She is BACK, SF pics and running last week.

Feels real good to be out running around with the Brookers again.  Self-Timer-Head-Cutoff-Fail.

After I picked her up we went straight to a park before leaving for the airport.

That California breeze/temperature/feeling is sure a good one.

IMG 6124

We had dinner at the airport and these tacos were surprisingly really good.  Airport food success and Brooke and I were able to have a great discussion over some delicious guacamole.

IMG 6138

I also ate her cheeks for pretty much the entire day.

IMG 6091

Oh and we made sure to pick up some of our favorite California donuts because it’s tradition.

IMG 6074


I have some more pictures (my good friend took these pictures) from Saturday that I wanted to share with you from my day in San Francisco:)   We crammed in a lot in one day and saw so so so much!  (ps it sure is nice that my ex lives somewhere cool because I’ll be going there a lot over the years;).

Our first food stop after seeing Ocean Beach was Devil’s Teeth in the Outer Sunset.  Everything inside looked absolutely amazing (especially the pb cookies) and we ordered the strawberry muffins and the Special Breakfast Sandwich.  They told us it would be a 45 minute wait for our sandwich and I couldn’t believe people waited that long until I tried it….

IMG 6068

Worth the wait.  Avocado, amazing biscuit, eggs, bacon, and who knows what else was stuffed in there—> it was amazing.

IMG 6067

After that we drove up the coast to Sutra Baths and Caves.

IMG 6066

IMG 6063

So ridiculously beautiful and I can’t wait to take Brooke here.

IMG 6065

Next on the list—> we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and took a bunch of pictures at the viewpoint.  Megan and I FaceTime a little too much but I just get so excited to show her things..

IMG 6070

Next stop—> Marin Headlands and we hiked around abandoned military bunkers.   I made a short little video about this part… It is random (and most of it is sped up) and short but it was the drive to the headlands and exploring (THOSE CLIFFS THOUGH!?!?)  PPS at the end it looks like our feet are dangling over the edge but we are on a building with the ground right below us (mom, don’t worry).

After that we drove to the Palace of Fine Arts followed by Lombard St.  We explored Chinatown and tried out Red Bean Buns (different than anything I have had before…) and finished off with some time in Mission for SUPER Burritos at El Farolito and then Dolores Park.

It was a blast and I sure love that city!

IMG 6018

Last week’s running!!!

Monday:  8 miles @ 7:55

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 7:48

Wednesday:  8 miles @ 8:10 pace

Thursday:  14 miles @ 7:52

Friday:  7 miles @ 8:34

Saturday: 8 miles @ 7:53

Sunday:  Off!

55 miles total and the first week in a long time with more miles outside than inside!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

Are you more of a beach person or mountains person?  

Favorite city to visit?  Favorite city to race in?

When you go out to breakfast do you usually order sweet or savory items?

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Seriously those photos are gorgeous and make me want to move to SF. It sounds and looks like you had a great time out there Janae.

Breakfast, I like to order savory things. I like eggs the best to be honest. I struggle with making omelets do I like to go to a good diner for them.


Those caves look seriously gorgeous! It makes me miss California and walking along the ocean every night.


My best run was my 8 miler (it was actually 8.5). My longest run since my marathon in November. It is great to get back into training mode (I have a half-marathon May 22).

I am a mountain person.

My favorite city is Charleston, WV. It is probably the smallest state capital in the USA (okay, I didn’t think about the Dakotas or Idaho or whatever before I typed that), and I like small. Also inexpensive.

I am completely torn between sweet and savory and which ever I choose I end up regretting it and wishing for the other. Therefore I have learned it is best for me to order one of each. Better to have too much than too little, I always say! You can always run more, but you cannot “un-run,” after all.


That is funny (funny cool and a little random not funny weird) how your new blog pulls up our LinkedIn picture to post with our comment! I *think* it is LinkedIn…


Those breakfast sandwiches look massive! So much goodness stuffed in there :) I always make savoury breakfasts at home so i like to do the exact opposite when we go out. I usually go for a waffles but always want to order sausages to go along with it :P


Seriously, those views are amazing- I’m a mountain person, but that ocean >>>
Hardest run last week was the half (kinda? the course was short) marathon. Those hills. My legs. Goodness!
Breakfast= 98.76% (I am very specific) of the time I go sweet but if something savory looks worth it, I take a leap of faith.


UGH I love the beach! Florida is great and I like living here, but California is so special! To have mountains and the beach together? PARADISE!

Those breakfast sandwiches look like perfect post-run food! I bet it was super easy to log outdoor mileage running in such a beautiful place the last few days!


I’m definitely a mountains person, but I do love the beach on occasion too. I love water, so I’m satisfied with any kind of water, it doesn’t have to be the beach!

Favorite city to visit is definitely Seattle. I love it there! It’s also the place of my marathon PR, so I love running there too!

