Our Little Getaway Part 2.

Soldier Hollow.  

It had been 18 years since my last tubing trip here but I remembered it being a blast back then and so I was positive Brooke would love it. 

IMG 6047

But first she got her special hotel breakfast in her pajamas.  The simplest things.  

IMG 5965

We then went back to our room and cuddled while watching the Disney channel and then we were out. 

IMG 5975

Our goal is to find which Cafe Rio is the best in the State of Utah and the Heber one is in the top 3 at this point (they were not skimpy on chicken/toppings at all which is usually what I base my rating on).  It was turned on video… that is why the picture is so tiny.  

Screen Shot 2016 01 20 at 2 10 26 PM

And then we went to the Soldier Hollow lodge to get our tubing on.  

Seeing Brooke run in her ski socks reminded me of the ProCompression running instagrams I see:) 

IMG 5991

Once we got out to the hill she actually wasn’t so sure about the whole thing.  

IMG 6001

The first time down she still wasn’t very sure…

IMG 6022

But then we went up to do it again 

IMG 6011

and then she started loving it.  She kept yelling to me as we were going down, “ONE MORE TIME!!!”

IMG 6032

We drove home and she is still asleep.  Tubing is tough work.  

IMG 6061

That concludes our Midway Getaway.  

IMG 5928

PS the other day at the running store Brooke told me she likes these HoneyStinger waffles more than donuts?!?  

IMG 5909

And for those of you that have seen (or are currently watching) Making A Murderer… My brother sent me these and I couldn’t stop laughing:

IMG 6052IMG 6050

IMG 6049IMG 6051

I’m doing a night workout today so wish me luck that I actually do it;)  Mornings = I’m very motivated.  Nights = It takes every ounce of me to not get in my pjs and go to bed at 8 pm.  Once I get going it feels great (and I always feel better after) but it is just the act of putting on the workout clothes and getting out the door that is the tough part!

I hope the rest of your Wednesday is a good one!! Let’s talk more in the morning!

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I’m trying to get motivated for my workout tonight too! It’s been snowing here for a few hours and it is so pretty! I just want to curl up in my PJs and read!

I like honey stinger waffles (and think they would make an excellent ice cream topping) but I’m not sure about liking them more than donuts. That’s crazy talk!


I’ve never thought of them as an ice cream topping… I like the way your brain works. I bet the caramel ones would rock! YOU’VE GOT THIS tonight… we will both rock our workouts tonight right?


I’m doing a treadmill night workout too! I’m bribing myself with an episode of Merlin.

Your pictures make me want to go tubing so badly! The only negative is that tubing=snow and snow=cold ;)


Loving Brooke’s Princess Leia hair lately! :)


Looks like such a fun trip. :) Good luck with that workout…and you should reward yourself with froyo once it’s done!


I always have a hard time motivating myself at night! After work, I just want to go home and space watching Netflix. None of that pesky exercise!

Looks like you guys had a great time on your trip. :)


I ‘ve never tried tubing but i am so sure Brooke is way more brave than i’d have been! I know exactly what you mean about night work outs. Today i did HIIT cardio in the morning and then i had 4 easy tempo miles scheduled which i was suppose to do after work – literally half the way home. But then i felt so drained and under the weather that i ended up taken the subway straight home. I ‘ll definitely do it tomorrow but still the later it gets in the day the harder it is. As for netflix series you should definitely try Orphan Black if you are into sci-fi. We are hooked on it!!!


You’ve motivated me to start my own blog. I love how it’s not all about running; it’s about your life (or, rather, fun snippets of it that you like to share with us), your family, and so much more. You’re inspiring in more ways that one, girlfriend. Thanks for that!


Wow tubing looks like so much fun!!!Cute pictures….I usually ski or x country ski if we go up to Tahoe(my ppl are snowboarders but I’m not)-but I think I have to try that.
I never ever work out in the pm.mornings all the way!!Today I did a computer winter class with my bike and it was amazing.Going to run tomorrow since it is forecast to not rain…haha my kids like the stinger waffles too-I am a fan,but they could not take the place of a doughnut.I even have a long ride that has a doughnut stop as part of it,at a local place.Last time they were warm out of the fryer!,
Take care.


