not in the mood for a run, I tell myself to just go and do 2 miles – more times than not I end up getting into a groove and running longer!

What show are you into lately? GAME OF THRONES!


Wendy’s!! Has the best lemon Caesar dressing ever! If I went with a built in bra my boobs would be flopping everywhere lol I have to have maximum support. I tell myself i’ll feel better after I do it – I don’t even think about it I just fly out the door as quickly as I can. Hubs and I cannot stop watching Greys Anatomy!


I just <3 heeeeeh-everything (Dr. Cox from "Scrubs" voice) from TJs!

Built-in sports bras = frustrating. I have found exactly ONE that has worked for me.


Great post! I *usually* want to run, so I definitely try to pay attention to my body if it is telling me no (especially if it’s after a stress workout or long run). If I know that it’s just a mental thing though, I try to solicit a friend to join me. I love running with friends and it is so much easier to go if you know there will be someone there to talk to the whole time (i.e., distract you). I’ve never been to TJs (which sounds like a tragedy). The closest one is over 200 miles. Like you, I’m usually not a fan of built-in sports bras, but I really do want to like them. We have gotten hooked on New Girl! It’s hilarious!


I am the EXACT same way as your friend Rachelle. I wear my running clothes to bed, so that when I get up at 5am to run I’m ready! No checking social media or anything! Just chug some water and eat something light depending on the mileage and walk out the door! I think I’m so out of it and tired that my body doesn’t even know what it’s doing haha!

And of course I’m watching The Bachelorette haha. Every season I say “never again” but here I am!

Also, random question about treadmills. At Orange Theory they tell us to put our incline at 1% because that’s the equivalent to running outside. I’ve never heard that before, and I always ran at a 0% incline. Also, do you know what’s normal with where you run on a treadmill? I seem to ALWAYS end up right by the top of the treadmill but then I see people running way at the back!?!


I just finished Downton Abbey- season 6! So good. Other shows I’ve been loving latley- Call the Midwife, Hawaii 5-0, Band of Brothers, and Psych is hilarious.

I had this happen to me this morning. Normally, I will remind myself of all the benefits of running and how good I will feel afteward! This time, I had to listen to my body, (my hip is bothering me), and since I’m pregnant I think the extra weight has strained something in my back. I’m going to try running tomorrow and see how it feels, but today I’m focusing on core and back.

Favorite salad dressing: Bolthouse farms ranch, cilantro avocado, and classic Balasmic!


I LOVE PSYCH!!! Best show and I grew up watching Hawaii 5-0 with my mom and love that show:) CONGRATS on your pregnancy! That is so beyond exciting Bethany! Good call on those dressings!


Agreed! They are two of the best shows ever!
And thank you so much! I am so excited to meet my little one and be that jogger-stroller-running-mama. ;)


I’m not a fan of built in sports bras. I don’t think I’ve ever found a really good one. But then again I don’t spend much on running clothes either. I bet if I did I’d find a better built in bra haha.

When I don’t feel like running I usually remind myself that if I would have just gone when I first started thinking about running, I’d be back by now.


I like TJ’s Pear Champagne dressing. I usually make my own but there are a few commercial brands that I like and that’s one of them!

No tanks with built-ins for me, unless I’m sleeping in it. There’s just not enough support when you’re a larger cup size.

I tell myself I’ll run or workout for 15 minutes. If I still feel blah after that I can quit. In the 18 years that I’ve been doing that I’ve quit 3x. (and once was because I was injured, so that was a smart thing).


OMG also love TJ salad dressings!! SOOO good!!!


I just wanted to say HI and tell you that I met one of “your” Brooks people last night. :) One of my friends invited me to a networking event at the Brooks Store. It was so awesome!! That is all. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday.


I have not been to Cafe Rio in forever! I love that you remind me to go. :) Usually when I don’t want to workout and dragging, it means I either need a day off or my body needs me to do something different like cross train or lift weights.


I love a good built-in bra simply for the added support – i always wear a bra with them anyway, to keep the ladies secure. Wish that tank came in sizes above 12, it looks like a great wardrobe staple.


