A quick workout to try and some Monday Matters!

On Christmas Eve I didn’t have a ton of time to work out and I also didn’t feel like just running so I mixed things up a bit and thought I would share what I did!

My workout went like this:

*1 mile pushing it (for me right now that was about a 6:55 mile)

*15 burpees (super hard after your heart rate is up from the running.. I was sweating like crazy)

*15 sit-ups

*15 push-ups

*15 squats (with or without weights)

I repeated this 4 times but you can do it as many times as you would like!

IMG 4230

Brooke likes to sit at my knees and give me a kiss each time I come up for the sit-ups.  Best workout buddy on the planet.

IMG 4245

Time for some very important Monday Matters!

-Every night I go in and check on Brooke after I finish working.  I found her like this last week… she must have fallen asleep saying her prayers ha! 

IMG 4289

-Brooke does a lot of running at my mom’s house on the hardwood floor= she slips a lot.  My mom got her these Frozen clogs to run around in… maybe she will be like that guy in my area running 1/2 marathons in crocks in 1:07 (like he did at a 1/2 marathon I was at one time.. he cruises in those crocks).  Brooke loves them.

IMG 4265

-A COOKIE DIPPER—>  my brother from Kentucky gave this to me for Christmas.  I was stoked!

IMG 4310

-Why are kids obsessed with Shopkins?  I don’t get it.  Now polly pockets, pogs and beanie babies… that I get.

IMG 4354

-After church yesterday I went straight to Flame Broiler. I can’t get enough.

IMG 4406

-And then I changed and picked up some chocolate covered gummy bears to eat for the drive to Megan’s house in Arizona.

IMG 4411

-It is ridiculous how many twinner outfits we own.  

IMG 4424

-They had the perfect dinner there waiting for me after the long drive.

IMG 4415

-Games at her sister’s house until 12:30 a.m.  I haven’t stayed up that late in a long time.  Prepping for New Year’s Eve.

IMG 4419

And today we are running outside.  I haven’t ran outside (or with other people!) since the marathon a few weeks ago… I’m more than ready for this!


Have any Monday Matters to share?

Are you a game person?  Favorite games?

A meal or restaurant that you can’t get enough of?

Fill in the blank——>  Chocolate covered __________ are the best!

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I love games now if only I could convince some people to play with me :) Chocolate covered EVERYTHING is the best!

Off to start a new week of training and running :)


I’m still sick. I got sick on Christmas Eve and my cough is hanging on. It makes everything seem 1000% more difficult!

I love playing UNO. Never get tired of it!

Warm weather in AZ sounds so nice! I don’t mind the cold but its been non-stop wind here lately!


Brook falling asleep while praying melted me heart! She’s such an angel! Haha that cookie scooper is awesome and just what you need!

I love LRC we always play that at the beach. I’m a Recreational Therapist so I’m a huge game person both for work and for play! I think it gives me a leg up in everything because I get to practice on the job a lot!

(dark) Chocolate covered almonds are simple, but my favorite!


Chocolate covered macaroons came to mind since I just made a macaroon cake which was delicious! Glad you get to run outside – infinitely better than the tm in my opinion!


Wow that flame broiler meal does look good. I’ve been in a steak mood myself lately. I feel as I cannot get enough of that! I’m not sure if I would be into chocolate gummies but it is something I’m definitely willing to try.

There isn’t a meal I can’t really get enough of lately. I’ve been eating a lot of steak recently but other then that, nothing too unusual.


Also chocolate covered cake has my vote.


Pogs–haha, that brought back some memories!!

I could seriously eat at Potbelly every day and be content. I LOVE that place. :)


Where did you get your plaid shorts? I need those, like right now!


My niece is obsessed with Shopkins. I got her some for Christmas this year, and I love them too now! I think they are just the cutest, silliest little things. I almost want to go out and get some of my own. Their little faces are just so silly!


Ticket to Ride – all the way. I even purchased the app to get me through bedrest a few years ago :)

Does chocolate covered reeses count??


Some combination of an hour and a half of yoga and running 6 miles yesterday has left me SO sore today.

I’m too much of a sore loser when it comes to board games. I will play yahtzee with my grandma though :)

I could eat cheeseburgers every day. Forever and ever.

Chocolate covered apricots are the best!


