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Monday Matters. Tested out the FOOT, Soyaki, Valentines, guac, Bday dates, treadmill calculator edition.

I LOVED hearing about your favorite running fuel this morning and what works best for you! Thank you for sharing! Monday Matters: -Because if the temperatures are above 40 degrees it feels like summer and we sport the shorts.  All of the winter wonderland going on the last few months has sure changed our perspective … Continue Reading

RUNNING FUEL 101 and our Sunday pics.

Why the heck do we need to eat during long-distance runs or races? Because—>  our muscles need carbohydrates big time to keep working hard, our blood sugar levels need to remain stable to avoid crashing and we need electrolytes to avoid cramping/to help to stay hydrated/for other important functions in our bodies.  Let’s take a … Continue Reading