The timing of this post could not be more perfect! I have been struggling to get out the door for my runs lately and it definitely messes with my head. But I am supposed to LOVE running all of the time, right?? I DO love running – but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting ready, warming up, etc. But like you said, once I am a mile or 2 in, I am usually loving it again. Yesterday, my hubby asked how far I was running and I said maybe 4 or 5. Well, I got to 5 and kept going until I finished with 6. He thought I was crazy. Lol.
Best TJs dressing – I am obsessed with the Spicy Peanut Viniagrette… SO GOOD!


Built in sports bras=no for me. Never found one I liked. My favorite salad dressing is panera poppyseed! And I use all of those tricks to get me out the door!


I absolutely hate built in bras in my tanks! I got a boob job so I don’t want to mess around haha! I am watching Veep on demand and I love it! I watched Seinfeld hard core as a kid!


I just made some homemade ranch dressing and its delicious!

Not a question you asked, but I know you have a ton of runner readers…Last week I got bit by a dog while running. :( It was with his owner, and he was very apologetic. I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time, asked if the dog had shots, he said yes, but didn’t get the name of the owner. It was a bad bite, and I got a tetanus shot and antibiotics. I chose not to get the rabies treatment, as my vet and doctor advised it wasn’t necessary. However, by not getting the owners name, I can’t complete the bite report with the county, can’t confirm the dog did in fact have shots, and can’t get my doctor’s visit paid for. Not to mention, now the dog is free to bite again. Just a word of advice, and something I DID NOT think about – if you get bit and the owner is there – get their name!!! It will save a lot of hassle and worry and possibly another bite to someone else! It may be common sense to get the name, but I blanked and didn’t think through the impact of not knowing that info.

Just wanted to put it out there, in case it helps anyone in the future if this happens to them!


MEG!! I am truly so so sorry that you got bit by a dog. That is so scary! Thank you for letting us know to get the owner’s name… I would have never thought of that! Thank you!


There is no end to the chips and salsa cycle. It’s just too delicious. Especially at those places with open salsa bars…

Iffy on built-in sports bras too. Some are okay, but I prefer them for lower impact exercise like pilates or yoga.

For days when I don’t want to run, I tell myself to just go a mile, easy pace, and then I can come home. I almost always find my groove and do the run as I’d planned it. Love these other tips! Especially the Garmin one.

My boyfriend and I finished The Office last night (blew through nine seasons in like six weeks) and now we don’t know what to watch.


I’m not nearly the runner that you are, but your tips are applicable to working out in general which I love! the act of just getting all of my workout clothes on + promising myself I can stop after 15 minutes if I REALLY don’t want to workout usually does the trick for me.

It’s nice knowing others aren’t always jumping out of bed excited to get moving! :)


I feel like I’m on a salad dressing soapbox lately and need to tell everyone about my new favorite. I recently discovered Bolthouse farms yogurt-based salad dressings and I CANNOT get enough of them. The cilantro one is my favorite. It’s a great way to get creamy dressing without all the fat so I dig it. And built-in sports bras are a yea for me. But most of my running tanks don’t have them. I guess I only wear the built in bra shirts to the gym?


Built in bra tops are really hard for me to take off.. Lulu are the only ones I like but I wear them hiking and walking and not running. When I’m running I like a real sports bra and tank.


Built in sports bras and I really aren’t friends, but I get the concept.
On days I don’t feel like it, I remind myself of why I run and that if I don’t, I might miss a really important lesson that day.
That, and I tell myself I can go slow, try to run with people I love, or I break up the run into smaller segments.

Have a great day! (p.s. it is Mitchell’s birthday…the kid is 24 what?!?! I am dating an elderly man, what a life!)


I’m not a fan of built in bras. Even with tri suits I wear a sports bra underneath–otherwise I just don’t feel enough support. If I’m not wanting to go run, I always tell myself that I just have to go out for 1 mile. I almost always end up staying out for longer than that because the beginning is always the hardest part!


One time I was going to the gym to run 6 or so treadmill miles and just totally dreading it… I told myself that I could make the first mile an elliptical mile, so I did one mile on the elliptical and then finished my run on the treadmill. It ended up being an awesome run and felt great! It’s all about those little mind tricks you play with yourself!


