The 3-2-1 Running Speed Workout—> It’s a good one!

Happy Saturday!! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend so far! I’ve got a fun little road/treadmill/track/indoor track (heaven forbid I run outside in the snow) workout for you that kicked my trash the other day! It’s an easy one to remember too… I am not a fan of speed workouts that are complicated because I end up checking my phone a few times throughout the workout to remember what is next.

IMG 5482

It went a little bit like this:

1-2 mile warm-up

3 miles fast

.4 mile recovery jog

2 miles faster

.4 mile recovery jog

1 miles FASTEST!!!

1-2 mile cool-down


My splits for the 3-2-1

3 miles x 6:48 pace, heart rate around 158

2 miles x 6:33 pace, heart rate around 167

1 mile @ 6:07, heart rate around 174

I am starting to record my heart rate for workouts like this one so that I can see how it improves over time. The effort will always be high (and my heart rate will show that I am putting in a hard effort) but the goal will be to get faster and faster with this workout with around the same heart rate #s (while remembering to factor in the effect that heat, sleep, recovery play with heart rate).

Let’s talk about the sports bra that I wore for this workout for just a second mmkay?

I know I have found the perfect sports bra when I don’t think about my sports bra during a workout. If I am wearing a lame one then that is pretty much all I am thinking about the entire run. If the sports bra is comfortable, stays in place, chafe free and supports everything just right then I am able to focus on my workout and form instead of being super annoyed with my sports bra.

I’ve been experimenting with The Absolute Racerback Sports Bra w/SmoothTec from Champions and it is a sports bra that I don’t think about while wearing it because it checks off all of my needs for a sports bra perfectly. This one is a medium support compression sports bra and I am obsessed with the SmoothTec band guards—> aka what keeps me from chafing like crazy. I chafe a ton on my rib cage from sports bras but not with this one.

IMG 5465

I love the T-back on the sports bra! So many fun colors and styles and this one is only $24. Don’t forget to check out Champion on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to see more. Just like wearing the right pair of running shoes—> wearing a good sports bra is VERY important!

IMG 5487

Woke up to more snow Friday morning!

IMG 5651

We had some pretty sweet things happen like going to a book fair.

IMG 5657

9 miles on the treadmill with Megan entertaining me.

IMG 5664

Picking up the kiddos from school then hitting up Nickel City… unsuccessful selfie.

IMG 5674

She asked me to join in on a Warhead challenge game and I refused without any hesitation. Those things are soooo sour, can’t/won’t handle it.

IMG 5677

Also, do people actually eat these or just buy them for the heck of it?

IMG 5676

I got cuddle time with my favorite little man.

IMG 5683

And my Friday night treat= gas station hot chocolate.

IMG 5686


What are your weekend plans?

What was the last speed workout that you did?

Any delicious weekend treats?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Champion. The opinions and text are all mine.


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