Sunday stuff and lists of threes.

Another Sunday in the books.  

IMG 5499

My mom spoke at church yesterday and so we all went to her ward (we call our congregations wards and they are divided based on location) to support her… this meant that I got to spend some good time with my nephew.  I even got him to take a nap in my arms and as you know, cuddling with a sleeping baby is one of my top favorite things ever.  

IMG 5742

After church my nieces came home with us and we got to baking.  

Cornflakes in cookies.  

Once upon a time I had a cookie that had corn flakes in it and I thought it was crazy good and then I somehow forgot about it (probably because I was too busy thinking about froyo or something).  I came across THIS recipe the other day and I was instantly reminded that I needed this cookie in my life again.  

IMG 5519

Chocolate chips and coconut were also the main stars in these.  I know it sounds weird to put in corn flakes but trust me on this (remember all of those people that doubted me on my grapes and cottage cheese combo and then ended up loving it?)… the corn flakes give a little crunch to the soft and chewy cookie with the delicious flavor from the coconut and of course chocolate.  

My family all gave it the ‘you should make this cookie all of the time’ rating.  

IMG 5520

Dinner was over at my mom’s house where the snow in parts was almost as tall as my daughter.

IMG 5748

Chicken salads for dinner and I went back for another plate that looked just like this.  

IMG 5757

Some relaxing in our PJs on the couch.  

IMG 5760

 And then my brother-in-law got to work on the oreo shakes.  He makes them by hand so that he can get the perfect consistency.  It sure is nice that my family loves good food as much as I do.  

IMG 5790

We made sure to play some ridiculous games.  

IMG 5776

For this game—>  While you are blindfolded you are supposed to hold the tip of the spoon and scoop up cotton balls from the bottom bowl to the one on your head for one minute.  It is impossible to feel if one is on your spoon so 98% of the time you are just scooping up air into your bowl.  I did take second place though (my Dad must practice this game all of the time or something because he was really good).

IMG 5784

I ran about 50 miles last week (most of them easy paced with the 3-2-1 speed workout and a hill workout) and my body was more than ready for a day off yesterday. I take rest days very seriously as you can tell and I walked barely over a total of two miles yesterday.   I love letting the legs rest and repair so that today they are ready to go again.   About 5-6 years ago rest days gave me major anxiety and I would rarely (if ever?) take them… I now fully embrace them physically and mentally and my body has thanked me because of it.  

IMG 5791

I came home and did something silly after Brooke went to bed… I watched more of Making A Murder on Netflix.  By myself.  Not the best idea.  Every noise in my apartment freaked me out.  

Some random lists of threes: 

Three running articles recently that I loved:

Six Ways to Change Your Running for the Better in 2016 (my favorite—> become a COMPLETE athlete—>  something hard for me to keep up with but it will make a huge difference in my running).   

What is Your Ideal Marathon Temperature (I find all of the factors that affect running performance super interesting to read about and this one even breaks it down to talk about what temperatures are best for different speeds etc—>  now if we could just get the Weather Gods to cooperate and help us out on race day to always give us the perfect temperatures). 

– Ryan Hall Dared to Be Great.  “He raced with fierceness little seen among American road racers, yet he always realized there was more to life than one more trophy.” He is an incredible example!

 Three reasons to go run (unless you are injured or it is your rest day:) today:

-You can.

-It is scientifically (in my opinion;) proven that a good sweat is incredible for the body/soul/heart/spirit/brain.  

-Because your running goals outweigh any excuses not to go.

Three favorite runnings books (I’m always looking for more so feel free to share yours!!!):

Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong

Hansons Marathon Method

Mind Gym (for all athletes.. I just love the mental side of performance).

My three most-played-listened to running songs right now:

Roses by The Chainsmokers

Cute Without the “E” by Taking Back Sunday (flashback to my teenage punk wanna be days but I am HOOKED on this song/beat again)

My House by Flo Rida (because I tend to buy any of his new songs and then listen to it about 50 times while running and love it and then get sick of it really fast.  


Watching anything good on Netflix lately?  

What are your reasons to go run today?

What are your three most-played-listened to running songs right now?

How often do you take a complete rest day?

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First of all, OMG this salad looks so delicious that you have me drooling at 9 am (UK time)!! Also you and Brooke look so pretty in the first picture! And you are ABSOLUTELY right about the fact that a good sweat is good for your soul! I can officially and scientifically back you up since i am a scientist! Have an awesome week Janae!


Parks and recreation season 7! It’s finally available. I used to be super into crime shows and then we moved to South Carolina and I wake up about twenty times in the night to check to make sure the doors are locked. ? Parks and Rec is my happy show. I never listen to music while running. I used to, but one time it was really hot and the headphones or the beat made me feel sick and I never looked back. Those cookie would be good for breakfast right….cornflakes? Yum!!!


