First 12 miler in FOREVER… and I’ll start on Monday;)

We all stayed up way too late on Friday night and so my long run started a little bit later in the morning while the girls went with grandma to my nephew’s basketball game.  

IMG 1942

THOSE FIRST THREE MILES.  I don’t know why those first few miles felt so hard (I mean those first few miles of every run are hard for me but yesterday was even more difficult than usual).  I can’t tell you how many times I told myself that I’ll just start to get serious about my training on Monday and turn around and go home and postpone things.  As soon as I hit mile three I felt more in the groove and my mile splits started improving (yesterday was definitely a negative split run).  

The turnaround point.   

IMG 1948

12 miles total @ 7:45 average which was better than I expected (especially during those first 3 miles).   

IMG 1950

PS rewind to the morning again… the girls wanted to sleep on the couch and my niece told me she wants to sleep over more (she made sure to remind me 5 times that she couldn’t on school nights though:) so I’m guessing I’ve got a comfy couch.  These two have gotten so close lately which makes me so so happy.

IMG 1937

Brooke was exhausted and so she took a nap at my mom’s house (my mom’s idea—>  she’s a good woman) while I got a few errands done before grabbing some lunch.  A big salad, soup and a book before picking up Brooker again.  

IMG 1955

And then we hung out outside for as long as we possibly could before you guessed it… yep, more packing.  I have no idea how we were able to fit so much randomness into our apartment over the last 1.5 years but we did and it has taken forever to go through everything. 

IMG 1959

I love to text my sister right around dinnertime to ask her what she is doing because then she always invites me over to dinner:)  Her dinner ingredients were pretty darn similar to my lunch ingredients ha… she and I have very similar tastebuds. 

IMG 1985

EXCEPT for her love of ring pops.  I mean they aren’t bad but ring pops are pretty much her favorite candy.  I brought her one yesterday in exchange for dinner.  

 IMG 1965

I also used their foam roller while we were there because mine is packed.  Photography credit = Brooke.

IMG 1983

Happy Daylight Saving Time.  My brother-in-law was using his head lamp while cooking the chicken on the grill outside so I figured I would take a creepy picture with it. 

IMG 1986

Happy Sunday and let’s talk again tomorrow morning!!!!

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Daylight savings time is going to take some getting used to. Right now I’m not liking it. Packing is never fun but I do like that it forces me to go thru my stuff and actually get rid of things I’ve accumulated that I really don’t need.

Never worry about training because of one run. There are always runs that feel way harder than they should, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about your current shape or how training is going. Sometimes it’s just not a great run day.


My cat made sure to wake me up nice and early this morning. Probably a good thing because it’s really an hour later.

My run yesterday felt a lot harder that I expected too. But at least I did it! Hoping for some better runs in the near future.


One of the many reasons why I love Arizona is NO daylight savings. Now if only the rest of the country would get on the train!


We don’t have it where I live in Canada either.


Wow you run fast. And I know that’s an everyday run for you – so impressive! I love that style of running shorts you wear – I tried some on today but they just did nothing for me. I think I need them a bit longer, or I might just stick with the looser style.

Argh seeing you chilled with a book makes me want to read. Think I’ll order some new books this week. Packing is hard work but getting into your new place will be amazing. Xxx


I’m about to leave for my first 12 miler of the year too! (I’m on week 5 of HM training). Daylight saving time + travelling to Europe next Wednesday = challenging week ahead. Running @ 2am Central Time Zone always feels strange ;-)


Mel-our daylight savings is March 27th! how crazy is that! Have fun over here in Europe and enjoy running. It’s still pretty cold in most places so be prepared!


Awesome, I’ll take a 5 hours time difference instead of 6 hours haha And I doubt its colder than where I am in Canada right now! It’s getting better but there is still a lot of snow out here…


Way to go on your first long run! I love reading about your training cycles because yesterday I had the hardest 5 mile run and I just did not get how it was so hard. Granted we ran on trails instead of pavement which always is more difficult but I told my friend it felt like I had forgotten how to run. I guess everyone has those days and it is good to know I am not alone.

