Sentence Per Picture!

8 good ol’ fashioned miles (7:50 pace) on the treadmill next to my sister while watching my current favorite documentary on Netflix.

IMG 4137

I pretty much only watch documentaries these days…  and I’ve always been super interested in the Royal Family so this one has my interest big time:)

Screen Shot 2016 04 05 at 12 08 35 PM

Turns out that Cowboy Caviar tastes like pure bliss when placed on top of a sweet potato.

IMG 4099

Not the first boy that denies me when I go in for the kiss.

IMG 4121

WHY DO MANGOS HAVE TO HAVE GINORMOUS SEEDS… they take up like half of the goodness that could exist without them.

IMG 4108

Brooke teaching me the importance of doing ankle rolls before AND after a run (her words, not mine so don’t quote me on this one).

IMG 4088

Spring Break means that the nieces and nephew really want to spend time with me… my nephew requested some Old Navy shopping.

IMG 4147

And then we used gift cards for lunch at Einstein’s.

IMG 4149

Followed by the free treat that Brooke won at the Easter egg hunt a few weeks ago—>  we were not expecting it to be this huge and we couldn’t even finish it off.

IMG 4150

Pretty darn excited for annual college bffs girls’ trip this week (just a quick trip to Vegas for two days of pool time and eating with my girls that I never get to see)!

(PS for some reason these pictures will only show up tiny but they are from our Vegas trip two years ago?)

DSC 6124NewImage

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


IMG 4092


What is your sentence of the day??

Who else was on the treadmill today?  

Bagel person?  What kind is your favorite?

Are you into documentaries?  What’s your current favorite?

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Your nephew doesn’t look to enthused about the selfies these days. Vegas is always a good time! I need to make a trip there soon.


It’s weird… he all of the sudden is too cool for me;) Come with us and eat all of the donuts in the city with us! Hope your day is going well Megan!


Today is my Friday, so I’m excited to be off work! And I have a massage after work, so it doesn’t get much better!

I haven’t been to Vegas in ages, I need to go back! Have fun, a girls trip sounds great! It’s awesome that you guys all stay in touch and make an effort to spend time together!

Bagels. Yes. I am loving blueberry ones right now. I actually really like dipping them in yogurt. Maybe that’s weird but I love it!


Oh that makes me so happy Sarah! Enjoy your massage and to be off work! Okay I’ve never heard of dipping a bagel into yogurt but now I’m intrigued so I absolutely want to try it! ENJOY GIRL!!


I subsisted off bagels when I was a kid! In high school I had a bagel for breakfast and another for lunch. I didn’t start eating vegetables and healthier foods til later in life. Well, better late than never!

I only eat bagels occasionally now, and like garlic bagels most.

Have fun with your friends in Vegas!


Bagels for bfast and lunch—> living the dream! Oh a garlic bagel sounds amazing right now! Thanks Emma and I hope your week is awesome!


Have fun in Vegas! I’ve never been there and I’m not sure if I want to go…maybe a little too crazy for me! I looove watching documentaries so I’ll definitely be checking that one out :)


Well if you come to Vegas with me and my girls (all Mormon) we just eat, swim and shop so nothing too crazy ha!!!


True! And you probably have way more fun than the people who go to the casinos and are drunk/hungover the entire time. If I ever make it over I’m calling you up :)


I am a wannabe Mormon :) I don’t drink and your nights out with your friends are my ideal ways of spending time! Including the coloring books. Ha!


Hopefully running outside tonight, not on the good old dreadmill :)


I love Blackfish but it’s very sad.


I’ve nevery seen chocolate chip bagels. I must find them!


And now all the sudden I need Einstein’s.


That Ritas looks amazing! I like bagels but don’t eat them often. I used to make this really amazing bagel sandwich for breakfast: Bagel toasted, chive cream cheese, fried egg, sausage and cheese. It was so filling and really delicious. I should probably make it again.


I actually ran on the treadmill today so I could catch up with a friend. I could have run outside but I wanted to see her.

I’ve been in a bagel mood lately. They are easy and portable. My favorite is a “nova lox” which is cream cheese+smoked salmon. It’s actually really good.


I love bagels! It’s been a few months since I’ve had one so that needs to change soon. Today was a treadmill run for me because I wanted to run hills but not drive all the way to good running hills. Have fun in Vegas!


I LIVE for everything bagels with some cheese, an egg, and turkey sausage (my einsteins order!) – there’s something about the salty, oniony goodness that makes me SO happy.

No treadmill miles for me today but I hit my first double digit run in YEARS – I’m running a HM at the end of the month and I’m a little nervous.

Have fun in Vegas !!


I used to eat bagels regularly, now I have them once in awhile. But a fresh NYC bagel is a thing of beauty. Sesame or everything for a savory bite and blueberry or french toast for a sweet bite.

My nephew hit 12 and he was too cool. ah well. At 13 he now knows it all.

my sentence for today: What the heck happened to spring?! (it’s in the 30’s, I demand a recount).


Where is your rug from in the lovely sweet potato pic? ;) SOOO cute!