Mmmm Chocolate covered Oreos are the best! What a great gift :) I’m not a big game person all the time, but my fiance’s family is. We’re staying with them this week and all they want to do is play games 24/7! Mostly pictionary but sometimes a game called 5 crowns.


Love that picture of Brooke sleeping. So sweet.
I was having flashbacks when you mentioned pogs, beanie babies, and Polly Pockets, ha!
I can’t get enough of Chipotle. So good!
I would say chocolate covered strawberries or pretzels.


How did I never hear of this cookie dipper? Do you know how handy this would be to a food blogger? I need this!


Hi Janae, Am I the only one who can’t get your RSS to work in any reader I use? I’ve even switched to a different reader (Reeder – Apple) and they don’t download. About a month ago it happened, all new posts just stopped coming. Thought you should know. Still isn’t working.


Apples to Apples is always fun! Ryan and I have also started playing Jenga… We’re keeping score on who wins each game! I’m in the lead!

Right now I would love to go to Red Robin. We used to eat there all the time in high school! YUM!

Chocolate covered strawberries are the BEST :)


Today (if it doesn’t storm) we are going to see Rock City’s enchanted garden of lights! Rock City is a park opened in the 30’s or 40’s on Lookout Mountain, and there is a (really creepy in my opinion) section with little figures set up like the characters from fairy tales (red riding hood, little boy blue, etc). It is in a room and the work it took is pretty amazing, but the characters creep me out. Plus the gnomes hidden throughout the park are whimsical, but creepy! This guy loved fairy tales and the road names on the mountain are things like cinderella way and red riding hood trail. (sidenote, he also invented mini golf). Anyway, at Christmas they deck the whole place out in thousands of lights!

I love games, pretty much any kind! Have you seen the giant jenga set? Target has it, it looks dangerous bc they are heavy and huge….what if it fell on you?!

I love chocolate covered gummy bears!!


Banana grams!! I love these questions. Chocolate covered bananas! And to break the banana theme, when I’m home, I just want to eat Rubios fish tacos. We don’t have that in South Carolina.


I love TexMex food and fish tacos in particular.

I like card games, Suduko, word search and some board games. Keeps the mind active.

Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels rule.

It’s a chemo week and the first day is always the longest. I should have packed my running gear.


I am super competitive, so I am all about games! My father-in-law got a basketball goal for Christmas and so we played Horse. Sadly, I didn’t win. I did, however, put up a respectable performance considering I haven’t shot a basketball since high-school.

I’m obsessed with Zoes and Newks! If we had them in town, I would probably eat at one of them everyday.

I’m a big fan of chocolate covered pretzels, something about that sweet and salty combo that is just sooo good!


I love games! Sorry and Skip Bo were always my favorite. Now that I’m home for a few months I’ll probably be playing cards with my family every weekend.
I totally cannot get enough of Buffalo Wild Wings. They have everything I love there!


Just about anything covered in chocolate is a good thing. My goal this week is to start running regularly again. It’s been several weeks of hit and miss. I can’t get enough Mexican food right now. It’s crazy how many times I can go out or make Mexican food and not be sick of it. Especially cafe rio or joe Vera’s!


I just had my first chocolate covered Swedish fish! Yum!
I have a Tex mex restaurant that I love and can go to 5x a week without hesitating. It’s so good!
I’m getting ready to get a million things complete in the next two days before I go with my boyfriend and his daughters and our dogs out to his moms for a few days.


I woke up to crazy winds and freezing rain in Chicago this morning … Def not going out for a run today! Jealous of your Arizona weather!

Chocolate covered pretzels are my absolute favorite … I made homemade ones last week and I had to give them away to a friend cause I couldn’t stop eating them!


Brooke giving you kisses during sit ups is too cute!!! That workout looks great. I am always looking for more circuit workouts — they make the time go by so quickly during workouts!


Cookie dipper! Hahaha! That’s awesome!
And she is the best workout motivation ;)


Chocolate covered almonds are the best!!!

I’m kind of a dork and love playing games! Scattegories, Cranium, Life all equate to lots of fun in my book.


I am a big strategy board game person… Agricola, Power Grid, etc, but this Christmas I got my husband Dead of Winter and we’ll be playing it tonight with a group of friends after the kiddos go to bed.

Hmmm.. I have various meals at various restaurants, but I’d have to say the Bollywood Chicken at the Bombay House never disappoints.

Chocolate covered Oreos!!! Yum. The best come from Ketchicandies in Ketchikan Alaska. If you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods… please go, you’ll be so happy you did.