Also, I love how close your family is. I only have one brother and he is currently stationed overseas with the army. We were super close growing up but now that he has been in the military for 3 years I am used to him being gone. However, I will get to see him for the first time in a year in a half at the end of may (He will actually be home for my 2nd half marathon!!!!!). No one knows besides me (I get to pick him up and then bring him to surprise everyone). Family and siblings are the absolute best.


Yay for the run! Your running routes are so gorgeous I can’t get over it! Looks like my headlamp will be back now for at least a few weeks, not thrilled with the time change.


It sounds like it was a good long run Janae, nice work.

It’s funny,I completely forgot about ring pops until now. I used to love them in grade school. I glad I’m not the only one I guess!

I’m super close with my family too. We try and celebrate most holidays and events together.


daylights savings time hit me hard. for some reason, I had it backward and thought I would wake up at 6 and have it feel like 7. nope. not at all. but I still got up anyway and got 6 miles worth of speed work in, so it wasn’t a horrible morning haha! now to make myself something that looks like that salad because yummmm.


My sister surprised me with a donut last night. I’ve been crying one for at least a week or two. And she showed up with perfect timing, right at bed time when I’ve reached my mom limit for the day. It was the best.


Not liking daylight savings time until it starts getting lighter again in morning! It’s just not morning runner friendly right now!


Not a fan of the time change! I miss light in the mornings already. Congrats on a great 12 miler!


Nice job pushing through those first 3 miles and getting it done! I’m so glad you’re getting back into running again. You’ve always been a huge inspiration to me and I love following your training. No pressure or anything! Ha. :)


Daylight savings is going to kill me, I swear. But yay for finishing your 12 miler strong!! Wayyyy to gooooooo xx


I woke up early for my 5k so I hope I can fall asleep early tonight and adjust to the time change quickly.

Good job on your long run! I can’t wait until I can run that far.


Great job on your long run! As for starting on Monday, I m currently on the same boat! Next Monday after my half marathon is rewind time for my fitness!!! MArathon/half marathon training gain weight is NOT a myth!!!


Headlamps make me giggle-they’re hilarious when multiple people wear them (like when camping) and you turn to talk and bam! Headlamp. I get the giggles all the time.

Happy packing!


Nice 12 miler, you go girl!

I strongly dislike daylight savings time. It messes up our circadian rhythm. I think we should all revolt!

I love Brooke’s jeans and cat t-shirt, and wow Curly is getting so tall! :)


It took me a while to get into the groove of things on my run this morning, but then I ended up running further than I have in a while!! Sometimes we just have to push past the first hard parts to get to the fun parts!


I ran my first 12-miler in a long time this weekend too. I took a bit of a break after my last marathon last October.
The rain and wind were terrible but it still ended up feeling amazing. The best run I’ve had in a really long time. It feels so good to be getting my fitness back. :)


Daylight Savings kicked my butt this morning but I am really looking forward to having more light in the evenings now. :) Good Luck on your move! I am going to have to start packing in the next couple of weeks and I’m definitely not looking forward to it at all! :(


I have the same issue where it takes me 3 … and sometimes even 5 miles to get into a groove on long runs. I wonder why that is? Today I only had 8 miles on the schedule but it took me almost five miles to find my groove, ah! I think it’s because I haven’t done a long run on the treadmill in forever and you definitely need to be in a specific state of mind to tackle a long run on the mill!


I felt your pain today. I did not want to get up and out of bed for my run this morning! But like every time you get out there after those first few miles, it all just comes together and makes sense. You’re not alone in this whole wanting but not wanting to train thing. The rest of my year is also focused on half marathons and (hopefully) setting PR’s :)


I wish they would just keep daylight savings all year. What I wouldn’t give for that extra hour of light at the end of the day during the winter!!! And if they did that, people wouldn’t have to complain about losing an hour of sleep and I can have my later sunset. Win, win!

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