My new hill mantra and a sign of a very adventurous run.

I have to first show you what a reader pointed out when she saw this picture of Brooke running—>  She makes the same face that I do sometimes while running in a race.  The picture on the left is from my first marathon at about mile 19… moments before slamming into the wall.  

PicModnkey Collage

Brooke pulled a funny joke this morning.  When I got up for the restroom (I was positive she was still asleep) she snuck into my room and thought she was so funny for stealing my spot in bed.  

IMG 1352

 I can’t really pull off Brooke’s Princess Leia hairstyle but I can copy her braid.  

IMG 1372

I’ve got a new hill mantra and it worked really well this morning.  I went back to the trails and started off with my 1 mile uphill (370 ft gain) and finished almost 30 seconds faster than I did on Monday.  I had to sit down at the top because I was breathing so heavy/legs were jello but I am already loving these improvements that I am seeing.  30 seconds is 30 seconds.    

My hill mantra today—>  Making My Weaknesses My Strengths.  It was helpful to keep reminding myself each time I wanted to quit on the way up that if I keep doing these hills and finish without quitting then the hills will be my strong point on race day.

IMG 1375

Just pondering the view from the top.

IMG 1378

There were some very muddy places along the way and my legs looked like this at the end of the 8.5 miles.  One of the many reasons that I love trail running is because it makes me feel adventurous.  Trail running makes me feel very hardcore every now and then;)

IMG 1402

Brooke’s mood today explained in one picture:

IMG 6299

Took the girls for a mini picnic..

IMG 1438

and then we met my brother for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  I tried their superfood salad (you can get it instead of fries now.. I just ate half of my brothers fries with my meal too;) and it was REALLY good.  I was surprised by how much I loved it.  

IMG 1446

Cousins just 1.5 months apart.  I think we are really needing to plan a trip back out to Kentucky to visit them.  Added bonus—>  My brother lives in an area with rolling hills, countryside and everything is so green!

IMG 1452  1

Peace out little nugget.  Until next time.  

PS we both have fake eyelashes;)

IMG 1445


What mantra have you been using lately with your running?

What aspect of running are you really wanting to make your strength?

What was your run today?  How did it feel?

Have any fun Thursday night plans?

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I love that mantra!!! I really need to improve my pace, but I am going to focus on that after pregnancy. :) Right now I am just running at a pace that feels good. Tonight I am going to visit my sissy, and then we are having a low key night in. Sometimes they’re my favorite. I am going to have to try the super salad! I had no idea they had something like this.


Oh my goodness, that’s too awesome with Brooke. She looks so adorable.

I wish I had Thursday plans but I’m super boring I guess. I’m a big chickfila fan myself. I feel like I haven’t had it in a while though. Since we moved the closest one is about 20 minutes….not that that’s a bad thing.


I had a good hill run on Tuesday. I was surprised at how good I felt, which was such a positive sign of my training! Tonight I have some tempo work, which I’m looking forward to! My plans for the evening include a run, stretch/foam roll, and in bed as early as possible.

I need to work on making strength training a consistent part of my routine. I’m so bad about pushing it off when I get busy! Lately my schedule has been crazy so my mantra (for life in general) has been ‘something is better than nothing.’


I really want to make speed a strength. I have been slowly improving over the years and I will continue to work on it.


My Thurs night plans include running because I couldn’t get out of bed earlier enough this morning! I am less than a week into my “Become an Early Runner” routine and have failed twice! The bed just feels so good in the morning!

Way to go on your hill run! Love the mantra and will definitely have to remember it tonight when I am knocking out a speedwork sesh of my own!


Great job on your hill run! I really want to add trail running into my routine once my race on Saturday is over. It looks so fun and those hills are great for strength.


I’m so happy about the weather getting warmer. Time for outside runs, picnics and bike rides. Having kids with close cousins is so great. Built in best friends for life!


My answer to all four of those questions is the same! I have a big speed workout tonight that I’m kind of worried about. I keep comparing myself to where I was this time last year, which is no where near the mark and I’ve been getting really down about it! I want tonight to go well so I’m 100% going to try out that mantra!

I also have got to get to Chick Fil A to try that superfood salad!


I like that superfood salad too!!


I wimped out and ran on the treadmill (20s). I alternated incline walking for 10 minutes and running for 10 minutes. Did that for 40 minutes, then walked one, ran one two for 20 minutes. I just wasn’t feeling a full run, so this helped make the 60 minutes go by more quickly!

Brooke really does make the same running face as you! :)


I also ran a tough hill this morning and I didn’t track, so I don’t know how slow it was which is a good thing! I’d at some point like to make speedwork a strength or at least something I DO and don’t avoid/dread. We’ll see!


