Now just to do this pace for an additional two hours and a quick hello!

Today’s workout was brought to me by the gym.  It was snowing and my workout called for some fast miles and there was no way I was going to risk slipping on ice and getting injured 26 days before my marathon.  Not going to happen.  So instead I did the workout inside and built up my mental strength…  it is so easy to just push the stop button on the treadmill and walk out to the car and drive home BUT when we keep pushing through the mentally/physically tough spots when it is so easy to quit we learn to do the same on race day.   

Got some planks and squats in after my run too.

IMG 0392

I wear my garmin on the treadmill so that my coach can still have my heart rate information from the workout.  I was pretty surprised how close the treadmill and my garmin were in terms of distance/mile splits.  I forgot to start my garmin until about 40 seconds into the run so that is why the time is off. 

Workout—>  30 minutes @ 7:15 pace and then 30 minutes @ 6:15 pace.

The treadmill went right into cool-down mode at 60 minutes otherwise I would have gone another .06 miles to hit nine miles.  

The run felt more comfortable than I was guessing it was going to feel so soon after Saturday’s race.  Now just to hold that 6:48 pace for additional two hours and I am all set to go.  

IMG 0377

Heart rate monitors are not a necessary tool for running at all but it is super helpful tool for my coach to know where I am at.  He lives in Florida and so this is a tool that he uses to help him see where I am at a little bit better.  It helps him to judge what my recovery/tempo/speed/long run paces should be.  I’m having fun with it because it gives me one more number to analyze after each run;)  

These are the numbers from today…   Tempo runs are usually at around 88%-92% of your maximum heart rate so the run today was right around there.. 

Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 10 48 35 AMScreen Shot 2015 11 10 at 10 48 47 AM

If you are thinking… wow, this girl hangs out with her mom a lot… you are 100% right and I love it that way.   Also, she is doing so much better lately:)

IMG 0409

The snow called for extra hot baked potatoes from Jason’s Deli.  

IMG 0399

Brooke was the only one brave enough to eat ice cream (they give it to you for free there) afterwards… way too cold.

IMG 0406

And now Brooke is snoozing in the backseat, my mom is driving and I’m chatting with you guys on my laptop.  Technology.  

IMG 0411

Oh, and of course I’m snacking.  Fruit snacks are not just for children.  

IMG 0410


What are you snacking on today?  

People with races coming up—>  how many more days do you have until your next race?

Taken any tumbles while running?  Because of ice or rocks or sidewalks or other?

What type of run did you have today?  Easy, speed, recovery, tempo?  Also, how many days a week do you usually run?  

-6 days a week during marathon training but after the race I will probably back down to 4 or 5 until marathon training starts up again.

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I currently have a plate of apple slices and orange slices. Pretty delicious. Also trying to avoid the candy in my desk drawer.

My next marathon is this weekend and the next one is on December 5. Then it it time for a break!

I fell once while running in high school. Skinned up my knee pretty badly. Only other time I really remember falling was right across the street from my house and I imagine it looked like the cartoons when someone steps on ice and their feet go above their head and they land really hard. At least that is how it felt!

Today is a massage day so no running!


Snacked on cottage cheese and some leftover Halloween candy (but not at the same time – that would be gross!)


Today’s snacks are roasted pumpkin seeds and Greek yogurt with raspberries. If my mom lived near me, I would hang out with her all the time! She visited this weekend and it was so fun to have her around.
I run 6 days a week during half or full marathon training and 5 days a week for the rest of the time unless it’s vacation or the holidays.


Snacking on carbs. Too many to count. It’s been a not so stellar day. Candy, donuts, bagels. Sigh!


I made pumpkin oatmeal cookies earlier with raisins and chocolate. Such a good snack! I may have had two.


I think if I lived closer to my mom we would hang out a lot more too. I miss seeing my parents more frequently to be honest.

