Wednesday Tangents!!!

-I wonder how many years I will be able to get away with taking Brooke to school/sports/around town in outfits like this without embarrassing her.  Getting ready for the day before 5 pm is not one of my strengths.  

IMG 5513

-Pretty much every time that I run on the treadmill at the gym there is the sweetest old man that comes up to me and tells says, “Don’t get lost on your run today.”  And then as I am leaving I tell him that I accidentally took a wrong turn again and that it added a few miles onto my run and then he chuckles.  We have quite a fun inside joke.  

IMG 5471

-A pretty great running break happened when my niece Facetimed me.  I don’t stop my run for many things but this is certainly a thing I will stop for.

IMG 5474

-You know how I tell you all about my favorite gas station froyo?  Well, they have ruined something very good and they took out the froyo machines to replace it with something else.  

IMG 5428

– This same thing has crossed my mind many many times… especially during the long run or at a race when I am excited for the post-race deliciousness up ahead.  

Screen Shot 2016 01 12 at 1 07 01 PM

-My mom sent this to me:

Screen Shot 2016 01 12 at 12 56 13 PM

Hungrymotherrunners nailed it with this picture and what they had to say about it.  

Screen Shot 2016 01 11 at 10 23 36 PM

-Talk about a perfect midnight snack… I was hungry, lazy and hungry;)  My kind of guacamole… I didn’t even have to do any dishes to make it.  

IMG 5440

-Facebook, I am really confused about this one.  

IMG 4634

-The Olympic Marathon Trials are on my birthday this year.  It was really sweet of them to include a countdown to my birthday on the website;)

Screen Shot 2016 01 13 at 1 41 30 PM

-When I first bought my new car I said NOOOOO FOOD IN THE CAR.  That lasted for about 2 weeks but this sort of thing happens daily now so maybe I will go back to my rule and last another two weeks with it.

IMG 5484

This song will ALWAYS be one of my favorite songs to listen to during a hard run.  It just has a way of pumping me up no matter how many times i listen to it.  

IMG 5473

-Win-win.  She gets to jump on an inflatable toy for a bit and I get to actually attempt to get some things done on my computer.  

IMG 5482

-Brooke tried Texas Roadhouse rolls with their honey butter for the first time ever the other day and I can now say with surety that this is her favorite food ever.

IMG 5488

-I was in quite the strange funk the last few days and I came across this quote on the good ol’ Instagram and it turned things right around for me so I thought I would pass it along.  



Have any randomness that you would like to share with us?

How often do you think about what you are going to eat after your run while you are running?


What are you making for dinner tonight?

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Thanks for sharing that quote! it reminds me of a little mantra I repeat to myself when I get sad/angry/stressed: “Decide to feel better.” It’s your choice to let things get to you and it’s your choice to rise above it.

Randomness: I live in Utah and while the cold weather has been brutal, I have enjoyed wearing my wool tights with cute skirts to work!


Dinner tonight, tex mex mac and cheese. Yum!

I am always thinking about food. Usually I’m asking myself if I’m actually hungry or just want to eat (usually just want to eat).

I’ve been friends with my sister (who is 25) for 46 years too. Fun!


I loved all the quotes and memes.

That’s too awesome about you birthday being the same day as trials.

I saw quite a few people had that “46 year fb friendship”. It made me laugh.

I’m normally thinking about food for the last half of my run always. Since I run in the morning, it’s normally about lunch though. I still have yet to figure out what I’m making for dinner tonight…


I’m reading Hanson’s Half Marathon Method right now, too! Aiming for a sub-1:55 PR this April.


Your niece and Brooke look so much alike!

I literally always and only think about food while I’m running! I’m meeting a friend now for about 6 miles and then I’m going to come home and make my stuffed bell peppers! And my Wednesday randomness is that I lost my anniversary earrings… not good!


I LOVE that last quote and it’s so true that the outside isn’t always what the inside looks like.

I pre-made chicken and rice since I’m going to a spin class right from work. It sounds boring but I added my favourite “kicking chicken” spice which is AMAZING!

That’s sad about the FROYO, I hope it’s just BETTER Froyo!! (if that’s possible?!)


Hi Janae,
yet another great and funny post :)
The picture with the ballerina shoes, i saw it too a few months back and i uploaded on my FB page with this description “Saw this picture and reminded me that nothing is handed to anyone in this life… to achieve our goals and live our dreams we have to work for it… So not wish for it but work for it!”. Very inspirational! By the way I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now (this is the first time I comment on it) and i really have to say that Brooke is the sweetest and cutest little girl!!! I am always excited to read more of your stories! And as for running goes, you are one of my role models. Especially the way you dealt with the fact that you couldn’t run the marathon you’ve trained for really helped me to deal with a similar situations of mine a few weeks back.
Thank you for your awesome posts!


I think about food far too often when I run! I run before breakfast so by the last couple miles all I can think about is eating a warm bowl of oatmeal.
Dinner tonight is homemade pizza! Have a great Wednesday, Janae!


Are you liking Hanson’s book?