When I want to quit I just tell myself that I will be very disappointed if I do. When I don’t quit I feel so much better about myself! I really want to focus on my speed work so I can excel in the lower distance races. I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can make it to the track. I’m a wimp in the cold!


what a gorgeous hilly trail!


It’s always fun to see what you’re up to every day. You must have like a zillion photos on your phone with all the daily pictures you take! I can hardly keep up with deleting all mine.


Haha Brooke’s face really is exactly the same as yours in that race picture! If I have a 370ft gain in a 5 mile run I think I’ve done a ton of hills. I can’t imagine running that in just one mile!


I did an early morning body pump class today! I am looking forward to my husband getting home from a business trip tonight so we can have dinner together!


Today I ran 3.5 miles. I am astonished how I ran the same route 3 times with no real time goal and the times were so drastically different. Sometimes I just feel sluggish and other times I feel ready to fly.
I definitely need to run hills more. It’s the hardest thing for me. In general I’m going to go back to basics and stop trying to hit paces I had in 2014. After injuries and lack of training I need to take a step back and be happy I’m injury free and just run these slower paced with grace.


Ah trail running is THE best!!! I’m teaching a spin class tonight and then probably partying it up! And by that I mean I’ll be in bed by 8:30 ;)


Oh my gosh the things I would do to run in those mountains. They’re so freaking pretty. My run today was a short treadmill run and my only exciting plan tonight is to try out a new recipe and put up an open house sign for work. I know, I’m pretty crazy :)


ummm that view from the top?? can I please come visit and we’ll race up that thing? (read: I will make it .22 miles and you will give me a piggy back for the rest for extra strength training)

currently incorporating speed spurts during my runs, i.e. today was 4.5 miles with probably 5 or 6 long sprints in there? running a 15k next weekend and hoping my speed work during shorter mileage will carry me through 9 miles! ( I don’t like long training runs)

fun thursday night plans: drinking wine (obviously)


I’m so jealous of little kids eyelashes. I think they’re all longer than mine.


My mantra lately is “I can do hard things” or “I am strong”. I really like the first one because when my alarm goes off at 5 am or 4:50 am and the last thing I want to do is roll out of bed to go run on a treadmill before work all day, I remind myself that even if it feels like a difficult task I can do hard things and I will feel so much better. I love it. It really helps and I am progressing with my pace – because I challenge myself even if it might be a little harder than my comfort zone pace.

Went to a Dale Carnegie class these evening for work and got all of the books he wrote, well most of them, and am hoping to learn how to improve my networking and people skills. This will be my Thursday evening for the next 9 weeks.


Those hills look great.
I want to keep trying to make my running form my strength. Today I ran 1/4 mile before doing my strength work out. :) I’m wearing pure cadences for strength training.

I had spontaneous dinner plans with a friend :)


That pic of Brooke is one of my favorites.

I’ve been loving a mantra my spin teacher uses: “it’s OK to feel uncomfortable for a little while; it won’t last forever”


Great mantra! I am really trying to conquer hills this year but it’s tough!!


Ahh I have to find a recap of your first marathon to read why you hit the wall. I have a feeling that I have no idea what I’m in for…

My last run was after a tough day at work so it felt a bit slow but I was proud of myself for doing it. I love repeating “be brave be strong” while running.

Yummy that green salad looks delish – have eaten heaps of grainy stuff today so I think need some more vegies. Brooke is just too cute – she looks so cheeky in that picture! Xx


Had a great lunch break run with my running buddy from work :) 4 miles with sunshine in London is like the BEST treat ever! Then my Thursday night plans included 30′ upper body and core strength training and then watch a sci-fi series on Netflix. Anyone watched Stargate – Atlantis? It is pretty funny – it is no Battlestar Galactica but its close enough…
Yeah Brooke looks so much like you is adorable!


My favorite hill mantra is “hills are friends!”. Keeping it light hearted always helps me crack a smile while running up hills which is a nice reminder to run happy! During mile 11 of my first half there was a huuuge hill and I repeated that out loud, not only did it help, but I I think it was s good reminder to some of the other runners too! Or they just thought I was ridiculous ;)


I love hills. Just the other day I ran a super hilly route so I can start making them a strong point again. I love the burn and pain you go through while running them and how much it pays off in the long scheme of things.


Reading this made me realize I need to start throwing in some bigger hills on my runs so I’ll be ready for my April marathon! There is a hilly section about half-way through and I need to make sure I don’t flake on it. I also live in Kentucky’s bluegrass region so none of my runs are ever completely flat–but I remember the hills on this course from 2 years ago and I need to be ready : )


the lil baby nugget :)


Thanks for sharing great tips. That is exactly what we try to remind runners. Your pain may not be a direct result of leaning backwards, but it is important to lean forward at the ankles when running downhill.


You are hardcore if you are trail running:)

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