I really enjoyed Making a Murderer in terms of an educational show but it certainly is grim. You should switch over to Aziz’s master of none for some relief! As far as days off, when I’m marathon training I usually take two full days off, but will sometimes use one of those days for strength training. My body needs the rest! I still run about 45-55 miles in those 5 days, and the rest days keep me going! Thanks for the book ideas, I heard about mind gym from another blogger and it sounds like a must-read!


Your weekend with your family looks so relaxing. My big reason to run for now and the next 23 weeks is that I just signed up to my first marathon! Yahoo! You have totally inspired me, especially because you do so much treadmill running which I have to do to stay safe with my early morning runs. I used to feel so limited by it but I don’t anymore which is awesome. Reading your blog is the highlight of my day xx


I used to love Taking Back Sunday in college…and I find their music great for strength training workouts! I love listening to old songs when I work out, sometimes I’ll put on the 90s pop station on Pandora.
There are so many reasons to run today…but part of the reason is that I’m off from work and on vacation in Florida where its 60 degrees, so I might as well get my miles in before I go back to Baltimore where its 15 degrees!


You had me at Oreo milkshakes. Last summer, took a road trip through 11 states, and for whatever reason, milkshakes are what got me through the long drives.

John Mulaney is a fantastic comedian; his two specials are on Netflix, and I (over)watch them :) he’s amazing!

Reasons to run: because I can. I get to. An hour of alone time and reflection? Yes please! I don’t run with music often, but lately been into late 90s/early 00s jams when I run (Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, Eminem). I’d be ashamed, but I’m not. I take a complete rest day once a week. Yesterday morning it was cold and snowy, so that made for perfect timing with my Sunday rest!


Current favourite Netflix series is Orhan Black.
Today is a track speed work kinda day over here – reason is that my speed is – how to put it nicely?!?- suffering lately…
Mostly played songs erm… anything country and upbeat!
As for complete rest days, not very often since i dont like to just sit still i get bored easily!


Reason to run today: I have a day off, I fell asleep at 8 last night, and I took yesterday off! I guess that’s 3 reasons…better get my butt on the treadmill!!

have the best Monday, Janae!!


watching Raising Hope on Netflix.. it’s hilarious! Today is my rest day! I ended up running fri-sat-sun and squeezing in an hour of strength training on saturday as well, so today is deserved off!


I have the day off, a perfect reason to run. Also taking a trek to Trader Joes, a special treat for me since it is far away. Best day ever planned!


Today is my off day, so I’ll probably just do some strength training or maybe some light cross training. Maybe nothing. We’ll see.

I can’t wait to watch Making a Murderer, I keep hearing people talking about it and I feel like I’m missing out! But definitely not alone. Everything would end up freaking me out too!

That article on Ryan Hall is awesome! I read it over the weekend too!


I ran a 15k in the snow yesterday, so I am planning a shake out run today. I’m a bit sore! I need to be better about rest days. I fake them but still feel like I need to keep moving.

Making a Murderer is addicting! I am starting Mad Men on Netflix!


Sunday was a 5 miler and Monday a rest day. I’ve been watching The Paradise on Netflix and it’s good. They also just added Pride and Prejudice to Netflix this month. Yes!!


Brooke’s little dress! Too cute!!


Oh my goodness, I used to watch Criminal Minds when I lived alone a few years ago and I would be TERRIFIED going to bed each night haha!


I used to take more rest days than I should (because I had/sometimes still do have some serious motivation issues/am very good at making excuses). But I just started a half training plan that my friend made for me w/ 1 rest day/week, so now I am sticking to that like glue. Yesterday’s rest day was glorious.


Those cookies do look delicious! I’m not running today, but I will run tomorrow because I am determined to kick butt in reaching my goals.
I’m currently finishing Glee and then I will likely start Making a Murderer and watch it only when I run on the treadmill!


I just finished Mile Markers and LOVED it. In fact, I think I had read it before but still enjoyed reading it again. I already recently read Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley and loved it too!


Making a murderer… I binged watched it with my hubby all weekend. It was good, but I thought it was told so one sided. You’ll see :) Your Salad…looks so good, I want to make one now. Like now! Your family…is so cute. I love the time you all spend together each week and the things you do. When I am having a hard day over something, I like to come to your blog and see the happiness. It makes me feel better. :)


I want to finish that documentary but I started it and freaked myself out too!


We just finished the Making a Murderer series last night. I didn’t find it scary for me per say, but for everyone ever facing a corrupt police force and legal system. That entire show was just nuts!

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