I agree that it’s easy to press stop or just quit during a treadmill or gym workout. It’s a little harder to quit in the middle of a run. Nice job getting the extra little things done :-)


I was running uphill last winter when my toe caught a crack in the pavement. I fell so hard I actually bounced. Of course all of this took place on a Main Street, and drivers pulled over to see if I was ok. My poor running partner was freaking out. I got up and finished my run. I was scraped from head to toe and had chipped the bone in my arm. It was a mild day with no ice or drifting snow on the sidewalks. Not a shining moment. ( :


Pretzel rolls from Costco are going to be my demise! Luckily my kids ate most of them so I can’t have anymore. Most of my falls came while trail running and I remember one where I slipped sideways and landed on my hip. Sadly I’m no longer allowed to run so my upcoming “races” will be walking 5 and 10k’s. I’m still eying your Garmin or the new 235 ;-)


I’m trying really hard to wait to have some hot chocolate until after my run tonight but I don’t know if that will happen. It sounds pretty awesome right now. Especially Carmel hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. It’s heaven and one of the best things about winter.


2 miles of walking this morning – still recovering from Saturday’s marathon.

In the past, I ran 5-6 days a week while marathon training. This time I ran 3-4 days with 1-2 days on the bike. I wasn’t sure how that would translate on race day but I hit the starting line with zero injuries and had a 7 minute PR!


My dog loves Boom Chicka! Cheese kind.

I used to fall all the time when I started out trail running. My right knee has the scars to prove it. I always landed on it…not sure why I still have a knee cap. It was always a root under leaves that bit me.

Today’s run was hills. Loved it. BIG hills. Felt so good I kept going. We are supposed to get rain the next to days, so we’ll see how it all plays out. Bringing my gear and hoping for the best.


Easy four miles today. I avoided a lot of outside runs last winter just to avoid the ice. If only it would stay nice all year!


That boom chicka pop stuff is the best stuff ever. I tried a couple of the “holidrizzle” ones that I got from Target and oh man, it was like Christmas candy! I got the Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow as well as the White Chocolate Peppermint. You should try it out!


Currently snacking on nothing…but I’m having pizza for dinner!!!!

59 days until Disney World Half
60 days until Disney World Full

Of course I have fallen while falling…sidewalks, ice and objects in the road…one of the not so fun parts of running!!! Especially when people stop and watch you get up!

Easy run today…body work tomorrow!!


Are you doing the Goofy Challenge??


Yes I am for the second year!!!!


I am super jealous of the snow you’re getting! I am pretty sure it was 70 degrees here two days ago…not cool for November. Today I am snacking on waffles and peanut butter. I have had two today!


I can’t believe it’s already snowing there… just a reminder that winter is around the corner. Today’s workout was a long walk with my son. Tomorrow morning my mom is going to watch my baby so I can get out for a 4 mile run – super exciting. These days, it’s my only “me time.”

I have taken a fall while running on the trails. Sometimes those branches pop up out of nowhere! At least dirt provides a softer landing than pavement. I have yet to fall on the hard stuff!

Still no races on the schedule.. but a lot of fun stuff is in the works. :)


I think it’s sweet how much you hang out with your mom :)


Ugh, I have a track workout. I spent all day staring out the window and hoping that it would stop snowing. No such luck! Looks like it’s going to be cold and miserable. :(


PLEASE tell me where you found a Jason’t Deli… I have been craving it for weeks and since the one by the mall closed I don’t know where to go!


I’m waiting on my husband to get home to get going on dinner! 15 minutes! woo hoo! I just did an easy 5 miles this morning. Slowly getting back into a schedule after Chicago!


109 days until the Phoenix marathon– seems like a lot!! Great work in the treadmill!


Richmond Marathon in 4 days!!! Can’t wait!

Rest day today but 4 miles on tap for tomorrow:) This taper has actually left me feeling really good!


I looooooove that you hang out with your mom! I’m right there with you – my mom is the best and I hang out with her as much as I can!

I’m with Brooke…never too cold for ice cream!! Ps….have you ever put ice cream in your hot chocolate? You’re welcome.

Snacking on roasted chickpeas.

My next race is Boston 2016! I don’t want to count down the days yet because I’m so enjoying just running and not training right now.

