The hills are alive with the sound of running (okay, that was ridiculously lame) and funfetti it is (for our wedding cake)!!!

I started this week out with the mountains, Josse and a double-digit run.  I’m okay with that.

When I pulled up to our meeting spot (it was already 75 degrees… party) Josse let me know that we were going to do a big loop on the trails.

IMG 0451

I’m glad she didn’t warn me about the first two miles until we got to them…

They burned.  It felt like we had a steep climb for the entire first 21:15 minutes (700 ft gain).  But I will be thankful for Josse tricking me into all of the crazy hill runs on marathon race day in St. George at mile 7 (the hardest hill on the course—> it’s a long one).

I was pretty excited yesterday because the heat wasn’t bothering me like it used to a few weeks ago.  Isn’t it amazing how our bodies adjust to the different seasons after a few weeks of training (although there is nothing to adjust to for Fall running because that is just the perfect running time of year where your body is perfectly content).

10 miles total with a side of jello legs.  After I picked up Brooke from my mom’s house I did planks—>  5 x 1 minute plank on elbows with 15 second breaks in between each one.

Screen Shot 2016 06 27 at 11 41 49 AM

After lunch Brookie and I went to pick out wedding cake flavors with my good friend Nicole and her kiddos.

IMG 0463

Andrew couldn’t make it but he was just a little excited about the final product—>  funfetti as the biggest part of the cake.   Thank you to the readers on Monday that told us that funfetti cake was a huge hit at their wedding!  I add emojis to my contacts… don’t mind those.

IMG 0468

We celebrated with Yogurtland afterwards.

IMG 0467

Brooke then spilled her juice all over me and so a quick change and we hit up the mall to pick up her shoes for her flower girl dress.

IMG 0476

PS I will show you her dress for the wedding.  I can’t wait to see her in it with a little flower crown.

IMG 0456

After Andrew got off work we drove up north to pick up Beretta (his dog) from his parents’ house (she was staying there while we were at the cabin last week).  Everyone was pretty thrilled to be reunited.

IMG 0500

We ate cherries.

IMG 0493

And then Andrew made spaghetti (probably because I have told him that I have been craving it for days now;).

IMG 0510 1

Now for a few Tuesday Tangents:

*He has pretty much mastered the double toddler carry.  I have not.

IMG 0231

*Brooke gave my sister a makeover.

IMG 0302

*Andrew spoils her with head scratches when we watch movies.

IMG 0319

* My new nephew (my brother’s family in Arizona) has quite the hair style (it reminds me of Brooke’s spikey hair when she was an infant).

IMG 0234

*Josse had a sweet marathon finish line pic (PS races that give you free race photos are the best races).

IMG 0316

*Brooke and Knox were really into playing Battleships last week (they made up their own rules) and it made me have a  flashback to all of my favorite games when I was younger—>  LIFE, Monopoly, Connect 4, Operation, Risk and Trivial Pursuit (the Disney version).

IMG 0285

*One last pic from running at Brian Head last week.  The air felt like it just soaked into my lungs yesterday running at my normal altitude again. Maybe Andrew and I should start doing our long runs in Park City to get stronger with the hills and higher altitude.  Or maybe I can just take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and run down.  Sounds like a good plan.

IMG 0260

*You still have a few more days to celebrate!  I choose to celebrate all year long.

Screen Shot 2016 06 27 at 3 31 38 PM


What were some of your favorite board games as a kid?

Absolute favorite cake flavor?  Which do you like more—> the cake part or the frosting part?

Do you ever buy your race photos or have your races lately given out free photos?

Favorite season for running?

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my favorite board game has always been Life. I just love it. and I’m a sucker for a good monopoly game. my bf and I have been known to play two person monopoly which gets intense.

I am in LOVE with brooke’s little dress and the funfetti wedding cake. it makes it so much more personal for you guys. plus, who hates funfetti? epic wedding in the making right there.


I too love free race photos but for some reason my free ones always look the worst, go figure. Josse looks amazing in her finish photo and dang, the muscles in her legs, I die! That is some hard work right there, she earned those.

Oh, and in Florida we only have two seasons, hurricane and non hurricane, I prefer running in non hurricane, no explanation needed ;)


I LOVE that you’re having funfetti for wedding cake! That’s definitely one of my favorites, right along with yellow cake. I’m all about the cake part and not as much about the frosting.

Fall is my favorite season for running. It gets SO hot and humid in Texas during the summer, and it makes racing a bit more of a challenge. But I love the crisp air of the brief fall we get down here. :)


I played alot of Life and Monopoly. And we did UNO pretty frequently too!

