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Tuesday Ten Miles and a lovely story from my first marathon…

Josse and I started our Tuesday with ten miles this morning.  I’m noticing that speed work is aggravating my IT Band lately so I’ll probably just work on endurance (longer runs with medium to easy pace) for a bit because that doesn’t bother it and also keep up with strength and stretching too.  Once I … Continue Reading

A RUNNER’S GLUTE workout (w/ a movie) for you to try and 8 things from yesterday!

HAPPY TUESDAY everyone!  I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve got a killer glute workout for you to try if you would like.  You can do this one with or without weights, at the gym/your house/the track/your hotel/wherever the heck you want.  I’ve been focusing big time on strengthening my glutes … Continue Reading