Sentence Per Picture and TRY THIS STRETCH RIGHT NOW!

We decided to go with the pink theme this morning.

I finally convinced Josse to get a fuel belt to put her phone in whenever she runs and she is now converted (you can barely tell it is there)!

IMG 6641 1

Our runs together are my absolute favorite and the miles just fly by (Josse has the best stories ever).

IMG 6646

Tapering for a half is always interesting… 7 miles @ 8:04 today, some fartleks tomorrow, easy on Thursday, Friday off and then RACE DAY!

IMG 6650

Try this stretch right now… it gets the hip flexors REAL good and it turns out runners usually have pretty tight hip flexors!

IMG 6711

Brooke’s day was made because she was invited to my nephew’s school for 1.5 hours to participate in some pre-school type activities.

IMG 6658

She could barely hold in the excitement.

IMG 6659

He was pretty thrilled that I had them take a picture beforehand with his friends all around.

IMG 6662

She felt like a big shot, that is for sure.

IMG 6666

She hooked me up with a shiny new fruit loop necklace afterwards (ps this is my go to everyday dress and if you need some Mother’s Day Gifts).

IMG 6718

And then it was off to a celebratory birthday lunch.

IMG 6720

I tried these for the first time… yep, I’ll be adding this to my TJ’s list (it’s probably good that we don’t have one closer because I would probably go there daily like we did when we lived in California).

IMG 6723

Don’t forget to get YOUR shirt (SORRY FOR WHAT I SAID AT MILE 20) and if you send me pics of you in the shirt once you get it, I will post them like the previous shirts:)

IMG 4170


How do you usually taper for a 1/2 marathon?

What is your sentence of the day?

How close is the nearest TJ’s to you?

Do you wear sunglasses while running?  What are your favorites?

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I need that stretch right now. And Brooke’s sunglasses. :)

My sentence for the day: WHY are guys so complicated????


hahaha that is the sentence of my life. Hope you are having a fabulous day!


I don’t even remember the last half I did! I am sure I did taper for it, but it would be weird when you are used to a marathon taper!

Sunglasses are a necessity while running. I have Oakley Five Squared. I like them, but they’ve been slipping down my nose when I run lately so I think its time for a new pair.

Nearest TJs is about 4 hours away. This is probably why I get excited to go out of town to go grocery shopping!

Today is my Friday (yay!) but it’s for a not so great reason (my grandpas funeral). It will be good to celebrate his life and spend time with family though, so looking for the positive! :)


Tapering for a half is just decreasing my mileage and very, very light strength training. Right now, Trader Joe’s is an hour and a half away but I will be moving across the country soon and will have one within 20 minutes!! I’m in the market for running sunglasses, hats are getting kind of old but it’s fun to mix it up with different colors :)


The more you talk about your amazing runs with Josse, the more jealous I am! What an absolutely beautiful state you live in.

This is my first half on Sunday, so I’m just doing some warm ups with my track team (I am going right into outdoor track after my half. Ouch) and some easy runs, usually only 3-4 miles. I don’t really know how to taper, aha. I want to run a super ambitious pace and the anxiety is already setting in.

Sentence of the day: Slow down and enjoy life.


I am obsessed with stretching out my hip flexors- they are soo tight from running and also waitressing. I also really like pidgeon pose! I always wear sunglasses running in Australia/New Zealand because the sun is so bright here! Ozone issues will do that ha. Brooke’s sunglasses are really too too cute! :)


I cannot run in sunglasses! Anything moving or jiggling just bothers me! I would rather overheat and drown in my own sweat than have to tie a shirt around my waist!

I have TWO T-Joes within 3 miles!!! Woot woot! There was another one within 20 minutes, but the roof collapsed during a snow storm a few months ago and now one of them is always mobbed. #stillcountingmyblessings

***********FYI – some of the frozen foods recalled now include T-joes products!!!!*************


To be honest I’ve never successfully tapered for a half marathon. I feel like when I try too, my legs feel too lethargic or I do…I’ve found the best way for me, is to do a mini taper 2-3 days out.

Brooke should get on etsy with those fruit loop necklaces.


I have only tapered for a half once and it was my worst half ever so I’m kind of against it. I know that goes against everything you hear about tapering but that’s just me. TJ’s is about 20 minutes from my house and there are other stores closer so it is rare that I go there. Sometimes I wear sunglasses running but I don’t have sports sunglasses so I just run in my big Jackie-O style glasses when I think I need them. I’m sure I look completely ridiculous.


I don’t wear sunglasses while I run. I wish I could, but it’s pretty hard for me to find any sunglasses for me because my head is so tiny. Seriously, I fit in kid hats.


Love the fruit loop necklace! tres chic!


