Running in the HEAT tips and a track workout WITH The Honest Mineral Sunscreen!


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I’ve always loved being outside (I mean, I think most people do right?!) but it is especially fun for me to be outside with Brooke.  Taking her new places, exploring an area and being in fresh air = we are both in the best mood.

I grew up in St. George, Utah where the sun is INTENSE.  We had a pool when we lived there and all five of us kids spent our entire summer outside splashing around.  Lucky for us my mom always placed a lot of importance on wearing sunscreen and making sure that our house was fully stocked with the good stuff so that we were always covered.  My mom had pre-cancerous cells removed due to sun exposure (she grew up in Southern California and spent a lot of time at the beach) so she was always very passionate about helping us to understand the importance of protecting our skin.

Now it is my job to do the same for Brooke and teach her the importance of blocking harmful rays (even when it is cloudy we still need to be wearing sunscreen)!


I have a thing for The Honest Company (<——a leading healthy lifestyle brand committed to creating products that are effective, safe and responsible) and use many of their 100+ products each day in our home..  Because we love them so much and use their products so often, I was beyond stoked to try out their new formulation (new packing + design too) for their Honest Mineral Sunscreen.  In the past their sunscreen used to be SPF30 and now it is SPF50+ which has been tested as safe and effective in helping to protect against UVB rays).

Brooke loves the Sunscreen Stick because she can put it on her face all by herself… I help rub it in for her:)  The biggest thing that I’ve noticed besides this sunscreen doing an incredible job at protecting our skin is how lightweight and non-greasy it is.  There have been many sunscreens that I have used in the past that left me feeling like a big grease ball ha but not with this stuff…  it rubs in perfectly!

IMG 7024

As runners we are outdoors a lot during the hot months (without a lot of clothing on us to protect us from the sun!!).  I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is that we take the time each day to apply our sunscreen before going out and hitting the pavement/track/trails!  The Honest Mineral Sunscreen has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen (it is 19% non-rano zinc oxide and zinc oxide is the only FDA-approved single active ingredient that provides broad spectrum protection against UVA11, UVA2 and UVB rays).

PS their sunscreen has been specifically formulated safe and gentle for the whole family.  It has been perfect on Brooke’s skin—>  I feel like the things that are very important for me are even 1,000,000 times more important for Brooke so finding the perfect products for her to use on her little body is really high on my priority list.  Honest Mineral Sunscreen has been tested safe and effective in blocking the harmful rays of the sun and is pediatrically and dermatologically tested!

PS this was the high school I went to so it is fun to use their track every now and then and even more fun to have a mini-cheerleader there giving me high-fives as I run by.

IMG 7034

She has gotten quite speedy on this balance bike.  Before I know it she will be joining me on my long runs on her bike.

IMG 6477

PS while I am showing you pictures of the track, I thought I’d include a track workout that my coach used to have me do when preparing for a half-marathon.   When I was doing this workout often, I took my 1/2 marathon time from a 1:31 to a 1:25!  It is killer and super effective!

Screen Shot 2016 04 30 at 3 52 48 PM

Another thing that my coach would have me do after finishing a hard track workout was to run 10 strides (for usually about 30 yards) barefoot at a fastish pace.  It was always nice to finish up things with a fast leg turnover and free feet!

IMG 7053

Besides making sure that you are absolutely wearing sunscreen (Protect that beautiful skin of yours) on your runs this summer, there are some other things that you can do to help with running in the HEAT!!!

* Out and back, out and back, out and back.  This is something that Josse and I do all of the time for our hot runs.  We make our route in a way that we stop back at our car a few times throughout the run for our waterbottles

*Plant water bottles along your course so that you have plenty of chances to drink up.  Also, memorize where all of the water fountains are in your area and utilize those during your runs!

*Hats or visors.  It is amazing how much cooler I feel during the hot months with a hat on to block the sun from beating down on my face.

*Wear WHITE or light colored clothing

*Drive around your town and find any trails or roads that have a lot of shade and run there.  When I was 8 months pregnant and running in July I found a street that was a mile long that had trees providing pretty much complete shade the entire mile.  I would just run up and down that road because I did not want to overheat.