I love an even ratio of cake to frosting. I usually break off the bottom half of a piece of cake and eat that first, then have the rest of the cake with the frosting. My husband thinks its weird. I love the idea of funfetti cake for the wedding cake! Why not?!

I think the only race I bought my photos from was in Boston. My husband is a photographer, so unless he doesn’t get some good ones, which almost never happens, I don’t have much reason to buy them!

Fall is the best season for running. Hands down. Summer is easily the worst for me.


Haha, I do the same thing with my cake!!! More frosting per bite!


Funfetti cake is the best idea for a wedding cake! Cookie cake is my favorite kind of cake..and we all know frosting is the best part :P Favorite board game was Scrabble for sure but Battleship was fun too. I thought summer was my favorite season for running then I moved back out to the Midwest…so it will probably be either spring or fall. Only time will tell!


I’ve never run a race that gives away free photos but that’s amazing!! Plus she’s totally rocking that race and doesn’t look tired at all!!

I am a major frosting fan! The more frosting the better! My Boyfriend wipes off the icing….. It’s terribly strange to me.

I loved playing Operation and Candyland!! That’s where my candy love stemmed from. ;)


You definitely have our approval with ALL of your cake flavors, but I do love funfetti probably the most. It is really a tie with us between the icing and the cake. I rarely eat added sugar these days, but I used to eat cake a LOT and loved funfetti with vanilla icing the best.

Summer is our favorite running time b/c the summer is the main season for ultra racing. People ask us why most of the races are in the summer and I have come to conclude that it is b/c, when you are running for 20+ hours, if the temperatures get too low, and you have already lost so much sweat, your body has a tough time keeping warm?! Or, it could be b/c it is very difficult to get any volunteers to hang out for hours and hours in the dark woods when it is super cold out?! Not sure, but we love summer running the most b/c it indicates race season is upon us!


I agree that I love free race photos and would choose to pay an extra 5-10 dollars per race to download free photos.i bet races could make more money that way.

I like summer because I like the warmer months the best.


I was never much of a board game lover, but my favorite was definitely LIFE!

Favorite cake flavor: red velvet with cream cheese frosting! YUM

If the race doesn’t give out free photos, I will probably by 1 photo (the best one) because I like to have at least 1 picture from all of my races.

Favorite season for running: the Fall because fall in New England is the most beautiful!


Absolute favorite cake flavor … Yellow cake with good old milk chocolate frosting. Simple. Easy. Can’t beat it. And no cake is complete without the frosting and vice versa! Gotta have the right balance!

Favorite season to run in – FALL. Air is crisp, it’s never too hot or too cold, and the fall foliage is always lovely to stare at on a long run!


I bought my first marathon and my pr marathon pics. I’ll also buy ones that actually looks good. Not common lol.
I like plain yellow cake mix. Like Betty Crocker.
Fall running is my fave


I celebrated candy month yesterday by buying large amounts of candy bars because our store was having an amazing deal on them. I might have to go back.

Favorite game was monopoly and sorry.
Favorite running season, summer and early fall. I just love summer in general though.


What store… I might have to go too;)


Maceys in Provo, I’m sure all Maceys have that deal though. :)


Brooke’s dress is so cute! And I’m also all about the funfetti cake:) I used to love playing Trouble, Monopoly, Life, Uno, and Operation haha.


I have never bought race photos but my tri in 6 weeks is giving out all photos free this year so I’m pretty excited about that! I still love to play board (and card) games! Some of my favorites currently are Ticket to Ride, Dutch Blitz, Bananagrams, Scotland Yard, Apples to Apples, and Sorry! I could make a much longer list because I think I could play board games all day long. ALSO, I cannot wait to see pictures from your wedding! Brooke is going to be so adorable in that dress :)


Where is your headband from in the top running picture?!


Hey Katie!! I got that one at Lululemon about a year ago. I love their reversible headbands because then you get two for the price of one:)


The wedding I went to on Sunday had funfetti cake too! I’m sure it will be perfect for your big day! My favorite games were Sorry, Skip Bo, and Mancala. Fall is my absolute favorite season to run in!


I’m all about the frosting! Brooke is going to look so adorable in that dress. Love it!

For our wedding, we had a traditional Belizean wedding cake. I’m not a big cake person so I didn’t even want it, but just had some to not be rude! We had a huge cake just for the two of us, so we ended up bringing it back to our resort and giving it to the workers.


Love Brooke’s dress!

My favourite cake flavour? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! The chocolatier, the better :) .