Funny, I alsmost tripped yesterday! The leaf collectors picked up all the leaves in the road. A instead of running around all the leaf piles, I was running on crushed leaves and there was a huge rock (which i didnt see at the time). Luckily I caught myself…it would have been nasty.

Rest day today…took boot camp class, hot vinyasa yoga, and the a gentle yoga stretching and meditation class. It was perfect in the cold, damp, rainy weather.


I’ve been snacking on clementine oranges lately. I was getting a little too far into a cookie snacking spiral.

I’ve fallen a few times when running, once because of uneven sidewalk, and twice on trails. It’s unavoidable.

No run for me today, but I did some yoga. I’m not training for anything right now, so I’m running 4 days a week, but when I’m training for a race it’s usually 5 or 6 days a week.


I’ve snacked on a Cookies-n-Creme Quest Bar today. It’s my second-ever Quest bar, and I’m not sure how I feel about them.

The Jacksonville Marathon, which I /tentatively/ plan to run, is 54 days away… Leaving not much time before I have to decide whether I’m /definitely/ commiting to it!

The only fall I’ve ever had while running was tripping on a sidewalk. My chin went straight into the ground. Fortunately, I only had a few minutes left on my run, so I just kept going, but when I got home and looked in the mirror, I realized a large chunk of my chin was missing! Epilogue: stitches.

Currently I’m running 6 days a week. My run today felt amazing… it was only supposed to be 12 miles at an easy pace, but it was like I couldn’t convince my legs to take it easy today. So it ended up being 14 miles, mostly at race pace!


Just have to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. As a newbie runner, I find it so inspiring to track your journey. A marathon seems completely out of my reach, but I have done a couple 5Ks and did my first 10K this year.

Did an “easy” 4 miles today… Felt a lot tougher than it should have.

Love all your tips on everything from running to eating LOL!

Tomorrow is strength training and maybe a three miler. We’ll see how I feel!


I’ve been looking at the Garmin’s with HR in the watch instead of the chest strap, and the ones that keep track of distance even on the treadmill. Do you like it? I’ve been wanting to try more HR based training and test the accuracy of my treadmill, this seems like a good way to get those numbers.


I snacked on Kind bars today!

I’m not currently registered for any races, but I plan to sign up very soon for a marathon in May!

No tumbles yet while running – thanks goodness. : )

I have been trying to incorporate more strength training into my workouts, so I’m only running 3-4 times per week these days.


Pretzels – always pretzels. So yummy!

57 days till I start the Dopey Challenge. :S So scary and exciting at the same time!

I’ve never taken a tumble while running (thank goodness!)

No run today. But I will do some squats and lunges later tonight. I ran 11 miles yesterday (not the norm for me), so I’m recovering a bit until I hit it again tomorrow.


I am hooked on the string cheese pretzel combo, (thanks for that LOL)


Chocolate coconut macadamia nuts have been the snack of choice. When you’re on an Hawaiian island that’s what you do! 7 days on Kauai. Back home we got 6-12″ of snow. I’ll take white sandy beaches for now.

116 Napa marathon and 165 to Big Sur. I normally train 4-5 days. Better get my buns in gear!


I think it’s a great thing that you spend so much time with your mom! Today I’m snacking on guacamole – yum!


Swedish fish is my favorite unhealthy snack! Bananas are my go-to healthy snack. Eat at least one per day.

At 50 years old I have FINALLY figured out how NOT to get injured: spin on Monday… run Tues/Wed/Thurs. spin on Friday. Run Sat. and Sun. I can usually get a long run in on on the weekend. 13 or so. :) FINALLY figured it out.

When I was in my 20s and 30s I ran 7 days a week…


That makes me so so happy that you have found out what works perfect for your body. Way to go Annie and I hope you have some Swedish Fish soon!


I did a little over 2 and half easy miles this morning. I am just coming out of my morning sickness and it felt great! I am all about “kid” snacks too haha!


haha love Brooke’s devotion to ice cream – a girl after my own heart :) I find my relationship with the treadmill really weird in the sense that I always super dread transitioning back to it in the Fall but within a few weeks I end up loving it and almost have a hard time going back outside when the Spring comes. Strange! Way to rock your workout despite the change of plans!!