I like both sweet and savory, but if I have sweet, I need something salty with it or else I will just crave salt until the next meal!


OK, I definitely want to visit there someday. It looks SO beautiful! I’m definitely more of a beach person. Give me the ocean view any day, and I’m a happy camper.

My best run last week was my speed work day, which is surprising and a good thing, especially since that day was nasty wind/rainy. I’m supposed to race this Saturday, so hopefully I’ll be ready for that!


I’m a savory breakfast girl. Eggs always. that being said, when I make breakfast for myself at home it’s usually sweeter like pancakes or oatmeal haha.

favorite city to visit is Chicago. I was born and raised there, so I’m a little biased, but I have yet to find a city as good.


Love any and all savory breakfasts and the avocado egg bacon biscuit sounds beyond delicious! No runs for me after the marathon last Monday and it’s still feeling amazing to just chill in the morning.


I love the mountains, although being near the ocean always feels good also-which is why I love living in Seattle, there’s both!
Breakfast is sweet at home (oatmeal) and savory if I go out.


I’m always torn between savory and sweet breakfast because I usually want both! But most of the time sweet wins out.

Your pictures of California are beautiful! I’ve never been out there but definitely want to visit one day.


Those pictures are amazing!! All of my runs last week were hard since they were my first runs in a few weeks.. where has my fitness gone?! Mountains > Beach. When I go out for breakfast, I’m all about my eggs. As much as donuts rock, I can’t start a day with them, but I will gladly split one with someone else later in the day!


Oh wow, glad to get a peek of SF through your blog. I’ve never been to CA at all, but it’s on my bucket list. Looks beautiful, fun and amazing. Maybe I’ll have to bump it up on the list. The Sultra Bath and Caves & cliffs pics are Go-Juss! Nice to hear about the shops & good eating places too. Thanks for sharing.


Looks like a fantastic trip – and so glad she’s back! :)


I ran 28 miles last week, which made me happy as it was hideous work week and I was worried i wouldn’t get in much exercise. My best run was a 12-miler on Saturday; the furthest I have run in some time. I watched the London Marathon yesterday and now feel so inspired to try to run it next year. My husband has that worried look on his face that tells me I’m getting carried away and bad things will follow >:)


I did 18 miles this weekend!! And felt surprisingly good, which was the real feat. The rest of my week was all easy runs before that – recovery from a half marathon last weekend.


I love going out for breakfast and always order sweet! I love beach more than mountains which is probably because it’s what I grew up around!


San Fran is a fun city!

My best run was my Saturday long run with the hubs! I was sick Thurs/Fri so I was scared it was going to be horrible and it went really well :)

I am, for sure a beach person! The water and sun speak to my soul!

Favorite city to visit is probably Hunington Beach, Cali; hence the water and sun :)

My stomach can’t handle sweet or greasy in the morning, so I am pretty simple: eggs or oatmeal every.single.morning. But it works and I’ll take that!


That picture of the Special Breakfast Sandwich is making my stomach growl! SF looks soooo fun and beautiful.


Even though I have lived in the mountains my entire life, I am a beach person. This was confirmed 100% after spending a week in hawaii. I think I left at least half of my heart there. There is something so calming about listening to waves roll in.


I am obsessed with mountains but I also love the beach so that’s a tough one haha. I’ve been wanting to go to San Francisco for awhile now! All your pictures are so pretty.

My favorite city right now is Seattle but I also love Chicago too!


I like mountains and beach. I’ve spen a lot more time in the mountains, but I’d never pass up a beach vacation.

When I go to breakfast it’s usually bacon and biscuits and gravy or pancakes or muffins. I guess bassically anything that I don’t normally eat for breakfast because I’d have to make it.


SF is beautiful! We were planning to move there after my PhD in the UK is over but the prices of everything – housing included – is so off putting….


My best run was my speed training on Tuesday. It just went really well and I was able to sustain the paces. I’m not doing well with hitting the slow recovery pace runs. I need to keep working on those. (on the treadmill it’s not an issue, outside I run too fast).

San Francisco, San Diego, Portsmouth (NH) and New Orleans are my favorite cities to visit. Always so much fun and great scenery. What do they all have in common? Water. I definitely prefer being near water, maybe because I’m a July baby.

DC was a favorite city to race in. Running and seeing he Lincoln Memorial was just amazing.

Sweet or savory depends on my mood – I love pancakes but I also love eggs and grits.


San Francisco is the best! My grandma lives in Chinatown so she knows all the great spots for dim sum and red bean buns (my favorite!) I’m so glad you got out for the day and really got to see so many diff parts of SF. And that Brooke is back in your arms!

Most definitely the Big Sur marathon was my longest and hardest miles of the week. It was good to get back there after 10yrs. The views were gorgeous, hills non-stop and windy as hell but still one of my all time favorite marathons!