It makes me so happy you’re doing funfetti. It’s those little details that just make weddings so much more fun! :) And HOW FREAKIN CUTE IS THAT FLOWER GIRL DRESS?????
I’ve been craving pasta too. Just plain old pasta and marinara. Yesterday, my husband came home with a RANDOM jar of sauce. So pasta might be in the cards this week. ;-)


My mom and I used to always play Clue growing up. Fun memories! I am all about caramel anything right now. We had a caramel cheesecake at our wedding and it was perfection. I am more of an icing girl. I think I would just eat icing, which works out because my husband likes the cake part. I rarely buy race photos anymore. When I first started running I did, but now that we run so often it just isn’t as big of a deal I guess. That and the fact that I always look like I have terrible form in the pictures. I mean, I guess I technically the form is what it is, the pictures aren’t making that up, but still … no thanks. There is a local guy that runs and brings his camera to all of the races and he gets the best pictures! He is totally cool with you using the pictures too, so a lot of my race recap blog photos are ones that he took. Best running time of year is definitely fall, which occurs around November here in the deep south :)


I’m a purest when it comes to cakes and love a good vanilla cake w/ vanilla frosting. Wholefoods is hands down my favorite if you haven’t tried their cupcakes yet, its a must!

I’ve only bought my race photos once, when I ran my one and only marathon. But it seems like lately alot of the smaller races I run are providing them for free, which is awesome. I need to work on my facial expressions though, because I’m never smiling! I get in the zone about sprinting across the finish and never thing about the camera!


When I lived in California near one of those I LOVED their dessert section and I tried their cupcakes once and they were heavenly!! hahaha I definitely need to work on my facial expressions too!


I like whipped frosting alright, but in general I’m not a big fan of frosting. My favorite cake is probably angel food cake–so light and delicious. I have never done a race that has given out free photos–that seems like a great perk! I haven’t bought photos yet, but I might buy some from my first marathon this fall, which is obviously the best season for running. :)


Our wedding cake was funfetti too! Nothing says happy wedding like a party cake ? Also his comment after you sent the cake choices! ? I am
Just so so excited for you!


I totally agree with you! It is the perfect party/wedding cake:) Thank you so much Mindy! You are the best!


Funfetti wedding cake sounds perfect for you! I truly am amazed at how quickly you guys have been able to pull things together for this wedding!


Free race photos and funfetti cake are the best! Now I’m hungry and want to sign up for a race ;)


You definitely can’t go wrong with funfetti!! In my opinion, that’s the best flavor. I love Brooke’s dress.. so cute! I’ve been on a major cherry kick since they’ve been on sale lately :)


We had this board game called Forbidden Bridge. It was awesome. Now that I think of it, it’s probably at my parents’ house and my boys would love to play it!

Funfetti!! Oh man…what a neat idea for wedding cake! I like a perfect balance of cake and frosting. I love cherry chip cake. The mix is kind of hard to find. One Walmart in my area has it. Special occasions for sure!

My local half marathon/marathon race series started offering free race photos last year. Best idea ever. Josse’s quads are on point, BTW!

Run ALL YEAR! :)


I didn’t grow up playing board games so I don’t have any favorite from my childhood but once I met my husband and we started living in the states, I guess we’ve played a few games (I just can’t remember the names….but not Life or Monopoly)

Favorite season is spring and fall :)
Not too cold and not too hot!

Cake- simple vanilla cake. No frosting! My oldest daughter and I are the weirdos- we take the frosting off before eating a cake or cupcake!


Favorite childhood board game: Life. I always wanted at least 2 cars full of children. ;)

Favorite cake flavor: angel food or red velvet. I am not a frosting fan unless it is that delicious whipped cream textured frosting. In that case, I like to get a piece with frosting that is at least stacked 2″ high. ;)

Favorite running season: the fall. I love it when I can wear shorts and a light long sleeve shirt. Perfection.

Your emogies for Andrew are perfection.


I’ve never ordered a race photo but my last race put all the pictures up on Facebook!

Favorite cake is yellow cake with vanilla frosting. And sprinkles! Or anything lemon.


Funfetti, salted caramel and coconut! Wow, that sounds delicious! Can’t wait to see what your cake looks like! I only buy my photos when it’s a special or different event (i.e. duathlon) but I usually buy the little metal thing to stick to my medal with my time on. Especially because I tend to do the same races every year haha


Fall is by far the most perfect season for running! Utah has such a beautiful fall! I’m ready to run down the canyon in cool temps :) My favorite games were Clue and Life! I ran the AF Canyon Run Saturday and they let you have your pictures for free which is great because I refuse to buy them.