Sometimes I think about food while running, most of the time I don’t. I generally have to wait a little bit before I eat after running.

It got cold in NY and my nose bleeds when it’s cold out, especially when I run. It’s kind of gross and annoying. (how’s that for random)?

I am making burgers for dinner, my husband requested them.


I don’t know where to start with this post! So many gems.

Ok…first…your shirt…I don’t see anything wrong with it..hahahahaha

I too have an older man gym-mate with whom I crack jokes about how far I’ve run!!! He will ask me what country I am in. It’s a fun exchange. In Yiddish, there is a term ‘altakaka’ meaning “old fart”…but we use it in an endearing way and I tell my mom that I’m an ‘altakaka magnet’.

No more froyo?!?!? I would be too afraid to ask what they are replacing it with..

Hungryrunnermother is soooo on the money. I was buying balloons the other day and the cashier gave me attitude from the outset. She was acting as if I were the biggest thorn in her side. When she asked me what the occasion was and I told her “I’m surprising my aunt — it’s her last chemo treatment today” she did a complete 360 and treated me like royalty. Proved this point….treat EVERYONE with respect and kindness because you NEVER know what they are going through!!!

In total agreement with you on the song ‘Lose yourself’!!! Anytime. Always pumps me up!

And that quote. Just perfect.
Heres one that I often think of:”Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared, and Humble when you are victorious.”

I am always meal planning during runs! And when I’m not running. And while I’m eating. And, well, basically anytime except maybe when I’m sleeping!?!


Just finished dinner (early tonight so I can go to the gym soon!) and I made pollo asado with roasted carrots. SO good. I love that Instagram post! Even if the picture made me gag a bit…still a great message.


Love that convo you have with the old man! too cute.

That guac in an avocado boat thing is brillinant. BRILLIANT. maybe that’s what’ll be at the gas station now?? ;)


I love Lose Yourself! And Til I Collapse. I feel like those are some staple running songs that I never get sick of. You just made me crave chips and guacomole now!


I just bumped into my boyfriend in the city. So crazy! 8 million people in nyc and I literally walked right into him. Got a bonus hug and kiss until I see him next. :)
Dinner tonight will be a salad and rotisserie chicken.


Between doing point ballet as a teenager and running since I was 19, my feet are forever ugly. Ross reminds me of it often. lol.

The Facebook thing is bizarro.

I will forever be depressed about the fro yo. You are lucky that your location had it for months longer than mine.

I think about what I am eating next every time I am running, exercising, getting ready, driving, sleeping and while I am already eating.

We are having left overs tonight. I made pizza on Monday and red lentil coconut curry soup last night, so you have your choice between the two ;)


I’m really sad about this froyo situation for you. For the love, WHY??!!

Texas Roadhouse rolls changed my life long ago. There’s just no going back after that first experience.


Random: I DVR Jeopardy, and am binge-watching last week’s episodes.

I totally plan what I’m going to eat after a run. After my first half marathon longest training run (12 miles), I got my favorite take-out and Sour Patch Watermelons and was never happier.

Tonight was take-out from Cookout, and I had the most perfect grilled chicken sandwich. I may dream about it.


This was a really great post and your inside joke with the man at the gym made me smile. I love when we have moments with strangers like that- it makes the world feel like a better place.

Last Friday on my run in the morning I literally kept saying “huuungryyy” on my run. My tummy was rumbling the whole time so I kept it to a short three miles!

My boyfriend made some excellent pasta for dinner tonight! He’s gotten really into making his own marinara sauce- which I’m extremely supportive of. I’m thankful one of us can cook so well. I, on the other hand, excel at doing the dishes!


Thanks for the quote. In the same place.
Hugs to you friend!


I have no idea what I’m doing for dinner tonight! D:

I’m hoping my boyfriend will take care of it because I’m feeling really lazy.


Lose yourself by Eminem- yuss! Is totally my get pumped and run harder song! I feel like im always thinking about food so im with you on that one too. Having cauliflower “fried rice” with some chicken breast for dinner ??


Love the Star Wars tee. Did you see the new one?


Pres uchtdorf for the win today. I really needed that. Like bad.

Stake and red potatoes for dinner and a night time treadmill run is in store tonight.


Great tangents! Love the story about the man in the gym. So sorry about your favorite fro-yo machine. I think my no food in the car lasted three weeks.


This has nothing to do with your post, but my husband shared this article with me last night and it’s really good. If you ever feel like you aren’t a “good enough” Latter Day Saint, take a minute to think about whether you’re comparing yourself to God’s standards or the Mormon culture standards.


I am an early morning runner – so I totally look forward to my breakfast every day! Also, I love the avocado with the chips haha!


I love that toe shoe pic/quote…that is one of the reasons I have loved you and your blog for so many years. You have gone through a lot of crap and hard times yet you do your best to see the positives and find things to be joyful about and grateful for. :) I am thankful for YOU!!

Hope the funk turns around soon! and maybe they are taking out the froyo machines for a build your own sweet potato buffet?? we can dream, right? ;-D


Thank you for sharing that quote! I have been in a funk since my boyfriend and I broke up and I KNOW that there are worse things in the world and I am still very blessed and fortunate but ugh the PAIN is real.