*Allow yourself time to acclimate to the hotter temperatures!  We are good about letting our bodies adjust to more mileage and more speed-work so we also need to allow ourselves time to adjust to the temperatures.  Expecting our bodies to be able to just jump right into summer running is silly.  With each hot run that you do, you are one step closer to feeling more comfortable in the heat!  Be patient with your body.  It takes about 2 weeks for your body to adjust to the heat.

*The treadmill can be a great training tool for you if you live in an area that is just way too hot no matter how early you get up to run!

*Adjust your expectations!  The heat effects us big time so remember when it is really hot that your times WILL be slower but that is how it is for everyone!



Swimsuits, towels, WATERMELON and sunscreen (ps I use the sunscreen spray the most personally because it is SO crazy easy to apply)——> We’ve got all of our summer essentials!!!

Gotta keep Brooke’s beautiful skin protected and healthy all summer long because we will pretty much be living outside!

IMG 7005

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***I would really love to see where you are taking your Honest Mineral Sunscreen this summer by posting a photo with this—> #HonestlySunnyDays on your social media channels!  Summer is the absolute best and I love seeing what everyone is up to! 

This post has been sponsored by The Honest Company who provided products and payment.  All opinions are my own!  Thank you for supporting Brooke, me and our lovely sponsors!!!


What are the hottest temps that you have ever run in?  Where was it?  

What tips DO YOU have for running in the heat??

Where did you grow up?  

Favorite summer activities to do with kiddos?!?!  

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Great advice and tips Janae. The hottest I’ve run is when I lived in Texas, I ran a half marathon that it was over 80 degrees. I also did some marathon long runs that it was hotter. I’ve been using a visor lately and I always try and use sunscreen. A tan is never worth it to me.


When I was in high school my parents got a pool, I used to go on runs during the hottest part of the day (now I realize it wasn’t my smartest move) but I’d finish by running and jumping into the pool haha. I love the out and back to your car idea!

I also love sun screen sticks for kids. It’s so much easier to apply that way.


Thank you for the code! I just used it for some sun safe products. Costco does have a pack of the sunscreen for a great price but this way I can get the cream, spray and face stick plus more for an awesome deal.

I also have to say that I have been reading your blog for a few years, I have never run but just think you are fun. But last week I started running, very slowly but I am getting out there! My husband and I take our kids in the stroller to the track so he can lap me while I run slow :) It has been a lot easier than I thought, it’s just hard to do that first run.

I put on a charity 5k race to benefit the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (a disease my 4 year old son has) and I figured I better get in shape so I can run at least a 5k if I am telling others to do it too!


EMILY!! Oh, this makes me so happy that you started running. PLEASE keep me updated with how your running is going and I love that it is a family event! So cool about your 5k… you are amazing!


I’ve run in 100 degree weather here in Kansas where the humidity is no joke! I’m trying to be a little smarter about timing now so that I don’t end up running at the hottest, sunniest part of the day, but sometimes I fit my run in when I can. After I have my baby I’ll be getting back to running at the hottest time of year. I’ll be doing a lot of walking beforehand to acclimate to the heat.


100 degree weather?!?!? I WOULD PASS OUT!!! Congrats on your pregnancy and I’m stoked for you to have your little one:) So exciting!


Great post Janae. I saw this company’s products at Costco too. I need to do better with sunscreen when I’m outside. Where are you in the pictures? So jealous of your mountains! Have a great day!


South Texas (where I’m from) gets blazing hot during the summer (and fall and spring) months. I try to run at night or wake up early and run, if I want to run outside. I always have a water bottle on hand as well.
Spending the day by the pool or at the beach with tons of watermelon is my favorite summer activity. I love those mountains in the background! It must get beautiful there.


Karrie… you are a CHAMP for running in the summer in South Texas. Teach me your ways:) And our favorite summer activities are pretty similar! Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


We live part time on Oahu so it’s hot and humid pretty much everyday – it can be 70+ at 5:30 am. I take Hammer Endurolytes to keep electrolytes balanced and I always run with water. It’s a pain, but it makes a big difference. I’ve had heat exhaustion and that’s pretty scary.

I grew up in Fresno, CA so I’m really not a stranger to heat! That doesn’t mean I enjoy it. We lived in the pool all summer every summer.