Brooke’s flower girl dress is adorable! She’s going to look so cute in it!


I was a huge fan of Monopoly growing up. I have never tried funfetti cake. Sounds like a good variety of cakes to enjoy! My favorite season to run in is fall. I love the scenery and the crisp autumn air.


I love love love fall running! And I really like boggle and trivial pursuit. Our wedding cake was strawberry with cream cheese frosting……….soooooooo delicious!


Cake > frosting :P ….but the sprinkles trump all…
I loved LIFE! My brother and I wouldn’t even play the actual game, but make up stories and use the board, cars, and people to act it out :P


My favorite board game was Operation. I ruled that game!
My favorite cake is usually just yellow cake with butter cream icing but recently discovered butter pecan cake! To. Die. For. There are some race photos that I have purchased over the years but they are so darn expensive. I love it when a race offers free photos. A picture has to be really special for me to buy them these days.
And I agree – Autumn/Fall is the BEST running time of the year.


I love any cake except chocolate! And Frosting … i love frosting! All frosting, all flavors, I am IN!


First of all, let me say, Funfetti cake is hands down the best flavor of wedding cake possible.

Second of all, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My foot has been swelling up after I run for about a month now, and I was curious what your thoughts are on compression socks. Do you feel like they really work? Do you have a favorite brand? I’d greatly appreciate any help you can give!


Hey Gabbie! I am so so sorry about your foot swelling up. My ankle has done that in the past due to tendonitis. I would definitely go in to a doctor to have that checked out asap! I feel like compression socks are EXCELLENT for recovery after a long run or hard workout. I’ll even wear them during a run occasionally and I feel like they help my lower legs feel happier during the run. Not sure if they will help with swelling though:) I use PRO compression usually!


Um, salted caramel cake sounds amazing. I’m usually not much of a cake eater (but I’ll lick off all the butter cream), but I would probably love that ;)

I love Trouble, Clue, Pictionary and Monopoly as a kid.


1. Uncle Wiggly
2. Moist, dark chocolate cake with not too much peanut butter frosting
4. Any season when healthy


My favorite season to run is all of them. It gets me out of the house for at least an hour of alone time. I rarely go out for a shorter time.
Funfetti is awesome! I wish I would have thought of that 14 years ago. Now I just eat it for fun and bake cookies with it.
I love Brooke’s dress! Is she excited about the wedding and getting all dressed up?


Yesterday I ran in Park City after work. It was 58 degrees when I left and only 71 when I finished at 10:15. It’s very nice!


Funfetti or rainbow sprinkle is my favourite kind of cake and we are having it for our wedding cake too!


You are a girl after my own heart! You went to Yogurtland on the way home from a wedding cake tasting? Ha!!!
I love Brooke’s dress, she is going to look like an angel. Love the picture of your baby nephew, his spiky hair is adorable.
Watching the VLOG yesterday was fun, you look and sound so happy. Thanks for sharing so much of your plans with us, it is really fun to follow along throughout your engagement and wedding planning. Much love to all four of you!


Oh that Coach Josse is so sneaky!!!!

Life, Clue, Connect 4! Now we love to play cards, Apples to Apples, and my kiddos still love Clue and Life.

Absolute favorite cake flavor is truly Funfetti. For fancy cake, I am sucker for a nice and moist white cake with coconut or vanilla frosting. Love.

Honestly, I love running in the Fall and Winter because I hate heat. Fall is fun because I have fond memories of running cross country, and I just love that warm autumn air that turns chilly as the evening progresses. And winter? Even though I have to wear ski mittens running I just love how pretty it is and not sweating like crazy while wearing next to nothing.


LOVE Brooke’s flower girl dress!!!


I had so much fun getting caught up on your wedding details! Oh my stars that little dress is to die for! My daughter is really into CandyLand and I love that the new games have a spinner instead of a million cards. I think you picked the best flavors for your wedding cake. Funfetti is such a cute idea! Happy running!


Salted caramel cake sounds amazing. I don’t think I have had that. I would definitely remember.
And I eat the cake and skip the frosting. Except when it’s a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Then I eat the cake and the frosting and try to eat the paper it’s wrapped in too :-)
Love the emojis in your contacts.


I haven’t bought any race photos yet, but i have had a lot of free ones over the years! Yes, it is the best. OH and i’m drooling over your cake selections!


Has froyo ever bothered your tummy? I feel like I get tummy aches from it but I love it so much!

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