And I quite often think about what I’m going to eat when I get done running! I <3 food!


That ballet shoe pic and the verbiage reminded me of that quote about “Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of a battle you know nothing about – be kind – always”…….or something like that. I probably butchered it but that is the general idea :) I LOVE that quote and try to remember it if I feel like I want to get grumpy and/or reactive to someone.

I run after work a lot and before dinner so if I’m not thinking about food during the run you can bet I am on the ride home!


It has been the best 46 years of my life. #thelma&louise2.0 #islandlife #twominutes


I gave myself 6 fertility shots today. #anewmeaningtobodyshots

During my marathon on Sunday all I could think about was getting a donut. I didn’t get one until this morning…

PB&J for the win for dinner tonight! :)


I had three shots last night myself! #stimsforthewin #wannabepregnantrunners

My RE told me no long distance running or training while I’m doing a cycle, and I miss it terribly. Did you just start your treatment after your marathon on Sunday?


Love those hashtags!

My RE said I could up until tomorrow. I started lupron on the 6th, then stims on the 8th and ran those days. Haven’t done any running since Sunday. I’m done running for a while now. :( How many cycles have you done?


This is IVF #2 for me and I have retrieval tomorrow; we did IVF #1 in August and that resulted in a super faint chemical pregnancy.

I definitely believe that the mental coping skills learned during long distance racing and training help a lot during an IVF cycle. We’re able to figure out if what we’re feeling is serious pain or not-so-serious, which goes a long way.

My tip to you during this cycle (if this is your first) is “DON’T BE A HERO”. We may be tough, but there’s no reason to be a martyr. If something hurts a little, take the pain pill. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There’s no reason to suffer if you don’t have to.

Best of luck!


I love that Eninem song for hard runs too! You have one shot!


dayum girl, you look good for over 46. You also look good halfway through a run, I didn’t know that was possible for anyone. Here’s hoping they are replacing the fro-yo machines with new and better fro-yo machines. I can’t really envision anything that could be better (or more lucrative) than fro-yo. I think you should patent that chip and avo creation. You pretty much got the exact right ratio of carbs to protein as well as the optimum portion size.


2 bits of randomness for you:
1. I had ice cream 2 different times today and somehow, I
ve convinced myself that I deserved it.
2. I’m reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and equal parts shocked and amused. I spent a good part of this evening doubled over in laughter.


I definitely think about food while running. And lifting.And walking. And driving. And… You get the idea.
Last night I made chicken enchilada casserole and it came out amazing! Too bad I forgot to take any pictures (blogger fail!) I guess I’ll just have to make it again next week;-)


love that quote! And dinner tonight is pizza. We eat out 2x per week. once is usually pizza or take out thai, and the second is for our weekend date night where we go to a nice place for dinner. Other than that we eat at home!


So many beautiful quotes! I have been reading your blog since college and you inspired me to run my first half marathon. Thank you!!


Todd and I think about food, um, 16 hours a day, and that is only if we do not dream about food, which is quite often. People are amazed by what we actually eat DURING our long races. I have been known to eat lots of chicken fingers. We both love the pizza. I even ate a fried fish sandwich during Badwater.

We will have the typical dinner – lots of veggies, black beans, more veggies, cheese. Then PB and oatmeal for an after dinner treat (I will post a pic on our blog later today if you are interested).


I bet that your gas station is going to put in smoothies machines where the froyo had been. Just my guess!


I always plan out my post run meal when I am running! We had grilled salmon and veggies for dinner last night! yum!


what a sweet older man, gotta love a good inside joke :) i dont usually think about eating while Im running (unless its a half marathon) I usually think about taking a nap because naps complete me.


I am SO sad about Maverick. Our frozen yogurt is gone too. :( They are putting in those lame pre-mixed shake things. They cost at least double and are not the same. The guy at ours told me Frozen Yogurt isn’t a money maker. I beg to differ, that is the only reason I go there! When I was at BYU we lived off the frozen yogurt at Maverick. It was 25 cents a cone and we would fill it as high as we could. I am sure we were not a money maker for them….If it wasn’t 20 years ago I would almost feel responsible for this sad turn of events at the local gas station.


Love that quote! Thx for sharing! Ditto on the Eminem song – whenever I hear it during a race, but my pace automatically increases by like a full minute per mile! ?


Awesome quote from instagram. Thank you for sharing. I used to have an old man friend at my previous gym – he was the best :) I have no problems (and quite enjoy) the same joke that provides a shared happiness. LOVE that 8 mile song. It gets to my soul for some reason!


I’ve been having a pretty tough week, so thanks for the quote!! That President Uchtdorf sure knows what he’s talking about :) xoxo


Those rolls!!!


lose yourself and til i collapse are MY JAMS. i never get sick of hearing those songs on runs. i’m pumped up now, haha!
always always think of what i’m going to eat while running.
also that quote is spot on needed today. thanks :)

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