^^*trainer class on my bike:)


Tubing would be so fun. What a fun mom you are!


Tubing looks like fun..no matter what age you are :) I have to do a night workout today too, so you better do yours as well! No excuses Janae!


Loving the pictures from your little trip! I might be with Brooke on the Honey Stinger waffles.. I used to make a sandwich of the strawberry and lemons when I was working at a running store with no time to break for lunch and in the middle of triathlon training!


I love tubing! It’s SO FUN! I wanna go back. Need to go back! I love how they take you up= you don’t have to walk up that stinking hill! :)


It is so great that you and Brooke get to go on so many adventures! Altough my son and I really like tubing, it is -20F here right now (and will be all week!) so just thinking about it makes my blood freeze… ;-) It doesn’t stop me from running but I just want to hibernate the rest of the day!


Tubing is so much fun! Glad Brooke warmed up to it :)

I am a weirdo and I just don’t like Honey Stinger waffles. I think it’s a texture thing?


Some of my best memories with my Dad when I was a kid was sledding down big hills. She will remember this time together forever!


I’ve never been tubing before (just sleding). I love those waffles too!


I love tubing!


Hi Janae, love your blog! Would you post a WIAW post sometime? Thanks!


I second that! Would love to see how you fuel through the day.

Btw, you’ve now convinced me to come visit you in Utah! Those views are incredible! And you and Brooke could not be more adorable :).


Great idea girls! I will totally start on that!!!




I always work out at night if I can help it haha I have SO much more energy and drive to do it then, rather than getting up before work :-P I worked out extra late tonight (like didn’t start till 8:30) which is late even for me but I am SO glad I did :)

Lots of snow here! wish I could go tubing!! looks like so much fun :-D


Ah night workouts. Nothing like burping up your entire days worth of food to get you to push hard.

Your trip looks like fun. Which is saying a lot because it involved being in the cold. ..and I hate the cold. So basically you are my hero and my kids wishould you were their mom.

I am already in my jammies and laying in bed…and have been for an hour…soooo #nailedit


What a fun little getaway!! Good luck on your evening workout! I’m the same way. :(


Night workouts are so hard. Morning workouts feel so much better! I find that most runners seem to be morning people who like to get their run done early. Our bodies are apparantly wired to respond to exercise better first thing! I want new pajamas now!! I love pajamas at night too so chilled. Glad you and Brooke had a great mini holiday! Xx


Oh. My. Gosh. They found Mh370. Those are terrible. And totally made my morning.
Brooke has great taste! Honey stinger waffles are delish!!!! I always look forward to a long run treat like a honey stinger.
I like working out at night. Back before I was married I would go to an 8pm Core Power yoga class even though I had to get up at 5am for work. It was so relaxing, even thought I missed a little sleep, I always slept better because of it. Sometimes it I work out too early by night I feel like I didn’t work out at all!


i workout midday–so between 1-3pm, weird , but it works in my schedule. I have a honey stinger waffle (they are INCREDIBLE when you’re out of sweets in the panty) about an hour before i workout and feel energized! Love the tubing pictures, i have never been to a ski resort, so it’s on a to do list!


Brook’s first picture looks like us during all of winter! We are trying to be positive over here in KY, but we are getting dumped on with snow currently and it just makes running no fun.

You all are so much like us in the hotel breakfast love. BUT, we both love oatmeal and typically find that we like our own oatmeal better than the stuff made in mass quantities at hotels. Apart from that, though, unlimited coffee, waffles, cereal, yogurt, and fruit is our kind of party, too!


hahah those Making A Murder quotes are so funny. It was such an intense show. Looks like tubing was a blast!


Those memes…I die.


Brooke looks so cute in the tubing pics- what a fun trip!

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