What happened to my old racing self?

“It sure feels nice to be home again.”

-Brooke Jacobs when she came into my room this morning (I think she has heard me say this same thing 40 times and so she knew it would make me happy to hear it from her too).  

Back to our routines, sleeping in our own beds, eating large amounts of sweet potatoes and wearing shorts in the snow.  All feels right in the world again.  

IMG 5187

8 miles on the treadmill this morning.  

So….. I am just really loving this ‘taking it easy/deciding what I want to do right before I do it’ schedule.  I told my coach after my last marathon that I would be ready to start training again at the beginning of January and here we are at the beginning of January and I don’t have the motivation/drive/energy/whatever it takes to get back to training hard.  The next race I want to do isn’t until May so I’m definitely going to take the rest of this month to just run whatever I want and then reevaluate from there.  Also, just a marathon a year is where I am at now… I usually do two a year but this year just feels like a one marathon kind of a year.  Here’s to how ever much longer of base building my body wants to do and then training hard again when I’m ready/excited about it.  

This also means a lot of treadmill miles because I don’t like arranging babysitting if I am not training for something specific.  I’ll save up babysitting time for marathon training again and for now run outside when Brooke has school and every now and then when the girls want to meet for a run.  

IMG 5172

I got to go in and see Dr. B this morning for him to check out my achilles.  It hasn’t been bad at all but I like to stay on top of even the little things and get them taken care of before they turn into something bad.  He found where the problem was stemming from and got it fixed up real nicely.  PS Utah peeps… he is the absolute best and I tell him he is not allowed to retire until I am done running.  If you want to see him his number is 801-513-1078. 

IMG 5176

Gymnastics started up again for Brooke and she insisted on wearing her sunglasses to class. 

IMG 5194

Sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil = heaven.  I diced up the sweet potatoes and cooked them with coconut oil in a pan and then added in three eggs and scrambled it all together.  Topped with avocado and an apple on the side.  

IMG 5198

Stamps are all the rage right now in our household.

IMG 5201

Fun Fact that I feel the need to share:  Our dentist’s office has a gelato machine for patients to use after their appointment.  They also have a toy drawer that any kid would go crazy over.

IMG 4079

WILL RUN FOR DONUTS!!! Loved this pic that Cait sent me. She is beyond talented!

 FullSizeRender  10

Tina just wrote an awesome post HERE about elite’s indulging too!  I love her perspective on everything!


Are you in training mode or in doing whatever you want each day mode as far as running goes?

Finish the sentence with what is most applicable for you—>  WILL RUN FOR ________.

Anything on your legs or feet that are giving you problems?

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I just started training again this week. I had about a month off after my last race, on to another year of training!

Will run for…brownies. Today is definitely a brownie day.

My hip :( It’s been bad for a long while now. This is my year to work on fixing it. Any good hip stretches are much appreciated! :)


Now you have me craving brownies! With ice cream and caramel and whipped cream. I am seriously so sorry about your hip. That is so so frustrating!


Haha…I think everyday is a brownie day for me! But ice cream and whipped cream and caramel would be pretty fantastic!

It’s super frustrating. It isn’t even painful (which is good!) it just tightens up after long runs to the point where its hard to lift it, which is sort of important for things like getting dressed!


My hip was giving me a lot of trouble after marathon training year before last. Almost to the point that I essentially quit running because, like you, the tightening happened while on long runs. Last year I decided it was time to rehab myself so I started the stretches at this website:
I have to faithfully stretch and foam roll! I ran a 1/2 in October with virtually no problems.
I’m no expert just a fellow endorphin junkie.


Enjoy your time “off.” After an extra long and hard marathon training cycle, you definitely need it!

I’m definitely in training mode right now! And I will be for a while– with the exception of a few “down” weeks, I’ll probably be in training mode until my goal race in August.

No leg/feet issues right now except a sore toenail and a couple of blisters. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid overuse injuries for the most part. :)


I think the cold weather sucks out a lot of motivation. I honestly would give yourself a mental break before you crave running again. There is no sense in mindlessly logging treadmill miles when you aren’t in the mood to race.

It’s definitely smart to stay healthy and ahead of it before you aren’t. I actually have a deep tissue massage scheduled for next week.

I’ll run for donuts, red velvet cake or NJ diners…


Brooke is hilarious with the sunglasses….she’s a mini you! So cute.

I’m in my typical base building mode which is, well, my always mode. I’m weird and don’t plan any races so I like to be ready for anything. If someone is training for a marathon and needs a buddy, here I am! Now that cross country is over I’m not doing much speed work….which leads to

I’m nursing a hamstring/rear end injury.

Will run for coffee. Truly. No joke. It’s weird how I plan my coffee and my run.


no, it makes sense because drinking coffee before a run can be painful.


Will run for chocolate! My knee has been bothering me on and off. I think it’s hip instability, but not sure. It feels like a ligament along the top. I did have a small tear in my ACL this summer so I’m praying it’s not that again.


Right now I’m just in base building/maintenance/don’t get injured mode. I did see a race in May that I am thinking of, but right now there is no pressure and it’s a nice feeling! Glad you are embracing the different phases of running :)
Oh, and Will Run for Sanity.


I love Tina Muir! I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to run in this dark and frigid weather, and my marathon is at the end of February. I’ve put in two months of hard training and sometimes feel like I need to put up the white flag. But I’ll keep going– BQ on my mind! Enjoy the rest of your day!


I’m in my second week of training for my March half marathon. I’m doing a pretty low key training program this time around but it is helping to keep me going through the snow and cold.


I am not in training mode right because I’m pregnant with baby #2. I found out right after I ran the Chicago Marathon – whoops! I am still running though – just slowing down. :) Currently, Will run for french fries but that will probably change again tomorrow. Nothing on my feet or legs giving me problems luckily! And I just have to say that picture of Brooke in the sunglasses is so cute and made me laugh really hard!


In training mode for a half the first weekend in April (I need to build up slowly!)

Will run for DESSERT!!!


Uhm, I would definitely be more likely to go to the dentist is I could get free gelato after?! That’s amazing.


My dads a dentist… I need to talk him into this gelato business. He does like any kind of ice cream and he went to Italy on his mission so that may work as good reason to put one in.


I love that off season of just running for fun! I’m back in training for a half but I’m keeping my training more effort-based and that has made it so much more enjoyable and effective.
Will run for beer! Is that bad? Or donuts.


I’m in do whatever I want mode. I will run for nachos. And my ankle is still bothering me from stepping off the curb wrong while mowing this summer. Seriously can’t believed I got injured mowing the yard.


OH noooooooo… Ali. That breaks my heart that you got hurt from that stupid curb. I hope it gets feeling better asap and get some delicious nachos asap!


Love Brooke playing in the drinking fountain. Those things are every kids favorite toy. I remember Dr B saying that is where Brooke spent her time when you had appointments #WhateverWorksAmIRight

With how much time and money I spend at the dentist, I think it only makes sense that I should be getting some effing gelato. That’s it. I am switching dentists now.