Ahhh, San Francisco. Seriously, my favorite city! I visit once a year (for the Nike Women’s Marathon…which sadly is not being held there anymore). Thanks for showing me some sights I’ve never seen though!!! The caves and the headlands are definitely going to be on my list!

Those cheeks!!! so smoochable.

I love both the ocean and mountains…which is why growing up in NJ has been a blessing….although…I’d probably be living in San Francisico if I could afford it!!!

Breakfast for me is almost always savory. My sweet tooth doesn’t rear it’s ugly head until late night anyway.


I had a great long run yesterday! 8 miles at 30 seconds slower per mile than my goal race pace.

I am more of a mountains person….BUT…I MUST live by the ocean.

San Fran has been one of my favorite cities to visit. Chicago was probably second. I loved running in San Fran.

Breakfast is usually both. Pancakes with one egg and bacon.


Looks like you went to a lot of great places. I love Marin!

Make sure you get a popover at the Cliff house restaurant at Sutro baths next time. So good!

I really like savory breakfast, and if I order pancakes I get eggs too.


THANK YOU for the popover tip! I will make sure to get that next time! Thank you:)


Gorgeous photos! I have never been to CA, except for the LA airport. I like the beach a whole lot, but live in the mountains, so I think I love them equally! I love visiting Nashville and racing in that area………Leipers Fork, to be more specific. My next race is there in 40 days!!!!!!!!!!
I like both savory (egg biscuits) and sweet (french toast)…………..just depends on my mood!


I love SF! I want to go back so bad! I love the beach, but I also must admit that I’m more of a mountain girl. I’ve had some pretty good runs, but I did 8×300 + 8×200 and surprised myself with speed last week so that was really exciting!


DANG those are killer workouts… way to go Margaret!! Rocking the speed work!


Is that Happy Donuts in San Jose?


That one was in Palo Alto! So so good! Not sure where the San Jose one is! Hope you are having wonderful day Terri!


Such a fun trip!

I live about a mile from Happy Donut in PA and have never been! Your post makes me feel like I should probably change that sometime soon…. ;)


Ahhh you do?! I was in your neck of the woods yesterday! My aunt lives in PA! I need to plan a meet-up next time I am in town!! Go try out Happy Donut and let me know what you think!!


You should totally do a meet-up! Like a meet up run and donut date! :)


Done and done! That will be a blast!!!


I am a mountain girl. For me, red-headed and pale, the beach just makes me think of how much sunburn I would get haha.

I’m definitely a savory breakfast person. Or a sweet/savory combo. My sweet tooth has seriously diminished over the past 5 or so years. My BF questions if I’m human regularly because of this :P

Hmm, my best run would be my long run, 8 miles total with 2 at tempo pace. I felt pretty strong, even through the hills!

Happy Monday!


Way to go on your tempo pace through the hills… you rocked it!!! hahah mine has gone done a tiny bit too over the years… maybe it is a part of life?!


Hey Janae,

Feel free to skip this if it’s too personal, but how do you do the Brooke handoff now-a-days? I remember you saying that you worked between your mom and former in-laws originally so that you wouldn’t have to see your ex directly. Is that still the case, or have you done it face-to-face? Forgive me for intruding, I’m just curious how it works.



I LITERALLY AM WRITING A POST RIGHT THIS SECOND ABOUT THAT!!!!!! Seriously… crazy good timing on your part ha! The post will go up on Wednesday morning and I’m going way more in detail! Not intruding one bit! I have too much to say in a comment ha so the post will be better!


Ah what a coincidence! I’m glad you’re posting about this on Wednesday. I know it’s totally none of my business, but as a long time reader, I love life updates!


Wow 45 min?! It must’ve been incredible! San Francisco is such a beautiful place! I’m so glad that you had a great time. :)


So pretty!! I am definitely a beach girl! I usually order some type of egg dish when out to eat for breakfast!


You posted a couple of weeks ago about your “mama” necklace- where was that from again?


not putting on any crazy miles and i’m ok with it! i think my longest was 5ish? but it felt great! good running week for you girl! – i’m seriously such a boring person when out to eat!! i love some version of eggs (a veggie scramble if we are getting wild) – don’t forget the hot sauce too! annndd give me all the peanut butter – on my toast..eggs…whatever! – i can’t turn down a good caramel or cinnamon roll either…and it best be served with hot coffee :) haha


Hey! Would you mind doing a blog post about restaurants, running trails, things to do/visit around the Bay Area? My husband will be going to grad school out there this fall so we’ll be in the Palo Alto/mountain view area and I want to make sure we make the most out of the two years we’ll be there. I’m from California, but SoCal, so that area will be brand new to me and I must say your pictures are getting me excited! If you could do a post that would be amazing!!! Thank you! :)


Looks like you had such a fun day!

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