OAHU part time… that is so so awesome! I went to BYU Hawaii for a little bit:) I can’t imagine running in that heat that early! Oh I bet heat exhaustion is crazy scary! Good call on the endurolytes! Hope you are having a beautiful day Kathy!


I love Honest products. I’ve never tried their sunscreen, but love their diapers, wipes, shampoo, and conditioner. :)


I live in Central Texas and it gets in the 100s on some days, most of the time I run early morning or late evening in the summer. Once summer actually hits (which I consider above 85 lol) I have to start carrying a water bottle with me rather than leaving it on my porch/car. My first marathon in February was in the 70s, and made for a really hot race. We used to live in Massachusetts, and I have to say I’d much rather have 100 degree days rather than the long winters. There’s way more opportunity for good weather here! :)


Come move to Utah for the summers Katrina:) WOW.. that is hot! Good call on bringing the water bottle along. CONGRATS on your first marathon and it was in the 70s… wow. You are amazing! I agree with dealing with heat over COLD LONG winters. Hope you are having an awesome day Katrina!


It was definitely a rough race! Hoping for a much cooler second marathon lol. Have a great day!


I ran in Boston the year it was in the 80s (2012 I think?) That was way too hot for a marathon! I am a giant wuss when it comes to running in the heat. If it’s 80+, I’m over it. When I do run in the heat, I put some ice cubes in my hat or in my sports bra to help keep me cool longer!


On our honeymoon in California, my husband and I ran 3 miles in temps just over 100 degrees. We didn’t even know that it was that hot until we started running. He did great, I however was literally, a hot mess.
I’ll be 8 months pregnant in July too, it will be fun running then ;)


During your Honest Company Promo a few times ago I signed up-I have to say I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS! Living overseas poses many challenges both fun and frustrating and the Honest Company has taken out the frustrating. My kids love receiving the boxes each month and helping to pick out add ons to the bundles. I have the sunscreen stick and plop it in my bike bag to have on those long rides that go from shady to sunny in a few hours! Their customer services is amazing!

When I did the inaugural Ironman Coeur d Alene it was record breaking high temps/humidity. I do not fair well in heat at all (big wimp) but did every measure possible to cool off. The drop out rate was the highest at the time, too. Now when it’s hot out I like to douse my hat in water and run with wet hair, then finish with a cool shower. Picking a shady route is high on my list, too! One year during a race a spectator friend had a huge box of ice and he gave out chunks of it. I put some in my hat, some in my bra, and held onto another chunk. It was incredible!!!
I am a native Oregonian so, well, 80F is hot for us ;)


Great advice on the heat. When we head down to Florida it’s usually the Tampa area. It is always hot and humid no matter what time of day we run. Those are the” fun runs” and we just enjoy running on the beach. Coming from the midwest that is definitely a treat no matter how hot it is. You’ll even catch the Hubs and I sitting down and watching the seagulls and manatees.


The hottest I’ve run in is probably 90 degrees in Massachusetts. It can get pretty hot here during the summer, that’s why I go out before the suns up!
I grew up in Massachusetts just outside of Boston and still live here today!


oh man I don’t tolerate running in the heat all too well. We are melting in CA today..

I think that chart is right.. 50 degrees is about perfect.


I’m a cross country coach in Cali, so we typically run in anything below 100 degrees. We’ll just say there’s a lot of throwing up :( The beginning of season is the worst and it usually cools off by the valley competition. Thanks for the tips, I will definitely pass them along!


I love the honest company!!


This in no way should reflect on Janae…. but there are several ongoing lawsuits against the Honest Company for sunscreen that does not contain the correct SPF; for containing synthetic chemicals in multiple products when the company claims to have only all natural ingredients; and for the baby food containing synthetic chemicals and not actually being organic as it is labelled.
I would just encourage everyone to do their own research on the company if you do plan on using their products and make sure you are comfortable with the ingredients actually in the products.


Agree, I also left a comment about this but it hasn’t shown up here yet. :(
I know they (and their sponsors) probably can’t comment on pending litigations but agree that everyone should do the research because some of the claims are really troubling – especially for child related products!