That is my favorite popcorn in the whole world and my current I can eat the whole bag in 2 days obsession!!!
I run 6 days a week wit the exception of marathon week and the week after.
I am running Richmond on Sat!!!!! So today was an easy 6 with last mile at marathon pace


Jason’s Deli is one of my favorites, I lived right next to one for 2 years in college and the free ice cream and I became very close.
I snacked on some cashews and coconut flakes today, which is pretty usual for me!
I stumbled a couple times in my trail race Sunday, but luckily I didn’t completely fall like I’ve been known to do in the past!

Today I just had a 4.5 mile recovery run to get back after my trail race and massage I got yesterday!


Those are my favorite fruit snacks.


I snack on bananas and honey, probably way too much ;)
I am so scared I am going to trip on the side of road when I have to run in the grass/ditch area when a car approaches. I try to slow my speed but it is hard to lose a good pace.
I did a 50 min. run with 8 fartleks today. Whew. I am running 5 days per week currently as I am doing a base building plan for the winter off season.


I love spending time with my mom too! I spend more time wth my mom now than I did when I was living at home. :)

My next race is in 12 days! Eeeh! I’m getting very excited. Route 66 here I come.

Today was Tempo Tuesday, and I had 30 minutes on the schedule. When training, I run 4 days a week. With my next training cycle, I will likely be up to 5 days. Whoa! ;)


I crave sweets way too often. To calm my inner sweet-tooth monster I love snacking on dates with sunbutter, (or almond butter); they always hit the spot!
Moms are the best! I wish mine wasn’t 10 hours away!
I’m also aiming for a sub 3 marathon this spring at Boston…it is fun to follow along on your journey, (and a bit intimidating!)


Awesome job on your run! I can’t believe it is snowing where you are. It is still in the 80s with 90+ percent humidity here in FL. To say I am detesting it is an understatement :) Can’t wait to see you rock your marathon. xo


Excellent run! I am so glad your mom is feeling better and your baked potato looks sooo good…I hope you melted all of that cheddar cheese on it!

I have a 1/2 marathon on Sunday. I have taken so many tumbles due to ice hidden under snow, or rocks and roots hidden under leaves. It’s really quite ridiculous. Good thing scars fade over time.


I can’t believe it is snowing in Utah!! Please send some snow (okay, rain) to us!! :)
Running RnR Vegas 1/2 this weekend for fun. My first race in one year!!!
I totally fell this weekend on my 10 mile trail run, trying to avoid someone. I am okay, but bummed I fell.
I had an easy 5 miler today. I am currently running 6 days a week.
Snacking on edamame and pomegranate seeds!!!! This makes me want popcorn, which is my usual go to snack :)


I just started using a heart rate monitor, and last night I ran 8 miles home from work and had exactly the same average % and maximum % as you. Sure, I ran WAY more slowly and I’m only a couple of years older than you so just way less fit….but I am opting to ignore those facts. SAME EFFORT! Pat on the back for Hannah.

I tripped and broke a bone in my knee two years ago. No weather at fault, just an accident. I am so happy that it healed quickly – and completely – and I was only out for about three months. That was a sad time :(


I was going to try to get a run in today, but I think it will need to wait until tomorrow morning. Mornings are so much better for running when you have a busy schedule. Plus, I went to bed at 9:30 last night. I think my body is trying to prepare me for earlier mornings.


Just had a half Nov 7 and my next half is Dec 5. 24 days! That just made me panic a little.


How is it already snowing?!?

I did a super easy 5-miler yesterday and then picked up the pace for a 7-mile tempo run today. I used to run 7 days a week and then got injured all the time so have been trying to be smarter about my training. I seem to be at my best on 5 days of running + 2 days of swimming (or yoga).

Thumbs up to fruit snacks. Can’t get enough!


Philly Marathon a week from Sunday! I live in Southern California where it has been 80 degrees during my whole training cycle, so I’m curious how I’ll do in much different, colder temps. I’m hoping it’ll make me much faster! It’s getting to be a drag constantly running in the heat.


I love Brooke’s outfit- especially the headband!

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