I taper for a half marathon! I do only 10 miles for my final long run, do a tune up workout a few days out, and cut my mileage for my easy runs in the week leading up to a race. Helps rest the legs and mind for going hard!


My trader joes is about 40 minutes away, and it is for the best because I want EVERYTHING when I go!!


I’ve never really owned a pair of sunglasses :p


Sentence: So much driving! I drove 5 hours round trip today for work for a 2-hour meeting. Hello tight hammies.

I moved to a small NM town a few months ago and now my nearest TJ’s is 3 hours away and the nearest Target is 2 hours away :S However, I consider myself even more lucky when I’m able to make the trek to my faves! I end up buying so much more too haha.

You must have sunglasses down here. The sun – and the crazy wind! – require that you wear them! I have had my Native running sunglasses for a few years now and they are great.


I am so happy you shared that link to roolee. I bought some leggings and love them!!! I will have to buy more.

When I run I just wear a hat and no sunglasses and that works pretty well for me.


I always seem to forget my sunglasses on a run! :S

Sentence: Sitting out in the sun while being on the computer is a great way to get in much vitamin D as well as relaxing.


Okay Janae this is a completely random question but I was wondering, after the majority of your runs do you usually eat a post work out snack? Or do you go straight to eating a meal? Or does it just depend? Lol sorry I’m just curious because you’re an amazing runner and I’m impressed how you keep so fueled for all your runs! Is it crucial to have a post work out snack or does it not matter as long as you get some carbs and protein in? Not sure if you’ll see this but if you do it would help so much! Thanks again:)


Absolutely taper for a 1/2 if you are hoping to race fast. Basically, my idea is to run my last true long run 2 weekends before, then a normal week of training, one week before the race the “long run” will be 9-10 miles, with the middle 5 at just faster than goal race pace. Then, each running day the mileage is only 2/3 to 1/2 normal, but the intensity stays normal, so usual pace, just less distance. Day off two days before race day, easy 5 k to stay loose the day before, mini-carb load the day before to make sure the glycogen is topped off, good to go.

No sentence, no Trader Joe’s (no idea where the closest would be??) I do wear sunglasses when it’s really bright, but they are prescription, so not cool looking – however seeing trumps fashion in my world.

By the way, guys are not complicated…we are actually very simple beasts – you ladies are overthinking. There are some game players out there for sure, but the vast majority of us just want to be with someone fun who enjoys our company and doesn’t try to change us.


Okay I’m obsessed with dried banana slices! Eating them with chocolate chips has been my go-to snack/dessert lately :) And there are 0 Trader Joes near us. Like I think the closest one may be like 2 hours away. I guess it’s a good thing and a bad thing haha.


You guys look pretty awesome!


Love that dress!! Those freeze dried bananas are amazing. The closest TJ’s to me is about a .1 mile walk… it is quite dangerous!!


I love that dress! Is this company pretty good with their return policy? I’m always hesitant to online shop cause I never know how stuff is going to fit me!

Closest TJ’s is about a 15 minute walk from me … I was just there yesterday stocking up on almond butter and red wine !


LOVE the fruit loop necklace. That is what we call convenient fuel:)


I am not good at tapering! I will typically cut down on the Friday before to 4/5 miles but often still run 12 or so the weekend before. Not perfect but it has worked so far! I’m not feeling well today so my sentence is “slow down and let yourself rest!” which I am so NOT good at–it was all I could do to skip my run this morning.
T.J. is about 20-30 mins from me so when I go I stock up on everything and maybe go every 4-5 weeks. Love T.J’s!!
Haven’t had luck running in sunglasses (slide off, fog up, hurt over my ears) so I am a big fan of Headsweats visors–they help with sun and leave the top of your head open to breathe! Plus they have a sweat band that helps absorb the sweat and keep it out of your eyes…great for Florida running–it’s HOT here already!
Just a quick question–love the dresses from Roolee that you post but have no idea how things are sized–do they run small? Can you give me a comparison because I am your height so what size you normally wear and what you order from there??? Thanks


Have to wear sunglasses when running! My favorites are my cheap prescription ones I got online – :)


I do not wear sunglasses when I’m running. I usually just wear a hat with a longer brim. I really should invest in good sunglasses for running.
My sentence for the day: “Listen, surrender, obey, trust, serve, love and pray and he’ll take care of the rest.”


My sentence for the day would be “Never take being healthy for granted.” This is after a week of me and my husband having the stomach flu and me having walking pneumonia. NO fun!

I tried wearing sunglasses when running but they always fall off. I think my head is too small for most glasses and I really don’t like having to use that string thing to keep them on.


Hi, any chance you can share the source for Brooke’s tan sandals? I love them


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