Serious ear infection= no run for 2 weeks. Ahhh! Shopkins have taken over my house!!


Yay! I am glad you made it safe. Have so much fun with megan and her family. Her sister’s house is dreeeeamy.

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears or chocolate covered caramel macadamia nut clusters. Aaaand this is why I have gained weight and need to get my act together. Blerg


Does Shopkins have any relation to Webkinz? I honestly have never heard of it. Also, a half marathon in CROCS?! That’s just masochistic.

My (somewhat unseemly) Monday matter is that I’m thinking of trying out imodium before my runs… has anyone tried it out? My marathon is in 6 days and lately I’ve been having some serious gastro issues about 8 miles into my runs…


Grant, I have a friend that runs a 2:47 marathon and she swears by Imodium! She takes it before every marathon and has no bathroom breaks. She is in her mid 40’s.


Running in crocs? I cannot imagine that being any fun right now.


I’m pretty sure I could eat at Vietnamese restaurants every other day and not get tired of it.


My family and I love to play games! We just got my little brother the kid version of apples to apples… it is pictures instead of words.. super fun! We also got him the Baloney game … you have to figure out which statement is the truth or a fib.. it is really fun too!


That picture of Brooke falling asleep during her prayers is the cutest ever!


Today was the first day of Boston training!!! Wahoo!

Chocolate covered pretzels are the best :)


Good luck! That’s way exciting!


I’m not a huge game person but I’ll play if everyone else is. Chocolate covered anything is amazing!




brooke is too cute being your sit up helper and that workout sounds killer! i bet you were sweating buckets at the end. Chocolate covered gummy bears yum! I like the white chocolate version better but yum yum either way!


We love playing games and got a new one for Xmas called Dominion. Pretty fun!

I remember that croc guy and remember seeing him at a race too!


Chocolate covered potato chips…. just the right combo of sweet and salty!


Hope you are doing alrighty after the drop off-I’m sure hanging with your friend’s family was a GREAT distraction!!! And a run outside always does the trick!
Monday Matters-I ran for the first time in 5 days (healing from an injury) and it was slowish but that’s okay!!! 10km of pure joy!

Chocolate covered almonds…..

During Christmas break we play a lot of games-Jenga, Apples to Apples, Clue, UNO, etc. This year I decided to bring the toaster out to the dining room table so we could have toasted Finn Bread (cardamon braided bread) on the ready, or unlimited cinnamon toast!

One thing about living overseas is the lack of restaurant chains (a good thing) and an over abundance of awesome bakeries/cafe’s……It makes visiting the states super exciting to go out to eat!


There are games besides Scrabble?!


A half marathon in 1.07 wearing Crocks???? What???


I’ve only commented once before, but I love, love your website!

My four-year-old loves Shopkins! She was pretty enthusiastic about the Polly Pockets and Beanie Boos she received for Christmas as well.

My favorite go-to restaurants are Cafe Rio (Utah) or Salata (if in Texas–used to go there a lot for work). I’m pretty sure I could go to those places almost every day and be just fine with it.

I love games. I’m getting some good ideas/reminders for NYE from the comments here.

Happy New Year to you! You are so inspiring!


I like playing games! Upwords is probably my
Favorite? But really any game. I love it!

No real Monday matters, just relaxing, coasting along that post holiday high/fattiness hahaha.

Chocolate covered…. Gummy bears? I like those!


I did your workout today and I loved it! Thank you for the inspiration, will definitely do it again soon!!


hmmm…favorite game would have to be “spot it” with my 5 1/2 yr old. He is getting so good that i really have to work at it to come close to beating him!
I have celiac so eating out is tough, but definitely “The Lotus Cafe” in Jackson Hole, WY….the best!
is there such a thing as chocolate covered chocolate? I am a huge fan of the cacao of any shape, form, kind…I’d suck chocolate off of a kit-kat if I was hard up for it ;)


My family lives and dies by canasta each time we’re together. We keep a running score tab, and the totals get pretty epic.

Anything hibachi. With white sauce.

Chocolate covered pecans or almonds are the best!


I LOVE the hightop slip ons – where did you get them???


A friend got me the same cookie dipper for my birthday last year haha!


Are your shoes by Vince? hey are adorable…..

Picture with Megan (-It is ridiculous how many twinner outfits we own.)

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