Treadmill run for me today – just an easy 5K!


6 miles on the treadmill :)


I recently watched Going Clear. It’s a documentary about Scientology that was pretty interesting.


I have a gluten allergy so sadly I don’t get to enjoy too many bagels. How sad is that?!

Vegas will be a blast. My husband is trying to get me to do the half there in November (he knows destination races are one of the few ways to get me to travel)! Have you run that one. Is it worth it?

Happy Tuesday!


Outdoor run today. Mother Nature is confused….it’s like in the 20s here….but the sun was shining super bright and you could feel the warmth!

Yaaaaaas to everything in this post!
What isn’t good on a bagel? I love a sesame bagel with…well…almost anything on top.
Lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, sliced cheese
Hummus and tomato
Pizza bagel
I’d ALMOST even break outta my vegetarian ways and eat tuna or lox (smoked salmon) or fried eggs and bacon…almost.

Is Brooke really getting that big? Every new post she looks more and more like a little adult!!!!


My husband has been obsessed with the life and planet earth docus recently. I think it was you who mentioned something about the Barkley Marathons not too long ago so I’ve been interested in watching that!


I just got back from a treadmill run a little bit ago! And I love any and all documentaries on Netflix!

Einsteins sounds so good right now! They just opened one up in our town and I always forget about it (silly me). I love their bagels.


My husband and I go on a weekly (every Sunday) date for breakfast at Panera Bread. We always enjoy a bagel and cream cheese. I definitely look forward to my weekly bagel!


Sentence for the day : mile repeats on the treadmill are no joke! I will be in bed early tonight ;-)


I’ll be in Vegas this weekend for a girls weekend too! I hope I run into you, it would be so fun to meet you in person. :) I hope you have a really fun trip!


Wow, it amazes me how close you are to the treadmill. That looks scary for some reason! I’m so scared I’m going to trip that I stand like two feet from the front lol.
I need to watch those documentaries because I’m obsessed with them. Also, I’m making that cowboy caviar THIS week! I’m really excited about it because I feel like I can put it on a ton of food.
No treadmill run for me but it should have been, it was sooooo HOT outside that I could barely stand 3 miles.


Do I spy a pizza bagel in that picture?? I went through a phase where I would get the Einstein pizza bagel for lunch 2-3 times/week!


You spy correctly! Oh they are so good… I totally get why you went 2-3 times a week!


Must watch that documentary. And Cooked is on my list too. Netflix is always the move.

Also, I feel you on the mango seeds. I remember when I had my first one and I was like…this is it. this is all I get. what is this giant thing in the way. I just assumed I found a bad one. Nope. That’s life. And it. is. rough.


I love bagels with peanut butter and banana, it’s my favorites snack.
I logged some outside miles today with my 2 year old in the jogging stroller. Usually my 7 year old rides on her bike with us but she was at gymnastics. It was so fun listening to her sing and watching her delight over seeing all the dogs in our neighborhood was something that didn’t make me sad.
I love Vegas! My husband and I are going to be there this weekend also and I’m so excited! It’s our first getaway in over 3 years!


I got married in Vegas, which is funny because we don’t gamble and have never been to Vegas before or since.

Treadmill for me today (most days because of child care issues).


Dear: Brooke

I bet you ate all of the sprinkles off your free treat. :)



Sentence of the day > more coffee please.
Bagels > yes, smoked salmon and cream cheese. Yum!

Documentaries > BBC documentary on music in films. It’s so interesting to learn how they develop and the role they play. Also, the musicians who used to play along live to silent films were AMAZING.

Treadmill running > hateful, but not needed here in the UK, mercifully. It’s never too warm and never too cold. It’s not the most exciting weather generally, but great for running all year round.


I LOVE documentaries! They’re my favourite! Not really a documentary but I die for Dateline – big crime person here!


I get sucked into ww2 docs or true crime like JFK. Blueberry bagels are my favorite!


Love documentaries!! I am totally with you on the mango thing.. the seeds are so big!!! I had the BEST mangoes of my life last week in London… not sure why they were so much better than the ones in the US but they were sooo good!


Where in the heck are those super cute shorts from in the first pic?! :)


What did we do before Netflix?

The Barkley Marathons documentary was engrossing, but I’m excited to watch The Royals!

That cowboy caviar looks delicious! I’m making it this weekend.

Happy running!


OMGoodness, the sweet potato pic has me swooning! Need to try that ASAP.

My local bagel place posts the flavors/ sandwiches of the week on their FB page. This week is Carrot Cake and they also have a carrot cake cream cheese- must try this. Mostly, I love everything bagels… but bialies are best (when they can be found).

I need to sign up for Netflix. About to kick all the cable movie channels out so I can add it to my monthly expenses without the guilt of too much un-watched content.

No treadmill this week…


I started out my morning at the gym at 6am on the treadmill. It is the only time I get to watch Netflix! I can get my exercise done before work. I’m not normal, I love the treadmill!


Your Vegas trip sounds like an absolute blast! I’m so jealous!! :)


Love the new layout of your blog! Looks great :) Brooke is just so cute! Have fun in Vegas!

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