My favorite Trader Joe’s dressing at the moment is their Sweet Onion and Bacon Vinaigrette. Built in bras only work for yoga or around the house. Otherwise, gotta have more support. I promise myself just one mile and if I still don’t want to run, I will go home. I have been seriously struggling for months and thought my attitude was the problem. Turns out my thyroid quit on me (this happened 20 years ago as well). Now that I know there is a reason for my fatigue, getting out is easier. I let go of judgment and just put one foot in front of the other. My pace is much slower but I am feeling better getting out there again. I am totally addicted to Fixer Upper on HGTV. That show makes me want to trade San Diego for Waco.


I LOVE that dressing so so much!!! It is amazing:) I am so so sorry about your thyroid and so glad that you got it figured out though and that you are feeling better. Keep me updated with how you are doing and I LOVE HGTV!!!


I’ve never tried any salad dressings from Trader Joes! We don’t have one any where close by, so we go without. Sad, right?
Not a big fan of built in sports bras either. A good idea, but sport bras are so personal, hard to find one that everyone would love.
I’m still a big fan of Modern Family. I swear it just keeps getting funnier every season!


I love this! I am the exact same way when it comes to running. Some days I drag, but once I get going and feel those endorphins I am so happy and I always feel SO accomplished when I am done. :) As for built in sport’s bras, I have never found one that I have liked so I will have to try the on you mentioned. :)


I run with friends and it’s the best motivation to get up and go. Mutual accountability works wonders. My other running partner (my dog) will not tolerate the snooze button, so she’s good motivation too :)


Great post! I have noticed that when I try to run outside, I find myself giving up faster than I would when I run on a treadmill (weird, I know! Outside is so much prettier!) But I wonder if it is because I know I have to run at a certain pace because the treadmill is pushing me along. Do you think that will change and I will get better at running longer distances if I can start on the treadmill and then move outside? Once my body is more accustomed to longer runs?


I totally find this with myself sometimes too Madison! You are not alone;) I think that it will also change a bit with the more mileage that you put in over time but it could be mental too (like me… I think my mental focus is stronger at times on the treadmill and I get distracted on the roads?… I don’t know). You are doing awesome Madison and keep on rocking your runs! I think our bodies are incredibly good at getting stronger and enduring longer! You’ve got this!


Yes, I have this too! One of the things that helped me was to make a deal with myself not to be allowed to pause my Garmin when slowing down or stopping when running outside. Now I’m much more inclined to just keep running a little bit longer and only stop for a quick water break or slow down when I really feel I need too :)


Glad to hear you like the Lulu compassion tank because I ordered it a few days ago! The ‘Stuff your bra tank’ is another great one with good support and built in pockets!!!!

As far as I’m concerned, everyone in your family is blessed with the beautiful hair gene! I got the curly hair gene in my family…but just like Brooke it started straight. My hair started curling up when I was about 12 years old.

As far as getting out the door. Most days are automatic…but on those days where I’m dragging I use one of your tactics and tell myself just do some thing. I’ll tell myself just do ’10 minutes’. 99% of the time I just keep going.

And days where I just cannot imagine the thought of lacing up and pounding the pavement are days that I know I need to rest. After 25 years of running, you kinda instinctively know when you can push through and when to take off.


I love froyo dates!


I needed this today! Thank you for the tips to get me out the door! <3


I feel like if Curly were my age, I’d want to be her best friend. Every picture of her shows her shining brightly.


Great tips for getting out the door! My WHY for running sure has changed over the years. What gets me out the door most days is knowing how great I will feel after. Both physically & emotionally. I’m just a better person because I run. It ust to be more like a chore. Now it’s more of a guilty pleasure. A couple of my tricks are 1. I don’t run the same route two days in a row.. ever! I make sure to mix it up every day! 2. I only do the kind of running I enjoy. I ust to make sure to do at least one track run a week. I HATE them. So now I don’t do them! I’m not running for a living (no olympic journey for me) so WHY torture myself. I’ve found other things to work on my explosiveness & speed besides going to the track. 3. Ignore my mind. My mind will try every day to talk me out of walking out the door or on the treadmill in the winter. I’ve learned to ignore my thoughts, get dressed & get out the door! And my last trick.. I LOVE food! Running doesn’t necessarily give me a FREE eating card but I can have much more flexibility with food because of running! And let’s face it.. that’s totally worth the dreadful days!


Ok, I really had to study the picture of you guys are holding the salsa to figure out whose hand was who’s?! Haha, you look so happy and I am so happy for you!!

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