Silentish Saturday!!!!

Post-bath dinosaur and toddler snuggles.

8 miles @ 8:25 pace and some lovely squats, lunges and my current favorite plank routine (sharing this one next week).

IMG 8129

Errand running with my favorite sidekick.

IMG 8152

Love it when we run into my mom around town… we must think alike (or I just copy wherever she goes).

IMG 8157

Harmon’s = best salad bar within 50 miles… look at those grains and they have the best sliced avocado (top right) around.

IMG 8154


IMG 8162

Friday night date night!

IMG 8165

We all hit up the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point.

IMG 8174

And walked across the street for sprinkles with a side of ice cream because it is tradition.

IMG 8175

And ours:

IMG 8179

We stayed up way too late.

IMG 8182

2nd dessert.

IMG 8189

Time to go run!!!


What does your Saturday run look like?

How’d you spend your Friday night?

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Oh that brownie sundae looks awesome! It sounds like you had a great time Janae and congrats! Have a great weekend and enjoy.

I spent my night with a coworker doing a mile race. It was a fun experience, despite being exhausted.


All of Brooke’s clothes are the cutest! I need them in my size! AND that dessert…drooling!


Blackberries are so good right now! I had some a yesterday too! Your brownie sundae looks amazing! We had a quiet night at home catching up on some tv shows and today my best friend is coming to visit!


We spent our evening getting some yard work done and then just relaxing at home.

Today I’m hoping to get some kind of exercise in. Maybe it will even start some contractions.


We spent our Friday night just relaxing and watching TV. Nights like those are needed after a busy work week! Blackberries are my favorite berry and I love that they’re in season now!


Friday night I spent watching an old movie. Today I’m hitting up the gym and maybe going to Kneaders for the first time too!


That brownie sundae would make a fine breakfast right now.

I have to tell you: last night, we saw Jerry Buting and Dean Strang from Making a Murderer. They’re on a nationwide tour talking about the case, their views on justice – we were second row and it was worth every penny. Maybe they’re coming near you?

Today is a slow and steady shakeout before tomorrow’s NC Roadrunners Classic Half. Second guessing myself a little, but it’ll be a fun race with friends.


The ice cream glory :O
I spent my night watching youtube videos of people doing food challenges, hahahahahaha!


No run for me today. I have a half tomorrow and I never run the day before a race. Just a nice shake out walk through the woods with the pup!

I spent my Friday night cat sitting haha


Well I have to admit I ll be naughty and I wont run today, but i ll have a lot of cake LOL! It ‘s our friends birthday and we are about to surprise her with the cake I baked, and pulled pork sandwiches!! SO yeah a lot of cake and whipped cream and no exercise for me today! But tomorrow there is a noce easy run planned out for me! After all this cake…… Have an awesome weekend!!


Fun date night! My boyfriends kids are a bit older but I love when we do things together. Recently it’s been those air trampoline places. :) and ice cream after is always a perfect ending.
I’m on vacation in Lake George (Adirondacks). We went running on some super hilly roads and then hiked for 2 hours. Today we will take it down a notch and paddle boat on the lake. :)


Plans for today……watching the rain….again! My husband had to drive me to the gym because it’s too cold and rainy to run. I think they cancelled spring and replaced it with rainy. Ugh!
Brownies are my weakness. We’re visiting family this weekend. Every time we go to my mother in law’s, she bakes me a pan of brownies. She either really loves me or hates me because I eat most of them.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Okay so your dessert is right up my alley! Looks so so good. My son and I went for dinner last night before I took him to a bar mitzvah party. And we got some ice cream too :)


Going to run the same course that I did in my race last weekend. Have to work a bit first so my run will happen this afternoon in the heat. Blah.


Just biked 16 miles that were killer. After taking a week off because of daughter’s illness and then another week off to attend some craft beer happy hours the body told me NOOOO! this morning for sure!! OK…back at proper eating and exercising again.

and goes the roller coaster of life…..


What a fun date night!

I stayed in Friday night and have to do the same thing tonight. Had a 9-miler at 7am this morning and am pacing a half marathon tomorrow! Lots of running + Early mornings = Lots of sleeping and relaxing :)


My lovely wife actually used a hotel voucher to go to a local hotel and sleep while I watched the kids last night. Amusingly enough the little ones slept like, well babies.

We just met her there to take advantage of the pool and my littlest one got his first time in a pool. He was a champ while his older sister was whiny and scared.

Now we’re back at home and I’m hoping to get both the young ones napping at the same time. Not looking good right now though.

So I missed my long run today and hope to make up for it tomorrow. I was gonna do a 5k race but running on my local rail to trail costs less ($0.00), lasts longer (as long as I want), starts when I want it to, so I can finish before the rest of the household is awake.


Last night I hung out with a couple friends. Today I am going hiking with my mom:)


love your shirt in the last photo!

I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies last night with the Hubs. I’m a sucker for Matt Smith. :)


Friday = my mom’s birthday!!! She celebrated by doing a kick-butt training bike/run for her upcoming triathlon!
Today was a sun-soaked 10 mile tempo through the tulips. Well, hills. But tulips sounds nicer.
Have a great weekend!


Friday night was spent hanging out with the kiddos and watching them play. I have a 3 week old so this momma likes to get to bed as early as possible. ;) I so need to go to Harmons just to try the salad bar. :)


Friday I ran allll of the errands I didn’t have time to do during the week, Grocery shopping, Petsmart, and Costco. I totally bought one of those chicken burrito bowls you posted about the other day. I hope I like it!

Today I am working all day, and catching up on some TV shows.

Enjoy your weekend!


I started today with a Girls on the Run 5k celebration in the pouring rain with my 10-year-old granddaughter! I came home, took a loooong hot shower and put my pajama pants back on!


The dinosaur museum looks like a lot of fun! I’m going to a baby shower today. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Nothing goes together better than Utah and dinosaurs. Looks like fun.


Hi I just wanted to say I love your shirt in that last picture (with those delicious looking blackberries). Can I ask where you got it from?


I AM SO SORRY!! I got it about 5 years ago and can’t remember for the life of me where it is from (a company sent it to me….) If I remember I will let you know!


Mmmmm that ice cream! I just got back from my run and I’m drooling over here! :D


Ran 12 miles today. I’m a big fan of salads – had one for dinner and mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt for dessert.


WAY TO GO on your 12 miles! Ummm your dinner and dessert = perfection!


Just stumbled upon your blog…love following along! Beautiful!


I am totally obsessed with brownie sundaes right now. Yum!

I spent my Friday night prepping for today’s run which was 18 miles. I run up Beartooth Pass (closed until next week to traffic) and back down. An epic, crazy day.


We had dinner at a new restaurant near our house and then went out for a bit with some friends.

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