I live in Tampa, so that means I’m definitely used to running in the heat- that doesn’t make it any easier though. In addition to applying SPF 70 sunscreen, I try to run at the cooler times of the day, and I make sure I get plenty of water before/during/after a run. I also try to protect my eyes by always wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Love your hot weather running tips!


oh my Janae! I haven’t logged on in a couple of days and just wanted to say how very happy I am for you. That photo of you and your boyfriend!!!! The look in his eyes speak volumes. And him playing Legos with Brooke… Sorry for gushing but you GO GIRL!


The half marathon that I am doing on June 4 is my hottest race…………each year it is usually 70 at the start and 80 by the finish………….summer in the South! Although, I did run a 5k in the Bahamas, but I think it didn’t feel as bad because I was done in less than half hour.
For running in the summer I coat myself with sunscreen and bugspray ( a necessity, misquitoes love me, and I usually still get at least one bite even with bugspray) and I wear a hat. I will sometimes run with a frozen water bottle if it is really bad. And a small wet towel or paper towel around my neck helps, too.

I grew up in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennesee, so I am used to the heat and humidity, but that doesn’t make it any more enjoyable!


First, sunscreen—even water resistant ones—need to be reapplied every couple of hours. So slathering on before a marathon for me only protects me the first 13.1. I wear a visor or hat and long sleeves for most races just to be safe.
My husband died of Melanoma so skin cancer is a sensitive subject for me. I hope people understand how deadly it can be.

I’ve gone running in Las Vegas in the summer where it was in the 90s. And here in NYC in August we have 85 degree mornings that are so humid the dew point is 70+!

I grew up in Staten Island NY. I still live here. Same zipcode!


Ha ha ha ha… as a Floridian, I have to laugh at the dew point chart. 60s is chilly for us, and during the summer I’ll be lucky to have a run below 80 no matter how early I get up. But, we live here so we’re used to it! I would probably keel over dead if I had to run in the winter weather up north.


Mexico is the hottest place I have run. Even in the early AM it’s pretty darn sweaty, but it’s great to get out and enjoy the scenery. It’s not too warm here yet in Ohio, but soon it will be!


The hottest race I have ever done was the Boston Marathon in 2012. The temperature was 89 at the start. I am from Alabama, so running in the heat is not something that is new to me, but I was definitely not acclimated for a 90 degree marathon in April! June, July & August are pretty rough here, with the heat & humidity. As long as your adjust your pace and stay very hydrated it is definitely doable to train outside during the summer months. Favorite summer activity is definitely paddle boarding or just boating in general. Gotta cool off after those hot sweaty runs!


Supposedly the hottest air temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees in Death Valley. But I have a photo of a thermometer at 140+ (in the shade) in Kuwait in 2008. I never ran during the day there but the nights were relatively cool at 100 or so. I have run in a sandstorm there too.

Drink water in the days ahead of a big race. It’s not enough to hydrate the day of. But be careful not to over hydrate too, hyponatremia (aka electrolyte washout). Be careful.


I am born and raised in South Georgia, so between the heat and humidity, it is almost unbearable to run in the summertime! I always try to get up as early as possible to get my run in before the sun really starts to beat down.


Florida (which is where I live now) is the hottest place I’ve run. I have lived here for 9 years and have acclimated (I have grown gills for the humidity) but it is still tough. It was 70*+ this morning at 4:30am when I went out to run! Ugh! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs so I also love the cold winter running!
My tips are run before the sun comes out if possible, carry water and/or nuun (or some electrolyte water) and my newest find is the frog towel that you wet and it keeps you cool. I wear it around my neck (and tuck into my tank top) after soaking in cold water and it keeps me feeling good! Also, always a visor! Let’s your head breathe out the top but keeps the sun out!
Our favorite summer activities are going to the beach or one of the amusement parks around us. My children are teenagers so that often means more friends tag along for a big group!


It’s always great when you make something healthy fun for the kids. Fun is how they learn!


Good write-up. I certainly love this website. Keep it up!


I live in Saudi Arabia right now and while I do my runs on a treadmill, I do crossfit in an open air “box.” Temperatures are still rising, but it’s been in the upper 90’s when we’ve done our WOD’s the past few weeks. I’m dreading June and July!!


Great tips!! I am big about sunscreen too. I grew up in Nashville. I am super picky about running weather so I would rather run on the treadmill than outside in the heat. :)

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